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Days passed leaving time for the body of Nightstar to heal. All of his wounds had been sealed making him able to walk again. Crystal Solaris however had become more and more discrete with him. She walked out early in the morning and came back late at night and fell asleep almost immediately leaving no time to speak what so ever. As he asked her where she was going she simply said that she was still searching for a special herb. A Moonflower. Their purpose? She didn't want to tell him saying it was something she would rather keep for herself. A part of his body wanted to push her in saying a little but something prevented him to do it. Again.

Nightstar often offered to go with Crystal as he didn't want to stay inside all day and be a burden to her as she had to bring back some food for him. She however declined saying that it was 'too dangerous for a young colt' and completely ignored the fact that the two were roughly the same age.

This left him with a lot of time to think. Mostly of his home. How would he get back? Will he come back? These questions echoed through his brain. The more he thought about it the more he became unsure. He had no idea what sort of magic this... Cadence used. He didn't tell Crystal anything of it however, as he didn't want her to think that he was crazy. However, this all changed with one day... when two guards stood in front of the cave.

Both carried the armor which appeared to be the same like the royal guards from canterlot as they had golden sets of armor which protected their heads, sides, backs and necks. The colt blinked at the two who seemed surprised to see a young colt in front of them.

"Is he it?" one of the guards asked the other. Soon he felt magic go through him, making his body tingle a little. Moments later the feeling stopped and the other guard shook his head.

"No, he isn't. Look little one, get back into the forests, there is a monster roaming these lands."

The colt blinked. That was when he heard something behind the guards. Both turned their heads before speaking in a quiet tone.

"Young one, get into the cave." The colt tried to take a gaze through the two guards only to end up being pushed back.

"I said get into the cave!" Nightstar rose his eyebrows, but none the less got deeper in the cave. He was about to take another step further when he heard a young voice.

"Nightstar?" in an instant he turned around to see Crystal Solaris. He blinked before he was grabbed by his hoof.

"We have to go, now!" she shouted and ran to the mouth of the cave. Confused he followed her none the less. As he got out of the cave he passed by the two unconscious bodies of the guards. He shook off the picture as the two foals ran past all sorts of plants which were in their way. Hearing several voices behind him he noticed how Crystal speed up further more. That was when they stopped right in front of a valley. Down the edge was around a 300 feet drop making him gulp.

Crystal stared down before she turned around.

"Don't look back."

The colt blinked and was about to turn around when the filly grabbed his face and kept him from doing so.

"You have to trust me, she can't know what you look like. She will hunt you too,"


"I think that would be me." jumping by the voice, Crystal couldn't stop him from turning around. He had to see if that was the mare he thought it would be... he was right. Around fifteen feet away from him was Princess Celestia.

His eyes widened and time seemed to stop for a moment. The mare glared at the filly beside him who just did the same. The sheer venom which were in their looks could destroy the entire forest they were in.

The alicorn however, soon looked away from the filly onto Nightstar. She gave him one of her well known smiles. Yet something was wrong. Before they were of pure warmth, of gentleness and now... they seemed... creepy.

"Little one, the pony beside you is... really dangerous. She isn't like any of us. She is a monster. Come here and get away from... it."

Nightstar was now beyond confused. He had no idea what all of them were talking about. That was when he heard a quiet voice beside him.

"Please" she started catching his attention. "You have to trust me."

The colt didn't know what to think now. One part told him to go with his new friend while another screamed at him to walk over to Celestia. The said mare lightened up her horn in an attempt to pull him towards her but suddenly Crystals horn lightened up in a deep green, canceling the mares magic.

'...What?!' he asked himself. Before he could do anything else however, he was pushed off the edge with his filly friend jumping right behind him. Out of pure instinct he tried to use his wings only to remember that he had none.

'This is it I am going to die... AGAIN!' this thought was cut short as he saw the form of Crystal. She had a warm smile on her face before she closed her eyes. Almost immediately her entire form glowed in a deep green blinding the colt temporarily. He shielded them with his hoof only for something to grab his leg. As he looked up again he only saw the deep green eyes he knew too well. It was when he felt something touch his horn. Light sparks could be heard. Suddenly a feeling went through his body. One he only knew not too long ago. It was safety. He felt himself being enveloped by a pair of hoofs. They felt... different. Not anymore like a coat but more smooth like. He didn't care however, he felt relaxed. He felt tired.

"Shhh." he heard a soft voice. It took him a moment to recognize is as the one of Crystal.


As if those word were powered with magic (which they probably were) he could do nothing else but shut his eyes. The darkness soon took him after that.

As soon as he woke up he found himself in the middle of a cave. For a moment he thought all of this was just a dream when he realized it wasn't the same cave they were normally in. It was when he heard some movement behind him.

"Crystal?" he asked.

Almost immediately the sound stopped.

"Nightstar?" it was Crystal Solaris.

"Where are you? What was this about? All of this?"

A sigh followed with Crystal coming out of the shadows. She sat down in front of him and shut her eyes.

"Nighstar, whatever I tell you right now just... listen please."

The colt said nothing but nodded. The filly took a deep breath before she spoke up.

"Long ago my family and my tripe was in the desert far away from here. We were... different from other ponies. Special as you could say so. We didn't look like anypony else. More like nightmares. Fear grew more and more until... she came. Celestia. She promised her ponies that she would 'protect' them from us. What followed... was a slaughter."

Crystal shook lightly. Nightstar felt dumbstruck. He knew Celestia... she would never do this... would she?

