Malec Tales Series 2: Frozen AU- Chapter One- Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Eight year old Magnus Pov- "Studying is so boring! Can I please go play now," I whined laying my face in my book sitting on top of the library table.

My mother smiled smugly at me, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Honestly, Magnus, you need to focus on your studies. You are going to have to know all these things someday when you become king."

This caused me to pout at her. "I'm not going to be king for a long time. Kids should play while they are still kids."

The face my mother made at me was not an amused one. A smile slowly crept up her lip though and she sighed, dropping her arms.

"Fine, you may be excused."

"Yes!" I cheered shutting the book and jumping out of my chair.

My mother quickly held up her hand stopping me, meaning there was a 'but' coming.

"But," she added making me roll my eyes. "You aren't allowed to bother any of the servants. I mean it Magnus. They all have chores do."

I put my hands behind my back, crossing my fingers. "I promise I won't bother the servants."

She raised a questioning eyebrow at me before sighing and moving aside to let me leave.

With a huge smile I ran out of the room and headed down the hall. Immediately, I made my way to the kitchen where I knew a certain young servant would be at this time of day.

I stopped in front of the kitchen door, looking over myself to make sure I looked good. Once I knew I looked fine I took a soothing breath before smiling and strolling into the kitchen.

Right away my eyes landed on a boy my age standing on a stool at one of the counters, trying to help his mom knead some bread. He wasn't doing a good job at it though. The dough was sticking to his fingers and a look of frustration was on his face.

"Having trouble Alexander," I asked making him turn his head quickly to look at me. His cheeks turned a dark shade of pink as he tried to discreetly peel the dough off his fingers.

"Hello Prince Magnus."

I pouted crossing my arms over my chest. "Alexander, what have I said about calling me Prince?"

Alec rolled his eyes at that.

"What have I told you about calling me Alexander?"

That question earned him a smack on the back of his head by his mother.

"Alexander, you do not talk to the prince like that. I don't care how close the two of you are."

She looked at me over her shoulder. "Correct me if I'm wrong young Lord, but I'm pretty sure your mother told you not to talk to Alec during working hours. He still has chores to do."

I gave her one of my dazzling smiles. "Are you sure there is no way he can suddenly be free? I really want to play with him."

She made a hard face, getting ready to deny my request but before she could have the chance, I gave her my puppy dog eyes that no one could resist.

She literally cringed away from me, knowing it was impossible to deny me what I was asking for.

"Oh fine, but if I get in trouble with your parents, I'm throwing you under the bus."

I smiled excited but it died when I heard my father's voice coming through the door.

"Looks like I came in here just in time. Magnus, leave Alec alone so he can do his work. You two have gotten in enough trouble this week."

Alecs cheeks burned up more and I had to stop myself from gushing. Alec was maybe the cutest person in all existence. He has black hair and these gorgeous blue eyes. His skin is also really pale, but not sickly so. He was like a porcelain doll and he was just as precious to me. He was priceless.

I would do anything for Alec.

"We haven't gotten in too much trouble" I argued but knew it was a lie. Every time Alec and I got together, something always got broken or worse.

Groaning, I looked back at Alec's mom. "Fine, how long is Alec's chore list today?"

She smiled sadly, "Sorry to disappoint you prince but Alec will most likely be working until tonight. Our chore list is pretty long today and he doesn't get special treatment just because he's a child."

No, if there is one thing I knew about the Lightwoods, it's that they never give any slack for anything.

"That's not fair" I whined. "I won't have anyone to play with."

My dad smiled at that, putting his hand on the back of my head and directing me back to the door.

"Good, then we can go back to your lesson. You may have been able to trick your mother into letting you loose but I won't be that easy. Come on."

I groaned even louder and he just grabbed my arm, gently pulling me out of the kitchen.

I looked back over my shoulder to get one last glance at Alec and I smiled, seeing him smiling back at me.

I really loved Alec's smile.

Later that night, my bedroom door creaked as I slowly opened it. This made me hiss lowly since I was trying to sneak out of my room unnoticed. To my surprise though my parents didn't come out of their room.

Smiling to myself, I gently shut the door before quickly heading down the long hallway and down the spiral staircase.

The castle was huge and my destination was on the other side of it where the servant quarters were.

I was determined to play with Alec after dinner but he was still working on his never ending list of chores.

It was passed midnight now and I was determined to play with him no matter what. I couldn't go a day without spending time with Alec. No day is complete without it.

My feet slowed down to a stop as colorful lights outside the window caught my attention. Shades of pink, green and purple soaring through the sky.

"The sky is awake," I gushed excitedly before running the rest of the way to the servants wing.

