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Monster of Equestria

Pain… Fear… Hate… Sadness. That was all he could feel. But the first one the most. Pain was his only companion in his dark past. In the time where he was called a monster… In the time when he was the monster of Equestria.

He was soon ripped out of his sleep, if you could call it that. It was more like a mental torture. If he slept he would have nightmares to no end, ripping him out of his sleep and if he was awake he would find himself in his prison. A cave powered with magic.

The only entrance was sealed off with the same power. His captors didn't leave any food or water. The oldest unicorns had brought him in there and took the sweetest gift he had from him. Mortality. They had broken the golden rule. They had ignored their oath of never using this spell and made his torture and neverending one.

He could feel every pain of starvation thirst but he could never die by that. The only way for him to be killed was by force but he was way too weak to do it himself.

Suddenly however a bright light engulfed the entire cave. He tried to shield his eyes but couldn't move. The restrains which held him for so long had cut into his flesh already. Soon he heard a loud click and noticed that the chains on his arms were gone. Their magical power had faded.

With new strength returning to his body he slowly crawled out of his prison. Moonlight hit his eyes and he found himself in the middle of a forest. As he crawled further he was near a little pond which he took several swipes from. When he was relieved from his thirst he saw his reflection which made him sigh.

He had a silver like coat and dark red mane. His blue eyes lightened a little in the water.

"Where am I?" the colt asked himself. Wind was going through his fur making him shiver slightly. He tried to take a step forwards only to slam face first against the ground. Grunting he got up again only to fall down again. Growling he limped through the forest. With heavy rain the young colt had no other choice but to walk around the forest aimlessly. The problem however was that the further he went the less light came to the ground until there was almost none left.

Slamming against the ground once more his face was met with mud. The colt grunted and rolled on his back before sitting near a tree leaning against it. He looked down to his necklace and removed any dirt from it, revealing a pitch black crystal which had the form of a crescent moon. He eyed it for a few moments as a sigh escaped his lips and a tear crawled down his cheek. He kissed it lightly and a whisper came out of his mouth.

"Blueheart…" slowly the darkness took him.

A colt sat alone in the rain looking at his own reflection from a puddle of water. A sigh escaped his lips as he turned to his right to see an orange unicorn mare with red mane along with a younger unicorn but with light blue coat and dark blue mane along with purple eyes.

"Come my daughter it is time for dinner."

"Okay mother go ahead I will be there soon, training was harsh today." The mare smile again and nodded before walking into the direction of the young colt. She stopped for a moment and looked down at him with a look of disgust and stomped into the puddle splashing the water and mud straight into his face before walking off.

The young colt rubbed the dirt off his face, before staring into the direction of the mare with a snarl before he could do anything however he was held back by a hoof.


A sigh escaped his lips. He looked towards the speaker to see the younger mare staring down at him with a look of sympathy.

"Sister… why does mother hate me? Why does everypony hate me?" The mare opened her mouth before closing it soon. She pulled the colt in a hug before kissing his cheek.

"I wish I would know brother… I wish I would know."

The colt could feel himself being pushed off of her as she looked down at him with a gentle smile. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

The colt woke up with a startle. Looking around himself he saw how he was in some sort of hut. A big iron pot was in the middle with a green boiling liquid inside. The foal tried get up only for a hoof to push him down.

"You are weak, you had a long sleep." A female voice spoke to him calmly.

The colt stared at the mare to see one with black and white striped coat. She carried two golden earrings and had a cutie mark which seemed to be very ancient and from far away.

"Who are you?"

The mare however ignored him and slowly made her way towards the pot before she poured some of the liquid into a bowl. Then she walked over to the colt again and handed it to him.

He eyed the liquid for a moment before staring at her with a raised eyebrow. She urged him into drinking it however and as soon as he got the tiniest bit into his mouth he almost spit it if it wasn't for the mare who held the bowl and his head in the position until he drank the full fill.

He coughed heavily.

"Are you trying to poison me?"

Seeing the determination in her face he let out a sigh. He lowered his face to the ground before he heard the voice of her.

"Your powers are needed, the darkness has to fade." She said making him look up to her.

"What are you talking about?" The mare however wasted no moment and threw some sort of purple dust into the colts face making him cough violently. Soon he slammed against the ground and blacked out.

The colt blinked lightly, before he rubbed his head he looked around himself to find himself in the middle of a street of some sort. Around him were all sorts of houses in dark blue and black stones. Not a single pony was around and no light came from the windows of the houses.

He got up only to receive a spark of pain in his back. He rubbed the spot lightly, before grumbling to himself.

