At first sight

Summary: bella/Jane femalash, ooc mostly-ish, set as bella saves Edward from exposing himself as a vampire. Very gay

A/N: For this story Bella will be the same pushover before the story starts, but when you meet her she will have grown a backbone during her time after Edward left her in the woods.

I'm playing around with backstories, and mostly anything story wise that I feel will suit the needs of the story, so don't get too caught up with tryin to match everything up to the movies/books, because I will be changing much, as is the author's prerogative…so I insert my disclaimer here…it's fanfic..of course I don't own anything, this will also have many gay characters, lemons, NSFW just assume it's NSFW on any chapter in places in case I forget to warn…if you do not like female/female pairings then this story is not for you..and I'm not the author for you, but this will have lots of story and development, it wont' be a super long story chapter wise, and will have smut, it just will also have a story to go along with it. Also Jane will be changed at 16 not younger…way less creepy…also Edward is a douche…so nothing has changed from the original story..he he he

Anyway…back to the story: Edward left Bella, bella did her depresso stint like in the movies, and everything is the same, we meet up with our girl as she runs into Edwina's arms as he tries to reveal himself.

'I've made it to heaven' Edward said with his eyes closed, a pleasant expression on his face, clutching his angel in his arms

Bella rolled her eyes, what an idiot…she had loved him but at this moment she could not bring herself to care about this brooding mess of existence.

He had left her, said she was no good, just a plaything. She was broken for so long, a shell of who she once was. She had done some soul searching and realized quite a few things about herself while he was gone, and had become a stronger person, a better version of herself. In fact the only reason she was here was because while she did want him to suffer for the creepy shit he did, how he was so controlling, and how he left her for dead out in the f'ing woods! Grrr, anyways….besides all of that she could not hurt the others in his family. Him exposing himself to humans would affect the entire coven.

Sweet Alice was always kind to her, and felt like the sister she never had, her Emmy Bear was the little kid brother she always wanted playful and ornery, and Jasper was quiet and thoughtful.

Rosalie had surprised Bella the most, she thought the ice queen hated her guts, but it turned out she just didn't like what the relationship Bella had with her brother did to the human. Rose thought Bella could do better and tried in her own way to be the voice of reason and speak up for Bella even when she could not sleep up for herself. Bella found all of this out when Rose had snuck her alone time with Bella after Bella's mom had been killed by a drunk driver a month after the Cullen's left. Rose held her all night through the worst of her heartbreak, a surprising kindness that took Bella's breath away at times.

Esme and Carslile were the step parents who cared deeply for her when her own family couldn't. Yes they left, yes it hurt, but in the end Bella did not blame them, she blamed the prima donna. Alice kept in touch via E-mail and text, and told her about what lies Edwina told everyone and Bella explained what really happened, which enraged the entire family once they found out what their dipshit brother had done. Luckily Eddie boy had run off like a coward a day after he forced the family to leave Forks, so they were free to keep contact with their favorite human, for which Bella had been eternally grateful.

This is why she was here, just because their golden boy was a selfish idiot should not mean the death of her friends by the governing vampires. She no longer felt love for the idiot, but she did and always would love the other family members. They had told her regardless of what their boy had done they would always be there for her.

So with that knowledge in the back of her mind she quickly pushed the idiot back.

'Open up your eyes dipshit.'

Edward abruptly opened his eyes confused, 'Bella! You're here, you're alive! You do still love me, my love!'

'Oh shove it sparky!'

'What?! But, but, but…'

'Did you honestly think I would come crawling back to you after all of the shit you pulled on me? As if' Bella scoffed crossing her arms over her chest huffing indignantly

'But you are my mate my love'

'Ok first off, there is no way I'm your mate, if you could say those things to me and leave me for dead, in the forest st, THE FOREST!.'

' But, I said those vile things to protect you, it was the single hardest thing I have ever done in my existence.' Edward said longingly

Bella continued as if he hadn't said anything at all, 'secondly, I figured out I'm gay, sooo fat chance on me ever falling for you or some other guy for that matter. Guess I had really been trying to convince myself I was straight with you, I should thank you for waking me up out of THAT nightmare.'

Edwards jaw dropped at that, seemingly frozen in place. Until he finally responded

'But…But…it's unnatural! It's vile!'

