Malec Tales Series 2: Frozen AU- Chapter Ten- An Act of True Love

Magnus Pov- The ice walls cracked around me as I paced back and forth in terror. What have I done? Not only had I cursed my people into eternal winter, but I also struck Alec with my magic again. I didn't see where exactly he was hit, and he managed to stay awake this time, but that doesn't change the fact that I hurt him.

Now all that distance I put between Alec and me was a waste. The whole reason I did it was for he wouldn't be hurt by me again.

I frowned stopping my pacing and looking down at my palm. No… even before I struck Alec again, I had hurt him. I hurt him with the distance and the silence. Father said that walking away was what was best for both Alec and me.

He was wrong. It has done nothing but cause us both pain and misery.

Now Alec is going to marry some stranger, and there is nothing I can do about it. He is better off without me. The whole kingdom is better off without me."

I say that, yet I can't get over the way Alec clung to me as we kissed. God, it felt so good to kiss him. My usually cold body turned warm and fuzzy as his lips moved against mine. It was short lived though as the cold set in and I remembered why we couldn't be together.

I was a danger to Alec.

"Well, Maybe I love you too."

Alec had said those words and I was still shocked by them. How could there even be a sliver of a chance Alec could love me after the way I treated him? Who could love someone who ignored them and treated them as if they didn't exist for ten years?

Sighing, I shook my head of thoughts of Alec, instead directing them to the situation in Alicante. My people were suffering, and it was all my fault. There just had to be some way to help them. That's the thing though, I didn't know how to help them. I had no idea how to stop this winter.

What if it never ends?

I rang my hands together nervously, wondering if I should try to get in contact with Catarina and Ragnor. They wouldn't be able to undo the magic I've done, only the magic user themselves can do that. Even so, maybe they would know a way for me to stop it.

They're going to be so disappointed.

That small voice in my head made me close my eyes tight. They trusted me to be able to keep a cool head for two hours while they went out of town on business. I couldn't even manage a half and hour before ruining everything we had worked so hard to conceal.

Maybe they wouldn't even bother helping me. They might have just given up on me. I would do the same if I was in their shoes. They must be tired of cleaning up my messes all the time. Especially Ragnor.

The sound of hissing came from the window and I looked toward it, seeing the snow-cat I made before. He was now the size of a real cat and he was sitting on the window seal as he hissed at whatever was outside. I walked up to him, petting his back before peeking out the window.

Standing down below was a group of men, dressed in the guard attire of Alicante. It was the royal guard and standing with them was what seemed like a knight from a storybook. A man with white blonde hair, green eyes, and almost godly good looks.

Jonathan Morgenstern.

A hiss of my own passed my lips at the sight of the prince. He was the bastard who had the nerve to try and take Alexander away from me. He obviously didn't know who he was dealing with when he made the attempt, but now that he knows about my magic, he has balls showing his face in front of me.

I might not be able to restrain myself from killing him.

But Alec loves him.

That voice tried to convince me, but another voice countered with, Alec also loves you.

My head was spinning as I moved away from the window and leaned against one of the ice walls. Who was it? Me or him? Which one of us truly possesses Alec's heart? It has to be me. Alec doesn't even know this stranger. Sure, I'm practically a stranger to him as well, but we have history. They have one measly day.

"Chairman Meow go guard the door," I ordered the cat. It meowed in response before jumping off the window and scurrying out of the room. I could hear loud footsteps follow it, meaning it turned back into its giant size.

Sighing, I paced the room again rubbing my temples in irritation. What was I going to do now that the royal guard was here? I don't mind hurting Jonathan but the guards? They have protected me my whole life. They are almost like family to me. Could I really attack them if need be?

What if they tried to make me go home? Alec couldn't even convince me. If he couldn't there's no one who can. They might try to force me if I don't come quietly.

I sighed again looking out the corner of my eye at the crown laying on the floor feet away from where I was standing. What would my father say if he could see how cowardly I have become? He used to tell me how great of a king he thought I would become. As long as I stay true to my vow and be there for my people, there was no way I could lose. That's what he used to say.

