A Different Origin: Far into the cosmos, when Krypton exploded, a slight change cased a 10-year old Kal-El to be sent to Ancient Greece when the Amazons still walked with other beings. The Gods and Demons are unaware, but for how long?

For some who may encounter doubts: 1. This chapter takes place before Themyscira became an island and before Hercules invaded.

Chapter 1: The Last Son

"My precious Kal-El." A well endowed woman dressed in formal military grab of Krypton stood with her body leaning on pod that was readying for launch. Inside was a boy no older than ten laying asleep with a large white dog at his side. A large tremor struggled with her balance and debris fell from atop in bits.

"Lara. It's time." Lara with a sad smile, looked over to her husband who stood there, immersed with the computers.

"Jor-El, go say goodbye to our son." Lara advised hastily.

"I can't, I need to disable all the Defences-"

A third person spoke from the pod's side. "Hey nerd, go kiss my grandson goodbye." Jor-El's and Lara's heads turned to see the latters father placing a large box next to Kal-El. "I'll take care of the space works."

Jor-El tried to protest, ignoring the 'nerd' part. "The codes-"

"I've been the one making those codes, brains." The older yet very muscular and large man walked over, relieving the tired father for one last gaze. "Oh I put all of our crop seeds and a lot of other useful junk in that box including my own AI, which I am sure is way more manly." Lara shook her head at her father's childish display of manliness and insult to her husband. She knew, it was the only way he knew to coup with tragedies.

Jor-El stood next to his son with a weary face. He was tired and so desperately wanted what he saw in his son's face. Peaceful slumber. Gently placing his palm on the boy's face, he gave a small smile and it widened when the boy snuggled further into his hand. "You must live for us Kal-El. For Krypton." With a heavy heart he pulled away, allowing the glass hatch to close. He couldn't muster anything else to say. There was no use. He'll only delay and risk his son's survival.

Lor Van gave a grunt before informing of the air defence deactivation. "All set." The ship slowly levitated and exited their station before blasting into the red sky, away from his dying planet. "Safe journey little egg plant..." He watched the sky darkening in red. Before walking over to his son-in-law and daughter who shared a tender embrace. With his wife frame, he covered them in a protective embrace. "I can't believe the Council chose him for you Lara..." Before his daughter could retort, he added in a soft tone. "... I am glad." The light covered them and Lor Van tightened his embrace.


Leaving the ship in the secluded clearing it had landed in the strange forest, Kal-El and his trusty dog stalked the forest covered grounds under the thick shades of the trees that gave vantage points to hide. He did not know what this was: the place, the reason for him being here, why he was having difficulty in moving. One thing was sure, this was not Krypton. He was familiar with all the forests in Krypton and all the species that inhibited. He had forgone a mask and opted to simply wear what was his regular black body suit with the El crest on his chest.

Crouching down behind a large tree trunk, he looked over to his silent but vigilant canine partner. "What do you think Krypto? The whole topography is wrong. The vegetation is far too different and there are many animals that I have never seen before." He wasn't panicked. Just cautious. Even though he didn't have the determination of a hunter or a scientist, unlike his parents, he was still their product and with his grandfather being his chaperone, he clearly wasn't a helpless crybaby.

"Ruff." Krypto gave a weak bark and crouched down. His forelimb was held over his head, trying to cover his ears. And a small whine came that his master recognised as pain. The dog, although showed pain, refused to cry out and compromise their position and jeopardise his master's safety.

"What's wrong boy?" Kal-El cradled his dog and looked over in worry. He could feel Krypto's muscles strain against him and suppressing his need to thrash around and cry in pain. "Easy. We will have to get you somewhere safe...which is going to be difficult...hell." He picked himself and Krypto up with ease and carefully made his way back to the ship. All the while missing the ray of afternoon sun that came through the tree cover and fell on Krypto's head while he stood guard before falling down.

Placing his furry friend under a cavern like bush near his crash site, the boy walked over to the ship to get some supplies. He kept his head down as he made his way, constantly looking around. He would have to be careful. Because something was affecting his head too. It was slow, but he could feel his head throbbing. Once near the ship, he opened the pod and looked inside, there was a box with a lot of seeds and hard drives that would need to be examined before he could treat Krypto. Uttering a curse he heard his grandfather and mother usually use when they met with inconvenience, he rushed back to Krypto.

