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Chapter 1: So Be It

"He's been distant, more so than usual." Superman spoke in the conference room, he stood in front of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The past few weeks had them a little worried about they're dark and mysterious Batman. He seemed uptight and determined about something. His speech regarding them was normally short but now it seemed little to none. Even during the meetings he didn't really give his take on anything. Always looking deep in thought and not really paying attention. Though they were proven wrong when someone asked him how he felt about their moves. He would only turn it onto someone else.

Wonder Woman tried to talk to him, being the most concerned about him. He would only look at her and say nothing at all and walk away. Another thing everyone noticed was Jason Todd or Nightwing would come to the transporter and wait for him. Superman tried to get a listen in on what they were saying but noticed they didn't speak at all. Just exchanged knowing glances before leaving. They first thought it was trouble in Gotham, however weeks had gone by and it was the same which eventually grew into concern from his friends.

"I know he sometimes completely ignores me." Diana said, Green Lantern crossed his arms and nodded in agreement. He remembered even when he attempted to speak with him he walked right past him. He had just thought that maybe the Vigilante was brooding more than usual. Though it was clear now that something was going on they just didn't know what.

"I've been on the receiving end of that as well, I say we confront him about it." John suggested to his comrades, Superman seemed to think about it while Wonder Woman gave a small frown.

"Knowing Bruce that'll probably just make him even more distant than he is now." Diana pointed out, Superman sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.

"That's true, but we won't find out anything by not asking. And if we ask as a group we might can make a little hole in the many walls that he sets up around his mind." Superman spoke as he locked eyes with Wonder Woman who only frowned deeply. She remembered two missions ago when she, Batman and Shayera foiled one of Lex Luthor's plots to cleanse the world of its filth. She had been hurt severely from one of Lex Luther's weapons. A weapon that weakened her powers and at the same time kill her from the inside. Batman was there to save the day at the last minute, pushing her out of the way of the rays.

After the mission was completed, she went to the infirmary and tried to force him to go as well. They didn't know what effect it might take on him. However he promised her he would do some tests in the batcave. She let him get away with it only because she knew it pained him to see her hurt like that. Though she was back to her normal strength in two days. There was no sign of him for the next week until he came back. That's when the him being deadly silent started and everyone noticed. He had not even give into Flash's immature games. Let alone not giving him the infamous bat glare. He just continued on without a word.

"Then what are we waiting for, I saw him earlier today in the monitor womb. He might still be around." Green Lantern said crossing his arms, Superman nodded before glancing at Wonder Woman who still wore that worried facial expression. Superman shook his head while the three exited the conference room. They walked down the halls in silence, searching for the Vigilante of the night. Soon enough he appeared, walking toward the Monitor Womb. Superman was the first to break the silence and call out his name.

"Bruce hold on a second!" He called out to him, Batman stopped and looked over his shoulder to see Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. From the look on Wonder Woman's face he knew what this was about and didn't have time for it. His eyes turned to slits as he didn't pay him any mind. Superman grunted as he prepared to take off after him.

"No snappy comeback? Now that's just weird." Superman stated as he flew after him. Batman had made it into the Monitor Womb with Superman right behind him. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern following suit. They noticed that Jason Todd was standing by the portal with his arms crossed and hood draped over his head. He wore an unreadable expression similar to his adoptive Father.

Superman grabbed Batman's shoulder and turned him around toward him. He saw through his lenses and looked the billionaire in the eyes. He looked a little irritated which gave hope to the Kryptonian native that his best friend was still there. GL and Wonder Woman stepped up beside him as they gave concerned looks to Bruce. Who shook Superman's grip off his shoulder. His posture grew rigid with agitation before exhaling quietly and releasing the pent up energy.

"Bruce we're worried about you, why aren't you talking to anyone? I mean sure were used to you ignoring us but all the time is outrageous even for you." Superman explained, Batman raised an eyebrow behind his cowl.

"Yeah come on Bats you and I always talk, you didn't even acknowledge my presence today. Come on man." GL spoke, Batman's eyes settled on Diana who gave him a pleading look. He looked at her with mild disgust, which shocked her to the fullest extent. He then looked over his three friends before him.

