Thom Merrilin rubbed his temples as he glanced around the backroom he'd woken up in. "You're telling me, that you stole our win against the Dark One and that we have to repeat the same shit all over again?"

Harry snorted. "No, I'm saying that one version of you lived through all that crap and graciously consented to give you his memories so that you didn't have to go through the same crap he did."

Thom looked over at Matrim then over at Moiraine who was still recovering from getting a bunch of memories herself. "Once my head stops hurting, I'll probably thank you but right now I feel like stabbing you with my knives."

Mat laughed. "Why do you think we took all of them while you were unconscious?"

"Can someone at least get me a drink?" Thom asked the room.

Sarah conjured a mug of mint tea with a hint of lemon and handed it to him. "Of course."

Thom sniffed the tea then decided that at this point he didn't care if someone poisoned him. He took a drink of the lemon mint tea. "I could have done with something stiffer in it but that works. Nice sleight of hand."

"You're welcome," Sarah replied with amusement.

Moiraine groaned as she sat up. "That was rather unpleasant."

Nynaeve grumbled as she rubbed her head. "Just getting to see a bunch of memories secondhand sucked, the Tower can suck shit if they think I'll ever put up with their horseshit."

Mat laughed. "Language."

"I will smack you if you don't keep your voice down."

Lan frowned slightly as he looked over at Nynaeve. "Where does that leave us?"

"Unmarried and interested… I remember large pieces of the other Nynaeve's times with you but most of the rest of her adventures are like seeing a favorite play repeatedly. I've seen them, I can recall them but I didn't really live them." Nynaeve looked at Moiraine, I remember you showing up and dragging the boys and Egwene off for adventure but the emotional context is muted. I know why she was angry but I also know it was the right choice."

Moiraine glanced at Nynaeve then looked back at Harry and asked, "Why the difference?"

Harry glanced between Thom and Moiraine. "Because your life was basically the same as the other version until you got to the Taren."

Nynaeve said, "I've spent the last eight years being trained by some of the best healers around while taking care of the village. Unlike the last time, there were other people to help when I needed breaks. I've had other adventures and done other things which means that I'm not the same person she was."

Mat asked, "Where does that leave us?"

Moiraine considered the question. She knew they had to get to the Eye of the World but at the same time the Forsaken had used the boys' presence to find the location the last time. She looked at Nynaeve and asked, "How much of the other Nynaeve's combat ability do you have?"

"I'm actually better at combat than she was." Nynaeve paused as she considered what she knew about the Forsaken. "I should be be able to kill most of them without too much trouble provided they don't get lucky or ambush me."

Lan asked, "How?"

"We have some items that work similar to the other Mat's ter'angreal."

"That was useful the last time around."

Mat asked, "Any chance of duplicating the foxhead, I'm going to need something if I don't want to be killed out of hand by the Forsaken."

Harry nodded. "That's the top of our list of things to copy because it has protection from dreams or at least from a dreamwalker attacking you which is better than what we currently have."

"And my spear?" Mat asked hopefully.

"It's on the list of things that I'd like to be able to duplicate but we can live without the spear. If we can't duplicate it exactly, we'll consider other options." Harry didn't see a problem with creating a power-wrought spear of some type.

Moiraine said, "We still need to get to the Eye of the World. What other ter'angreal do you have access to that could help?"

"More than the other versions of us had at the end. Our version of Elayne has been rather busy crafting ter'angreal that should help and we have a decent number of channelers that can help."

"Your version of Elayne?"

Sarah said, "As you're aware, Elayne has a talent for making ter'angreal. Thus we recruited a version of her from the mirror worlds when we went recruiting. As for a decent number, two thousand girls volunteered for the project."

Moiraine blinked a couple of times in shock. "What?!"

Sarah laughed. "We've been raiding other worlds for talents for eight years with better methods than the White Tower uses. It's not surprising that we've found a vast amount of talent. This will not be like the last time where a plucky group of heroes stumbled through things then lucked into a pyrrhic victory. We are going to crush the forces of the dark and destroy the Dark One this time around."

Thom asked, "What about the prophecies?"

"They'll be confirmed or not as the wheel weaves," Sarah wasn't overly worried about the prophecies.

Harry spoke up, "I'm going to drop some people off in my world then return for the dancing and party tomorrow. I'll see what I can do about your spear and medallion. If you can think of anything else you need, make a list." Harry had barely made it out of the door before he was pulled into a hug by an older version of Hermione and had his face pressed into her breasts. Breasts that were larger and even nicer than he remembered.

"I missed you." Hermione hugged him tightly much to the amusement of Anna, Beth, Elayne and Egwene who were watching the scene with amusement.

Harry floated up so that he could kiss her on the lips.

Elayne said, "You're right, he's rather cute though not as cute as that red haired man I saw earlier."

Anna snickered. "You and your red hair fetish."

Beth chuckled. "There's nothing wrong with liking redheads."

Hermione let Harry go. "I've got so many memories to share."

Harry was just relieved that even after eight years Hermione still wanted to be with him. "I'm looking forward to seeing them but first we should get the teachers back home so they can prepare for another year at Hogwarts. Besides, I need to look at your collection of magazines." He turned his attention to Anna and Beth who had both grown into lovely ladies.

"What are you thinking?" Hermione gestured and created a shield against sound so their conversation couldn't be overheard and gossiped about.

Harry pulled his attention back to Hermione. "I'm looking for magical libraries that connect between worlds. My other idea involves studying the waygate and possibly making a separate version of them created with wand magic that connects the various worlds that I want connected but I'm not even remotely sure how to do that."

"I have a couple of ideas, I did a project on them in school but we'd probably need Helena's help to finish the idea and we'd need Elayne to copy the talisman of growing so that we can take it to her."

Harry muttered, "Which would likely cost us the last of Voldemort's soul fragments."

Elayne frowned as she considered how difficult copying a male ter'angreal was at the best of times. "I might be able to copy it and I'd certainly like to try but I've got a couple of teachers back at the academy that are much better at copying things than I am."

"Okay, we'll pick them up on the way."

Hermione smiled as a thought came to her. "I've spent a lot of time thinking about the waygates and the Black Wind over the last couple of years. Do you think that a ghost trap would capture it?"

"It might, why?" Harry asked.

"I have a feeling that Helena could absorb the souls of the corrupt and send the souls of the innocent back to where they belong. It would also likely pay for the information on how to create the waygate. Besides, if we capture the Black Wind the ways would be safer."

Harry nodded. "That shouldn't be too difficult to manage. A point me spell should find the location of the growing talisman then it's just a matter of borrowing it for a few minutes."

Anna asked, "How can we help?"

"Roundup Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers so that I can drop them off." He turned his attention back to Elayne. "Lead the way."

Elayne reached out and opened a gateway back to the traveling room at the academy. "Let's go."


Harry glanced back at the open waygate behind him then back at the inky darkness the vast number of magical lights was doing little to push back. All of the girls other than Sarah and Hermione had already left through the gate just in case he had to jump out of the book because the circle of protection that he'd set up failed for some reason. The strange whispers coming from the darkness were annoying but merely that thanks to the protection rings and magic circles. He smiled gleefully when a cloud of darkness moved through the light and spread out against the circle of protection. "Ready?"

