Episode 1: Celestial Advice

Inside her bedroom, Twilight was putting some photos on two rectangle mirrors. She sighed proudly and calmly as she had put some finishing touches on her project. She moved back away from it. She smiled and looked proudly at it.

Her bedroom's door opened as Shadow Dragon and Spike entered her room. They approached Twilight.

"Hey, Twi. Heard you called us in," Shadow Dragon said calmly.

Spike nodded, "Yeah. I heard that you've got something special for Starlight and Sunset."

"Sure am," Twilight said happily. She pointed her boyfriend and adopted son at her project. She smiled, "So do you think they'll like it? I want this present to say, 'I'm so proud of you both as a mentor and a friend. Equestria is safer thanks to you two'."

Shadow Dragon whistled, "Nice work, Twi." He approached and gave a passionate kiss on her lips. She giggled a bit. He smiled, "You always have a way to make something special for any of us."

Twilight shrugged while smiled proudly, "What can I say? I liked making best surprises for my friends, family and loved one."

"I wonder why didn't you bring Lance and Nyx here?" Spike asked curiously, "I'm pretty sure they want to see it too."

Twilight smiled, "I'm sure they do. But they'll spoil the surprise to my students. You know how excited they can get especially Nyx."

"Make sense..." Spike nodded in understanding before giving some second thoughts, "You know... You should get them a card 'cause I don't think the mirrors will say all that. But I think she'll like it."

"It's just what her room needs." Twilight said confidently as she looked at the mirror, "The first thing they'll see when they wake up is themselves surrounded by all their friends. I plan on giving the gift to them after the ceremony."

"I see..." Shadow Dragon nodded, "Memories... Anyway, shouldn't we get the castle ready for the celebration? It has been two months since the Changelings reformed."

Twilight giggled, "Don't worry, Dragon Boy. Pinkie Pie's got that covered."

"Seriously?" Shadow Dragon asked in surprise.

Spike smiled and nodded in agreement, "She's right. Pinkie always get the job done before you know it."

On the next day...

The dinning hall was decorated and filled with cleaned and formal-type table sets, streamers, balloons and flowers. Everyone including Mystic Ponies, the newly reformed Changelings and even some Dragons were gathered at Castle of Friendship's Dinning Hall, where the victory celebration was held.

On the stage, Twilight was facing at Starlight's Team - consisting of Starlight, Sunset, Sunburst, Flash, Black Alpha, Lance, Nyx, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Ember, Thorax, Trixie and Discord. Joining her is Mystic Councilponies and Royal Sisters. Mane Five, Dragon Strike Force, Crystal Empire Royal Family, Team Fighters (including fully repaired Metalgear and his Metal Ponies), Shadow Six, Starlight's old friends from village, Kevin and Luther, and Mane Six's families were among the crowd.

Applejack, Rarity and even Rainbow Dash tearfully cried in both pride and joy. The older sisters were hugged by their family. All of them were proud and happy for Cutie Mark Crusaders' success and becoming the heroes.

Twilight faced to the crowd as she took a deep breath and spoke her speech:

"Starlight, Sunset, Sunburst, Flash, Black Alpha, my adopted children - Lance and Nyx, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Dragon Lord Ember, Thorax, Trixie and Discord were brave in the face of danger, resourceful when things got challenging, and proved that the bonds of friendship, no matter how unlikely, are stronger than any adversity. By stopping Queen Chrysalis and Maul, not only did they save Equestria and Mystic Realm; they set the changelings free from her reign or even nearly converted into Demon Changelings."

Discord's Clone appeared and worn the jersey shirt and wig, and even holding Number #1 glove and a flag. He cheered wildly and happily, "Go, Discord! Yahoo!"

Starlight giggled amusingly while the rest of her friends and team was annoyed and irritated by Discord's usual annoying jokes.

Ember groaned, "Remind me why is he part of the team again?"

"He distracted the Changelings to let us get in and rescue our friends," Trixie said dryly, "And truthfully, he wasn't really heroic at all, unlike you."

"Agreed." Ember nodded in agreement.

"Princess Twilight," Black Alpha spoke firmly while looking at Starlight's Team, "This victory does not go to me, but to them. I was there to assist them by distracting and halting the enemies' advance. Nothing more. Nothing less."

"Are you kidding?!" Apple Bloom asked happily, "You went and charge ahead at those Dark Mystic Monsters! And you beat them! All by yourself!"

"Yeah! You should be awarded with medal too, Mr. Black Alpha!" Sweetie Belle added happily.

Scootaloo nodded, "Totally. And you are awesome! No denying!"

"They're right, you know, Black Alpha," Lance supported with a smile, "That's heroic and awesome."

Nyx nodded in agreement, "Yeah. And plus, you're part of our team too." She turned and looked at Kevin and Luther, "In fact, Kevin and Luther should be rewarded."

Thorax smiled and nodded, "I second it."

"Me too," Flash supported it.

Sunburst chuckled a bit, "In fact, all of us have a role to play for saving the Equestria and Mystic Realm, and even reforming Changelings, even Discord have small one to do."

Discord groaned, "Hey!"

Kevin and Luther blushed in embarrassment while Black Alpha remained calm and silent.

"I agreed," Princess Celestia said firmly and proudly. Black Alpha turned and looked at her. Princess Luna marched in while levitated the pillow of several Equestrian Medals. She continued, "And that's why we're proud and honored to give them the Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage!"

As the crowd went wild and gave the applause, Starlight's Team bowed and lowered their heads humbly before three princesses. Princess Luna approached and hung all Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage medals around their necks, and even Black Alpha, Kevin and Luther.

Kevin whistled, "Awesome! We get the medals!"

Luther scoffed, "Agreeable, General Kevin. I have a hard time to believe that I was made Lieutenant and personal bodyguard to Lord Thorax while I became your Second-in-Command, even though we play small roles in mission."

"You deserve it. You two helped me free our kind," Thorax said happily, "After all, you two became my first Changeling Friends and also support me to be leader too."

Luther and Kevin were touched by Thorax's comments. They all smiled and bowed humbly, "We're honored, Lord Thorax."

"Small roles make the difference," Black Alpha said humbly and calmly.

Twilight smiled, "We are so proud of you all!"

The ponies and creatures gave another round of cheers and applause to Starlight's Team. The team turned and faced to the crowd, with their proud and humble. They even smiled at each other as they were happy and glad that they're a team. Twilight also smiled proudly at the scene.

Unknown to them, Amon was among the crowd. He has his red eyes narrowed and glowed darkly while glaring at Starlight. He moved slowly backwards, hiding and blending among the crowd, waiting to make his move...