When I got closer, I stopped running and tiptoed my way to Alec's bedroom. I thought of knocking on the door but thought better of it when I realized that might wake up his parents in the next room.

Instead, I opened the door and slipped into the room silently.

The lights from outside reflected off of Alec's porcelain skin as he slept. His long black eyelashes brushing his cheeks as he dreamed.

Standing next to his bed, I took a moment to appreciate his beauty. Boys weren't supposed to be as beautiful as Alec but he was a jewel.

Once I got my fill of his cute sleeping face, I climbed on his bed and jumped on top of him, making him groan tiredly.

"Alec! Alec, come on, get up!"

He groaned again, putting his hand on my forehead and pushing me off the bed. Alec was not one who took kindly to being woken up.

Ignoring the slight pain of landing on my butt, I pouted and climbed back on his bed.

"Alec please wake up. I wanna play."

"It's midnight Magnus. I worked a lot and I'm tired."

Alec does work a lot and a good friend would let him sleep. I'm too selfish for that though. I need to spend time with him or I will be restless all night long.

"Alec, the sky is awake so that means you should be awake too. Pretty please!"

He kept his eyes closed, not answering me.

I looked around making sure no one was listening in on us, before leaning close to his ear whispering seven little words.

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

For the first time since I entered the room, Alec opened his pretty blue eyes and looked at me. A smile made it's way on his face and I knew I had him.

Grabbing his hand, I pulled him out of bed and out of the room. He held onto my hand, looking around to make sure no one was waking up as we passed by.

I pulled him along until we were inside the ballroom. We shut the big oak doors before laughing, running to the middle of the room.

I grabbed Alec's hands, pulling him closer to me before letting him go and gently waving my hands in circles. A blue glow formed around them before snowflakes took form in them.

The glow of the magic reflected off Alec's eyes and it was always a sight to see.

Alec giggled loving when I used my magic. Besides my parents, Alexander was the only person in the castle who knew about my magic.

Years ago, a king of a neighboring kingdom didn't like that my father wouldn't work with him. To get revenge, he had a sorcerer curse me with these icy powers.

When I first showed it to Alec, I figured he would be terrified but he wasn't. He told me that the snow and ice I make is beautiful. Alec was the only one to ever make me feel like this magic was a gift and not a curse.

"Want to ice skate with me" I asked smiling wide at him.

He seemed hesitant. "You know I'm not the best at skating Magnus. I always fall on my face."

Rolling my eyes playfully, I grabbed both his hands before pushing my foot harder on the ground, making it all turn into ice.

He looked around before looking in my eyes again. "What if your parents find out? Or worse, my parents come in and see your magic. How would we explain that to them? We should go back upstairs and go to bed."

"You aren't going to talk me out of playing with you Alec," I laughed before skating backwards, pulling him with me.

He unwillingly followed, not wanting to fall on the ice. I laughed as I watched him look at his feet nervously. He did the same thing when I taught him how to dance.

"Don't look at your feet Alec. Look at me. I like seeing your pretty blue eyes."

He glanced up at me, I light blush now gracing his cheeks.

"You think my eyes are pretty?"

The question made me smile sweetly at him. "Of course I do."

He glanced away again frowning which caused me to frown too.

"What's the matter" I asked, stopping us.

He shrugged frowning. "Do you think my eyes are the only good thing about me?"

I squeezed his hands, quickly shaking my head no. "Not even close."

"Everyone says that Isabelle is beautiful for her age. My new baby brother gets compliments all the time too. All anyone ever tells me is that I have gorgeous blue eyes."

"You have more than just gorg… gor… wow that's a big word. I'm going to go back to pretty."

Alec laughed happily, shaking his head at me. If it takes looking like a fool for Alec to smile then I will do it every day of my life.

"I mean it Alec. There is so much more to you than your eyes. You are way smarter than me and are really fun. I love being with you."

The blush returned ten fold on Alec's face. He looked down bashfully before glancing back up at me through his eye lashes.

I smiled sweetly at him before letting go of his hands and making it snow all around us. It piled up until there was enough to play with.

"Lets play!"

Alec still seemed hesitant about being caught. He didn't like getting in trouble.

"Come on Alec! Let loose and have some fun for once!"

We were eight years old. I shouldn't have to convince him to play with me. He's way too mature for his age.

Alec seemed to think it over for a moment before smiling and shoving me into a pile of snow. He ran away soon after to take cover.

"That was a cheap trick" I called out before getting up and running to find him. There were hills of snow around us big enough to hide one of us. He had to have been behind one of them.

I turned my back to look in the other direction but as I did, a snowball hit me on the back.

"Oh it's on" I yelled before grabbing a bunch of snowballs and running in the direction the other one came from.