Hermione aimed her proton pack's wand at the darkness. "Ready."

Sarah waved her hand and finished the larger circle that closed off the creatures' escape. "Circle is up!"

Harry laughed as he pushed the button on his newly acquired proton pack and shot the darkness as it pushed against his circle of protection. He winced as the volume of maddening screams intensified.

Sarah laughed as the creature screamed as the energy from the two proton packs ripped through it. She tossed the ghost trap, it skittered on the pitted ground and came to a stop inside the darkness. She pushed the button and smiled when the trap actually worked and sucked the creature of darkness into it taking the voices with it. She closed the trap. "I wasn't expecting that to actually work."

Hermione turned the proton pack off a second after Harry. "I feel like dancing and or writing an essay to my old teacher about this."

Harry laughed. "I don't suppose we could just copy your education into my head?"

"That would be cheating."

Harry pouted. "Is that a no?"

"That's a no. I'll grab the girls and we can jump into the book with Helena." Hermione turned and headed for the gate.

Sarah frowned as she glanced at the lights that still weren't putting out as much light as they should. "We're going to need to figure out a way to cleanse this mess."

Harry shrugged. "I'm less worried about that and more worried about figuring out how to get everyone back to Earth."

"We've got the talisman of growing that was in one of the storerooms which means we have what we need to at least try. If not we'll pull the important people out via the doll and closet method and call it good."

"Point," Harry replied as Elayne walked out of the gate followed by Hermione, Egwene, Anna and Beth.

Anna said, "You're going to have to share the memory of your fight."

"It wasn't that impressive, we used proton packs and a ghost trap and that was that. Mostly it was just a fair amount of waiting." Harry pulled out the fantasy module and set it on the ground then waited it down with a rock.

Beth laughed. "In that case, perhaps we should talk to the gleeman about polishing your story before you share it. I mean this is the Black Wind we're talking about."

Harry reached out with his magic and pulled the girls into the module near Helena.

Helena blinked as Harry and several people she didn't recognize appeared in front her holding something that contained a great number of souls. "You brought me candy. Have I mentioned I love you yet?"

Elayne stared at the demon girl curiously.

Egwene frowned slightly as she looked around the city they found themselves in.

Harry gave his favorite demon a smile. "I'm guessing you'd love to have the souls in the box?"

"You know I would," Helena replied.

"Some of them are innocent which you can't have, some are dark and evil which you can eat provided you give me a decent price."

Helena asked, "What are you looking for, most of the dark souls aren't worth much."

"I want four things, a copy of the Ogier tree singer's ability, knowledge of how to adapt a ter'angreal growing talisman, the ability to naturally see magical energy of various types including saidin and saidar and knowledge of how to create ter'angreal using wand magic."

Helena pouted cutely. "Do you know how little return I'd get for such amazing gifts?"

"Less than you'd like and more than you're implying," Harry replied playfully.

"How do you figure?" She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"I can already transmute things so the tree singing power is just a bit of knowledge, maybe a slight tweak. The knowledge of how to make a waygate to alternate worlds is a neat trick but I'm giving you thousands of little dark souls so that's not really a deal breaker, right?"

"Most of them are really little souls," Helena pointed out.

"Sort of like Lays Potato Chips, you can't eat just one."

Hermione shook her head. "I can't believe you just said that."

Anna shook her head. "That was just horrible Dad."

Harry shrugged. "She's a cute soul eating demon."

Helena mock pouted. "And here I thought we were friends."

"You are but that doesn't change the fact that you're a cute soul eating demon girl."

Helena laughed. "I'll give you that one. The magic sight is a tweak and something you could do anyways with training so it's not a big deal. The last one though, you're going to have to explain how it's a mere tweak rather than a massive upgrade."

Harry did his best to keep a straight face as he answered. "It's a mere tweak in that it's a set of conversion charts and such built into my head that helps me expand my enchanting abilities."

Helena shook her head, "Hmm, still, after taxes and paying out for your abilities, I'd be getting very little from this deal. I think you're going to have to sweeten the pot."

"What are you after?" Sarah asked curiously.

"Harry wants an entire new aspect added to his powers, does that mean I get an aspect of his magic in trade?"

Harry thought of some discussions he'd had with Sarah about wand magic. "I'd trade my ability to make wizard oaths and unbreakable vows and the evil souls in the box for the four abilities I described."

Helena stared at Harry in amused disbelief for a couple of seconds before she found her voice. "Let me get this straight, you expect me to carve out a particularly shitty cursed aspect of your powers for free and give you something for my trouble?" She laughed. "I knew there was a reason I liked you kid, you've got balls of steel."

Sarah said, "Yes, yes he does."

Harry grinned. "You asked for part of my magic, that is the only part I'm willing to part with."

Hermione had to agree with Harry that was the only part of her magic that she'd give up as well.

Helena make a show of looking at the other girls before looking back at Harry with a smile. "Okay, I'll make the deal under one condition."

"What's that?" Harry asked curiously.

"You have to get me out of this world." Helena smirked as she was fairly sure he wouldn't do it even if she hoped that he would.

Harry blinked. "Ah… what do you mean?"

Helena smiled seductively at Harry. "I mean a nice juicy hamburger and fries sounds nice. Most of your world doesn't believe in magic which means that if I ask for their soul in exchange for something cheap and they're stupid they'll make the deal. Here, everyone knows better so all I get are bits and pieces most of the time."

Hermione frowned. "I'm not sure that's a good deal, she'd cause a lot of chaos and what if she gave our enemies power?"

Helena snorted. "Oh please, I happen to like Harry and I'm not in the business of screwing over my friends. There are millions of people out there with petty stupid desires that I can 'help' that won't miss a few chunks of their soul."

"Do I have your word on that? Assuming I made the deal and pulled you into my world, would you promise not to snack on the souls of the innocent or even mostly innocent?"

"I'll even promise to use a generous description of innocent." Helena smiled innocently or at least as innocently as she could which wasn't very.

Harry glanced at Egwene and Elayne then back at Helena. "If I let you out can I talk you into giving Egwene and Elayne wand magic in exchange for the other two soul anchors that Voldemort has?"

Helena laughed. "That's one of the reasons you shouldn't split your soul folks. I'm perfectly happy making that deal."

Egwene asked, "What type of side effects would it cause?"

Helena said, "You might get strange hair or weird eyes depending on which family I'm copying the magic from. If I copy it from Harry then your hair is liable to get a bit wild, if I copy it from Hermione your hair will likely get frizzy."

Egwene said, "I'm okay with wild hair."

Elayne ran her fingers through her red and gold hair. "I can work with that."

Helena frowned slightly. "On second thought, I think the best and easiest is a magic adoption ritual, you'll inherit wand magic as if you'd been born a Potter and no I'm not trading this secret for anything you're willing to part with so don't ask."

Egwene asked, "Will my other abilities and personality be intact?"

"If you had other wand based abilities they'd be replaced but you don't so you'll be fine."