As DJ Pon-3 placed her black disc on her DJ Jockey, the music began playing out loud and wildly. Ponies were having fun and enjoying the party. Some were dancing wildly and happily. A few were chatting with each other. Others were eating and drinking their party food. Starlight and her team were chatting with their friends and family.

"Oh, Sweetie Belle, we are so proud of you!" Rarity said happily while sobbing tearfully in joy. She then hugged Sweetie Belle tightly, "Though worried and panicking frantically for Celestia's Sake, proud of you still!"

Rainbow nodded as she gave Scootaloo a noogie, "Yeah! What you all did at Changeling Hive! That was awesome!"

"It was, Dash," Applejack said in relief before giving firm glare at Apple Bloom, "Though you all could have stay behind than getting yourself killed." Apple Bloom was annoyed and upset as she looked down. The older sister sighed before putting her favorite hat on the little one's head. She smiled, "But I would do the same to save my family, wouldn't you agree, Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom smiled, "You said it, AJ."

"I can't believe that we saved you guys," Sweetie Belle said happily, "Twice."

Scootaloo nodded happily, "Yeah. Think we can do it again?"

"Absolutely not!" Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash shouted in disagreement.

Cutie Mark Crusaders were disappointed and annoyed, though they and their older sisters laughed out loud about the joke they have.

Ponies brought couple of Apple Cider drinks for both Ember and Flash as they both were challenging with each other. The Dragons, Spike and Drake Trio were cheering wildly for their Dragon Lord while ponies and even Team Fighters cheered for the Lieutenant of Royal Guards to win.

"Apple cider?" Ember asked curiously, "Is it good?"

"Good?" Flash asked in annoyance before scoffed, "The best! And trust me, there is no way you can beat me because you'd never try to drink it before!"

Ember snorted with her nostril blew smokes out, "Oh yeah? Bring it on, pony!"

"Oh yeah..." Flash snickered a bit as he held his mug up, "The first pony standing and drinking many apple ciders wins!"

Ember chuckled, "Oh. You're on, pony!"

Flash and Ember began taking one-by-one apple cider drinks while their own kind cheering wildly and happily for them. Who will win?!

Trixie was talking to Starlight's old friends as her usual boasting her ego. Discord playfully using his fingers in talking style. Starlight giggled amusingly of seeing it.

"It was the Great and Powerful Trrrrixie's pleasure to save you from your imminent doom." Trixie arrogantly declared.

Discord scoffed, "Yes, because you did it all by yourself."

"Who asked you?!" Trixie asked in annoyance.

"I still can't believe we all managed to do it without magic." Sunburst remarked in amazement, "And not to mention, you actually stood up to Chrysalis!"

Sunset smiled, "And you know what they say? Stand up for your rights and freedom."

Starlight smiled, "Oh, I just did what anypony would have done."

"But you did was awesome and unforgettable moments," Thorax said happily, "You've saved my kind from being turned into monsters and stopped us from going hungry again."

Starlight sighed, "Okay. I'll take that credit because you say nice things about me."

Twilight smiled as she was watching Starlight talking and chatting with her friends about the adventure they have been through. Shadow Dragon smirked as he gave her nudge by shoulder, making her smirked slyly to punch back on his shoulder. Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix approached to them both.

"It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?" Princess Celestia asked, "Watching your students shine the way you always knew they could."

Twilight laughed as she rubbed her cheek gently, "My cheeks are sore! I don't think I've ever smiled this much in my life!"

Shadow Dragon scoffed as he gave a kiss on her cheek, "I can fix that."

Twilight giggled before nuzzled her boyfriend's cheek, "Oh you. You really love to do that, don't you, Shadow?"

Shadow Dragon shrugged, "What can I say? I'm charmed."

Princess Celestia giggled a bit before smiled, "I can only imagine what that feels like."

Azure Phoenix nodded, "Either way, you must continue your duty as their mentor. And remember, the lessons never end till you decide it ends..."

As Azure Phoenix and Princess Celestia left and headed off, Twilight was surprised by the Northern Ma Emperor's statement. Shadow Dragon approached and gave her a comfort pat, making her smile at him. They both nuzzled at each other's cheeks gently. Discord appeared in-between the couples, interrupting their special moments. It irritated and annoyed them.

"Yes, Starlight and Sunset are students of the year, aren't they?" Discord asked amusingly, "They have so much potential. So, what are we going to do with them? And by 'we', I definitely mean 'you'. Being their mentor and all that, their destiny falls squarely on your haunches."

Twilight smiled proudly, "Oh, don't you worry. I've planned enough friendship lessons to cover the next three years."

Discord laughed amusingly and wildly. This annoyed Twilight and Shadow Dragon. He asked, "What's so funny?"

"You don't get it?" Discord asked amusingly. Twilight and Shadow Dragon were confused. He cleared his throat, "Clearly, Starlight is beyond basic friendship lessons. She just won a medal, for Equestria's sake. I thought you were joking. You are joking, right?"

Hearing what Discord has said, Twilight laughed nervously, "Of course I was."

"Obviously, you should have a grand master plan for her," Discord said amusingly, "the same way Celestia set you on the path that eventually made you a princess."

Twilight was sweating and nervously answered, "Yep..."

Discord smiled amusingly, "Oh, good. I'm sure she can't wait to hear all about it."

And just before the couple could stop him, Discord teleported at once. Twilight looked nervous and worried as she looked down and gave some thoughts.

"You've got nothing, right?" Shadow Dragon asked suspiciously.

"Yes. I mean No!" Twilight said in concern before sighed, "Actually I have the friendship lessons for them to learn but now..."

Shadow Dragon patted Twilight's back, "Twilight, don't let that idiot get to you. You're Starlight's teacher. You decide, not him. And besides, he doesn't care for anyone else and even now."

"I heard that!" Discord's voice shouted in anger.

Twilight hummed in concern, "Still... What if he's right?"

"Twilight..." Shadow Dragon said in concern.

Starlight, Sunset, Lance and Nyx were talking to Thorax about his new role as the leader of the Changeling Hive after they have defeated and overthrown Queen Chrysalis.

"So how's the whole ruling-a-kingdom thing going?" Starlight asked.

"It's a bit overwhelming. But we're adjusting." Thorax answered calmly yet nervously, "It's... It's not easy as I thought."

"I'm pretty sure you can handle it," Lance said proudly before patted on Thorax's back, "I know because I've been there before, so did my dad and Twilight."

Nyx nodded as she looked at some Changelings and Ponies talking to each other, "In fact, everyone's socializing and getting along."

Thorax smiled and blushed in red, "Hmm... I guess so... Because I learned from the best."

Sunset smiled, "You'll be fine."

"Oh, Starlight and Sunset. There you are!" Discord exclaimed as he appeared before Starlight and her team. He grabbed and held her and two children, "Princess Twilight has something very important to tell us. Well, just you, really, but I'm nosy and I want to hear."