Crawling under the bush, he laid, embracing Krypto as a sudden wave of pain struck him. His ears bled, much like Krypto's and his nose felt like inhaling water. His heart pounded hard. With a weak grunt, he held his dog tight. "We'll lay here till this clears..." And he fell unconscious.

He didn't know for how long he was unconscious. But his senses were invaded by a lot of sensations foreign to him. There were sounds of crickets, ants moving, mosquitos humming and them piercing animals, breathing of animals, rivers, energy dispersing in the atmosphere, clouds...and the scent of a million items. Then everything fell quiet when he heard a loud whine from his dog that was nowhere nearby, his eyes opened to see dots fusion together in the billions. The sun.

It was right over the bush and even with the thick covering, small strands found their way on to his face. With a deafening roar Kal-El shredded the bush above him with sonic vibrations from his throat. The full force of yellow sun's light fell on him. Sound ceased from his throat and he laid their with a gaping mouth and an arched chest while his hand crushed the earth underneath them. His cerulean orbs dilated and sharpened in a wave; fluctuating with what he was seeing. If they narrowed, he saw galaxies and stars, if they dilated, they were on microbes and smaller things. He couldn't feel the earth underneath him and he raised his right hand that still held the crushed sand and dirt. He was seeing his bones, then his nervous system and then his whole hand. It switched like a glitching screen.

"It is alright little one, I have you now." The voice was soothing, so was the touch of warm palm on the side of his face. His head was lifted and placed on something soft yet firm. "Look at me, focus on me." The voice was serene and beautiful, yet he could not understand what was being spoken. A desire to sleep would have been there if not for his senses going haywire. But something in him told his head to focus on the voice and slowly his senses focused. First there was nothing distinguishable as only the basic formation of matter was seen, then he followed the voice and soon a lump of black and tan colour came. "I can only help you if I know what is happening." The ever patient voice spoke. With a grunt he focused on the voice alone. Like an island in the vast ocean, he swam towards it.

A humanoid skull came, then a vein's and arteries, muscle tissues and flesh, skin, eye lids. Her hair was black and her eyes his. There was something familiar with this woman's eyes. Those blue orbs gave his mind a sense of safety and security. Raising his hand, now devoid of mud and sand, he reached up. He could see a smile on the woman's full lips as his hand gently pressed against her cheek. He poked and caressed there, the dirt getting rubbed in the process. A rustle from the side drew their attention.

"My Queen, we have found this strange white wolf!" Their eyes fell on Kal-El's unconscious dog.

Reaching out weakly, he called. "Krypto..." There was a twitch on a white ear and a small whine, but other than that, the dog remained unconscious and was soon followed by his master.

The black haired woman who held Kal-El stood with him cradled in her arms protectively. "Acantha, bring it with us. Did you render it unconscious?" The Queen asked in curiosity.

Shaking her head, the orange haired woman, Acantha spoke. "No my Queen, he was near a strange metal egg already unconscious. I suspect the boy and his dog came by that."

Hippolyta grew more curious. It was growing more interesting and although she wanted to inspect the metal egg her scout spoke of, she had greater responsibilities in her heart. "Mark the area for now, let the others guard it till the boy heals and awakens. Now, we shall make haste to Epione, bring it with you." The Amazon queen placed the boy on her white steed and climbed on. They rushed through the forest and towards the large golden hued city of Themyscira.

"Epione! Quickly!" The Queen's sudden intrusion into her work place turned heads and caused the healer to rush the woman into another room. Hippolyta placed Kal-El on a free bed and backed away so the healer could inspect him.

"Where did you find him?" The healer asked as she opened his eyes and checked his pulse before running her hands over his body to find any out of ordinary bumps or bruises.

"Near the water fall in East Forest. He has a dog with him." Just then Acantha walked in with the large wolf dog and laid him beside the window.

"There are no signs of injures. All his ribs are fine and his bones are in place. His clothing has no openings and without tearing it, we can't get in to confirm." Pulling a dagger from the utility table, she pulled on the neck of his top and with care, placed the dagger in and tried to cut it it. "It's not tearing. The material is very strong."