Anna snickered as she pulled Egwene into a hug from behind. "Welcome to the family sis."

Beth laughed, "I'm going to enjoy fucking you even more now."

Elayne shook her head. "That's because you're broken in the head."

"Probably but you weren't complaining when I stuck my hand inside of your-" Beth was cut off by Elayne's hand closing over her mouth.

Elayne pulled Beth into a hug with her other arm so it was easier to keep her mouth covered. "That's enough of that."

Harry held out the ghostbusters ghost trap. "Okay, deal."

Helena smiled as she accepted the ghost trap. She opened the trap then sucked out the dark energy that tried to escape the trap.

Egwene stepped back and raised her hands just in case they had to fight.

Helena finished her snack then handed the soul box back to Harry. "Are you sure I can't eat the rest?"

Sarah shook her head. "We're sure."

"Fine, deal." Helena snapped her fingers and gave Harry the asked for upgrades including full color mage vision and upgraded Egwene and Elayne's magic using Anna and Beth as templates and the last of the power she'd stashed away in the demon soul bank over the years, which was substantial. She was going to be seriously screwed considering various enemies she'd made over the years if Harry didn't keep up his end of the deal but she had faith that he'd at least get her to an Earth. Then again her store of power would be useless if Harry kept up his end of the deal as she doubted that she'd be able to access it from Harry's world so there wasn't much point in keeping it filled up and she couldn't by guild law and magic contract use stored energy on herself which meant that spending it on a deal to generate good will was really the best use she could put it to. "Okay, you owe me two soul fragments but the girls are sexy powerful wand witches."

"Just like that?" Harry asked suspiciously.

Helena shook her head. "I had some power stashed in the bank so I figured I'd burn that before I lost it. Let's just hope that you get me out of here before I get audited for spending everything I've been accumulating for years."

Egwene asked, "Audited?"

"The guild likes to keep a strict accounting of things." Helena replied as she pulled out a hair and handed it to Harry.

Harry accepted the hair and curled it around his finger for safe keeping. "In other words, we should get out of here so that I can jump out and rescue you?"

"That would be appreciated. The sooner the better." Helena figured she only had a day or two at most before she got pulled in for a review that she wouldn't enjoy and probably wouldn't survive.

"See you soon." Harry reached out with his magic and pulled everyone other than Helena out of the book and back to the ways.

Sarah glared at the darkness. "Our waygate network better not look like this mess."

"It shouldn't considering we're not using tainted power." He handed Egwene the soul box then picked up the module off the ground and put it in his backpack. "We'll be back as soon as we can."

"We'll meet you at the inn."

"Stay safe." Egwene leaned over and kissed Hermione.

Hermione reached out and caressed Egwene's left breast. "We will."

Elayne said, "We'll close up the waygate and ward it against more shadowspawn using it."

"Thank you." Harry reached out with his magic and jumped out of the book with Hermione, Sarah, Beth and Anna.


Helena blinked as she found herself in a dark closet. "Hello?"

Sarah called out, "This is your evil overlord, please take a number."

Helena gulped. "Shit."

Harry opened the door with a smile. "Hey, welcome to earth."

Helena sighed in relief then glared at Sarah. "That wasn't remotely funny."

"Not even a little bit?" Sarah asked hopefully.

Helena held up her thumb and finger a tiny bit apart. "Just a little bit."

Harry stepped back and gestured toward the living room. "A deal is a deal."

"I'm just glad that you didn't screw me over…" Helena swallowed, "most people would have." She hadn't quite allowed herself to believe that Harry would take her with him so she hadn't really planned out what she was going to do yet.

"I made a promise."

"Thank you either way. Say my name three times in a row if you want to talk or when you get the other two soul fragments."

Sarah said, "Stay out of trouble and try not to give criminals powers they can hurt people with."

"Don't worry, I'll be good." Helena smiled as she headed toward the door happy to get to explore a whole new realm.

Beth watched the succubi leave. "I'm not quite sure we did the right thing there."

"She's not harmless but she's not a bad girl at least not for a demon," Harry replied.

Sarah asked, "Did you get what you needed in order to make the waygate?"

Harry nodded. "I think so, I'm just not sure where to put the gate."

Hermione said, "We should probably head back and pick everyone up and discuss that with everyone else."

Harry pulled the Eye of the World book out of his pocket and set it on the table. "Can you conceal the book while we're gone?"

Sarah gestured over the book. "Done."

Harry reached out and pulled everyone back into the Eye of the World.


Harry studied the red haired girl that was sitting in Hermione's lap listening to the gleeman spin tales about battles long past while Hermione worked on brushing her hair with the ease of long practice. She looked angelic or at least innocent and yet he knew better, she was the daughter of a marauder though she looked a lot like their mother with red hair and green eyes though her hair was a wild mane. He'd also caught her chasing Teddy around with a wooden sword on the village green. To be fair, he'd been laughing while running away and he also had a wooden sword but that didn't change the fact that she was a bit of a tomboy.

He felt a bit left out as everyone had had eight years to move on with their lives without him. He knew that he'd get caught up but it was a little frustrating. He'd rather be building the waygate but he'd pulled Moody, Dumbledore and the rest of the faculty out of the book already so there wasn't any reason they couldn't stay and enjoy the stories and gift giving. It was a bit odd to think of his mother and father as royalty but that was what they were here even if just technically. They'd created a town near the Sand Hills and the mountains at the end of the old Quarry Road. It didn't have all that much there yet, just a few stone barracks for channelers to stay that wanted to work the quarry or the mines. It was also where his parents had built a small mansion out of stone and crystal. Thankfully that meant that Lily and James were really only bothered for important things and as the mayors had been running things for generations with the village councils, things rarely required them to step in.

Harry glanced over at Sirius's girl who was lying across her parents' laps listening to the gleeman. Vivian had her mother's red hair and father's aristocratic features. Thankfully she seemed like a nice enough girl or at least she had from the brief amount of time they'd spent together so far and from what he'd learned from Hermione. He turned his attention back to the story that Thom was telling, rested his head against Sarah's ample chest and let the words wash away his concerns for the future. He'd deal with things after the dancing and the party tomorrow.


Teddy looked around the Godric's Hollow house curiously. He'd seen memories of it in a pensieve but being here was a bit strange. "When do we get to meet grandma and grandpa?"

Nymphadora wasn't sure how her mother was going to take her having a seven year old son or the fact that Teddy could transform into a girl with a wolf tail like most of the children of the wolves. "I'll give her a floo call."

Sirius laughed. "Better you than me."

Remus shifted uncomfortably as his mind ran through possible curses that Andromeda might use on him. "If I don't survive, take care of Teddy."

Nymphadora said, "Mum isn't going to kill you, probably."

James snickered. "I don't know, you knocked up her eighteen year old daughter and she now has a seven year old granddaughter, I mean from her point of view, Nymphy should be eighteen not twenty six."

Nymphadora rolled her eyes. "I will hex you James."

Anna said, "Nymphadora is a perfectly acceptable name."

"Says the girl with a reasonably normal name," Nymphadora replied.

Beth snickered as she pulled Anna into a hug from behind. "There had to be something normal about her."