And just before three ponies could ask, Discord teleported and led them before Twilight and Shadow Dragon at the stage.

"Hey, mummy. What's up?" Nyx asked.

Lance nodded, "Yeah. Discord said that you wanna talk something about important."

Discord smirked while looking at Starlight and Sunset, "Well, Twilight was just about to reveal her grand master plan for you two."

Shadow Dragon groaned, "Damn you, Discord..."

"Really? I was kind of wondering what we were gonna do next." Starlight said happily.

Sunset nodded, "Yeah. I can't wait to hear about this."

Discord nodded, "Yes. I'd say we were all fairly interes-" He yelped in pain, upon feeling his tail got squashed by Shadow Dragon. He groaned in pain, "TED!"

Twilight gulped as she was about to say. Shadow Dragon quickly said, "Don't listen to what Discord said. There's a reason why we call it 'surprise'. You all have to wait until the end of our party. And trust me, it'll be the blast."

Twilight gulped, "It sure is."

Lance and Nyx groaned in disappointment, "Aw, come on. We want to know."

"Kids..." Shadow Dragon snarled a bit.

"Sorry..." Lance and Nyx apologized in concern.

"Whatever it is, we'll be ready for it," Starlight said proudly.

Sunset nodded, "Yeah. We can handle it. We always do. We'll make you proud."

"I'm sure you all did," Shadow Dragon said calmly, "After all, Twilight is your mentor. So, go and knock yourself out."

Starlight's team nodded happily before headed off at once. Twilight and Shadow Dragon sighed in relief that their secrets is safe. Discord came in-between the couple. And just before he could say anything, Shadow Dragon grabbed and pulled down his goatee beard while giving Discord a death glare.

"If you tell anyone about our 'surprise', you'd better hope that I don't hunt and feed you to Dragoking. Coz his next dish is you," Shadow Dragon asked darkly, making Discord nervous and worried. He asked, "Do you get me?!"

Discord gulped, "I get you."

"Now beat it!" Shadow Dragon snarled darkly.

Shadow Dragon let go of goatee beard before kicked Discord off. The draconequus muttered in anger and annoying as he teleported out at once.

Twilight sighed, "Thanks, Shadow Dragon."

Shadow Dragon smiled, "No worries. I'd say that I'll help you out. Now about your 'surprise' for Starlight and Sunset."

Twilight sighed, "What am I gonna do, Shadow? I'm a terrible mentor!"

"No, you're not. You just thought that you wanna teach them more about what you have learnt and experienced about friendship. Plus, you have the right not to give them graduation. It's too early for them."

"But I can't hold them back anymore. Like Discord said, they're way beyond friendship lessons. Why didn't I come up with a path for Starlight and Sunset? Princess Celestia had it all figured out for me!" She turned and shook Shadow Dragon wildly and crazily, "What am I gonna do?!"

Shadow Dragon groaned in dizziness before shook his head, "Don't you think you're overreacting again, Twilight?"

Twilight shouted, "Shadow Dragon!"

Shadow Dragon sighed, "Okay! Okay! Fine. Here's my advice. Try ask your teachers."

"Teachers?" Twilight asked in surprise before gasped, "Shadow, you're genius!" She gave him a deep passionate kiss by lips. She smiled, "I love you!"

Shadow Dragon smirked, "I know."

Twilight asked Spike to find and summon Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix to the Council Chamber for discussion about Starlight and Sunset's future. As they arrived, they took their seats on council chairs. Spike was sitting his. Shadow Dragon was standing besides Twilight, who was looking through some of her Friendship Lessons scrolls.

"I had years worth of friendship lessons ready to go, but when we were captured by Chrysalis," Twilight said calmly yet worried, "Starlight and Sunset took charge and really stepped up. I don't think friendship lessons are enough for them anymore."

Princess Celestia smiled, "So you have two overachieving students. Sounds familiar."

Spike laughed amusingly. Azure Phoenix hummed thoughtfully, "Perhaps, Celestia. But I believe there's room for improvement..."

"Well, it's not our decision to make for Starlight's and Sunset's future. Twilight decides."

Twilight sighed, "That's why I had to talk to you two. You, of all ponies, would know what to do."

"Twilight..." Shadow Dragon said in concern.

Twilight sighed as she looked at her mentors, "When I was your student, and you were in this place, you—" She stopped in realization. She looked at Princess Celestia's sad looks and nod. She gasped, "Oh, no! You sent me to Ponyville! Which means it's time for me to send Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer away!"

"Wait! What?!" Shadow Dragon asked in confusion.

Azure Phoenix sighed and nodded, "It is true. When Celestia send her to Ponyville, it symbolized that her time to leave and begin the journey - making discovery of 'friendship', rise above ponies, earn 'Princess' title and both Element of Light and Magic."

"So, you both and Mystic Council plan this, didn't you?" Shadow Dragon asked in shock, which he received both ponies' nodding. He hummed, "Guess this is fate."

Twilight looked shock and concern, "I can't believe it! It's really time for Starlight and Sunset to go, isn't it?"

"Only you can make that decision." Princess Celestia said calmly as she approached and gave Twilight a comfort pat, "It's a difficult one, but your heart knows what's right, even as it hurts."

"But the real question is are you certain they're ready for their journey?" Azure Phoenix asked firmly.

Twilight hummed in concern, "To be honest... I don't know... I really don't know..."

While Twilight were discussing with her mentors about her students' fate, Discord had unfortunately informed slyly to Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force. They're all surprise and amazed about Twilight's surprise for her two students.

"Whatever Twilight's planning for Starlight and Sunset is going to be so exciting!" Discord said amusingly.

Applejack hummed in concern, "Hmm. Wonder why she didn't tell any of us about it."

"Probably because you're not as close as you think you are." Discord remarked, making Mane Five worried. He then laughed, "Just kidding. She wanted it to be a big surprise. Just between us, she's getting ready to make a big announcement!"

Applejack hummed thoughtfully, "I wonder what surprise she has for Starlight and Sunset." Everyone looked at her. She spoke, "Well, I guess we could wait and find out soon."

Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force chatted. Discord smirked proudly, "I'm pretty sure that we'd be surprise."

"Yes... A surprise that Starlight won't be here for now." Amon's voice said darkly, which scared Discord a bit. He was behind the pillar. He spoke, "Thank you, Discord. For telling me that Starlight won't be here longer. Because I'm taking her home."

Discord yelped as he turned to the pillar, where Amon was hiding, but found no one here. This made him nervous and worried as he realized that he's in big trouble.


Twilight muttered in concern while looking at the Cutie Map as she was still thinking and planning about where to sent both Sunset and Starlight to. Azure Phoenix and Princess Celestia remained calm and steady. Shadow Dragon stayed close to Twilight, ready to help and make comfort on her. Spike brought tea and cookies for his friends.