Bella scoffed again at that statement, 'what's vile is how you left me out in the fucking forrest with no way of getting out, if it hadn't been for Leah finding me I would have died, did you know Victoria tried to kill me that night!? If I hadn't been sleeping with Leah I would be dead right now!'

'But I was protecting you from becoming a soulless monster like me! I was…wait, what? What do you mean sleeping with Leah?'

Bella smirked at this, 'huh just caught on to that did you? .'


Charlie had left for Seattle for the weekend and so Bella was going to be all alone. Leah had found Bella crying in the forest and scooped up her old friend. She grew up with Bells making mud pies with Jakey and Bella, it was a happy accident that she had been on patrol close to where she heard the wails of her old friend's cries.

Leah had transitioned so fast and was so worried about Bella that she didn't realize she was still naked, until she had hopped into Bella's open window and placed the sweet heartbroken girl onto her bed. Bella had reached up and pulled the wolf on top of her, pleading her with her sad eyes to not leave her.

'Oh my sweet girl don't worry I won't go anywhere if you don't want me to.' Leah said as she placed a stray hair behind the brunettes ear.

Bella released the breath she didn't realize she had been holding and looked down for the first time and realized a very naked Leah was lying on top of her, Bella flushed red immediately and the wolf could smell her arousal filling the small room they were in. The wolf let a deep purr out and ground herself into the prone girl below her, who let out a low moan in response.

'Do you need this kind of comfort tonight old friend?' Leah asked sincerely

'I…umm…yeah…I think, I…mmmm, yeah.' Bella let out between grunts and moans.

Leah paused and asked again, 'are you sure? I don't want to take advantage of you, but I also know a tender hand can soothe wounds as well. We will always be friends, I won't let this come between us, we are just comforting each other if that is what you need.'

Bella finally could think clearly, she was beyond touched that her old friend would be so thoughtful. She understood that this was not a forever thing, not a relationship, just physical need. 'I know you would never take advantage of me Le Le. If you are truly ok with this, I want this, I want to feel you, I need to…feel something.' Bella let a few tears fall at her last words.

Leah wiped away the stray tears and stared into her friend's eyes. Bella slowly leaned up and connected their lips in a slow sweet kiss. They continued for a limitless amount of time and Bella's clothes seemed to just melt away and they began exploring each other's bodies for the first time. Neither felt judged that this was their first time with a woman, for Bella it was her first time period, but Leah had been with Sam for years and never felt satisfied…well now it all made sense. They licked, sucked, and penetrated each other for hours moaning and yelling eachother's names as they climaxed over and over again, filling the void both of their broken hearts could not fill on their own.

So lost in their ministrations, that they did not notice a firey headed figure silently entering the room until she spoke, after they had both climaxed explosively, leaning both foreheads against each other.

'Hmmm, looks like I was too late for the party. Or has it just begun?'

The pair both looked up, but since Leah ended up on the bottom Bella's hair was blocking her view.

'V.v.v..Victoria?' Bella squeaked out

'In the flesh..well kind of..anyway, a mate for a mate, time to die, at least I know you won't die a virgin, so kudos to you, now be a good little pet and come here and…'. Victoria had said all of that as she reached for Bella's hair to grab in one hand to pull the human up by it when she met the most beautiful pair of chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen.

Leah could not believe it, she glanced up and gravity had shifted, her whole world fell into place, she now understood Sam with Emily, she understood how everything was connected, how she was now grounded to this beautiful red eyed goddess in front of her.

Bella noticed the looks the girls were giving each other, it was the same look that Sam gave Emily, that Rose gave Emmitt, the same one Carslile gave Esme…they were mates, imprints…and here she was lying naked on one of them, having just had sex multiple times with one of them…awkward…

"Ummm…sooo, I guess I should go, give you two some privacy…' Bella mumbled.

Leah broke from her haze and realized what the broken girl had said…' no…Bells wait, I'm sure this beautiful creature wouldn't mind…umm sharing…? I know this looks and sounds bad, but she just had her heart broken, in a pretty shitty way, she is my oldest friend, the only one I truly have always had. This is all about comfort…I know it's a lot to ask, and I just met you but my heart is already all yours..but do you think…maybe we all could umm..'

Victoria was stunned, her whole world had shifted, she had thought that James was her mate, that her big plan would be to avenge her mate and the go off to die and wallow in her sorrow until it ended in a firey blaze… 'umm..sure…why don't we all talk first, it seems there is much I thought that I knew to be true is sooo very false.' Victoria sat down next to the naked pair.. 'although it seems I'm a bit overdressed, do you think you both could help me out?' Victoria asked winking at her mate and friend.