"My whole family, my sisters, my mother were killed. The entire tripe was hunted until nopony was alive... except for me. I managed to evade them with the promise towards my mother that one day I would lead the tripe to old glory. I had to find the Moonflower."

She soon picked out a light blue flower out of her mane. It shimmered lightly in the eyes of Nighstar.

"I needed this to... transform myself to a queen."

The colts eyes widened as a green light enveloped his friend. Her coat started to change and it became black, more chitin like. Her teeth became sharper with two canines being much larger than the others. Her hair became a deeper green with a taint of blue adding. Wings started to show but those were, unlike the one of a pegasus, bug like. In her legs several holes started to form. All in all she looked like she said. A overall nightmare.


The filly gave a slight smile showing her sharp teeth.

"Chrysalis." the filly corrected.

'Hold on... THAT IS CRYSTAL?! Oh buck, OH BUCK!' he shouted inside his head. He felt himself taking a step back much to the displeasure of the filly. Who took a step towards him.

"Please, don't be afraid. I haven't changed. Look at me, I am still your friend." she said with nervousness getting into her voice. She stepped closer to him and he backed off until his back touched the wall. The filly in the meantime was at the edge of crying.

"Don't you like me?"

Wow. He didn't know what to say next. He wanted nothing more but to run away and escape from her... but he couldn't. It was as if the control of his body was taken again just like when he had met her before. He couldn't control what happened next. This surprised both him and her. He hugged her. He pressed her head under his chin and wrapped both of his hoofs around her back.

Chrysalis in the meantime broke down. She held onto him with her dear life. Tears came down her cheeks as she pressed herself even deeper into the neck of him. Surprisingly however she broke the hug. She gave him a smile before she spoke up.

"Celestia and the other ponies should be here soon." this made him blink.

"Then, let's go."

The filly smiled again before she shook his head. This made him rose his eyebrow.

"Then, why are we here?"

Her horn lightened up and instantly the colt was hit with a wave of exhaustion.

"Chrysalis, what are you doing?" he asked fighting the feeling going through his body. The filly got closer to his face before she kissed him on the mouth. His eyes widened in surprise and before he could do anything she already broke away.

"Saying goodbye."

Slowly she stepped out of the cave and he heard several voices.

"There it is!"

"Get it!"

"Burn it alive."

"Rip its wings out!"

The colt gritted his teeth and stomped the ground. He grunted and shook off the feeling of exhaustion and immediately ran towards the mouth of the cave. Looking to the ground he saw several hoofsteps. He followed them with one thought going through his head.

'It won't end like this.'

He ran several days without stopping. He didn't even thing about resting, drinking or eating. Only going further. Nothing else.

It was when it grew hotter and hotter. Eventually the dry grass slowly turned towards sand and the colt found himself in the middle of a desert. The sun was going heavily down onto his head. He shook it off however, as he saw how wind started to pick up. In only a few minutes a strong sandstorm had picked up.

"Chrysalis?!" he shouted out in the desert. He shielded his eyes with his hoof and kept pushing through the storm. It was starting to get hard to breath.

"Chrysalis?!" he shouted again.

"Chrysalis?" he whimpered. That was when he saw a silhouette in front of him."Chrysalis?" he whispered before he slammed face first against the sand, falling unconscious.

Upon waking up the colt found himself again, in an cave. This time however he felt warm. Not hot but a pleasurable warmth.

"Hey, you are awake." he heard from his side.

Nightstar blinked and gasped as he stared at one guards in front of him. What surprised him however, was the fact that it was a she. Considering that he only saw guards who were male in his home it was odd.

"You were completely dehydrated. This... thing must have left you in the desert. What a surprise."

The colt felt anger rising inside him. That was when he felt a hoof going through his mane.

"I don't quite understand. What would it give to you so a charming young colt like you would stay near it."

He gritted his teeth. The nerves. She dared to...

"But don't worry now, she will be gone soon. Princess Celestia will take care of it and then we can go home. Towards your family."

'Ohhh now she had done it' he thought to himself as his hoof began to shake and he slammed her straight in the nose with all of his force. She fell to the ground being knocked out cold.

"Ha take that... OW!" he groaned at the last part as he felt sharp pain going through his hoof. It was when he heard faint voices come from the inside of the cave.

Wasting no time he ran towards the sounds not caring of the burning sensation in his hoof. As he entered the room he saw a large egg in the middle of the room. It took him some moments to notice that in it was Chrysalis. There were three other ponies in the room. Two guards and Celestia. He held a sword towering above the egg with her magic. It was at this moment that he realized that she was going to kill her. His body worked on its own. He couldn't do anything else. He ran with full speed towards the egg just in the moment when the sword struck down. He quickly jumped in front of the egg just in time for it to impale itself into his stomach. Sharp pain went through his whole body. The colt coughed heavily trying to get air in but failing to do so. He realized. His lungs were hit. Coughing heavily again blood came out which he spit to the side.

"What... what have I done?" Celestia asked herself. She stared at the colt with pure shock in her eyes. The young foal in the meantime grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled lightly only for far more pain to errupt. He almost blacked out and started to crawl towards the egg.

"W-What are you doing?" Celestia asked. Upon arriving the young colt simply stared at the egg before he smiled. He stroke it lightly and felt his strength leaving him. Slowly his body lowered and before he collapsed he kissed it saying two last words.

"Saying goodbye."

Ura! Now now I know what you are thinking. What the fuck is that shit? Nobody falls in love only a few days after meeting and to be honest I agree. However, I wanted to find a reason why Chrysalis hates Celestias guts and here you have it. She has killed her love. All of this will be explained later like how she knows. Anyways, with that been said bye!