"Acantha assumes he came in a metal egg." Hippolyta pointed out. "He maybe not from the normal world."

Epione turned to the scout who gave a stiff nod. "The sigma symbol on the thing and his chest are identical."

"Anyhow, I cannot know for sure without removing his clothes if he has any injury." Epione spoke, once again trying to tear the thing.

Hippolyta unsheathed her own dagger. "This is a gift from Goddess Athena, forged by Hephaestus." She carefully pulled the neckline and the cloth tore like any regular garment will. "Interesting..." She sheathed her weapon and turned to Acantha. "Stay with Epione, inform me if he wakes up." She was about to leave when Epione called.

"My Queen, you have some dirt on your face." Hippolyta touch her cheek where the dirt was made in finger lines. A small smile came over her. It was a warm feeling to have the trust of a child. Although he was a male. But Amazons were meant to love and inspire everyone.

"Yes." She took the silk of her robe and wiped it off. "I will need to enquire the God's about this boy's sudden appearance."


When Kal-El's eyes opened, he was greeted with the sight of a decorated stone ceiling. The next thing he noticed was that he was naked under the white sheet that covered till his midchest and his arms holding the cloth down. His senses were still ablaze, he could hear so many things that he hasn't heard before and see weirdly clear. The fragrance of flowers and sweet plants overpowered the other scents as he noticed many kept in an orderly fashion all around the place in shelves. He sat up.

It is alright little one, I have you now. The voice that didn't form meaning in his language came. But the way it was spoken, he knew there was a soothing tone, protective of him. He closed his eyes and began to replay all that the blue eyed woman said. Blue eyed. His mother has blue eyes. The way this woman spoke to him was also like how his mother did. Yet he knew this wasn't her. He needed answers. Where he was, who she was, why his senses were hyper and where his dog was.

"I see you have awakened." The same babble came as someone now entered the room. This woman was different. She wore strange clothing as the other woman, that is not Kryptonian and she held a bowl in her hands. She placed it next to next to him. Upon noticing the content, he deducted it as some form of warm fluid. "Eat." She used the strange language again. This woman also had a warm smile. Something that he saw rarely in a planet like his where logic prevailed everything, well this may not even be his planet.

Seeing his blank face, Epione took the spoon from the bowl with some of the soup and brought it to her mouth. One thing she was glad was that he wasn't hostile in a strange city in Greece. The boy although young, showed a great deal of maturity in his blue eyes that observed everything in passive caution. She noticed him give a nod.

The woman has brought him supplements and he would be a fool to deny it, especially after seeing that she has taken some herself to prove that it wasn't poisonous and it was meant to be eaten. He took another spoon that she provided and curiously took a spoon full of soup to his lips. It was a little warm and his senses were dulled by his own choice so that he could have it. The taste was different. It didn't have that dullness the tablets and other nourishments for the body that his planets gave off. Even though this was a simple vegetable soup with ground pepper sprinkled, it demolished everything he ever tasted. He took in spoons full of the content like a starved man doing table manners till the last drop.

He extended the bowl in hopes of getting more. To his disappointment, the woman took the bowl from his arms, smiled and placed it next to the table. There was a pout on his lips to which she raised her hand and gently caressed his face, an action that stunned him. Only his parents and grandfather ever touched him on the cheek. Krypton was a society where the only form of intimacy was the gentle holding of hands. Although they lived in a sterile environment morning till night, they were still less than thrilled to touch anywhere else, not that he was complaining. But the way his mother used to tickle him when he was a child and hold him and caress his cheek, all found to be soothing.

All this brought to another thought. His clothes. He was naked, which he did not like. Kryptonians are never naked. Before he could ask where they were, Epione left. He waited a few moments before getting up, the sheet draped tightly around his body. "Krypto." He called softly. His senses somehow told him his loyal minion was nearby. And like that, the dog materialized in front of him in a speed he never seen before. He wagged his tail and looked up in enthusiasm. Kal kneeled and patted his friend. "Good. You are okay now. I need you to find my suit." Krypto without wasting a moment, went under the bed his master was laying and dragged out his clothing that was good as new. The tear having already mended due to the Nano technology it was made of. Upon placing it on his chest, the suit turned into a gloop and spread all over his body, covering him like a parasite, only leaving his neck and hands free.