This brought the group into loud giggles and soon Victoria was equally naked after much conversation they had explored each other thoroughly as the sun came up, and only stopped when the human finally passed out.

The mated pair was not jealous and knew this was a one time thing, cuddled up in three, they were happy to have found each other, but equally happy to provide the much needed comfort the young girl needed.

The three had become fast friends after that, and Bella had been surprised when Victoria had been welcomed to the Res with open arms. The elders even gave the pair a small one bedroom house to live in. Bella had knowledge of the treaty with the Cullen's, and had thought the tribe had hated all vampires..turns out they just hated the Cullen's…well Edward…let's face it they hated Edward, from generation to generation he gave everyone the heebie jeebies, enough so that they created a treaty to stop them from ever being on their land.

Turns out it was not uncommon for a wolf to find their imprint with a vampire, much to Bella's further surprise. The famous Taha Aki from legends always talks about the third wife..but no one talks about his second wife…she was apparently a human drinker, who would only hunt the criminals, and men of evil intent, never harming an innocent. The second wife had been killed by the nomad in the famous story, this was the thing that drove the third wife to her sacrifice, she loved the second wife as a lover, a sister, and a member of the tribe. Her death and sacrifice along with the third wife was why the tribe welcomed all red eyed imprints with good hearts into their tribe. The imprint could be strong like the wolf, and live as long as the wolf, they would help the Res in ways the wolves couldn't and even though it had been a few generations since the imprint had happened this way, it made sense to happen to the female shifter, as she could not carry children since shifting.

'Any who…yeah we were sleeping together when she showed up and Leah imprinted on Victoria and…umm one thing led to another…'

Edward now completely froze at this..for a long time…so much so that Bella thought that he had gone into shock..can a vampire go into shock?

They were brought out of their smirk/staring battle when Alice broke the lock to the closest door and joined them.

'What did I miss?'



…bella smirking

…Edwina still in shock

Bella huffed…' well I just came out to him, and told him about the Tory/Le le story, I think I broke him.' Bella said as she waived her hand in front of the frozen boy.

'Anyone home sparky?' Bella said still waving her hands in front of the frozen brooding vamp.

Alice full on laughed at that.

'We'd better go before the Voltouri requests our presence.' Alice finally spoke snapping us all out of our previous states.

'Right, so back to the car? Where did you park it…' Bella trailed off, when they were joined by two very large intimidating male Italian vampires.

'Don't rush out on our account'. The dark haired vamp stated

'There will be no need for your services gentlemen, we will be leaving now.' Edward blurted our ushering both Bella and Alice out.

'Not so fast Eeyore.' The bigger of the two said as he grabbed the collar of Edwards robe.

'Master Aro said to insist you join us, ALL of you.' He said pointedly looking at Bella.

Edward, ever the idiot tried to fight the huge vamp only to be hit in the back of the head dropping himself to the floor unceremoniously, and surprisingly knocking himself in an unconscious state.

The vamp then picked up unconscious idiot slinging him over his shoulders as he said, 'ladies after you, I insist!' Palm up moving his hand in an inviting gesture to follow his directions.

Bella looked at Alice and shrugged her shoulders following the crowd through to the depths of the castle.

'Sooo….ummm, why are all vampire families so close?' Bella asked trying to break the ice

Alice facepalmed

Edwina deadpanned his eyes. 'Here we go…'

The two buff vamps looked confused at each other until the larger one replies, ' umm I guess it's because '

Bella interrupts, 'because blood is thicker than water'. She then laughs loudly

Alice begins softly banging her head on the elevator they were now riding

Bella finally calms down and starts again, 'why does the vampire consider himself a good artists?'

…they both look at the human

'Because he likes to draw blood!' Bella laughs again, 'you see because the vampire, and the blood, ha ha ha ha!' Bella laughs

'Bella your jokes have, if possible, gotten way worse. Alice speaks between banging her head on the wall, 'dear God make it stop…'

'Why did Dracula go to the …'

Bella just kept going on and on with the cheesy vampire jokes, causing the two hulking vamps to chuckle at the more ridiculous ones, until the were in front of two huge wooden doors to the throne room….