I have gone back on my vow, and it hasn't even been a day. I've turned away from my people to protect myself from all the fear and scrutiny. Even though I know it's wrong, I can't make myself go back there.

The sound of screeching hit my ears, pulling me out of my self-pity. I ran back to the window looking out in time to see my giant snow cat go tumbling off the mountain with a sword sticking out of his chest. Growling low in my throat I pushed off the windowsill and made my way out of the room.

Why couldn't they just respect that I don't want to go back to Alicante and leave me alone? They couldn't possibly want a monster for a king. The only other reason I could think of for them trying this hard is because they want to execute me.

Wouldn't that just make Jonathan Morgensterns life easier?

The sound of footsteps came from the stairs and I stopped in the middle of the hallway, a small flurry surrounding my hand, ready to strike whoever came up first.

I was expecting the guards, but to my surprise Jonathan Morgenstern was alone as he got to the top of the steps. I stared at him confused but didn't lower my guard, keeping the flurry at my hand.

"Why are you here? Where did the guards go?"

He put up his hands as if to show me that he meant no harm. There didn't seem to be any weapons on him but that didn't mean there weren't any hidden in his clothes. I kept my guard up, not letting up on my magic.

"I told the guard to give me a few minutes to try to talk to you alone."

I rolled my eyes at that. "Alec has already tried that. If he couldn't convince me to come back no one will. Why don't you leave me alone and go bask in the fact that you won?"

Jonathan frowned at that. "Won? What did I win? Incase you haven't notice, the entire kingdom is frozen over. No one is winning anything here, not even you."

I narrowed my eyes at him, irritated with his false ignorance. Did he really expect me to fall for his prince charming act? He knows exactly what I was referring to.

"Don't play dumb with me. You know what it is you won."

He searched me with a confused gaze for a moment before the doe eyed look on his face melted away and was replaced with a cocky smirk.

"Oh, are we talking about Alec?"

I glared harder at him and he chuckled before walking forward, daring to get closer to me.

"Oh Magnus. For me to have 'won' it would have had to be a competition. Sorry to tell you but taking Alec from you was maybe the easiest thing I've ever had to do. You made it too easy."

"Alec couldn't possibly actually be in love with you. He's only with you because he can't be with me," I growled, wondering why I was trying to defend myself. It's not like any of this changes the fact that Alec and I still can't be together.

Jonathan shrugged. "That's true. I had to convince him to marry me with the promise of forgetting his feelings for you. I'm not afraid to admit that. That being said, I will make him love me in time. I need the right man to be standing at my side when I officially become king."

I frowned at him as he walked passed me and made his way into the room I had been in before. Making the flurry vanish around my hand, I turned around and followed him into the room. He walked up to the window, looking out at the kingdom that looked the size of an ant from how far away it was.

"What the hell are you talking about? Alec is next in line to be king. Even if you marry him, Alec will be the king of Alicante. The most you will be is his 'queen'."

He rolled his eyes before turning around, leaning his back on the windowsill. "I heard you were smart, guess that was a façade as well. Tell me 'king' Magnus, do you really think Alec has what it takes to be a king?"

"yes," I said confidently, not having any doubt.

"Awe, that's cute. Too bad it's not true. Alec obviously doesn't know the first thing about being a king. For one thing, a great king would never leave someone from a different kingdom in charge no matter what the reason may be."

My shoulders stiffened at that. "Alec left you in charge of Alicante?"

He nodded. "While he was out trying to find you. He came back though so my 'leadership' didn't last too long. Still, it gave me time to show the people of your kingdom just who really cares about them. While Alec left them to find you, I was there giving them food and blankets. Guess who they will remember helped them?"

"What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Getting the people to like you doesn't change that Alec is the next king."

He nodded smiling. "You're right, it doesn't. Alec will be the next king, but he doesn't know the first thing about what to do. Guess who does know what to do as king though? Maybe the one who grew up with all the classes and knowhow. Alec will depend on me to tell him what to do. Eventually the people will see who is really leading them, and they will accept me over him."