When he saw me coming Alec yelped and started to run. I ran after him throwing ball after ball. He laughed as he swerved and dodged most of them.

Once all my snowballs were gone I leaped forward and tackled Alec to the ground. We rolled around laughing until we stopped with Alec on his back and me on top of him.

Once we finished laughing Alec looked into my eyes smiling. I smiled too, looking right back into his pretty eyes.

My parents say it's crazy when I tell them that I am in love with Alec. They laugh and say 'you are only eight. You can't possibly be in real love yet. It's puppy love. Just a phase.'

They were wrong. Nothing about loving Alec was a phase or some childish whim. I love Alec Lightwood. I want to marry him some day. I will marry him some day.

Alec smirked at me before grabbing a hand full of snow and shoving it in my face. It caused me to back up and he laughed as he got up and ran from me.

"Always doing cheap tricks" I mumbled before smirking to myself.

'If he wants to use tricks, then I can to."

I stood up holding out my hand and letting magic and snow form into a ball. I've never made snowballs with my magic before but what was the harm in starting now?

I threw the ball with all my might and watched it zoom toward Alec. I wanted it to hit him on the back but it ended up landing on the back of his head. The force of my throw made him fall to the ground hard.

"Oh crap sorry Alec" I called, trying to suppress my giggles.

The laughter slowly faded as I noticed Alec wasn't getting up. He was laying on the snowy ground completely still.

"Alec!" I yelled running over to him and sitting on my knees next to him. I pulled him into my arms and gasped, feeling his ice cold body.

It was like he was dead.

"No… Alec wake up. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please wake up!"

But he wasn't waking up. He didn't even seem to be breathing. The only proof that he was alive was the small beat of his pulse.

I held Alec against my chest, rocking us back and forth and trying not to hyperventilate.

The snow underneath us was starting to freeze over and spikes of icicles were pushing themselves out of the wall. The entire room was freezing over and I was scared.

I held Alec tight crying into his hair. A strand of his usually raven hair was now a shade of white. A result from my magic most likely.

The sound of the ballroom doors being slammed on caught my attention. The doors were frozen shut but someone was still trying to get in.

Once the doors finally slammed open, my parents came running in. For a moment, I felt relief that it wasn't Alec's parents. Then the thought of Alec made me panic again.

"Mama, Papa! Alec is hurt! I hit him with my magic and now he's not moving. Please help him!"

My parents rushed over to me, my dad taking Alec out of my arms and holding him in his own.

"He's so cold. We need to get him help immediately."

My mom frowned at him. "Who could possibly help him with this? We don't know how Magnus's power works."

"We don't. But the warlocks might."

I frowned not knowing what to think about that. I wanted Alec to get help but I've never heard of warlocks before. What if they hurt Alec?

I never got the chance to voice my thoughts because my mom picked me up and we quickly made our way out of the ballroom.

We moved to the throne room where my dad laid Alec down on a bed of pillows. I sat next to him going to grab his hand but stopped myself, not wanting to make him worse if I touch him.

The wait felt like an eternity but couldn't have been longer than twenty minutes. When I was about to complain that Alec's time was being wasted, two cloaked figures made their way into the throne room.

The air in the room changed the moment they walked in. You could just feel the power radiating off of them.

They stopped in front of my parents before pushing down the hoods of their cloaks. The sight of them made me gasp in surprise.

One of them had green skin, with white horns sticking out of his forehead. His hair was also white and he had a scowl on his face.

The other one looked a lot nicer. She had light blue skin, short white hair, and blue eyes almost as amazing as Alec's. She had a calming air about her that made me slightly relax.

"let's get this over with. Show us the child" the green one grumbled, making me frown. I quickly got in front of Alec, not wanting him anywhere near him.

The green man rolled his eyes before flicking his finger and making my body move on it's own.

"If you want us to save your friend then don't waste our time."

I watched him shocked, not knowing how he managed to move me like that.

The blue skinned girl put her hand on the other man's shoulder, shaking her head. "Be gentle Ragnor. These are children we are dealing with."

She walked over to Alec, sitting next to him frowning. Her hand glowed blue as she ran it over his body. It glowed even brighter when she got to his head.

"The poor thing has ice in his head. He was hit with direct magic."

I frowned at that. "Direct magic? What does that mean?"

The green guy, Ragnor, crossed his arms glaring at me. "Tell us what happened."

I glanced away from him, not wanting to look him in the eye.

"We were having a snow fight and one of my snowballs hit Alec in the head. I don't understand though. Alec and I have snow ball fights all the time and I've never hurt him like this."

"Did you make a snowball directly in your hand or did you use snow on the ground?"