"Batman..." Robin muttered loud enough for him to hear. Batman turned around with a flail of his cape and was walking off toward Robin. Superman stood in awe as his friend ignored them again. He then flew toward him again in fast speeds appearing in between him and Robin. He had his arms crossed and was a foot or two off the ground.

"Bruce this is ridiculous what's bothering you? I won't let you leave until you've answered me!" Superman promised, Batman clenched his fists at his sides but showed no sign of aggression. Robin however did a flip and landed behind the Dark Knight. He pulled out his bo staff and extended it. He peered over his shoulder and shot Superman a menacing glare. Superman and the others were taken back by his actions.

"Let us go, don't make it any harder than what it has to be." Robin said as he turned his attention to GL and Wonder Woman. Who weren't about to fight Batman's son, they all focused on the Caped Crusader himself seeing what his take was on all of this. Was he really willing to fight them?

"We don't have time for this, they're-" Robin cut his own self off when he felt like he was about to reveal too much. Batman glad he caught himself, he turned back to Clark who was now uncertain about this and Batman could see it.

"Kal just let them go..." Wonder Woman shouted to him, the Man of Steel shook his head. He kept his gaze fixed on the Bat.

"If he leaves now you won't see him again in the next three months." Superman could already tell, as Diana said if they made a big deal out of this then he'd just lock up and retract himself out of their lives.

"I will inform you later on, as of right now there's trouble in Gotham that needs me being there." Batman finally said, Superman gave him a questionable look. He believed that Gotham was the center of his problem. But he thought there was little more to it than he let on.

"As long as you promise, then I'll let you go." Superman said still a little upset, and that's where Batman drew the line. This wasn't elementary school where the most sacred thing was pinky promises. And he didn't have to answer to no one, he was one of the founding members of the League. He would have voiced his opinion however, what he was going through now required every bit of self restraint as he could muster. He hid his gauntlets behind his cape and cut his eyes at the Man of Steel.

"This conversation is no longer valid." Batman spoke again smoke rising in the air, Superman hadn't noticed the smoke pellets drop to the floor. He looked back only for them to vanish, more than likely back to Gotham. Superman sighed in desperation, all he wanted was to know his best friend was alright. GL and Wonder Woman sighed as well.

"Don't worry, he'll come around eventually, he always does." Green Lantern reassured, leaving the two. Superman and Wonder Woman locked eyes for a few moments before she spoke.

"My Mother has requested my presence back home..." She announced, Superman gave a weak smile glad something good was coming out of this.

"She's reconsidering you're banishment?" Clark Kent asked, Wonder Woman nodded with a small smile.

"Yes she is, but it has caused quite a bit of commotion amongst the rest of my sisters." Diana muttered, Superman nodded in understanding.

"If you need anything let us know, we'll send Shayera or Black Canary." Superman said as he levitated back to the ground. Diana nodded before her mind laid rest on another common thought in her head.

"He's really starting to frustrate me Kal." Wonder Woman admitted, Superman knew who she was talking about.

"As for the rest of us as well."

Batman stood on a rooftop on the outskirts of Gotham. He had come to love this spot especially during the night. It was where you could see the whole city. The lights like a beacon of hope that the city could be good. He then turned away and looked to the skies. It was a false facade he knew, for if it was he wouldn't be the soldier of the night like he is now. Standing in front of his two sons who adopted the life of a hero, a tragic one at that. One that would never feel relief nor love, one that just waits for the time his enemies take him down. However there was more going through Bruce's mind right now. Donna Troy, who was Diana's sister who shared her soul was trapped and in the clutches of Ra's Al Ghul. He remembers three weeks ago when Artemis seeked his help.


Batman, Nightwing and Robin had just finished subduing Mr. Freeze and Bane, they we're about to wrap up patrol for tonight. Bruce was more tired than usual having just got back from foiling Lex Luther's plot to cleanse the world. He had hurt Diana too, only fueling his rage from inside him. That was how they won the day. He was close to the verge of overstepping that line he drew. He didn't like getting close to it, he had to stay true to what he stood for and that was not killing. Though it always seemed that when she got hurt those lines became blurred. He didn't know what he'd do if he lost her. He didn't like having those types of emotions but found it inevitable as they're relationship grew.