"Ruff!" He saw Krypto holding his black boots.

"Thanks boy." He patted his head and put on his boots.

"I see you have awakened." There it was again, the calm soothing voice. His senses suddenly focused on the person. A woman, in a revealing set of clothes that seemed to be an armour and skirt along with a fluffy fur cape.. A sword and a knife at her side and a crown on her head. But what caught his eyes was her full smile. This woman had a surprising way to make him remember his mother. She stepped closer and although Krypto looked with caution, he did not make any move to threaten hostility towards her. She stopped two feet from him, letting him know that she was taller by a clear two feet or more. The irritating part for him was that he couldn't understand her. She seemed to understand his current dilemma and spoke. "Hippolyta." She pointed at herself.

It only took a second for the boy to understand what she meant. He pointed at himself and said. "Kal-El." Then he pointed to his canine companion. "Krypto." The Queen nodded with a smile and slowly bent and non-threateningly reached for the giant white wolf dog. Krypto focused on her hand and without stepping back, craned his head back in a funny manner, trying to avoid the woman's touch. She smiled at the antics and lightly stroked his fluffy ear. With an unwilling look, he let out a rumble of pleasure.

Kal watched the interaction in amusement before the woman focused her attention back on him. "It's ok Krypto, you are not the only one affected." That seemed to do little for the hurt pride of the dog.

"Kal-El." He looked back at the Queen who pointed to Epione. "Epione." The Kryptonian nodded before giving a light bow. "Kal-El." She called once again. "Follow me." She motioned him to follow. Understanding the action, he nodded and did so.

They made slow progression through a beautiful garden and towards a small dock where a boat awaited them. He has seen ships, pods and other modes of transport. But none as primitive as this one. It was small for one thing, maybe the size of his pod and didn't possess any shield or visible technology. There were two parts which he assumed would serve as it's primary locomotive.

He stepped on the boat, following the ladies. Two of them stood inorder to row it to their destination. He sat opposite to Hippolyta who continued to smile at him warmly. "Healing Isle." Hippolyta spoke as she pointed the speck of a landmass that held the building he has woken up in. He gave a nod of understanding. Within a few minutes, they reached the dock on mainland Greece that hosted the City of Themyscira. "Themyscira."

There were a few onlookers besides the fishing boats and ferries that littered the small harbour. He understood one thing, they were all women. All were well built and had some form of primitive weapon that was in holster. "This is all strange...what do you think Krypto?" The canine only gave a small whine of discomfort from being watched so intently. Shaking his head, he closed his eyes and meditated. He opened his ears to listen. At first he gave a wince of pain from the different noises he couldn't make heads or tails but soon he grew accustomed to a tolerable limit.

"There's a man on the island."

"... it's not a man, just a small boy..."

"Queen Hippolyta was the one who found him."

"They say there was a huge beast with him."

"Queen Hippolyta intends to bring him to our island."

"The Queen has probably taken a liking to him, after all she is a sorrowful when it comes to motherhood."

He could hear many things beyond the sounds of nature. Words, he deduced. His vastly intelligent brain and mind, worked fast to crack the language, but it was very much difficult due to the recently acquired super hearing that was causing him to lose focus inbetween lines.

"...me Krypton." He spoke the strange language to the Queen who gained a surprised look. "...here where...Themyscira...where?" He used his right hand to point at the sun before pointing at the left that was curled into a fist. He then used the right hand to circle around it.

It only took Hippolyta a moment to understand what he meant. "You are from a planet called Krypton?" She said as they stepped into the wooden planks of the dock. Then she pointed at the hand that he used to depict as the Earth. "Gaea." Kal gave a nod of acknowledgement.

"Greetings my Queen!" A tall broad shouldered black woman in a lot more armour bowed, stopping infront of them.

"Hello Philippus. It is a warm evening for you to be in such heavy armour, won't you say?" The Queen smiled and gave a smile.

"As a soldier of Themyscira, I am obligated to be vigil all the time." She spoke dutifully before shifting her gaze on to the boy. "And I merely wished to clarify what Queen Antiope has revealed to us about the outlander." Kal-El felt nervous under this new woman's gaze that was scrutinizing his very being.