Anna grinned as she rubbed her behind against Beth's crotch. "I love you too sis."

Hermione said, "If you don't behave I'll get a newspaper."

Beth playfully stuck her tongue out at Hermione.

Anna snickered. "Promises, promises."

James laughed as he headed toward the kitchen to see how the stasis charms had held up and what they'd have to throw away.

Harry asked, "Now that we're back," he glanced at Tiffany, Vivian and Teddy, "or here, where are we putting the waygate?"

Lily yawned. "I'm voting a piece of property that the Ministry of Magic knows nothing about."

Sarah said, "I suggest a large estate or castle. It's not like we have a shortage of gold and we'll want at least a little bit of land on this side of the waygate."

Anna asked, "What about a tropical island?"

Harry asked, "People sell those?"

Sirius shrugged. "Now and then. They're seen as a novelty by most people because of supply issues but with vanishing cabinets, waygates and portkeys, they're not a bad place to live for wizards and witches.

"That has my vote. It certainly wouldn't be under the British Ministry of Magic. " Lily wouldn't mind a place where they could get out of the cold.

Anna grinned. "Naked girls on a tropical beach, there are worse places to live."

Beth said, "I'm a fan but doesn't the Ministry ward against portkeys entering or leaving the country?"

Nymphadora said, "There are wards up and licenses to control that sort of thing."

Hermione said, "That's why we have vanishing cabinets or a local system of waygates."

Teddy asked, "Does that mean we can go swimming outside without freezing our bits off?"

Beth said, "There is nothing wrong with the water back home."

"It's salt water and part of it is frozen so yes, it's too cold." Teddy stuck his tongue out at Beth.

Lily looked at Sirius, "Okay, let's head into London and check out real estate offices."

Sirius shook his head. "Let's hit Gringotts first, I think the Blacks actually have an island in the tropics that might work."

"And it's just sitting there?"

"If I remember correctly it belonged to an ancestor that was a pirate and liked creating magical creatures that weren't strictly legal."

Beth asked, "You mean strictly legal now?"

Sirius shook his head. "According to the notes I remember reading they were illegal back then as well, which makes me curious just what he was making."

Vivian asked, "Our family was crazy weren't they?"

"You have no idea, be happy my parents are dead already," Sirius replied.

Nymphadora sighed. "I guess that means we have to face the music and call my folks."

Remus said, "I'm sure she won't kill us."

Sirius laughed. "Bellatrix is her sister, I wouldn't trust that. I'd send Teddy first."

Nymphadora looked at her son. "Better him than us, I'll call and tell her about him, then we'll send him through first. She's right handed which means you need to make sure you're hugging that arm when we show up."

Teddy looked at Lily, "How did Mom end up in Hufflepuff? I thought they were supposed to have loyalty and such things."

Lily laughed. "She's not evil enough for Slytherin, Ravenclaws are worried about intelligence more than they actually have it which isn't your mother and Gryffindors act before thinking, it was more a case of Hufflepuff taking everything else."

Nymphadora flipped Lily off then looked at Teddy. "I've got loyalty, I just know she won't hurt you and I'm not terribly sure she won't kill or at least maim your father."

Remus rolled his eyes. "We could always invite her over here, neutral ground and all that, not to mention witnesses."

Lily mock pouted. "But we just got everything put back together."

Sirius said, "In that case, let's go talk to the goblins while they sort that mess out."

Remus mock glared at his friends. "I see how it is."

Lily shook her head. "In all seriousness, just call her and get it over with." She looked at Harry, "How long do you think it will take to create the waygate network?"

Harry said, "I'm not sure, at least twenty minutes to an hour to create the ter'angreal that will grow the gates and I'm not sure how long to grow the actual gates."

"In that case, we should hurry we have two hundred munchkins that are looking forward to going to Hogwarts."

Nymphadora shook her head. "I still can't believe that you actually want to be a teacher."

Lily shrugged. "I'm only teaching potions part time and it will give me a chance to keep track of Harry and the rest of the troublemakers."

Anna pouted. "Did grandma just call us troublemakers?"

Hermione laughed as she reached out and ruffled Anna's hair. "You are a troublemaker."

"That doesn't mean our grandmother is supposed to call us troublemakers."

Lily asked, "Would it make you feel better if I called you little hellions?"

"Ya… wait no."

Beth snickered. "Not really."

Tiffany turned to look at Teddy. "I'm not sure whose family is more screwed up."

Teddy pointed at the twins. "You're related to the twins."

Sirius said, "Technically so are you."

Lily said, "Let's go."

"I'll start on that talisman." Harry muttered as he turned and headed off to his room for a quiet workplace.

Sarah snickered as she shrank down and flew after Harry.


Ron glared at his sister. "This isn't fair, how come she gets to come to Hogwarts this year?!"

Molly Weasley replied with some exasperation. "Hogwarts changed the starting age to ten."

Ron grumbled. "Does that mean she'll be in the same classes?"

"Yes, I expect you to be nice to your little sister."

Ron sighed. "Fine, how come she gets new stuff and I don't?"

Molly scowled at Ron. "Because Hogwarts is providing all of the supplies for the 10 year olds because of lack of warning. If not for that, we'd have to owl half your supplies to you."

Ron grumbled as he stalked off.

Ginny waited until her brother stalked off before saying, "Sorry."

"It's not your fault dear." Molly Weasley pulled Ginny in for a crushing hug.

Ginny had to resist the urge to try to squirm or otherwise resist as it just made the hugs worse.


By the time Harry actually managed to create a stable growing talisman he was tense, stiff and moderately annoyed with the process but at least he had a way to get people from one world to another and another device that created gates and floating landings without any paths between the landings. Considering he could fly, not having paths between the gates was a security feature rather than a failure or at least that was what he was going to tell people.

By the time they'd grown the amethyst gates and brought Wendy, Egwene, Elayne and the other two hundred Hogwarts students over he was ready to crawl into bed and sleep for a week. At least that had been the plan. Of course, that plan had gone out the window when the girls decided that passing around a camera and putting on a sex show was a fun way to end the summer before they used the Loliblade and potions and lost their late teens bodies. He'd certainly enjoyed the sex and watching them touch and fondle each other but they'd mentioned a few events that he had no memory of which were a bit irksome, sure the girls had explained the references but it just wasn't the same. "I'll be right back Hermione."

Hermione looked up from licking Egwene's nipples. "Are you okay?"

"No, but I will be, I think." Harry turned and left the room.

"I'll be right back." Hermione slipped off of Egwene and followed Harry out of the room.

Harry was in the middle of looking through a bunch of different comics when Hermione walked into his room and asked, "What is the matter?"

Harry sighed. "Everything and nothing, I mean you've all had eight years to get to know each other and I was stuck pulling everyone out of the book. Everyone has been beyond great but that doesn't change the fact that I barely know my sister, you know my parents better than I do and you're a gorgeous model that is almost twenty. Egwene is cute and Elayne stunning but they're your friends and that's fine but it's not because damn it, I would have liked to know them and now I feel like I'm whining."