He knew he couldn't let her in, it would taint and darken her pure and innocent soul. He wouldn't have it, she belonged with someone whole and actually there. Not him someone who hid behind masks and rarely let his true self out. She deserved better and he was going to make sure she got it regardless of his feelings and hers... Easier said than done.

"Hey you guys see that over there?" Robin spoke pointing toward another rooftop ahead of them. Batman and Nightwing turned they're attention to where Robin pointed. Three women locked eyes with the three, Batman narrowed his eyes as he got a closer look. One in the middle had orange hair and wore a red silhouette with gold shoulder armor. The other two he assumed we guards, who wore full body armor and a helmet that screamed Amazonian culture. Batman grunted as he gritted his teeth.

"What are they doing here?" He grounded out, he took out his grappling hook and pointed it toward the building. Nightwing shot his to the building adjacent and took off. Robin hopped off their building and free fell. Batman then jumped off the building gliding in the air.

Batman touched down on the building first, gracefully making his presence known among the Amazons. Robin barrel rolled onto the rooftop and stood tall watching the three. Nightwing dropped onto the roof with a kneel before standing up crossing his arms. The Amazons looked on with unimpressed facial expressions. They turned sour as the Dark Knight stepped toward them.

"Who gave you permission to step foot in my city?" Batman asked in Greek, he didn't favor the race after banishing Diana. They shunned her and all for what? Because she helped them, and since they did that he decided to outlaw them in his city. "Just as you banished the Princess, I ban you from mine." He grimly muttered, the one in the middle scoffed.

"As if we want to visit any place in Man's world." She spoke in Greek as well. He hated when they said that, it wasn't just Man's it was everyone's. Why couldn't they get that?

"Then what is your reasoning on why you're here." Batman sneered, the Amazon placed her hair behind her ear before speaking.

"You know of our sister Donna Troy?" She asked, Batman nodded, her and Diana shared her soul. He remembered her telling him it was the only way to keep her alive. "She has been kidnapped by Ra's Al Ghul." Robin and Nightwing couldn't understand what they were saying but knew that name. Dick scowled as he knew whatever was going on it wasn't any good. "I've done my research and know you are his greatest adversary. I'm here to offer you a proposal." She informed him, Batman watched them with suspicion.

"Does the Princess know about this?" He asked, but he already knew the answer. The Amazon shook her head and gave a distasteful look.

"No and don't mention it to her either Man. Donna is currently unconscious and is in critical condition. If the Princess were to find out and connect with her she could in turn die as well." She explained, Batman mulled it over then deciding to buy it for now. He'd go over the details later, but he didn't know how Diana would react to it.

"Fine... What proposal do you speak of?" Batman asked wanting to know what she was willing to do. Could be a trap, to use him and kill him.

"Just like a puny man, ready to see what he is getting out of it." She spoke condescendingly, it didn't phase him at all and chose to ignore it all together. "Immortality Mortal, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so accept it. Even those two if they help as well." She spoke, Batman immediately put a hand up.

"I'll accept you're mission but we want nothing of your immortality." He stated shocking the three, the one in the middle gave a scrutinizing gaze.

"That is you're only prize little man nothing else!" She exclaimed, Bruce remained unbothered giving her the Bat glare.

"I'm not in it for a prize I'm doing it because of what's right and justice." Batman said, shocking the three once more. He moved back to the edge of the roof and looked over his city. "I'll be at Themyscira tomorrow I'm going there undetected. Where should I meet you?" They all growled their disapproval.

"You're not going anywhere near our home!" She said, Batman looked over his shoulder and snarled as well.

"Well you're damn sure not coming to mine! I make it a point that Gotham is off limits to everyone super or meta. You're people are related to Diana and she isn't welcomed here so you're not either." Batman spat, he couldn't help but show his dislike for these Women. They had really hurt Diana and a hurt Diana means a bloodthirsty Bat.

"Fine I'll permit access to our home for this one time." The other two Amazons gasped at their sisters words. She brushed them off as she locked eyes with the Caped Crusader. "It's not like he hasn't already been there he knows where the Amazons reside." She explained , Batman turned back to look over his city.

