Blue had felt pain when Blaytz had died. Though she hadn't been there when he drew his last breath, she had felt the moment when her former paladin had died. For years she lay dormant on the blue planet. Until Lance found her. Right away, she could tell that Lance had all the qualities she was looking for in a paladin, and she accepted him right away. They fit each other so well, and it felt as if she were reliving those days with Blaytz. She was honored to call him her paladin. But Blue could sense there was something great within Lance, a growing potential that could only be nurtured.

And then Shiro disappeared.

It had been an unexpected turn of events. They had defeated Zarkon, which would be a cause for celebration, but now they were one paladin less. Black's seat was vacant, and they needed someone to fill it. They had all attempted to bond with Black, but in the end, it was Keith who was chosen. It hadn't been easy for Black, after they had just forged a stronger bond with Shiro, casting out the one they held with Zarkon. But now that left another role empty. Every leader needed a second in command.

And that's when it happened.

She had listened to Lance's speech towards Keith, listened to his acceptance of his new leader. And that's when she knew it was time for her Paladin to move on. She had hated shutting him out, but it was necessary. The greatness she sensed needed to be nurtured, and stepping into Red's seat would be the next step. That was her role, the motherly lion, the one who sensed inner greatness and helped it grow and move on. Of course her seat was now vacant, but she could see another with great potential. Allura had hoped to step into Red's seat, to fulfill the role her father once held. And that potential needed to be nurtured as well. And so, she accepted the princess as her Paladin.

Now Voltron was once again united. Five paladins standing together. But even though the seats had been filled, she couldn't help but miss the old days with Lance. Whose to say, perhaps one day Lance would pilot her once again? But for now, he was Red's, and she couldn't be prouder of him. But there was still one thing.

"Red?" she asked.

"Yes Blue?" he answered.

"Take care of him."

"You have my word."

And so she accepted another blue paladin.

A/N: I've been wanting to write this for a while now. To be honest I didn't like the lion switch at first, but now I can see it has some developments for the other characters. Particularly Lance. I've always wondered what was going through Blue's head when Lance became the Red Paladin, so I tried to convey that. Personally I think that even though he isn't her paladin anymore, she is proud of him and cares about him.