Upon looking at Changeling Hive, Twilight gasped, "I got it!" She turned to her friends, "Since defeating Chrysalis, Starlight and Sunset have given the changelings an opportunity to revolutionize their society. Maybe I can send them there."

"Interesting..." Azure Phoenix asked amusingly.

Twilight Sparkle nodded, "If Starlight and Sunset go to the changeling hive, she can help them adjust to their new way of life."

Princess Celestia hummed thoughtfully, "This seems like a lovely path for Starlight and Sunset. The changelings have so much to learn about how to enjoy love through friendships. Both would be busy for a very long time, but their work there would be very rewarding."

"Well, I don't think so," Shadow Dragon said in disagreement. Everyone turned and looked at him. He explained, "How can we be certain that one or two Changeling are actually reformed, and not one of Maul's spies? They're more intelligent, crafty and manipulative than the regulars."

Twilight yelped in concern, "You're right, Shadow! If Maul's spy is still among Thorax's pack, he could easily tricked and manipulated some Changelings to turn and attack Starlight and Sunset! They could get killed or kidnapped by the spy for interrogation or experimentation!" She frantically panicked and screamed, "Bad idea! Bad idea! Bad idea!"

Spike sighed in annoyance, "Uh, that probably won't happen."

Twilight hissed, "But it could! I can't just send her off to Celestia-knows-where without thinking it through!"

Princess Celestia hummed thoughtfully, "I was not aware that I was an expression. An appropriate one, of course, for even I don't know the answer."

Azure Phoenix nodded in agreement, "This is a momentous decision. You must consider all the possibilities. If not for Changelings, where would you sent them to?"

"Rethink, rethink, rethink!" Twilight said frantically as she turned and looked at the Cutie Map. She turned and found a familiar large barren wasteland-like with rocks, "What about the dragons? I can send Starlight and Sunset to the Dragon Lands! They and Ember already BFFs!"

"Awesome! They could ask her more of what she wants and like, so I can make the best present for her. She'll love it!" Spike exclaimed happily. Everyone looked and gave amusingly looks at him. He yelped before cleared his throat, "As friends! Not lovers! Okay?!"

"Hmm... Sending them there would make the alliance between ponies and dragons..." Azure Phoenix said amusingly yet thoughtfully, "...more smoothly and close as the Three Kingdoms of Ma have. That could work."

"Exactly, Lord Azure!" Twilight exclaimed happily, "Sunset and Starlight will love it in the Dragon Lands. In her letters, Ember said dragons do a lot of fun things. The Feast of Fire, the Dragon Bowl, Claw-chella."

"Aren't we forgetting something again?" Shadow Dragon asked in concern, "Garble and his gang."

Twilight gasped, "Oh no! I forgot about that! Not all dragons like ponies as much as Ember does. And not to mention, Garble could still be align with Drago and his relatives!" She panicked frantically, "Bad idea! Bad idea! Bad idea!"

Spike gave a facepalm, "Twilight, this is crazy! Starlight and Sunset got magic and martial arts. They can handle it. They've faced the Changeling Hive especially Maul and his Demon Changelings. It'll be fine."

"Spike, Demon Successors are dangerous and deadlier as their parents," Shadow Dragon explained, "It's best not to take that chance."

Twilight nodded in agreement as she looked at the Cutie Map, "Agreed. Let's rethink again..." She then spotted the Mystic Realm above Equestria Realm. She gasped, "Well duh! Why didn't I think about it?!"

"What?!" Shadow Dragon asked in surprise. Twilight then pointed her hoof at Mystic Realm. He looked shock and surprise, "Okay... Not a bad idea."

"I know!" Twilight exclaimed happily, "I mean! Mystic Realm is the perfect place for Starlight and Sunset to begin with. Most of Mystic Ponies are wise, strong, kindhearted and loyal ponies, as well as friendly and funny too like Master Lightningblade, Master Burnblast, Wild Maniac, Azure Phoenix, Virtue Dragon, Courage Tiger, Yuko and a few more. They could learn more magical and fighting lessons from them, and also they can explore to new places and have fun and adventure. It's perfect and brilliant! Definitely the best!"

"That is quite true and interesting idea, Twilight," Princess Celestia said in agreement, "Mystic Ponies are indeed allies and friends to us." She sighed in concern, "But some aren't."

Twilight looked surprise and worried. Azure Phoenix nodded, "Yes, she is right. Some maybe good to Equestria, but there are others harbored egotistical, arrogance, selfishness, hatred, anger and ill-intention towards them. And you know who I'm talking about, Twilight."

"Oh no... You're right..." Twilight said in concern and fearfully, "Nezha... Death Tactic... Their Ultimate Warriors... Waller... Tarkin... There's no telling what these ponies will do to Sunset and Starlight. And there is no way they can beat or even escaped these Mystic Ponies. It's too dangerous. Bad idea! Bad idea! Bad idea!"

"Okay. Not one of my good ideas," Shadow Dragon sighed and shrugged in concern, "But still, these Mystic Ponies can't do anything to Starlight and Sunset, as long as the Mystic Council stands."

"Even so. I can't take the risk," Twilight shook her head in concern. She continued, "I just need to think of someplace safe to send them! Someplace safe, someplace safe, someplace safe..." She then came across to Crystal Empire's location. She gasped, "I could send them to the Crystal Empire to continue their magical studies with Sunburst and military training with Flash!"

"Oh! I see. You're sending them to their boyfriends," Spike asked amusingly, making Twilight blushed in red and others laughed at his joke. He chuckled a bit, "Nice move, Sparkle."

"Okay. That maybe true," Twilight cleared her throat, "But my point is that it'll be perfect! Sunburst's knowledge of magic is only matched by Starlight's abilities. Flash's military training is good for Sunset since they're both fighters and agents."

Shadow Dragon nodded in agreement, "And not to mention, they could challenge each other into becoming the most talented ponies Equestria's ever seen!"

"Of course, the study of magic is a lifelong pursuit, and Starlight could be there for a while, especially once they start attempting the really complicated stuff!" Twilight said out loud happily before showing concern and feared looks. Spike, using his claw, counting down from three to one. She gulped, "What if they become too ambitious?! If they do..."

Everyone put and held their hooves on their ears from hearing a loud noise and scream. Twilight screamed in fear and worried.

"Four of them could get themselves killed from who knows what the hell were they thinking?! Bad idea! Bad idea! BAD IDEA!" Twilight shouted fearfully and frantically before sobbed tearfully and fearfully, "Oh! What was I thinking?!"

Spike removed his claws as he approached and patted Twilight in comfort, "Easy, Twilight. It won't happen."