Dread filled my stomach at the question.

"I made one directly in my hand. It was my first time."

Catarina nodded taking her hand away from Alec. "Once your magic hits the ground, it has time to settle into real snow. Because you made a snowball directly in your hand, you threw actual magic at your friend and injured him badly."

I closed my eyes tight and my father put his hand on my shoulder, squeezing it slightly.

"Will you be able to help him? I don't know how to explain this to his parents if he dies."

The mention of Alec dying made tears sting at my eyes.

"Did I… did I kill Alec?"

My mother got in front of me to my level before pulling me onto her embrace.

"He will be okay Magnus. These warlocks know what they are doing."

She didn't sound very sure about that.

"She is right. You threw the ball at his head. The head can be changed. If your magic hit his heart that would have been bad. You can't thaw a frozen heart."

Her hand glowed again and she pressed it to his head. She kept it there for a few moments before lifting her hand up, ice following it. The ice formed a circle and pictures of Alec and I appeared in it.

The warlock went through Alec's memories, changing any time I used magic around him into us playing outside in the snow.

"What are you doing? Why are you doing that" I asked starting to panic.

She finished and put the new memories back in Alec's head.

"I had to remove all magic from his life. It's like erasing trauma so you don't remember it. He will be alright now."

I pushed away from my mother, running over to Alec. He looked warm and was breathing normally again. That white streak was still in his hair though.

"Are you sure he is okay? His hair is still white."

The green man shrugged. "Think of it like a scar. It will be there forever but won't hurt. Enough about him though. Now we need to talk about you."

I frowned up at him. "Me? What about me?"

Catarina walked up to me, getting down to my level. "What do you know about your power young prince?"

I rubbed my arm frowning. "A neighboring king got mad at my father and put a curse on me."

The warlocks looked at each other frowning, which confused me. Ragnor shook his head before glaring at my dad.

"What kind of lies are you telling your child?"

I looked up at my parents surprised. "lies? What are they talking about? You didn't lie to me."

My parents stayed silent, frowning at each other.

The green warlock looked back down at me again. "I hate to break it to you kid but you weren't cursed by a man with a grudge. You are a warlock like us. You were born with these powers and someday may even develop more."

Now I was even more confused and upset. "you're wrong. I don't even look like you. Why would they lie to me about how I got my magic?"

Catarina rubbed the top of my head. "The only way a warlock can be born, is if the father is a demon. I know this might be hard for you to understand, but a demon came to your mother with the face of the king, and tricked her. You were the result of that deception."

I looked over at my parents, wide-eyed. "Is this true? Am I really one of them?"

Mama put her hand over her mouth, tears forming in her eyes. She hid her face in papas shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her, looking down at me sadly.

"It's true Magnus. We didn't want you to know the truth behind your birth. We didn't want you to think we don't love you. That couldn't be furthest from the truth."

My mom let go of dad and dropped to the floor in front of me. Pulling me into her arms tightly.

"We love you so much Magnus. No matter how you were given to us. We love you more than anything in this whole world. You are our child."

I felt tears sting at my eyes again as I hugged her back. This was all so much. Alec getting hurt, my parents lying to me. My head feels like it's going to burst.

Once mama let me go. Ragnor stood in front of me again.

"You need to learn to control your power. Someday you will become king. If you can't control it by then, it will cause problems. It's a hassle, but I will try to help you. I'll be your teacher and teach you that control."

Papa nodded at him. "That would be greatly appreciated."

He looked down at me frowning. "Until you can control your powers we need to make some changes around here."

"What kind of changes?"

He glanced over at Alec and dread filled my stomach.

"We are going to lock the gates. You will not be allowed to leave the castle grounds. Neither will Alec just incase your magic affected him in a way we can't see. Your contact with people will be limited. I'm going to fire half of the staff."

That made me panic. "Not the Lightwoods?"

He shook his head no. "They have been serving us for generations. Besides the Lightwoods, only a few servants will remain here. As for Alec, you need to stay away from him. We can't risk him finding out about your magic again. Do you understand?"

The thought of never talking to Alec again hurt so bad. My heart felt like it was being crushed.

"But papa… I love him" I whispered softly.

"You are young Magnus. That feeling will fade with time. You can't be selfish right now. Think about what's best for Alec."

I frowned looking over at Alec still asleep on the bed of pillows. He looked as beautiful as always when he slept. His long dark lashes brushing his cheeks. A now white streak shining in his black hair.

There was no way I would ever fall out of love with Alec. I do love him. More than anything.

That's why I have to let him go.

A/N: and thus series two begins. I'm so excited for this one. The first few chapters will be like the movie but it will change toward the middle. i hope you enjoyed this first chapter.