Krypto gave a growl at the imposing figure of the woman and inturn the ebony beauty reached for her knife. Seeing that it was time to intervene, Hippolyta spoke. "Yes, Kal-El would be staying with us as our esteemed guest. We must treat him with due respect in all regards." There was a sudden change of face on Philippus and she bowed to the Kryptonian.

"Forgive me for my hostility, but if my Queen sees you as her guest, then so shall I." Kal-El only understand bits and pieces of what she said but was affirmed that he was safe...for now.

"Come Kal-El." The Kryptonian was given a motion to follow the Queen and so he did, but not before bowing to the guard. "The senate would like to meet you young one." They entered the plaza where there was a series of heavy population that indulged in buying/selling or simply roaming around. There were a few eyes on them. It wasn't every day that someone, especially a male gets a chance to be accompanied by the First Queen. There were whispers that collectively came as noises around them. Finally they exited the Plaza and entered the centre of the city where a tall golden building that had several guards standing on and around it. There were a lot of steps that reached the elevated structure and on either side of the stairs were armed guards. Their spears were straightened as they saw their Queen approach.

The massive doors that greeted them at the end of the stairs were opened by the two women near it. There was a short hallway that was well lit by the windows and had a few more guards inside. They stopped infront of another door that was just as big as the first one. "You stay here, Krypto." Hippolyta asked the white beast that wagged its tail and looked up at the woman with excited eyes. It didn't take too long to understand that the dog didn't understand what she said and was plain happy that she said his name. She turned to Kal-El and motioned to make Krypto sit at the door.

The boy nodded and turned to his friend. "Krypto, sit and wait for me. I'll be out quick." There was a whine but nonetheless the dog sat. The door was opened by the guards next to it and they entered into a room that was large and designed like an arena. There was a raised platform in the middle that was in the centre of the room. At the height of a hundred feet, a gallery for the officials was built and over fifty women crowded a part. Most likely audiences, he deduced. Hippolyta motioned him towards the platform.

"Go." She said before she climbed up the stairs to stand among the few that were separated from the rest. There she sat in the throne provided for her. Kal-El stood before the political officers of Themyscira, but his attention was focused on the only familiar face, which belonged to the Queen. Hippolyta raised her hand to silence the murmurs before speaking. "Sisters of the Senate, I present you Kal-El of Krypton!" She declared. Upon hearing this, Kal-El gave a short bow, the only greeting he seemed to have figured out. "Now I know many have doubts, but he is just a boy and he does not speak our language. As Amazons, we have the duty to spread peace and love. We must help him."

"What of the fact that he's from the stars?" One of the senators asked.

"Yes! What if he's a vanguard of an enemy to our Gods?" Another spoke.

"Have the Gods gave word?"

Once again she raised her hand to silence them. "Peace and love does not have restrictions. We must give it to all those who will accept. We cannot play judges. Who are we to decide if he is worthy or not unless we teach him? He does not even speak our tongue." She ignored the instance where he tried to speak. "And the Gods, I have called upon them for wisdom, but they are yet to acknowledge us. I'll let time do what is necessary. But for now we help him. And I am fully confident and accepting if I were to help him."

"I would have disagree Hippolyta." Only one person called her that. The Second Queen of the Amazons, Antiope. "As much as everyone would be glad that he will be in your capable hands, we both have an obligation to serve our people first." The stunning woman spoke from the Queen's side.

Hippolyta gave a disappointed nod. "I must agree but I won't impose this duty of teaching Kal-El on anyone. So are there any volunteers?" Many were uncertain but curious as to how a male, that too an alien, would be in person.

"I would." From the crowd came a familiar voice.

"Philippus?" Hippolyta had mild surprise on her face.

"If I were given this honour to serve you by helping this manchild my Queen, I would not question it." Philippus bowed.

"Are you sure?" Antiope too was uncertain.


Hippolyta sighed and gave Kal-El one last look. "It is decided, by the Royal Decree, from this day onwards to the day of his maturity, Philippus will be his guardian. She will be solely responsible for him learning the Amazon ways, our languages and cultures." Kal-El turned his head to the crowd where he heard the warrior woman call out. She had an unreadable expression; one that his mother wore when she dealt with office.

"Aye!" The senate voiced their agreement.

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