Hermione said, "Dreamland issue 05 on your pillow."

Harry blinked. "What?"

"You didn't honestly think I'd be okay with eight years without you, did you?"

"What?" Harry walked over and picked up the comic. "Doctor Insano invents a time travel machine and uses it to learn the formula for eternal life."

"Basically it lets you send an echo back in time that can make a different choice."

"I could change the past?" Harry asked curiously.

Hermione shook her head. "No but you could give everyone in the room when the device is turned on a second set of memories as if you had stayed which in this case is better than if you had actually stayed or created a duplicate you to try to live through things with us."

Harry grinned as he opened the magazine and started reading it. "What are the downsides?"

"Well, there's a reason the Doctor was called Doctor Insano. Supposedly the device eventually drove him mad but other people have used it a couple of times without any side effects, I'm fairly sure it was the fact that he couldn't win even with time travel that caused him to go nuts rather than the device."

Harry smiled as he let his gaze run over her naked body. "Have I told you how much I love you lately?"

"It's always nice to hear. Let's go fuck the girls, we can use the device after Lily and James gets back from ice cream with the kids."

"That works, I want to see Anna and Beth fuck Elayne."

Hermione laughed. "See, that's the Harry I remember."

"Sorry for sounding like a whining brat. I'd thought I was okay with giving everyone a shot at getting better but I don't want to have to play catch up for years."

"You're not being selfish to want to know your sister and your parents and the rest of the girls as well or better than I do."

Harry picked up the magazine and followed Hermione back to her room where he proceeded to enjoy himself with the girls.


James looked at the floating glowing multicolored ball then back at Harry. "What are the chances of our brains leaking out of our heads from using this?"

Harry shook his head. "Hopefully that doesn't happen. The only one that had problems with the device was the creator but he used it dozens of times and close together. It should be safe enough. I'll understand if you don't want to risk it."

James said, "Nah, it's fine, I'm curious what things would have been like if you'd been there."

Tiffany spoke up, "I want to know you."

Anna said, "I'm game."

Elayne said, "Will we still have our original memories?"

Hermione nodded. "We should."

Lily asked, "What change are you going to make?"

Harry said, "That I used a time turner to cheat and live through the eight years with you."

"That should work."

Harry reached out and touched the floating multicolored ball keeping that one thought in his head. Nothing happened for a couple of seconds then he was hit with a stream of memories.

He could remember staying with his parents, going to school with Hermione, Sarah and the twins as well as Egwene and Elayne eventually. Dozens of spells were at his fingertips that hadn't been there before. He remembered floor parties with a bunch of naked girls from the dorm, he remembered seeing Nymphadora breastfeeding Teddy more times than he could count as well as watching the twins drink breast milk from her after winning a bet. He was fairly sure he hadn't been supposed to see that but that's what invisibility rings were for. He could remember having sex with the twins on a table while Nymphadora, Hermione, Sarah, Egwene and Elayne cheered them on. He could remember a couple of times when Lily had watched Hermione have sex with Egwene and Elayne with amusement.

He could remember the twins letting Vivian and Tiffany ride them around the yard or the house, countless fights in the practice arena against Rand and Mat and others, countless normal lunches, of helping Tiffany with her homework, hearing stories from his parents about their Hogwarts days and eight years of mundane memories mixing with his normal memories. Now that he'd experienced the process he could understand how using the device more than a couple of times would make someone insane or at least look insane.

Hermione groaned as she sat up as the stream of memories finished mixing with her original collection. She could tell the difference if she thought about it but she had to think about it more than she'd like. Some memories were easy to tell apart, she'd taken sword fighting more seriously when Harry had stayed than when he hadn't. She'd also taken a body sculpting class that she hadn't taken the first time around. Mostly though she'd had a lot more fun when Harry was there. "Let's not do that again or at the very least not for eight years."

Lily twitched as memories flowed together and she had a much better idea of the mental scars her sister had left Harry with, scars that had taken her years to mute. She remembered stuff that hadn't happened the first time, Harry winning awards, Hermione happier, the girls smiling more, Tiffany being more of a tomboy with Harry as an example. A few things had fallen by the wayside taking care of the town at points as Harry took up some time and gave it back in other ways. Her studies at the college had gone better in some ways because she hadn't been as worried about Harry.

Tiffany's eyes went wide as she jumped at Harry and squealed, "Harry!"

Harry caught Tiffany with a smile on his face. "Hey munchkin."

Egwene blinked a few times as her memories settled. "This explains some of the dreams I've had over the years."

Elayne said, "I think the second time through was more fun."

Sirius grinned. "You know what this means don't you?"

James rubbed his hands together gleefully. "It means that our pranks are going to be even better than the last time around."

Remus groaned. "Or we could just skip going back as students and work as teachers like Dumbledore suggested."

Nymphadora looked at Harry and Hermione. "I know we said the plan was to go back but that was before we had children."

Harry glanced at Hermione. "Are you still planning on coming back with me?"

"Of course," Hermione replied without hesitation.

Anna said, "We're looking forward to having fun so yes, we're coming back with you."

Harry looked at his parents, "In that case, I think having everyone as teachers is better."

James said, "We can still toss you plenty of prank supplies."

Tiffany asked, "Do I get a cute babysitter?"

Lily looked between Wendy and Nymphadora. "I'm sure we can work something out."

Wendy said, "I'm already going to be watching Vivian so I don't see why not."

Nymphadora said, "Same with Teddy, besides, you'll have school that you need to attend."

Teddy asked, "Does that mean we can use the ways and portkey to school in the Wheel of Time world?"

Nymphadora said, 'I don't see why not they understand magic and are better teachers than most of the people we'll find here."

Lily stood up. "In that case, I think we need to get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a long day making sure everyone has what they need, then it's off to Hogwarts the next day."

0o0o0 99

Harry looked over as the door to their train compartment opened and he saw a red haired boy and girl standing there with trunks. They both looked around his age though the girl might be ten for all he knew it was a bit hard to judge. "Yes?" He was glad that he was using his metamorph ability to disguise his hair to a nice brown color and his eyes to blue. There were enough people in the wizarding world that had an annoyingly accurate picture of him despite the fact that he hadn't set foot into the wizarding world until a couple of months ago.

Ron gulped as he counted the number of girls in the rather large compartment. "This one is obviously full."

Ginny rolled her eyes as her brother hurried off to find a compartment that didn't have as many girls in it. "Do you mind if Luna and I join you?"

Hermione looked up from her book with a smile. "We don't bite."

Anna said, "Speak for yourself and yes you do."

"Only friends, come in and let's get your bags put away."

Ginny briefly considered picking another compartment but a lot of them were already filled as there were a lot of students. She walked into the thankfully enlarged compartment. "I'm Ginny."

Luna stepped in and looked around the room at, Harry, Hermione, Egwene, Elayne, Anna and Beth. "I'm Luna Lovegood."

Anna asked, "Can we test that?"

Beth reached up and smacked her twin on the arm, "Ignore her, I think she broke her mental filters."

Luna looked back and forth between Anna and Beth. "It's wise to occasionally make sure people are who they're supposed to be but yes, I'm Luna Lovegood, you are?"