Shadow Dragon approached and gave Twilight a hug, "Calm down, Twilight. Everything will be fine."

"No, it won't!" Twilight exclaimed in fear and worried at both Spike and Shadow Dragon. She wiped her tears off. She continued, "I just don't think I can send her anywhere. What am I gonna do?"

"Twilight..." Shadow Dragon said in concern before sighed, "I don't know. I really don't know..."

LAUGHED! Everyone sans Azure Phoenix yelped in surprise as they turned and looked at Princess Celestia, who is laughing amusingly and heartily. The Northern Emperor remained quiet yet annoyed by his former wife's laughter.

"Are you laughing at me?" Twilight asked in shock and confusion. Princess Celestia continued laughing. She looked down in shame and embarrassment, "I can't believe you're laughing at me."

As the laughter died down, Princess Celestia calmed down and spoke, "Oh, Twilight, I'm not. I'm laughing because I had the exact same fears you're having."

"What/Seriously?!" Twilight and Shadow Dragon asked in shock and surprise.

Azure Phoenix sighed while shaking his head in embarrassment, "You have no idea..."

"Let me tell you a story." Princess Celestia said calmly. Twilight, Shadow Dragon and Spike sat down while Azure Phoenix leaned against the crystallized pillar. She continued, "Once upon a time, there was a very bright young filly."


14 Years Ago...

Inside 'Princess Celestia's Gifted School for Unicorns', Princess Celestia was overseeing and teaching her students about science and magic. She was writing down the formula on the chalkboard before turned and looked at them. She found some ponies partnering and teaming up for working on their experiment while Twilight worked on hers by herself.

"She was truly one of my best students." Princess Celestia's voice narrated calmly.

"Twilight..." Shadow Dragon's voice asked.

Spike's voice hummed thoughtfully in narration, "It has to be. It can't be Sunset Shimmer - pony one - since she has left you because of her 'issues'."

Princess Celestia's voice sighed, "Yes, Shadow and Spike."

After watching ponies succeeding making their flower grow from the pot, Princess Celestia turned and found Twilight made hers grow better and beautiful giant blue flower-like. The princess smiled in approval and amazement.

And at the same time, Princess Celestia gave some thoughts about what to do with her prized pupil after performing so many achievements from projects and studies. She is also having her concerns and doubts about Mystic Ponies' plans, which involving her.

"I was constantly surprised and impressed with her discoveries." Princess Celestia's voice narrated, "But I noticed that her pursuit of academia was preventing her from reaching her full potential."

"You mean it was keeping her isolated and alone?"

Spike's voice asked.

Twilight's voice sighed in annoyance, "Spike, don't be rude."

"It's okay, Twilight. And yes, it is, Spike,"

Princess Celestia's voice narrated, "I had a decision to make because of the plans Mystic Council had made since the day I've found you. Oh, but it wasn't easy."

After magically lowering down the sun and raising the moon, Princess Celestia gave in some thoughts about what to do with Twilight, from the hill. She has shown concerns about what she can do for her prized student.

"Maybe I could close the library or throw a party in the castle. Oh, she'd have to talk to the other fillies then!" Princess Celestia said happily. However, she looked at the moon as she shown her concerns look. She sighed as she has some tears pouring down on cheeks, "Oh. I must send her away if our plans is to work..."

Princess Celestia has scoured across the Equestria as she was searching and looking for a place for Twilight to begin her journey. She then came across Ponyville. As she was talking with Mayor Mare, she found Mane Five were hanging out for fun and chatting with each other. The princess was surprised and amazed as she could feel something special on them.

"I knew there was a special group of fillies in Ponyville. And those five were also part of Mystic Council's plans as well because you and your friends shared connection since the day Sonic Rainboom was created. Mystic Council also believed they were the ones to be chosen by Elements of Harmony. But I kept inventing all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't send you."

Inside her throne chamber, Princess Celestia was walking around as she frantically shouting and panicking fearfully about sending Twilight to Ponyville to begin her journey and fulfilling Mystic Council's plan.

"What if she runs into a manticore? Or what if she gets pulled into Tartarus?" Princess Celestia exclaimed and panicked fearfully and frantically, "Or, worst of all, what if she doesn't get along with anypony?!"

"Are we supposed to say something?" Royal Guard #1 asked in concern.

Royal Guard #2 shrugged, "I don't think so."

Week later before Nightmare Moon's Return...

Azure Phoenix and his Imperial Elite Guards arrived at Canterlot's Throne Room. They all bowed before Princess Celestia. The Northern Ma Emperor gave Jade Emperor Lau's message to her, which involved of her prized student. And the message has angered her a lot to make her get out from her seat.

Princess Celestia sighed in narration, "However, as time goes on and even my sister's return is coming, Mystic Council grew impatient and angry with my decision. And thus, my uncle sent one pony I rarely talk to since my daughter's death. And the message he gave me has angered me. It involved you, Twilight."

"Never!" Princess Celestia exclaimed in anger, with her Canterlot Royal Voice at Azure Phoenix and his Elite Guards. The guards were shivering and quivering in fear while their leader remained firm and calm. She continued, "You will not take her from me! I won't allow it!"

Azure Phoenix narrowed his eyes in anger, "That is not your decision, Celestia. The Mystic Council had made their decision since you refused to do anything about her."

"What am I supposed to do?! Sending her to her impending doom?! She's not ready!"

"Ready or not, the time is now. Because if you won't do it, then I'll take her as my student. With my training, she will be most powerful and strongest unicorn the world has ever seen! And most importantly, she will use the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon for good!"

"That won't work! The Elements need some ponies' six special traits to work and fight! Without those traits, Twilight won't stand a chance against my sister!"

"I bet the differ. Either you do something now, I'll make it for you. I'll start with taking Twilight with me! End of discussion!"

And just before Azure Phoenix could get up, Princess Celestia teleported in front of him while aimed her sword at his neck. Royal Guards and Imperial Phoenix Elite Guards armed with their weapons as they're ready for the fight.

"Leave Twilight out of this!" Princess Celestia snarled in anger.

Azure Phoenix narrowed his angry eyes, "Celestia, this isn't funny. The Mystic Council will not be pleased if you don't do what they asked. Make decision now!"

"Who said it's funny? And for the record, my decision is final! I'm not sending her to suicide mission or becoming your student! And it's final!"

"Then, you leave me no choice!"

And just before Princess Celestia could react, Azure Phoenix summoned and struck his Imperial Phoenix Sword against hers. Both of them armed and readied to fight. They both screamed in anger as they charged and engaged their fierce duel - swinging and striking their swords against each other for few rounds. Their guards were in shock and concern as they all wondered if they should make move or not.