I clenched my fists, rage filling my entire body. "Do you even really like Alec? It sounds to me like you're just using him. Daddy took your crown away, so you had to go out and get your own."

Jonathan's green eyes flashed with anger. "How do you know about my father taking away my crown?"

I scoffed at that. "Every ruler in the treaty knows about it. Your little sister is going to be the next leader of Edom. That's something the royal council needs to know."

"Not like you ever go to any of those council meetings! You're too busy locking yourself in your room like a coward!"

"I locked myself in my room to keep Alec and my people safe!"

He rolled his eyes before smirking at me again, pushing off my window and walking around the room. "To answer your question from before, no, I couldn't care less about Alec. I didn't even know he existed until I heard one of our maids talking about him. The Lightwood family is a laughing stock among royals, but I figured with their history of stupidity, I could use him to my advantage."

"What then? Were you planning on getting me out of the way and having Alec take over as king so you could rule in his place? That's sick and twisted. Alec doesn't deserve to be tricked like that!"

He rolled his eyes again. "Anyone who is stupid enough to accept a proposal from someone they just met that day deserves what they get? Who would be crazy enough to fall in love in just one night?"

"Alec is not stupid!"

He shrugged stopping in the middle of the room. He leaned down and picked up my crown, setting it on his head and looking at his reflection in the ice walls. "Maybe not, but that doesn't mean I can't use him. I feel sorry for him really. He's so in love with you that he has tortured himself for the past ten years trying to get you to even look his way. I'll help him get over you and in return I'll get the crown and all the power I want."

"You have to be alive to get married," I growled before throwing out my hands and shooting a blast of ice his way. Jonathan dodged it before pulling a small dagger out of his boot. He flicked it in his hand making it extend into a sword. It was the same kind of sword that was stuck in Chairman Meow as he fell off the cliff.

"You may have magic Magnus, but I have years of combat training on my side. Since you've been locked away in your room most of your life, I'm going to assume that you have zero training."

He was right. I never bothered with combat training because I figured my magic was enough to defend myself. It doesn't matter though. There was no way I was going to let this creep get away with his plans to use Alec. No one hurts Alec and gets away with it!

Jonathan ran at me, swinging his sword and I made one of ice appear in my hand before blocking his. He gritted his teeth before pulling back and swinging it at me again. I kept blocking every swing, the sound of metal and ice sliding together each time me moved apart.

I turned my back toward the door, my sword pushing against Jonathans as he tried to get me on my knees. I stood my ground though, not going to let him get one up one me.

Jonathan glanced passed me before his angry expression turned to one of concern and he looked back at me. "King Magnus please, we don't have to fight. Just come back and bring back summer. After that, we will let you do whatever you want."

I frowned at him confused. Why was he suddenly pleading with me to come back and fix the winter? A moment ago, he was monologuing about how he was going to use Alec to be a king of Alicante. Why would he want me to come fix everything if he wanted to be the hero?

Something sharp hit the back of my arm and I gasped by the sudden pain of it. I glanced down and gritted my teeth when I saw it was a tranquillizer dart. Looking over my shoulder, I could see the royal guard at the door, all holding tranquillizer guns.

I opened my mouth to tell them that they had the wrong person, that I wasn't the one who needed to be taken down. When I opened my mouth though, no words came out. The guard shot more until four darts were sticking out of my body.

The ice sword slipped from my fingers as my body hit the ground hard. Everything around me was becoming fuzzy, going in and out until the last thing I saw before everything went black was Jonathan smirking down at me.

Alec Pov- "Is this really the place," Jace asked looking up at a small cozy cottage that looked like something out of a fairytale. Clary seemed surprised too, as was I, but I wouldn't let them know that.

"A lot of people in Alicante live in cottages. What's so weird about them living in one?"

Jace shrugged. "I guess I never imagined warlocks living in a place like this."

Clary raised an eyebrow at that. "Where would they live? Ina house made of gingerbread and gumdrops?"

