Hey guys! BowTiePrincess111 here.. This is my first fanfiction and I'm so excited to write for Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who so much, I am seriously Matt Smith's biggest fan and I hope one day he can read this story because that would literally be amazing. Okay so this is the prologue but don't worry because theres gonna be a ton of them! Okay enjoy the prologue and please comment I would love to know what you think bye!


The Rectangle Star

The black sky was splattered with hundreds of tiny white stars, dripping down the cosmos like glitter on a canvas. I was sitting at my bedroom window counting them, twisting my long blonde braid around my arm like a rope until it reached my wrist and then I stopped and sighed. Today didn't go well again.

I hated my life. Every day was the same thing school work and nothing. Nothing but endless nothingness. Mom and dad were never home and my brother was on drugs so it wasn't like he was much fun to be around anyway and even if he was he wouldn't talk to me anyway because he hates me. Just like everyone else.

Casterboros caught my eye, and I tried naming the constellations around it for fun but I only got through twenty two of them when suddenly one of the stars started to get bigger. I clutched my chest, horrified, but I couldn't look away. It was like when you saw a boat wreck out on the horizon but you just have to keep staring at it because the humanity of it gravitated you to it like a planet to its sun. The star got closer and closer, and I thought to make a wish since it was obviously falling, but then I noticed something strange. It wasn't a star at all – it was a giant rectangle!

I ran outside into the inky yard and stared up at the rectangle in horror. It wasn't just a rectangle – it was a big blue box with the words "Police Box" painted on it in pearly white paint and it was coming straight for me! I pushed our trash bins out of the way so the box wouldn't hit them and then waited by the trellis to see what would happen.

The box crashed to the ground in a magnificent explosion, like a supernova, or a black hole. I stared in awe as the box lit up from the inside, and then the doors open and smoke filled the air around me. My lungs seemed to turn to stone as I struggled to breathe but I couldn't, and before I knew what was happening I fell to the ground, passing out.

When I woke up, there was a guy standing over me. He was tall with floppy brown hair the color of Twinkle's fur (Twinkle is my pet rabbit) and his eyes were wide and staring. He had a prominent jaw that was sharp enough to cut glass, and a silky black bowtie was haphazardly tied around his neck "Hi" he said, reaching to help me up. I took his hand and couldn't believe how warm and soft it was, did he use lotion or something? "I'm Doctor Who, who are you?"

I blushed furiously all over my body. "Chrysanthemum, but you can call me Chrys all my friends do, well they would if I had friends anyway, why are you called Doctor Who?"

Doctor Who laughed and straightened his bowtie. "No," he corrected gently, teasing me. "You're supposed to ask Doctor Who who?"

"Is this a knock knock joke?" I giggled. Doctor Who rolled his eyes.

"Just come in Chrys, I think you should come with me."

So I followed Doctor Who into his mysterious blue box, leaving everything else behind.

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