"You did what?" Twilight's voice asked in shock

"Yes, Twilight. What you heard is true." Princess Celestia's voice narrated in concern, "I did what I must, even it means going against my own uncle."

"Celestia was stubborn and fool during that time..."

Azure Phoenix's voice narrated darkly and dryly, "...because she refused to accept that the time has come. She won't let go of what she holds dearly to her..."

"Ouch... That must be one hell of a fight,"

Shadow Dragon's voice remarked.

"You have no idea..." Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix voice remarked dryly.

After some rounds of sword fighting, both Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix panted heavily and exhausted as they stopped while glaring at each other.

"Stubborn as usual. But very well, you decide. Time is running out." Azure Phoenix said darkly as he sheathed his sword. He turned and looked away. He turned and glared at Princess Celestia, "Ask yourself this. If she doesn't do it, then who will?" Princess Celestia remained silent while looked away. He sighed, "The Elements need the Chosen Ones to save the world. You and I know who they are especially if it involved her. And it's time you have to let her go."

"I can't..." Princess Celestia said in concern and shame.

Azure Phoenix sighed, "You have to. Do it for our Iris. We failed her as good parents. Don't failed as good mentor. You know you can't hold her back much longer. Think about it."

Azure Phoenix and his Elite Guards turned and left the throne room, leaving Princess Celestia to think about Twilight's fate...

After receiving news that Nightmare Moon's making return, Princess Celestia sent Twilight and Spike to Ponyville for making friends and preparing to face their obstacles. However, the princess gave a sad sigh and has some tears pouring down. She has to let her student go and fulfilled the prophecy.

"And Azure Phoenix was right. I have to let you go with your own journey. It was a right decision," Princess Celestia's voice narrated, "I kept you in Canterlot longer than I should have."

Flashback Ends...

Twilight, Shadow Dragon and Spike were surprised and amazed while Azure Phoenix remained calm and firm yet smiled amusingly about Princess Celestia's dilemma of letting her student go for the long lifetime journey.

Princess Celestia sighed, "Eventually, I realized all the anxiety I felt was because you remind me so much of Iris. I missed her so much. So, I didn't want you to go."

"Really?" Twilight asked in surprise.

Princess Celestia nodded, "I loved having you as a student. You challenged me and taught me just as much as I taught you. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I was afraid if you made friends and met Shadow Dragon, you wouldn't need me anymore. I also want to made up for losing my child..."

Twilight Sparkle sobbed tearfully while shaking her head in disagreement, "Princess Celestia, that is so not true. I will always need you."

"I think Starlight and Sunset might feel the same way about you. If that is what you're afraid of." Azure Phoenix said amusingly, "As you must know, the lessons never ends till the mentor said it's over. Just like how we think, Twilight."

Twilight smiled and blushed embarrassment, "Maybe it is. Just a little."

"A little? I hardly call that," Shadow Dragon said amusingly.

Spike nodded and chuckled, "Oh, it definitely is. Like, a lot."

Twilight gave the glare at Spike and Shadow Dragon, who whistled innocently like they didn't do or say anything about her.

"Here we are after all these years, Twilight. We are living proof that letting someone spread their wings-" Princess Celestia said calmly and firmly as she held her wing held Twilight, Shadow Dragon and Spike closed to her, "-doesn't mean you no longer have a place in their lives. If you want Starlight and Sunset to follow their own path, then you must do what you have to do. Not just their friend, but their teacher and mentor..."

Twilight couldn't help but smile, "Thank you."

"And if you're still worried, you can always make them write you letters." Princess Celestia said amusingly.

Spike chuckled a bit, "Sounds familiar."

"I don't get it," Shadow Dragon said in confusion.

Back at the dinning hall, everyone was still having fun and enjoying their celebration party. Starlight and Sunset were talking to both new and old friends about the adventure and battles they have been through at Changeling Hive.

During the conversation, someone came behind of Starlight. He then covered her mouth before dragging her away from everyone else. They moved all the way to the cornered area. He turned and make her face to him. Starlight gasped in shock and concern.

"Amon?" Starlight asked in shock and concern, "What are you doing here?"

"Taking you home." Amon answered dryly and firmly, shocking Starlight, "You know you cannot stay here anymore."

Unsure of what Amon was talking about, Starlight hissed and demanded, "What makes you say that?"

"There are no lessons you can find and learn. Because in the end, you will leave and find a new path..."

"What's that supposed to be mean?!"

"It means your time of staying here is over. You're coming with me. We're going home."

"What?!" Starlight asked in shock. She shook her head in denying and refusing, "No! I'm not going back! I'm staying here!"

Amon huffed, "That is not your decision. You must come with me now! We cannot stay here!"

"Even if I want to, what makes you think Dark Curse will let and welcome me back to his side? He'll kill me by the seconds if I ever step my hoof on his doorstep!"

"I won't let that happen because I will protect you. I always do. Always..."

Starlight was speechless yet touched by Amon's fatherly love for her. She could cry now in joy and sad to see how much he really cares for her - like a true father than her parents. However, despite wanted to go and reunite with him, she knew what she wanted and make a hard decision.

"I'm sorry. I can't go with you." Starlight answered in shame and sadly, which shocked Amon. She continued, "I already promised to Twilight that I want to learn magic and friendship from her. She's my mentor and a friend."

Amon sighed, "I see. Then, you leave me no choice."

And just before Starlight could ask, Amon slammed his punch on her guts before hitting and swiftly and hard on her hooves and then her neck, making her yelped in pain and paralyzed. She groaned in pain as she was about to fall down. Luckily he grabbed and placed her on his back. Amon turned and sneaking out at once while avoiding ponies.

As everyone was busy with their party and chatting, Sunset and Sunburst stopped at once as they turned and noticed Starlight isn't with them. They both looked around of their surroundings while searching for her. They then spotted someone carrying Starlight on her back and heading towards the door.

"Starlight!" Sunburst shouted in concern. He and Sunset gave chase while he was shouting in anger, "Stop! Let her go!"

Spotted Sunburst and Sunset coming towards, Amon made a run while pushing the ponies and creatures aside. They also ran after him as well.

Sunset groaned and shouted, "Somepony! Anyone! Starlight's been kidnapped!"

Everyone gasped in shock and concern upon what they just heard. Mane Five, Dragon Strike Force, Team Fighters, Shadow Five and even Starlight's Team turned and headed towards at dinning hall's entrance. They all arrived and blocked the entrance. They're all readied to fight and stop the kidnapper from escaping. The rest of ponies surrounded the kidnapper and Starlight. Amon remained calm and firm while glaring at his enemies.

"Whoever you are, let Starlight go!" Sunburst demanded.

Sunset nodded, "You've got nowhere to go."