"When I get the mare into my hoofs… " he stopped for a moment when he slowly walked down the street.

"I mean it would help if I would know WHERE I am." he sighed.

As the colt walked down the streets he could see a memory flash going through his head.

Ponies were all walking down the street minding their own business as the colt followed his sister and mother were walking down the street. Both received respectful bows from the ponies while the colt could only watch them. As soon as they saw him they immediately backed up or showed him a face of disgust similar to the one of his mother.

He looked up ahead to see his two family members stopping in the middle yard. The two walked up a wooden stage almost immediately a crowd assembled for them.

"My dear suspects, my daughter has finally mastered the magic of illusion. In honor of her quick success a party shall be put in place for everypony to visit… except for the obvious ones."

The colt didn't need to hear more as he walked down the street away from them leaving his mother and sister in the cheers of the crowd. He took one last glance back at them and gritted his teeth at the ponies smiling at his sister.

It was when the colt slammed against a wall ripping him out of the daydream.

"Oh by the moon." He growled to himself and rubbed his maw. He slowly got up again only to notice, how he was what seemed to be in the middle of the village or castle he was in. A big stone statue stood there. It was some sort of unicorn only for the mare one to be much much larger than any pony. As he looked to her flank however he first spotted the cutie mark which was a crescent moon. Soon her wings came in sight…

"Hold on what?!" he shouted.

He eyed the wings then the horn. He had never seen anypony with both the assets of a pegasus and unicorn. Sighing he stared at the face of the mare to see… her. Firemane… his mother. The colts eyes widened, before he shook his head. As he looked at the same spot again he saw a the normal face of the statue again.

"I am going insane." He whipsered before eying the same spot once more only to spot the look of his mother… the one of disgust. This sparked something in him he could feel himself grit his teeth as he flew up to the face of the statue. His hoof began to shake before it tightened before the colt slammed with his hoof against the stone breaking the head off.

"Die!" he roared before destroying the rest of the statue smashing it to the ground. The colt took deep breaths before eying the moon. A small part of it had turned black

"HEY YOU THERE!" the colt heard from behind. He quickly turned around, to spot some sort of guards in dark blue armor which protected their head, back, sides and chest. A mask prevented any sight of their faces but their eyes through the gaps burned with determination.

"You are arrested for destroying property of queen Nightmare Moon."

The foal stared at the guards as another memory flash came and he saw the guards of his mother. They carried silver armor and helmets the former protecting their chest, sides and back. The colt gritted his teeth before flying to them with full speed. He slammed into the earth pony of the two surprising both of the guards as the victim was taken off his feet and slammed into a wall. The foal grabbed his head before slamming it into the stone.

The colt snarled at the unicorn guard who used a magic blast on him, on which he quickly rolled to the side. The blast hit a stone wall destroying it completely and sending dust everywhere. As it cleared the guard noticed how the colt was gone without a single trait.

"What the…" he muttered before he felt something land on his back. He didn't have any chance to react however, as his face was grabbed from behind and the colt flew up in the air while holding him. The guard screamed loudly before the two flew towards a wall. The colt let go making the stallion slam into it, knocking him out. The colt took a few breaths, before he eyed his hoofs. They shook a little, as he tried to calm himself down with deep breaths.

He had no chance to do that however, as he heard many voices coming from further down the street. Not wasting any time, he quickly flew up a roof and hid just in time for a group of guards to rush into the street.

A mare followed who looked completely the same like the statue. She had a purely black coat and a dark blue mane which flew through the air as if wind was blowing. The colt guessed that it was with magic but he had no time to think as he heard her speaking.

"Now what has happened here?" a loud voice ringed in his ears. She eyed the broken pieces of the statue. "Who would dare to stand against me?" she asked again before she walked towards one of the guards who had just woken up. He groaned weakly, when he was picked up by his chest plate with her front right hoof.

"Who did this?!" she asked in fury. He coughed heavily as the mares horn lightened up and slowly crushed his apparently broken front leg. The stallion screamed in pain, when the mare roared again. "Who did this?!"

The stallion coughed again before he spoke up in a weak voice.

"Grey colt... bloodred mane… too strong… destroyed… statue… bare hoofed…" the mare raised her eyebrow, while she eyeing the dents in his armor. She dropped him to the ground making him slam against the stone and she looked up to the moon seeing the small black part of it.

"Guards, get back to the castle… I need time to think." The remaining guards took their wounded comrades before they teleported away along with the mare.

The colt rose from his hiding place before he sighed to himself. He landed on the street again before cursing to himself.

"Now what did I get myself into…"