"Give me the rest of the details tomorrow, I'll be there a half hour after sunset. Goto the section of the island which is least populated." Batman said turning around to face them, the one in the middle raised a brow.

"How will you know where to find us?" She asked, Batman looked at her then Nightwing.

"Tag her" He said simply in English, Nightwing then pulled out a tracker from behind his back and threw it on her back. He glanced back at Batman and gave a thumbs up. "Don't worry about it just be there." He said converting back to Greek, she gave a untrustworthy glance before nodding.

"Don't try anything funny Mortal, it'll cost you you're life." The Amazon said before parting, Batman took no heed to her words.

"Come to my city again unannounced and you'll be the one worrying about that." Batman warned as he dropped smoke pellets for them to leave no trace.

-End Flashback-

Batman's expression then grew rugged as he thought about the revelation he had come to find out about the Amazons. They're nature wicked and barbaric. He along with Dick and Jason had been brought to the light when they first arrived on Themyscira.


Batman guided the Batwing into Themyscira's atmosphere. Revealing the plush and exotic island of Women. He'd have to admit that it was beautiful here. A nice place for vacation and even a place where he could live out the rest of his days. However he knew he would never be granted that luxury for his life was already claimed by the shadows. Not wanting to carry his thoughts to that same path of darkness again he looked out to see some of the Amazons on the beach. Very glad he'd installed the cloak mode within the Batwing. The night was a good concealment either way. However something rather strange caught his eyes.

"Hey... Correct me if I'm wrong but... are those women... Pregnant?!" Nightwing observed, Robin looked out the window as well seeing three... four... five Amazons pregnant on the beach. Not just five but more plenty more as they flew over the civilization. Batman was stunned to say the least. This was preposterous, unless their Gods impregnated them then that would only leave men to play the role. So many thoughts going through his mind. Did Diana know of this? Who were the men that were chosen to breed with this race of women? Where are they now? Were they destined to only have females?

"We need answers" Batman said as he started his decent seeing the Amazon he met was close enough for them to walk to her location.

"I'm surprised you say that, I thought you might would've felt that it wasn't our business." Nightwing spoke as Batman landed the jet, he stood and cut the engine before turning around.

"It's not, but a warrior race of women who despise men are now pregnant by none other than a man? If they banished Wonder Woman because of a man then there gonna be problems they don't want to face..." Batman said venom laced in his tone, Robin stood crossing his arms.

"I don't think they went that far, I haven't seen any men yet." Robin spoke as Batman stepped down the ramp.

"You wouldn't if they wanted to keep their secret up." Nightwing said as the two brothers followed their father on the ramp. Batman pulled out a tracking device and saw that the Amazon was half a mile north. He then took in his surroundings.

"I believe there's more to it than that..." Batman remarked as he trekked through the woods Robin and Nightwing following suit. In about twenty minutes they arrived dropping from the trees. The Amazon was alone this time, her hair was also in a pony tail. One hand rested on her hip as she stared at the Bat. Who didn't waste anytime on questioning her. "You're people are pregnant, I thought men were outlawed?" Batman accused in Greek, the red headed Amazon gave him a scrutinizing gaze.

"It's none of you're concern vile man!" She shot back, Batman was about to pull out a batarang and knock some sense into her but refused.

"You banished your Princess who stood for millenniums because of two men who helped your people! But now it's okay to just go and bed the same kind you hate? Contradiction doesn't even begin to explain the depths of your of betrayal!" Batman spat, she reached out to slap him but Batman was too fast and redirected her swing. She rose with rage etched into her features. Batman stood idle not showing any emotion but feeling anger as well.

"If you really must know Mortal, twice every century we go on a 'hunt' so to speak." She began, Batman raised a brow puzzled so to speak. "We go out in the boat loads and find a passing vessel full of men." Batman's detective mind already started putting piece together as his gaze hardened. Nightwing and Robin taking note watching the Amazon speak with a cruel grin on her face. "We board them and have our way with them. It's really quite satisfying actually. This is how we repopulate if you had to know." Batman then pointed an accusing finger at her.

"What do you do with the men!?" He shouted, her eyes told it all, they murdered them. The Amazons wouldn't give they're bodies to 'the scum of the earth' as they put it. Let alone let them live to tell the story. The Amazon placed both hands on her hips licking her lips.