"I doubt it." Amon said confidently. Everyone was in shock yet annoyed. He smirked, "Come and stop me now if you dare. I'm taking her home for safe and secure."

Ember snarled, "Alright, buddy! You asked for it!"

"We won't let you take her without the fight!" Thorax exclaimed in anger.

Ember and Thorax charged as they were about to pounce and attack Amon, who quickly jumped and swiped his kick at them. He then charged at the rest of the heroic team and even the little one by dodging and blocking the attacks while kicking, punching or pushing them aside. The teams were unable to stop or even hold him down as he moved swift and quick as the leopard. Not even Discord could help, none of his random tricks could work on him.

Despite his effort of pushing the heroic teams back, Amon was still surrounded as he was looking away to escape. He turned to his left window - the only chance to escape.

And just before he could do anything, Amon found his body unable to move. While struggling to move his body, he found Starlight being levitated and moved away from him. He turned and found Twilight using her magic horn to stop him from moving while levitating Starlight away from him. Shadow Dragon and Spike helped and brought her down.

The team came and checked on her. Stralight slowly opened her eyes, and even her paralyzed hooves slowly make some movement.

"Who are you?!" Twilight demanded in anger.

"Amon Blood Statham..." Shadow Dragon answered. Twilight turned and looked at him. He continued, "he is the pony, who was able to remove ponies' cutie marks and their abilities - Mystic & Equestria Magic, Flight, Strength and anything else that make ponies special."

"Then, that means he's Starlight's mentor!" Twilight said in shock and concern. She shook her head while glaring at Amon, "What do you want from her?!"

"Taking her home. She belonged to me," Amon said firmly.

"No! She belonged here! She's my pupil!"

"Is that so? Then, explain why Discord claimed she's no longer your student."

Everyone turned and glared at Discord for answers. He gulped nervously, "I don't mean literally! I was just giving some hints to Twilight that Starlight needs some new lessons or at least a journey for her to begin, like how Celestia did with Twilight. Plus, I include Sunset since she's Twilight's pupil too! That's all."

"Idiot..." Shadow Dragon snarled in anger.

"Is this true?" Starlight asked in shock and concern.

"Starlight's graduated?!" Applejack asked in surprise.

Twilight sighed before nodded, "Yes. And Sunset is also graduated." Most of her friends was in surprise and shock. She continued, "I'd hoped they'd be my pupils for a long time yet to come. But it turns out that's just not meant to be."

"Yes. This is the perfect reason why she's coming with me," Amon said firmly, "Not only I miss her, but also to protect her from Dark Curse. Firstly, he considered not to bother Starlight, but after what happened at Changeling Hive, he decided to dispose of her." Everyone was in shock and concern. He continued, "However, I convinced him not to if I could turn her to my side. It's the only way I can protect her."

"And let Starlight forget what she learns?! I don't think so! I don't think so!" Twilight exclaimed in disagreement while looking at Starlight's Team. She continued with pride and firm, "Starlight and Sunset have proved themselves to be a kind, loyal, strong, honest, and truly magical friend. Just looking around this room at all the new friendships they've made. I don't want them to forget them. They what make them special, and vice-versa. They were important to each other."

Everyone chatted and exclaimed in agreement. Amon was speechless and surprised. He sighed in defeat as he hated to admit that Starlight did make a lot of friends at Ponyville due to Twilight helped teaching her about friendship. However...

"Even so... I'm still taking her home. She's my friend too," Amon said darkly. Twilight was in shock yet angered that he was refused to let her student go. He continued, "If you want to protect her, then prove to me that you have what it takes to stop me. I challenge you to a duel!" Everyone was in shock of what he has said. He continued, "Because if you can't, she will die!"

Twilight was in shock by Amon's challenge. Everyone remained silent and concern about her decision. As she was thinking, she recalled what Princess Celestia has told her.

"If you want Starlight to follow her own path, then you must do what you have to do. Not just her friend, but her teacher and mentor..."

Twilight took a deep breathe before sighed while looking determinedly at Amon, "I accept your challenge!"

"Twilight, don't!" Shadow Dragon exclaimed in concern.

"Shadow, don't!" Twilight said firmly, "This is my fight. Don't interfere my fight. I will protect my students from you!"

"So do I!" Amon said in agreement as he readied himself in attack position, "There will be no magic, weapons or assistance from allies. Only hoof combats. Are you prepare for this?"

Twilight readied herself in combat position, "I am."

Amon and Twilight shouted firmly, "Let's do it!"

Amon and Twilight screamed wildly as they all charged. They both launched their punches at each other. They were now punching and kicking while blocking and deflecting the attacks fiercely and swiftly. Her friends were cheering for Twilight to win. Starlight was stunned and shocked of what has happen. She couldn't believe that both mentors really cared for her and do anything to protect her from danger.

Both Twilight and Amon fiercely continued their duel against each other. She tried to punch him, but he dodged and gave her the uppercut. He then gave multiple punches on her face and body before kicking her off to the ground. He was about to slam his punch on her, who quickly rolled away from him before reaching to the stage. She turned and kicked him by his gut. She got up as she continued attacking him, who dodged and avoided some punches before struck back at her. However, despite some setbacks, Twilight was able to hit Amon by tripping him and kicking his bottom parts.

Though Twilight get trained by Shadow Dragon for martial art skills, she wasn't swift and fierce as her boyfriend especially when she's facing an experienced fighter like Amon. Nevertheless, she continued fighting for Starlight's honor and freedom, no matter how strong and fast he can be. She refused to give up.

Amon was annoyed and irritated by Twilight's stubbornness, but he has to admit one thing about her - she cared and loved Starlight so much like sisters. As much as he wanted Starlight to go free, he can't let her go because the danger she's into. He must bring her back because his master could engage his master plan.

Twilight and Amon were now on equal of punching and kicking while also blocking the attacks fiercely and determinedly for few rounds. And during their fierce duel, they also got injured and spitting some blood as well. After they launched each other a powerful punch, they got pushed back. They both panted heavily in exhaustion especially Amon's mask has some cracks. Everyone watched the event in suspense and wondered of who will win.

"This is where it ends," Twilight said firmly.

Amon nodded as his mask slowly formed more cracks, "I agreed. Time to end this. Make your best move, Sparkle!"

Twilight and Amon took their deep breathe as they positioned themselves in attack positions. Positioning herself in dragon-like attacking position - Blazing Dragoon Style, Twilight has her body glowed in lavender colored aura power, without her magic horn glowing. Amon breathed slowly and calmly as he positioned himself in Tiger's Claw Style while glowed in dark orange aura-like.

Everyone watched the event closely and carefully while wondering of what happen next. Twilight and Amon were glaring at each other for the moment. They then screamed in anger and determinedly. They charged at once as they prepared to launch their very powerful punches. Starlight hissed in anger and worried as she can't stand it.