Jace rolled his eyes at her snark before looking at me. "Well, what are you waiting for? Knock on the door."

I looked down at the address written down on the paper in my hand before looking at the one written on the house. This seems to be the right address. Still, I was nervous to knock. What if they couldn't help Magnus? Worse, what if they weren't here?

Taking a deep breath, I shoved the paper in my jean pocket before hitting my knuckles against the oak door. Jace and Clary huddled closer to me and Simon bounced with excitement.

"Wow, we're going to meet warlocks besides Magnus! That's so cool!"

Jace looked down at him scowling. "You get too excited."

"Let the snowman be," I scolded as the front door opened, revealing a short girl with light blue skin and white hair. She was definitely one of the tutors that always come to the palace, only her skin was light brown when I last saw her. Still, you don't forget someone as beautiful as her.

"Alexander Lightwood. We were wondering when you would show up," she said before moving out of the doorway. "Please come in."

Clary, Jace, and I all looked at each other before hesitantly going inside. Simon started to go but I quickly stopped him with my foot. "Wait Simon, if you come in here you might melt. Stay out here where it's cool."

Simon pouted at that. "I want to meet the warlock too!"

"Sorry but I don't want you to melt. We are only going to be here for a little bit. I promise we will be right back out, okay?"

He nodded before sitting down and crossing his twig arms over his chest like a child. I chuckled at that before going inside and closing the door behind me. The door led right into the living room where the other tutor, Ragnor Fell was standing over a cauldron, mixing up something warm.

"God, I hope he is making soup," Jace whispered to us, looking a little worried about what else it could possibly be.

"It's not soup. Though I have been told I make a mean chicken noodle," Ragnor replied, grabbing a small bottle of something purple and putting it in the brew.

"Is that a potion to help Magnus," I asked hopefully.

Both Ragnor and Catarina stopped what they were doing, looking at me. I felt awkward under their gazes but stood tall, wanting an answer.

"You know what we are," Ragnor asked frowning.

I nodded. "Michael told me. He said that you have been trying to help Magnus learn how to control his magic. Is there any way to help him get rid of this winter?"

Catarina sighed cupping her cheek in her hand. "Sadly, we can't. A warlock is in charge of their own magic. No other warlock can cancel it out."

"What we can do," Ragnor chiming in said, "is make him this calming potion. Hopefully we can get him to slow down and think rationally about everything. Whatever triggered him couldn't have really been that bad."

I rubbed my arm glancing away and Ragnor groaned loudly. "It was you wasn't it? Oh god, the summer will never come back then."

Catarina smacked Ragnor on the arm. "Don't say that."

He rubbed his temples irritably before pointing at me, making me tense up. "Come on Catarina. You know that when it comes to Alec, Magnus does nothing but panic. He's so in love with the guy that he can't think rationally. He's too afraid of hurting him again."

My shoulders relaxed at his words. "What do you mean?"

Catarina sighed dropping her hand from her face. "Magnus actually has a pretty good hold on his magic when he relaxes. There's one thing that sets his powers off though, and sadly that thing is you Alec."

"Because of him attacking me when we were little?"

They both looked surprised that I knew about it. "Magnus told me when I went to his ice castle in the mountain and tried to talk him into coming home."

Catarina frowned looking me over before walking up to me and grabbing a white strand of my hair.

"Did Magnus strike you again?"

I nodded glancing away from her. "It was a complete accident."

"So was last time. It didn't change the fact that you were on deaths door," Ragnor grumbled.

Catarina ran her finger through my hair frowning before looking in my eyes. "Where did he strike you this time?"

"Does it matter," I asked, pulling away from her.

She nodded. "Yes. It could mean the difference between life and death."

I stayed silent, not really wanting to tell them and possibly get Magnus in trouble. Jace rolled his eyes before shoving my shoulder. "Come on Alec, it's between life and death! That sounds pretty damn important!"

"fine! It was my chest. Magnus struck me in the chest. It only hurt for a split second."