Anna said, "I'm Anna and the other me is Beth."

Beth gestured to Elayne then to Egwene, "Elayne and Egwene."

Harry stood up and helped Ginny and Luna with their trunks. "I'm Harry, nice to meet you."

Hermione patted the empty seat between her and Sarah. "I'm Hermione and the other girl is Sarah, Harry's familiar."

Ginny asked, "You're a familiar?"

Sarah grinned as she shrunk down to her foot tall form. "I'm fairly sure that Harry is my familiar." She flew over and landed on his shoulder. "There, now Luna has enough room to sit."

Luna stared at Sarah. "You're a fae, aren't you?"

"I'm a battle nymph, pleased to meet you."

Ginny took a seat next to Hermione. "Are you all first years?"

Anna said, "Yep, though our parents trained us a fair amount already."

Luna asked, "Does that mean your parents are magical?" as she took a seat in the other empty chair.

Anna nodded, "Mine were. My grandparents were magical on every side, great grandparents not so much for one of them, not that it really matters to me. I'm a witch, one of my best friends is a muggleborn, is that a problem?"

Ginny shook her head. "No, a wizard or a witch is a wizard or a witch to me."

Luna nodded. "Same."

"Good, because my parents weren't magical." Hermione was relieved when they showed no sign of distaste.

Harry asked, "I'm guessing the redhead that's scared of girls was your brother?"

Ginny laughed. "One of them, he's a bit annoying. I have two brothers in third year or what would be third year if they hadn't changed things. Another that's in fifth and two more that already graduated."

Luna said, "I'm an only child."

Harry said, "I have a younger sister."

Egwene shrugged. "I've got four older sisters, none of them are witches."

Elayne said, "A brother and a half brother but I haven't seen them in years and they don't have magic."

Anna said, "Just my sister Beth. So what are you looking at learning?"

Ginny said, "I'm not sure, I didn't even know I'd be going until a couple of days ago. Everything other than history I guess, Charlie says it's really boring even if it's taught by a ghost."

Hermione said, "Don't worry, the headmaster said he was replacing the history professor now that the governors released more money."

"I'm looking forward to charms, Daddy says that it's the best way to capture certain creatures."

"I think my favorite subject is defense..." Anna trailed off as the train started moving.

Ginny looked out the window. "I keep thinking I'll wake up and realize that I still have another year to go."

Egwene smiled at Ginny. "Dreams are tricky like that."

Harry pulled a deck of cards out of his pocket. "Anyone up for cards?"

Anna asked hopefully, "Strippoker?"

Ginny frowned slightly not recognizing the game. "How do you play?"

"I was thinking we should start with poker." Harry pulled a large bag of Hershey's Kisses out of his bag and set them on the table. "We can play for chocolate kisses." Harry noticed Ginny's confusion and explained, "They're a type of muggle candy."

Ginny was a bit embarrassed that she didn't have any candy to bet. "Oh, that sounds good but I don't have anything to bet."

Harry shrugged. "It's fine, we've got plenty. Mum gave me two bags to share, this seems like a good use for one of them, that is if you want to play."


Luna nodded. "Deal me in."

Beth grinned as Hermione explained the rules and the game got started. She was just hoping that everyone ended up in the same house.


Ginny watched Beth Potter join her sister in Gryffindor then stared in shock as Harry Potter's name was called and Harry the boy that she'd been talking to almost the entire ride to Hogwarts, the boy she'd ridden across the lake with stepped out of line and walked over toward the chair. His hair changed from brown to red to a shocking blue to a pink that made her eyes hurt before hitting purple and green in a couple of steps. It finally settled on black as he sat on the chair with a smirk that lit up his face. She whispered, "Oh."

Elayne smiled as she watched the sorting hat as it seemed to have a silent conversation with Harry. She whispered back, "He's still the same fun loving guy you spent the last several hours with."

Ginny tossed that thought around in her head and decided that her new friend had a point. She smiled slightly as Harry Potter ended up in Gryffindor. She watched the next couple of people get sorted before Elayne Trakand was called up. She wasn't terribly surprised when the hat put her in Gryffindor after a couple of seconds. It felt like forever before her name was called.

She forced herself to walk up and sit on the chair.

The Sorting Hat said, 'Ah, another Weasley. I know just the place for you,' "Gryffindor!"

Ginny sighed in relief as McGonagall lifted the hat off her head and she joined Luna and Hermione at the Gryffindor table. She was a little disappointed that Ron ended up in Gryffindor but he really wasn't cut out for the other three so she guessed it made sense. She whispered, "It looks like we all made it into the same house."

Hermione patted Ginny's arm. "We're going to have so much fun."

Ron took a seat next to Seamus Finnigan.

The last couple of names passed in a blur as Ginny tried to keep from squealing as she realized that she'd made it into the same house as her hero. The only thing that kept her from shifting to crazy fangirl mode was the multiple hours talking to him and realizing that Harry was just a boy, a particularly cute boy but still just a boy. She was going to have to ask him about some of the books though maybe not right away. 'Better yet, I'll ask one of the girls.'

Harry glanced up at the staff table where his mother and father were. Sadly, or not depending on how you looked at it, there was someone else there, someone he hadn't expected but someone that he'd been hoping to find, the man with the purple turban. He was going to have to do something about the man. He listened with half an ear to Dumbledore's speech about the third floor corridor being a death trap, he gave the girls from the Wheel of Time a week at most before they slipped in, disarmed whatever traps were there and removed whatever the old man was guarding. Either way it wasn't his problem. His problem was how to sneak up on the man with the turban and pull him into a book before he shot him in the head with his magic gun.

Harry politely deflected questions about his life and about the other girls with Potter for their last names and about the teachers named Potter by simply saying Potter was a common name and it was, in the muggle world at least. His attention switched to Dumbledore as the 'old' man stood up.

Albus looked over the collection of students, there were about half again as many students as there would have been if he hadn't allowed the two hundred students from the other school and what would have been next year's first year students to attend early. Still, he'd seen the results at the other schools and had used the extra funding Sirius had wrangled out of the other governors to hire an entire swath of additional teachers to cover more subjects than usual as well as give all of the core teachers assistants. In short for the first time in years Hogwarts was a school that he could be truly proud of rather just proud that it functioned as well as it did with as little as it did. "As some of the older students might have noticed, we have additional students of various years that have transferred in after a magical catastrophe all but destroyed their school, therefore I urge everyone of you to be careful in potions as we do not need a volcano under our school."

Fred Weasley asked, "How does one make a volcano in potions?"

Lily Potter said, "Very carefully, if you get a NEWT in seventh year I might tell you."

Dumbledore smiled. "On that note, I'll leave everyone with a few words, fizzwig nitworm and nuzzletuff." He clapped his hands and the platters and plates vanished. "If the prefects would escort everyone to their dorms, you have an early day tomorrow."

Harry stood up with the rest of the Gryffindors first years and followed Percy Weasley to the Gryffindor Tower.


Seamus finally decided that he'd let his curiosity simmer long enough. "What happened to your scar?"