"TWILIGHT! AMON! Noooooooooooo!" Starlight screamed in concern, "Stoooooooooooppppppppppp!"

Both Twilight and Amon stopped at once, though their punches were close to each other's face especially hers touched his mask. It now formed cracks and broke to pieces. Everyone gasped in shock and concern as they saw his true face - blinded eyes, crimson burnt on left cheek and lip, three scar marks on left eye, and a small cut on right cheek.

"What the..." Sunburst said in shock and concern.

"Oh my god..." Sunset said in worried, "I'd never seen so many scars and burnt marks before."

"Amon..." Twilight said in shock, "You scars and burnt marks... How did-?!"

"That is not important. All you need to know is that ponies and creatures with dangerous magic, powers and abilities especially cutie marks is the cause of my anger and rage. It's the reason why I have a great desire of restoring ponies to their true nature. Starlight used to share same dream with mine, but you turned her to your side." Amon said darkly. He turned to Starlight, "Starlight, what is it?"

"Enough! Just stop fighting!" Starlight exclaimed in anger. Twilight and Amon were surprise and shock. She continued with tearfully in despair, "Don't you all want to know what I want?!" She sighed, "I really loved you both. You both are the best mentors I could ask for. You were all really good to me. I'm thankful for that. But I already made my decision."

"Starlight..." Twilight said in concern and worried.

"I'm not ready," Starlight said in upset, surprise the ponies. She continued, "I'm not ready to leave. And in truth, I want to learn more about friendship from Twilight and others too. It's truly magical and amazing. It's what got me this far."

"Really?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"Starlight... You can't do this," Amon exclaimed in concern and feared, "You're putting yourself in grave danger. Dark Curse will destroy you."

"Let him come and try," Starlight said firmly. She turned and looked at her friends and allies, who came and formed a perimeter around her, "As long as I have my friends with me, he won't hurt me. And therefore, I'm staying here."

"Me too." Sunset supported.

Ponies cheered and gave a big applause for Starlight'e decision and siding with them. This made Twilight to hug her pupils passionately and happily. Amon could see Starlight's eyes of firm and determination. He sighed.

"Very well. I accept your decision. The next time we meet, we will fight as enemies. Do not show mercy anymore."

And just before anyone could do anything, Amon summoned the Dark Mystic Portal for him to escape at once. The ponies chatted in concern and worried yet relief that they're safe from harm now. Starlight was relieved and happy, though upset that she has to fight Amon as enemies now. Nevertheless, her friends gave her comfort to feel make her feel happy and safe.

"I'm sorry, Starlight," Twilight apologized.

"It's okay, Twilight. But I hope you're not planning to give my presents of graduation," Starlight said amusingly.

Sunset nodded, "Yeah. Coz we're not ready."

"And to be honest, I'm glad that you all decided not to go for journey," Twilight said in relief. She summoned presents before her pupils, "Here's the gifts."

As Starlight and Sunset opened the presents, they both gasped in surprise of what they saw - two mirrors with several pictures of themselves with other friends for adventure and fun.

"It was going to be a 'congrats on getting a medal of honor' present, but then I was afraid it would have to be a going-away present, but now it's an 'I couldn't be happier you're staying' present! It fits perfectly over your dresser! I know. I measured."

Starlight and Sunset smiled while joyfully cried, "Thank you."

"I may not know what comes next for you, but whatever it is," Twilight said firmly and calmly. "I promise I'll always be there for you."

Twilight gave both of her pupils a hug as they returned it to her. Shadow Dragon smiled to see his girlfriend is happy. Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix smiled proudly to see the Princess of Friendship able to keep her students as hers for more friendship lessons. Everyone chatted and partying happily.

During nighttime, everyone has returned home to have goodnight sleep. Inside the princess's bedroom, Twilight and Shadow Dragon were lying and sleeping on the bed. They both looked at each other with their happy looks.

"Everything's fine?" Shadow Dragon asked amusingly. Twilight smiled and nuzzled on his muzzle gently. He chuckled a bit, "Hopefully that you don't go panic and overreacting again."

"Hey!" Twilight said in annoyance before giggled, "But yeah, you're right. Either way, whatever plans Dark Curse has, we'll stop him, don't we?"

Shadow Dragon said confidently, "Always do, Twi. We will. Goodnight."

Twilight giggled, "Goodnight, Shadow."

Shadow Dragon and Twilight tucked themselves into their blankets as they both sleep peacefully and quietly. Nothing could ruin their sleep now...

Twilight and Shadow Dragon were still sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, a bright light emitted and shinned on them. They slowly opened their eyes. They gasped as they found themselves in unknown realm of darkness. Their friends - Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force were in there as well. They all chatted in concern about it.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked.

Shadow Dragon hissed, "I don't know. I don't like it."

Suddenly, something bright shinned on them. They looked up and found eight strange rounded jewelry objects-like stood before them. It also reminded them of Elements of Harmony. All of them were in shock and concern.

"What is this?" Twilight asked in confusion, "Are those..."

Shadow Dragon shrugged, "I didn't know there were more of them..."

"It is time..." The voice said firmly, surprise Twilight and her friends. He continued, "Find them... Find the last eight remaining of Elements of Harmony... The Elemental... Unite them all as one..."

"W-What?!" Twilight asked in confusion.

Shadow Dragon groaned in concern, "Why do I get the feeling we're going for the quest..."


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Main Casts:
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle
Matt Lanter: Shadow Dragon
Kelly Sheridan: Starlight Glimmer
Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia
Douglas Rye: Azure Phoenix

Minor Casts:

Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity
Cathy Weseluck: Spike
Jesse McCartney: Lance Justicestrike
Kira Tozer: Nyx
Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom
Claire Corlett: Sweetie Belle
Madeleine Peter: Scootaloo
Michael Fassbender: Amon Blood Statham
Rebecca Shoichet: Sunset Shimmer
Vincent Tong: Flash Sentry, Kevin
Ian Hanlin: Sunburst
Kathleen Barr: Trixie
Kyle Rideout: Thorax
Willa 'Ali' Milner: Dragon Lord Ember
John De Lancie: Discord


Kevin Conroy: Black Alpha
David Oyelowo: Luther
Patrick Stewart: Unknown Voice

Author's Note:
1. Truthfully, the fight between Twilight and Amon was supposed to be more epic like Jet Li's Fearless (2006 Film)'s Final Fight especially she got poisoned by Tech (not evil or good, just wanna make the living for himself and inventing technologies), thus making Amon to show that he is not really villain, but warrior with humble and honest of willing to stand down and let Twilight to keep Starlight as her student. But I drop it because this is about Starlight's decision of what to do with her future since the first episode about Starlight making her own future.