Again, that wasn't true. It still felt like an elephant was sitting on me. It was even worse than a couple hours ago. I should mention that, but I'm not the person that needs focused on right now.

Catarina and Ragnor's eyes widened. "He struck your heart?!"

"Um… no. He hit me in the chest. That doesn't mean he struck my heart."

Ragnor cursed under his breath before glaring at me again. "Are you an idiot? Ice spreads. If he hit you in the chest then it will spread to your heart. Your hair is already turning white. In a few hours you will be completely frozen until you're nothing but an ice sculpture!"

"What!?" Clary, Jace, and I all screamed in unison.

Catarina nodded. "It's true Alec. When was it that Magnus struck you?"

I bit my lip thinking it over. "Um… maybe three or four hours ago."

"You will have another three hours at most," Ragnor stated simply.

"Wait a minute," Jace yelled. "You healed Alec the first time Magnus struck him, right? Why can't you help him again?"

Catarina frowned at that. "Those were different circumstances. Alec was struck in the head that time. The head can be easily changed… but the heart. No matter how hard you may try, the heart can't be easily swayed."

"How do we help Alec then? Is there anything we can do," Clary asked; wrapping her arm around mine.

Ragnor shook his head. "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. It's like a mushy love story, children read about. True loves kiss and all that stupid stuff."

"True loves kiss? Seriously," Jace asked raising an eyebrow.

Catarina nodded. "It's true. Only a true act of love can save Alec now."

Jace and Clary both looked at me as if asking me what we should do. I shook my head at them. "Look, this isn't important right now. Magnus is the one who needs help right now, not me."

Jace looked at me like I was stupid. "Did you not hear that you will be dead in as little as three hours?!"

"If we find Magnus and help him before time is up, I'll be able to find Jonathan and he'll fix this. For now, we need to focus on Magnus."

"Seriously, Jonathan? You truly believe that Jonathan is your true love," Jace asked, exasperated.

"Jonathan is who I'm marrying," is all I said in response.

"Alec," Clary started to say but I cut her off before she could try to talk me out of marrying her brother.

"I said we are dropping this until we help Magnus. Jonathan and the royal guard have gone to get Magnus and bring him back to the palace. We will bring Catarina and Ragnor back there and they will talk him into fixing summer. Everything will be better after that and then we can worry about me."

With that I turned away and headed to the front door before anyone had the chance to object. I reached out for the doorknob but before my hand could land on it, a chill ran up my body and before I knew it, everything went black.

When my vision finally came back I was staring up at the ceiling, Clary and Jace looking down at me with worried expressions. I sighed in exhaustion and gasped when a puff of white smoke escaped past my lips, as if I was outside in the cold.

"W-what happened," I asked weakly.

I tried sitting up and Jace put his hand behind my back, helping me. "You passed out when you tried to leave the cottage. Alec… we really need to get you some help. Forget about helping Magnus and focus on yourself.

I frowned at him, going to yell but stopped when I caught my reflection in the mirror. My hair was now completely white, making my skin look paler and my eyes bluer. My body temperature was so low that I shivered with chills.

"You've been out for an hour now. You only have two more hours until you are completely frozen," Ragnor said, walking up to the bed. He laid a warm wet cloth on my forehead, making steam rise from it.

"Alec… you have to make a choice," Clary said softly, running her fingers through my hair. I looked up at her before down at my hands in my lap. The tips of my fingers looked blue as if they were frostbiting. I clenched my fists before looking back up at them.

"I need to get to Magnus."

Jace glared down at me. "You are seriously going to put helping Magnus above your life?"

I shoved the covers off of me, standing up on shaky legs. It took me a second to gather my bearings before I was able to walk to the front door.

"No… They said that the only thing that can save me is a kiss from my true love." I looked at them over my shoulder. "If that's true… then I'm going to need Magnus."

Both Clary and Jace's eyes widened at that. "Are you admitting that Magnus is your true love?"

"I've always known," I whispered softly before pulling the front door open.

"Let's go. We don't have much time."