Harry plastered a puzzled frown on his face as the common room fell silent. "I had a scar?"

"A lightning bolt on your forehead."

Harry shrugged. "That would have been interesting."

Ron asked, "What about secret training?"

"Why would I need that?"

"Because you're the Boy That Lived?" Seamus asked hesitantly.

"Lived through what?" Harry asked with as much confusion as he could put into his voice.

"You Know Who hit you with a killing curse as a baby…"

"If that was the case I think I'd be dead. Seriously, where are you getting this stuff?" Harry asked curiously.

Ron said, "From all of the Harry Potter books, Ginny's read them all."

Ginny blushed and glared at her brother.

Harry said, "Ah, well, I'm not sure how many of the books I'd believe. I mean they gave me a lightning bolt scar, there is obviously some embellishment going on."

"Does that mean you don't know how to use a sword?" Ron asked.

Beth spoke up, "He's actually rather amazing with a sword."

Anna snickered. "And a wand, seriously girls, he can hit all the right spots."

Hermione sighed. "Anna, we talked about this."

"And I said, and I quote fuck it, he's Harry Potter and if we can't use his fame to get threesomes with hot girls then what's the point?"

Lavender stared at Anna. "Are you off your rocker?"

"Nope, I'm just honest and you're cute."

"Ah…" Lavender blushed.

Harry said, "Okay, awkward introductions aside, I'm not sure how many of the Harry Books are even close to accurate, mostly likely none of them."

Luna asked, "What about Harry Potter and the Monster Girls?"

"I don't remember that one."

Luna said, "It talks about you having sex with a bunch of monster girls."

Ron snorted, "Like that happened."

Harry said, "That one might have happened but I'd need to check."

Ron blurted, "What?!"

Fred shook his head. "Don't mind Ron he was dropped on his head as a baby."

Ron scowled at Fred. "He's having us on… he has to be."

Hermione asked, "Why is that?"

"Because that's just… ugh." Ron stalked off toward his dorm.

Colin Creevey asked, "What about Harry Potter and the giant beanstalk?"

Harry shook his head. "I haven't seen that one yet."

Percy called out, "As interesting and disturbing as this is, everyone should go to their dorms. First years ten or Eleven, see me, I have your dorm assignments."

Harry got in line behind Neville.


Harry was glad he ended up in a dorm room with Neville, a quiet ten year old with short brown hair and a wolf wizard from the Wheel of Time world for roommates in the smaller dorm room rather than Ron or Seamus as they'd been a bit annoying with their questions. He knew that was probably unfair but they hadn't made a good first impression. "How are you doing Neville?"

Neville said, "It's strange, I have my parents back and it's great but we're still trying to figure out how everything fits and I'm here rather than at home. I want to be here but at the same time, they're my parents and I want to get to know them."

"I get it." Harry turned to look at the ten year old. "I'm Harry, I didn't get your name before."

The kid sighed. "Erin, don't worry, I doubt I'll be staying here long."

Harry frowned slightly. "Why?"

Erin muttered. "Because I'm a girl and this is a boy's dorm. They messed up the paperwork and Percy didn't want to listen when I tried to explain."

Neville blinked. "You're a girl?"

"Yep, sorry to disappoint." Erin replied.

"My name is Jack." The wolf boy looked at Erin and asked, "Can you keep a secret?"

Erin nodded. "Sure."

"In that case, let me show you something." Jack pulled his robe off revealing the fact that he had on a pair of boxers.

"Your secret is your heart boxers?" Erin asked dubiously.

"At least they're not pink," Neville muttered as he looked away.

Jack shook his head, pulled the back of his boxers down slightly in the back then shifted into his wolf girl form. "Nope."

Erin stared at the Jack's cute wolf ears and tail. "You've got wolf ears and a tail."

Neville turned back to look at what Erin was talking about and blinked as he saw Jack's wolf ears and tail. "Merlin."

Jack laughed. "And I'm female in this form."

Erin shook her head. "Prove it."

Jack rolled his eyes and dropped his boxers revealing that yes he was in fact female in his wolf girl form. "Is that enough proof?"

Erin grinned. "Yes."

Neville looked away. "I suddenly feel all sorts of sick."

"Why? She's cute."

"And he's a boy and…" Neville trailed off as he turned to look at Harry. "Help me out Harry."

Harry said, "Eh? It's like looking at a naked statue of a girl, interesting but nothing to go crazy over."

Jack laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not into guys." He smiled at Erin, "Does this mean we can talk you out of correcting Hogwart's mistake?"

"Why would I want to stay in the boy's dorm?" Erin asked curiously.

Jack gestured toward the bathroom door. "We're in the old dorms, that means we have our own shower and I'd rather not get stuck with some creepy kid in here for a roommate. I mean can you imagine being stuck here with that creepy kid with the camera taking pictures of everything?"

Harry said, "Or Ron, Ginny says he snores."

Erin asked hopefully, "Can I scratch your ears?"

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Because they look soft and fluffy and you're cute."

"Deal, as long as you remain our roommate." Jack walked over next to Erin.

Erin giggled as she reached up and carefully brushed one of Jack's ears with her fingers. "Awesome." She looked at Harry. "I don't suppose you turn into anything fluffy and cute?"

Harry said, "That's a secret."

"Is that a yes?"

"That's a yes," Harry replied with amusement.

"I can keep a secret, promise."

Harry shrugged out of his robe and tossed it on his bed. "Dog or cat?"

Erin blinked. "You can pick?"

"Sure." Harry grinned as he used his shapeshifting to turn into a baby grizzly bear which took up most of the floor.

Jack snorted. "That's not a dog or a cat man."

Neville said, "That was brilliant!"

Harry changed into a cute baby white tiger and walked over to Erin and looked up at her with a pout that said pet me.

Erin carefully reached down and patted Harry's head. "That's soft."

Harry grinned as he changed back to normal. "Thanks."

Erin asked, "How did you do that?"

"Magic." Harry replied with amusement.

Neville shook his head. "That's impossible, animagi aren't supposed to have multiple forms."

Harry laughed. "Not to toot my own horn but I'm Harry Fucking Potter."

Neville snorted. "Right, and the actual answer?"

"Shape changing magic, it's flat out better than the animagus transformation."

"Innate or learned?" Erin asked curiously. "Sorry, don't answer if that's prying."

"It's learned. I'd rather not spread that around though."

"I can keep secrets." Erin smiled as she looked at Jack. "How long can you stay like that?"

"As long as I want if I wanted to, why?"

Erin blushed faintly as she said, "Because I like your ears."

Neville asked, "Can you teach us at some point?"

"I don't see why not as long as you don't spread the skill around." Harry turned back toward the door. "We should probably ward the door unless we want some idiot walking in here to check things out."

Jack yawned. "You're right, I'd rather keep the number of boys that know about my ability to a minimum. Having guys ask you to change to check you out is just creepy."

Erin frowned. "Sorry."

Jack laughed as 'he' picked up his underwear and tossed them in the clothes hamper. "You're a girl, that doesn't count."

