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Despite the fact that Fudge was vehemently denying Voldemort's return and calling Dumbledore a fool along with Dahlia and Harry liars, the fact still remained that the Dark Lord had returned. Both Dahlia and Harry had and were still having several repercussions of their meeting with the Dark Lord. The teaching assistant would wake up screaming seeing Cedric die over and over, Voldemort's face and his sick and twisted grin, the Death Eaters, and Harry being forced to duel him while she could do nothing. Never had she felt so helpless, she failed to save Cedric and then couldn't help Harry other than the shield charm. Sirius did what he could to ease her when she woke up from the nightmare that she lived and kept reliving. He hoped that Harry was dealing with it better or at least not suffering something so severe. There were times when she would wake up and her hair would start to darken. The ring of Albus' that had fallen off her finger at the Tournament was found and her uncle let her keep it along with her cameo; she no longer argued with the double protection now that her father was back and at full power. Remus taught the Bewitched Sleep charm to Sirius in case he needed it, they honestly didn't think they would need it but it was a good idea to be prepared.

The restored Order of the Phoenix had taken up residence in Sirius' home so there were members coming and going at all hours. Most notably was Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, and Remus. It made Dahlia happy to see the couple together, one of the only things besides Sirius these days, to hardly see Tonks without Remus and vice versa. She and Dora grew a lot closer from their first meetings last year and it was a treat to see the hopeless romantic that Lupin was. His actions almost put Sirius to shame, to which Black only tried harder. The witches thought it was quite hilarious and sweet, always trying to one up each other, it was almost a game in where the winners were Dahlia and Dora.

That summer Dahlia was still interning at the Ministry and it was harder on Dahlia that it had the previous two years. She was still splitting her time between Arthur and Kingsley, but Fudge wanted to control her time and duties at the Ministry. He arranged for Dahlia to add Dolores Umbridge to her intern responsibilities under the guise he wanted to give her a better rounded view of the inner workings of the Ministry. The truth of the assignment was restriction and manipulation, Dolores would report back to Fudge on the conversations and dealings Dumbledore's niece had under her watch.

Dolores was an altogether unpleasant woman, who owned more pink clothing than a taffy factory and her fascination with kittens bordered on lunacy, not to mention her saccharin demeanor which was completely off putting and a sham. Dahlia did not like the Undersecretary from the moment she met Umbridge; although she never complained even when Dolores would bring up her Veela heritage and use the unfortunate events at the Tournament and the World Cup to keep her at arm's length. It was a strategy devised between the resurrected Order of the Phoenix and the headmaster's niece to find out what the Ministry was planning. One of many spies placed in different departments, along with Arthur and Kingsley.

Every day she would travel back to 12 Grimmauld Place to be with the Order members currently residing there, most of all she came home to Sirius. It seemed she couldn't get home fast enough to him. Their relationship had grown deeper and blossomed over the past two years and they were very much in love, something she hoped to keep secret from those in Voldemort's corner so neither one could be used to hurt the other.

"Oh that bloody woman is murder!" Dahlia exclaimed slamming the door and collapsing on the plush chaise in the parlor of the lavish home. The witch sighed putting her arm over her face.

Sirius chuckled walking over to the witch he loved so dearly, "Tell me all about it little love," he said taking off her boots.

"You don't have to do that," she said humbly to him, almost embarrassed that he took such great care with her.

"No, but I always will, now tell me about your day," he gave a charming smile and wink to match, "all I've had is Kreacher to listen to." They both laughed as the crotchety and untrustworthy house-elf passed them with a bucket mumbling to under his breath as he always did, he glared at her as he passed. Technically considered pure-blood, Dahlia was often regarded by those who supported blood purity as a mud-blood due to her Veela mother.

"She had me polish and 'play' with her kitten china today," Dahlia said ignoring the elf throwing her head back on the cushion while Sirius laughed running his hands over her legs gently massaging them as he went, "I've had all the fuzzy and pink and adorable I can take for a three lifetimes!" The couple both laughed as the lilac haired girl propped up on her elbows, "I think I need something with a little darkness to wipe all the pastel fluff from my mind," her voice took on a sultry quality as she eyed the handsome wizard.

He smirked pulling her flush with his chest, they were nose to nose, "Why Miss Dumbledore whatever are you suggesting," he whispered seductively into her lips that were almost touching.

A breath hitched in her throat before pressing her lips to his and her whole body relaxed as he pulled the girl into his lap straddling him. The taste of his honeyed mouth was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. The smell of his subtle cologne and clean skin sent her eyes rolling into her head. Sirius pulled her closer and the kiss deepened she parted her mouth slightly allowing him to nip her bottom lip with his teeth and sweep his tongue over hers. His strong hands slowly made their way up her slight figure to her hair running his fingers through the satin locks as her petite hands gripped his strong shoulders wrapping her arms around his neck almost clinging to him for dear life.

A gentle throat clearing came from behind them, "Dahlia, really," Molly softly scolded but smiled at how happy she was with Sirius as she busied herself in the kitchen.

The couple smiled holding onto one another, foreheads touching. Sirius kissed her lightly again, "I hope that helped with your fluff problem."

Dahlia giggled as she rose from the lounge grabbing her boots carrying them upstairs, "More than you know," she kissed him once more before walking up to her room.

"When are you going to propose?" Remus asked once she was upstairs and out of earshot from the kitchen with an excited Molly and Ginny Weasley behind him.

Sirius looked at his friend before turning back to the staircase to make sure she was in fact out of earshot, "Once I talk to Harry, I want him to be on board," he sighed slightly hoping that his godson would approve.

"He will be," Molly injected her cheerful tones, she was so happy for them both.

Sirius nodded, "I know but I want to be certain, it would be another big change for him."

The Weasley matriarch smiled at him again, "No fretting, come we have a meeting and guests coming tonight." She ushered him into the dining room.

Sirius eyed his old friend, "I should really be asking you the same thing," his head cocked to the side looking at Lupin knowingly.

"Sirius," he sighed gravely, "it's different between me and Dora," he sat down almost defeated.

"Remus," Sirius took a seat next to him gripping his shoulder he wanted to argue his point but he saw that it was moot and yielded, "all in good time my old friend."

Dahlia came back down stairs barefoot in a pair of slim jeans and oversized jumper that exposed her shoulders. She smiled at Remus who gave her a sad half smile, "I leave for five minutes and the vibe changes drastically." She observed sitting next to Black. "When are Harry and the others getting here?"

"Soon dear," Molly said walking out of the kitchen holding a casserole, "eat, you must be hungry."

"Molly," Dahlia moved to get up, "let me help."

Mrs. Weasley waved her off, "No, sit," she ordered.

Fred and George popped in out of nowhere scaring their poor mother with mischief reading clear in their eyes, "Hey Dahl, we know something you don't," they taunted their old friend.

She laughed, "I'm not surprised, I don't have the luxury of being home all day," she leaned back into Sirius and noticed a look on his face that wasn't quite right. "What?"

"Nothing my darling," he kissed her head quickly and shot a glare at the twins who disapparated quickly.

She looked at him with a deducing eye, "You're hiding something from me, but I'll allow it," she kissed his mouth gently, "for now," she smiled.

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