032. Choke



For some reason, Needy has been the odd one — able to sense Jennifer's presence within seconds, immune to whatever bullshit satanic-hypnosis Low Shoulder tapped into, willingly macking on Jennifer instead of being enthralled by the demon inside Jennifer.

In the middle of a spontaneous, messy kiss in the hallway, Needy thrusts a hand between her and Jennifer, grabbing at Jennifer's throat warningly.


One of the goth girls passes with a bored, dismissive look, scoffing.

God fucking damn it. Today is not the day to be invisible to everybody.

"I cut and filed my nails down for you, hoe," Jennifer grumbles, not wrenching back out of Needy's hand, examining their cherry-red color. "You're not even gonna let me finger your pussy?"

Needy's mouth drops open. Her face flames bright red. "That's not even—jesus christ, wow—"

"You're such a lezzy, admit it," Jennifer says monotonously, but with a hint of a smirk. "Even before the whole craptastic possession thing, I think I kinda was too. Dick is phenomenal, but girls… Needy, they are everything and more."

"I think the term you are looking for is bisexual, and yes, I am. You've known that since 7th grade."

"Hell yeah, I do," Jennifer says gleefully, touching over Needy's fingers clenching down near-painfully. "You gonna choke me, Daddy?"

Needy releases her with a sigh, making a face.

Her childhood best friend may be skinny and evil like the petrified tree in her memory, only a thousand times worse, but maybe there's a way to save her. Bring the old Jennifer back.

She has to try.

"You're vile, Jen…"

A wicked, lipstick grin. "Love you too, bitch."



Jennifer's Body isn't mine. I love this movie, but it's also really terrible and writing a similar tone to keep them IC just solidified that for me. Aaah. But yes, thoughts/comments appreciated! DAMN WE ARE 30+ DAYS INTO 100 DAYS OF FEMSLASH. THIS IS BEING AMAZING.