Chapter 1: It has begun

Ever know what it means to be stolen away from home, from joy, from love?

That's what happened to one young woman when she least expected it and due to losing something of great importance to her.

Sometimes even inanimate objects can contain the seed of high adventure—of fear and even of love. How a pair of young lovers were put to a test of endurance. This is a story about love, and how love and devotion are more powerful then fear and doubt.

T'was a spring evening at garden party, a gathering for both mortals and magical folk alike intended as a gesture of forbearance. It was the perfect setting for romance, a night of soft lights and sweet music.

Here is where we meet the enamored pair.

The young man, Bastion Misawa, was a mathematical genius, believing that everything in life can be calculated arithmetically. Except he hadn't counted on genuine friendship or actual love. He'd finished duel academy and knew what he wanted – the risks, the spring, and romantic love (particularly the 'at first sight' kind) were initially simply things he found only in books and movies. What he had experienced with the Amazoness Tania years ago was just animal magnetism, a passing attraction.

But she was there whenever he visited- Haruna and Tokyo – moonlight on the glen, which bordered Burzee.

The girl, Haruna was the Earth guardian, one of the Enchanted ones, a group of eight magically gifted young women with the power over nature and the elements charged with defending the Magic dimension from the forces of Evil.

Since childhood Haruna Kisaragi was trained to be a lady. Proper training, and fortunate enough to be blessed with not only brains and beauty but a good heart as well. She was a demure and composed but she also has a playful side to her empathic nature that others find refreshing and tender.

They say that when she was a small child, she'd had wandered too close to the edge of the forest. When she returned to her concerned mother, her face was brighter and more enchanting than ever.

For the duration of two years, Haruna had fallen genuinely in love with Bastion. Pleasure and true joy comes from a deep and authentic emotional connection with another human being. And she understood that what she'd felt for her ex sweetheart, Takashi had been only puppy love.

The dance floor began to fill with expectant young women in pretty gowns either escorted by young men or by their friends. Sadly, on this day is when all the trouble started for the couple.

Now aside from the benign spirits of nature, also present at the gathering were some other foreboding entities. Although many questioned this, the ancient laws command they be included.

This just one of the few occasions in which the barrier separating the Unknown from the realm of Magic was faint enough for him to pass through. It was fairly easy to remain unseen by mortal eyes seeing as it already dusk and the shadows were plentiful.

His presence there was merely of minatory observance, if the gifted humans would pose a threat to him and his existence – other than that, the gathering itself was an apathetic matter to him. Wood-nymphs, mages and imperceptive mortals, all mixed together in a shallow, drunken stupor.

Several voices belonging to a scowling group of older maidens was heard spitting metaphorical venom.

"Just look at that street firebug flirting with all the boys and men again!"

"That goody-goody routine of the so called quiet blonde is sickening!"

"I wish they'd all stop gabbing about their new occupations and just do it! We don't have a chance with any of the other boys or men while the inseparable seven is around!"

He'd barely wondered or cared what the iniquitous snips were talking about, until he chanced to see what they were scowling at. It was a group of seven girls no older than seventeen; each one more comely then the next, however only one of them caught his eye.

This lithe maiden had red-violet hair that fell down her back, poplar skin and eyes the color of delphinium blooms. Like her friends, they were having too much fun to notice the older females glaring at them with envy.

Love can be an emotion that grows slowly much like a garden flower needs tending, or – as it was previously believed, but nowadays can be diagnosed as infatuation at best, lust and obsession at worse- can strike the heart like a lightning bolt!

Right or wrong, he knew the moment he set eyes on her the first time, he'd claim her one way or another.

And the young woman did not know she was in grave peril.

To be continued…