"We kill them or throw them overboard." She stated, Batman hid his anger well as he looked away. "I'm surprised Princess Diana hadn't told you about that, although the Queen would never let her be apart of such things." Batman's mouth was agape after hearing that. Diana couldn't have wanted to go on those 'raids' did she. He mentally shook his head, he knew she wouldn't. She'd have his head if he thought otherwise, but it still went on regardless. He wondered if she tried to stop it. "Anyways on to business, and I haven't given you my name."

"You don't have to, Artemis." Batman interrupted her, he remembered her from the last time he came to Themyscira. Artemis scowled at him but nonetheless continued informing him.

"Yes... I won't bore you with Amazonian politics but it all goes back to the Queen wanting her daughter back. Donna felt like she wasn't loved, so she left. The story goes a lot deeper than that but it's irrelevant and none of your concern." Batman growled, he didn't come here to receive orders or to be bossed around. He just needed the story and nothing more. Couldn't these people put aside their hate for a few minutes? "She left and went to Man's world and we don't know where. That didn't stop the Queen from sending a team out to retrieve her. That's when Ra's men attack us we caught one who was still alive and he told us that Ra's had Donna."

"Hmph very unlikely for one of Ra's assassins to let information slip like that. What did they look like?" Batman asked rubbing his chin, deep in thought.

"They all had on black robes that covered even their face." Artemis informed him, Batman nodded it was in fact his men. Though it was shocking he could believe it. If female warriors came in and killed all your comrades with prowess.

"Where were you dispatched?" Batman asked, Artemis crossed her arms and shrugged.

"Somewhere in a place Man calls Europe." She told him, he thought it over and would have to go back to the cave to really address the situation.

"Well were done here, is there anymore information I need to know about?" Batman asked before giving a nod to Nightwing and Robin.

"What is your relationship with Princess Diana?" She asked accusingly, Batman glanced toward the ground as he thought about her question. He understood why she would have suspicions and he would give her the truth. He looked up and locked eyes with her.

"A colleague that needs my help, if you had chosen anybody else from the League I'm positive they would've have done the same." He said, they held the gaze for a few more moments before she dropped it.

"Very well, the only other thing would be to make sure no one knows about this." She ordered, Batman scoffed as Robin and Nightwing went into the trees.

"Tell me... do you only have females? Or do you just toss the males that some have?" Batman asked but didn't give her a chance to answer as he shot his grappling hook toward the trees. Artemis shouted Greek curses after him as they jumped from branch to branch. He didn't want to know what they did.

-End FlashBack-

Batman stood as he looked to Robin and Nightwing who stood behind him. They figured out Ra's motive behind kidnapping Donna. It was to lure Wonder Woman to him and kill her. He found out that it was mere coincidence that he found her. Though his plan was concrete and that was to control Diana with Donna. He didn't know how he was going to do it or how he knew Donna and Diana shared a mental connection as well. He just knew he had to be stopped. It wasn't easy finding her, Ra's knew Batman was onto him. They had already been to four different locations that had been setups. The third Batman and Nightwing had got injured badly. He had suffered a three broken ribs and two stab wounds on his back. While Dick had been stabbed in the chest a knife three inches away from his heart.

This is what really pushed Bruce to silence and so did his sons. Who knew what was at stake, he knew that Dick cared for Donna a lot. Although their time together was short, they had gotten along famously. Which didn't go unnoticed by Bruce and maybe Diana as well. Donna looked almost identical to Wonder Woman and her character were almost exact as well. Then Dick being raised by him and taking some of his ways. He should've known that it was bound to happen. Jason was just ready to end this, he knew of his Father's feelings for the Amazon and knew that if she died that would destroy him. In turn would destroy him so he had to make sure he fought just as hard as they did.

Bruce gripped his fists as he looked over his city one last time. He didn't want his sons in the mix of all this. Taking turns with shifts watching over the city while the other two execute an attack. Though now that he had them in it, he knew there was no way to get them out of it. They were in it til the end, and frankly he knew there was no other way. He then flailed his cape toward his city before walking in the opposite direction.

"So be it"