On a whim I decided to reread this story and I got mad at myself because the ending sucked! I wanted to know what happened after. So here it is folks...a final chapter. Its short but let me know if you like it better. Kitsune-kunn out~

Her eyes fluttered open, her hand touching her stomach. Nothing hurt, nothing was bleeding. Something was wrong though. Her clothes were gone, instead she wore a plain white yukata. Her sneakers were no longer on her feet and lush grass tickled her exposed skin. Kagome sat up and her eyes looked around the garden she had found herself in. It was breathtakingly beautiful, flowers of all kind decorated the seemingly never ending garden. She stood slowly, her feet lead her to a koi pond filled with fish. A small smile tugged at her lips, it was relaxing to watch them swim. They didn't have a care in the world, just swimming however they liked. No one expected anything of a fish.

"Beautiful aren't they?" Kagome whirled around and placed a hand over her heart in an attempt to get it to slow.

"Yes." The miko spoke slowly, the person before her was even more striking than the garden around them.

Golden hair that seemed to shine like the sun itself was decorated in an elaborate updo, some left to fall down her back in pin straight strands. Her eyes were warm like pools of honey and her skin fair. A small smile pulled at red lips, this woman was ethereal and Kagome felt as if she needed to kneel before the royal looking person.

"My name is Amaterasu." The beauty introduced herself and Kagome's mouth dropped open, before her stood a goddess. A big time goddess.

"Amaterasu-sama!" The miko dropped to her knees and bowed low, she felt like an idiot!

"Stand my child," The woman giggled at her antics. "You have served me and Japan well, and for that I give you this gift."

Kagome looked up in awe, with a flick of her hand Kagome was no longer in the beautiful garden. The miko was before her own shrine in Tokyo, but this time the land felt different. It reacted to her as if welcoming her home, the land thrummed with each step she took and she stopped before the god tree. Everything was different, the world felt strange. Her hand touched the bark and her power exploded around her, covering the whole shrine and purifying the grounds of any negativity. Her eyes looked at the stairs, people were approaching. They didn't take any notice of her, they went through the routine of offering prayer to the god of the Higure shrine. What threw her off were the sudden voiced in her head, prayers of good fortune to loved ones and luck on the upcoming exam echoed in her mind.

"Kagome!" She startled at the sudden voice.

"Yaboku." Her soft voice caused his eyes to widen. It was her!

"You're a god." Yato stated in shock and in happiness. She was a god. She wasn't gone. She was here and he was never going to let her go.