Tittle: Flaming Rubies
By: Angel (www.celestial-angel.net)
Disclaimer: MKR's not mine. You know that~

Flaming rubies...
So beautiful.
Never did I see
something so lovely as these.

So brave
full of energy
full of will.
they're filled with sorrow
and hidden pain.

Why grieving
over something so long ago?
Why grieving
over the right thing you did?

You think I blame you.
You think I hate you.
If you could only see
the truth beyond me...

I never hated you,
never even blamed you.
But I thank you...
Thank you for placing my brother
with the one he truly loves.

Those glittering rubies...
I want to see them shine
with gaeity all the time.
Let me see them
flashing sincere smiles at me.

If only you know
Oh, how I love you so....