"Good, in that case, let's get some sleep." Erin pulled her robe off revealing a t-shirt and a pair of boxers with little pink hearts on them. She put her robe on the hook by her bed and crawled into her bed. "See you in the morning."

"Does anyone have an objection to me warding the place so that people other than us and McGonagall can't open the door?"

Jack said, "None, I have a couple of friends in the older years but a couple of them are pranksters so I've got no objection to keeping them out of my stuff when I'm not here."

Erin said, "If I'm going to keep my secret then it's certainly required."

Neville said, "I don't mind."

"If you see my nymph, she's friendly so don't worry about her." Harry pulled out his wand and got to work making sure that only McGonagall, Hermione, Sarah, Jack, Erin, Neville and himself could open the door from the outside. Erin seemed nice enough and Jack was from the other world which mean that he wasn't going to be waking up with a knife in his chest or his throat cut. It wasn't as likely in Gryffindor as it would have been in Slytherin but a couple of them seemed shifty.

Erin asked, "If she's your familiar, why isn't she here?"

"She's making sure the girls don't have any problems or flirting with the new girls, I'm never quite sure with her."

Neville yawned. "Let's get some sleep."


Harry wasn't sure what to make of the first day of classes, he wasn't worried about advanced computers with the teacher his mother had helped Dumbledore recruit or potions as his mother had flat out refused to teach a dangerous subject with a mix of Gryffindors and Slytherins, thus they had potions with the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins had the class with Ravenclaws.

Transfiguration was a breeze or at least it would have been if McGonagall had let him and Hermione use their wands rather than telling him that he should use a fake wand and work on wandless transfiguration. Still, it was a fun class and proved that McGonagall was exceptional at both teaching and transfiguration.

After that was history with a nice Irish historian that had went to university in America. History or at least the history of the wizarding world was merely an elective in the Wheel of Time world as most people didn't care if you learned much of anything about the wizarding world other than how not to be an idiot. That meant that he wasn't all that much ahead of everyone else in terms of knowledge about the wizarding world's history.

Defense class was painful enough that he decided that he wasn't going to suffer through another lesson with the stuttering moron of a defense teacher. Harry grumbled as he sat down in the library with Hermione, "The man is a spineless coward or at least pretending to be one."

Hermione said, "I wasn't particularly happy with the stutter but we can't shoot someone just because they have a stutter."

Sarah asked, "We can't?"

Hermione looked at Harry's shoulder where Sarah was resting. "Not for something out of his control."

Harry sighed. "Considering what we're paying for a 'quality' education I'm not sure why not."

"We're paying for a chance at the Hogwarts' library and to meet new people."

Sarah said, "Don't forget the cute girls."

Harry muttered, "Fine, I guess we'll just shoot him because he has Voldemort in his turban."

"That's acceptable," Hermione replied a touch too enthusiastically.

The librarian shouted, "Quiet!"

Hermione sighed and dropped her voice back down to a soft whisper. "We've got five minutes before Professor Quirrell should be in his office for office hours."

Harry whispered, "In that case, see if you can cover for me for ten or fifteen minutes. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two to deal with him."

"Try not to be seen."

Sarah laughed as she turned completely invisible. "Who do you think you're talking about here?"

Hermione said, "A couple of trouble magnets."

Sarah pouted, "She called us trouble magnets."

"Life would be boring without a bit of trouble." Harry glanced around then activated his ring and vanished when he didn't see anyone. He quietly headed out of the library then toward the defense professor's office. With any luck Quirrell would be alone during his office hours. He pulled his Star Trek phaser out of his bag as he flew toward the ceiling to make sure that he didn't hit any of the other students on his way toward the professor's office.

Three minutes later and a couple of detection spells revealed that the professor had placed a couple of tracking wards on his door frame so that he'd know if anyone snuck into his office and who was at the door. Harry solved that particular issue by pulling a few rocks out of his pocket and tossing one at the door rather hard. He smiled as he heard the professor ask, "W-who i-is th-ere?" Harry tossed another rock at the glass part of the door hard enough to crack the window.

"Now see here!" Professor Quirrell declared as he stalked toward the door and yanked it open.

Harry brought his phaser up and shot the professor as the man stepped past the door frame to look for whoever had cracked the window. Harry smiled as he reached out with his magic and repaired the window then used levitation to drag the unconscious professor around the corner. He pulled out a manga about an old man sent to a cursed alien world without any other humans on it or much of anything other than five multicolored sugar happy immortal aliens then pulled the professor into the book. He took a moment to glance around the alien landscape then jumped back out of the book when he saw the creepy cheerful rainbow colored aliens gleefully running at them to say hello. He floated back up to the ceiling then flew toward the seventh floor where he knew the last fragment of Voldemort's soul was.


Albus raised his eyebrows. "So you're telling me that my Defense Teacher was possessed by Riddle and that you trapped him in an alternate dimension where he can't die?"

Harry nodded. "Yep, the aliens or the world will just keep bringing him back until he's completely insane and begs for death. The main character in the book makes some rather impressive attempts at killing himself and none of them work. I can't see Voldemort lasting longer than a couple of weeks before the sheer happiness on that world drives him completely insane."

Lily asked, "Did you cleanse the other soul anchor?"

Harry pulled the Diadem of Ravenclaw out of his backpack and set it on the headmaster's table. "All taken care of."

"Is that what I think it is?" Albus asked with surprise.

"It looks like a diadem to me. It was in the school, I figured you wanted it."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Yes, it's the Diadem of Ravenclaw. You should probably hand over Hufflepuff's Cup as well."

Harry pouted, "But that one is actually useful, it duplicates hot chocolate perfectly."

"There are spells for that."

"None of them get the taste exactly right…" Harry sighed as he pulled the cleansed Hufflepuff cup out of his backpack. "Fine."

The Sorting Hat called out, "What did you do with Slytherin's locket?"

Harry mock glared at the hat as he pulled Slytherin's cleansed necklace out of his backpack and set it on the headmaster's table. "Traitor"

Albus smiled slightly. "Now that you have defeated Voldemort, what are you planning?"

Harry briefly considered mentioning his plan to seduce most of the female Gryffindors and play pranks that a first year couldn't possibly pull then he decided to go with a version of his plans that wouldn't get him kicked out or in too much trouble, "Mostly I just want the chance to meet new people and have some fun with my friends. Beyond that, I don't have any plans, at least not in this world."

Albus asked, "So you're going back to the other world?"

"Now and then, I'll probably jump to a couple of worlds over the next couple of years so I can expand my network of worlds but for now, I'm just going to concentrate on getting good grades and having fun."

Lily looked at Albus. "Don't worry, I'll talk to a couple of people, you'll have a new defense teacher by the morning."

"Such a shame about him retiring because of nerves," Albus replied.

"I'll escort you back to your dorm as I'd hate to give Filch a reason to give you detention." Lily held out her hand to her son. Mostly she just didn't want Harry to have a legitimate excuse to vanish more of the staff.

Harry made a mental note to ask his mother about replacing Filch and his cat as they made their way out of the Headmaster's office. He was looking forward to having a nice quiet year or at least a quiet Hogwarts experience as he could get his excitement out of books thank you very much.


The end.