All Clara wanted to do after a long day of teaching was sit in front of the TV and watch her favourite show, "Time Avengers". A new episode was airing and there was no way she was going to miss it. Ever since she started watching three years earlier with her best friend Amy, she hadn't missed an episode. It was a strange show about time travel and aliens, which had just the right mix of history and sci-fi. She wasn't sure what drew her to it, but one thing for sure was her attraction to the lead actor. A sexy silver fox, with unruly curly hair and eyes you could lose yourself in. As she sat down on the couch with a glass of wine, a knock was heard at her door.

"Aghhh. I'm going to kill whoever this is." Clara said out loud as she rose from the couch and walked towards the door. However, once she opened it her mood softened. "Oh thank god it's you." She said with relief as she stood aside to let Amy enter her flat.

"Who else would it be? We always watch Time Avengers together. Well almost always." Amy responded as she walked into Clara's kitchen to help herself to a glass of wine.

"Except for the times you're out with Rory, which tonight was supposed to be one of those times." Clara answered as she sat back down on the couch.

"Yeah, I know. But Rory ended up having to work late at the hospital. So where else would I be, but here with my best friend to watch her drool over her favourite actor." Amy said as she came out of the kitchen and made herself comfortable in one of Clara's chairs.

"I DO NOT drool." Clara protested. "I just simply admire. So what if I think John Anderson is hot and a good actor. There's no harm in that.

"You're right. I just guess you and I have a different opinion of hot."

The show started and the 2 girls stopped talking so they could focus completely on what was happening. An hour had passed before either of them said another word. When Amy looked over to Clara to discuss the latest cliff hanger she laughed. "Well you may not drool, but the look in your eyes tells me you're star struck."

"Fine, fine, fine. I may be a little enamoured." Clara replied.

"A LITTLE?" Amy questioned sarcastically and chuckled. "Try a lot."

Clara got up from the couch to get another glass of wine. "I just wish I could meet a man that's as good looking as John Anderson. Most of the men I date these days are immature prats, who wouldn't know the first thing about romancing a woman. From some of the interviews I've seen with John, I'm pretty sure he would."

Amy followed Clara into the kitchen and set her wine glass in the sink. "Oh Clara. One day your time travelling alien will arrive to take you on grand adventures. But until that day, perhaps you should think about taking Danny up on his offer for coffee. I don't see the harm in it. You're young, he's young. You teach, he teaches. I can practically see the wedding now." Amy moved towards the door and turned to give Clara a hug goodbye.

"Always the match maker, Amy. I'll see you tomorrow." Clara said as she shut the door. She walked over to her desk, sat down in front of her computer and took a sip from her wine. Danny was a nice enough guy that worked with her and Amy at Coal Hill School, but he really wasn't her type. She liked a man, and Danny seemed more like a boy. She turned on her computer and immediately started searching for new pictures of John Anderson. She would never admit it to Amy, but she was right. She was a complete fan girl when it came to him. She had practically seen and read every interview he had done and watched every movie and TV show he had performed in. She knew that he was born in Glasgow and that his real name was John Smith, but he changed it to Anderson because Smith was so boring. In university his friends started calling him The Doctor, for reasons he wasn't really sure of, but it stuck and now that's what most people call him. She would give anything in the world just to be in the same room with him, but sadly that will never happen. Clara sighed and shutdown her computer. Maybe Amy was right, she thought as she moved into her bedroom and got ready for bed. Maybe it was time she found someone in the real world and stopped fantasizing about someone completely unattainable.