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I've been drinking myself to oblivion in this bar for Merlin knows how long. I drink glass after glass mixing it with Firewhiskey. At this point I have to say I'm thoroughly inebriated. I got up today bright and early and decided to head out to buy a new car and roam around the city. All of that went out of the window after I saw my parents as soon as I went into the elevator. Taylor was also in the lift and was speaking to them. I nodded my head as to greet him. My parents looked at me and for a second my stomach was knotted with anticipation. Hope swelled inside my chest for a moment when I thought I saw a glimpse of recognition in my mother's eyes. My dad looked confusingly at me. My mom frowned at me and then smiled. The hope soon shattered and broke my heart into pieces all over again with the conversation that followed soon. I recall the events that happened after.

"Hello, I'm Monica Wilkins and my husband Wendell Wilkins. I have not seen you here before dear, have you moved in recently?" My mom asks me.

I swallow the bile rising in my throat as I shake hands with my mom and dad trying very hard to stop my hands from shaking. It's been six years since I have last seen them. My eyes are starting to fill with tears and I have to look away for a moment. I see Taylor looking at me curiously.

" It's a pleasure to meet you Mr and Mrs Wilkins. I'm Hermione Granger. I just moved in here yesterday" I manage to say after getting hold of my emotions.

We have reached the ground floor and Taylor walks towards a girl who is moving or should I say bouncing towards the elevator. She has short hair and is dressed in latest fashion.

"Oh you are British too then. We speak british english but we have moved from Australia" My father says kindly giving me a smile.

" Yes , I'm from London" and so are you. And it's all my fault that you don't remember, I want to scream and cry. I chide myself for the slipup.

"You don't look well dear, are you feeling okay?" My mother frowns in concern. And I become upset again.

I try to chuckle but it comes out more like a croak " I'm fine Mrs. Wilkins, Thank you for asking. I'm just feeling a bit of home sick and under the weather. You remind me of my mom and dad."

"I hope you adjust well here soon and ask us for any help you need. We live just above your floor". My dad says.

"I will Mr. Wilkins, thank you. You are very kind." I say. I really should stop doing that.

They have dressed up to go out somewhere I want to ask where they are going and if I can come with them. But of course I can't do that. I have to be patient if I have any chances of restoring their memories. I am about to ask more about them when my mom says " We are sorry dear, we should leave. We are getting late. We would like to get to know you well. See you soon"

"Of course Mrs. Wilkins, it was nice to meet you too" and I start to move away. I hear a loud squeal and the girl I saw earlier talking to taylor is bouncing towards my mom and dad. Suddenly I'm very jealous. Sharp pain pierces through my heart as if I have been stabbed by a dagger. Have they replaced me with her? Is she their new daughter now? Is she as brilliant as I was? Is she a better daughter than I was? Millions of questions go through my head and so I decide to eavesdrop on them. I quickly move to the nearby red audi I saw yesterday and hide behind it.

"Hello Monica, Wendell. It's so nice to see you! I came to visit my brother but Taylor here says he is busy piled up in work and I can't meet him. Really Christian is always working! No time for his family, is not even coming for lunch today. You are going to bellevue to meet my parents right? Can I please come with you guys? I need a ride back, Elliot dropped me and went to Kate's apartment to pick her up for lunch." The bouncing girl says. I'm really starting to hate her now. Why does she need to travel with my parents, doesn't she have her own car? And why in Merlin's baggy pants is she trying to impress my parents?!

Okay I really need to calm down now, I'm being paranoid. Moreover she talked about her parents so the danger of my parents having adopted her is gone. I really should stop acting so selfish, if they had adopted, it's their choice. They have the right to be happy and I don't have any right to interfere, I have already given them enough grief. I feel ashamed for eavesdropping and turn around to walk away.

"Ms Granger, I see you like the car" I hear Taylor speaking to my right and I'm mortified at having been caught eavesdropping. I gather myself and decide to play it cool. I never was that good at sneaking without Harry's cloak.

"As a matter of fact you are right . I wanted to get one myself. Do you know any nearby showrooms?" I go along with the flow. Not a total lie though, I do need a car.

He looks suspicious but decides to humour me and walks towards my parents and the girl. "You can come with us Miss Granger, we can drop you off at a showroom on the way" He says. And I visibly light up. Again I get a chance to be with my parents.

"That be great Mr. Taylor" I say and practically run after him.

After informing my parents I'm introduced to the bouncing girl.

"Of course you can come with us dear. You'll definitely need a car to get around here. And this is Mia Grey. And Mia this is Hermione Granger" My mother says.

"Thank you Mrs. Wilkins. Nice to meet you Ms Grey" I grit out to the girl. The girl not noticing my tone literally throws her arms around me to hug me. I'm frozen to the spot. What the hell is going on? Does this girl have no boundaries?! I mean I'm all for hugs but to a stranger is where I draw a lin.

"It's so great to meet you Hermione, I can call you Hermione right? Hermione is such a lovely and unique name! And please call me Mia. Since when are you staying here? Are you British? I have visited Britain and I love it!" She blabbers so many questions at once.

"Mia give her time to process your questions before you ask them continuously darling" My mother smiles fondly her and turning towards me "You have to forgive Mia here, she is such an enthusiastic, cheerful girl. It's takes a bit of time to get used to" she mock whispers to me.

I try to smile politely at darling Mia and it's comes out as a grimace "That is alright . I just moved in here just yesterday. Yes I'm from London" I say and the conversation flows.

I chide myself for being so petty, Mia seems like a perfectly friendly if not a bit overly friendly and nice girl. My parents seem to be very fond of her. And if they like her, I should not have any reservations with her. We discuss about the fashion and cuisine which she seems to be very interested in, recently having learnt culinary arts in france. It's a fresh feeling talking to someone young acting their age unlike me and my friends who grew up too soon. Maybe it was the war or the maybe it's the way wizarding world is shaped you never know. Mia invites me to have lunch with her parents and I was expecting my parents to invite me too but they don't. I politely decline and try not to be upset, I can't blame them after all, you don't just invite strangers to family get togethers and it is exactly what I am to them, a stranger.

I get down near the showroom with a heavy heart and wave them goodbye with a promise to Mia to meet up sometime. I wanted to check out different cars but was so not in the mood and ended up buying the same red audi. I don't even like red that much, but hey House loyalty right?

I drive aimlessly taking a long route to home. On the way I notice a bar, it's six in the evening now. I guess a bit of drink will lessen my pain, so I head towards the bar after parking my car. It's named "Seattle's Coven" and I chuckle dryly at how fitting it sounds.

And here I'm, it's nine thirty at night and I have been drinking away my sorrows rather pathetically. I look at the barman approaching me and drink a bit of sober up potion so I'm in right state of mind to converse with him.

"We are closing for the night Madam, you are more than welcome to continue if you like in the bar underground but for that I'll need your identification papers and sign of confidentiality"

"Sign of confidentiality, what for Mister?" I hear myself asking, its takes a bit of time for the potion to work its effects.

"We have a rather separate club having night bars and special type of night parties. It only allows the elite and you have an option to be anonymous. It ensures that identities of individuals are protected. So we would need a Sign of confidentiality". He explains with a rather mischievous gleam in his eyes.

I not able to decipher what he means by that and no way am I in a state of mind to use legilimency and I'm drunk and not thinking clearly and well as I'm inherently curious so I decide to check out what's going on.

I submit my identification papers and sign something call NDA, uhh I didn't even read it properly, still not sober. They offer me mask and I decline, who the hell is going to identify me here anyway. They give me something called Instruction sheet? with a bunch of rules on how to behave. I don't bother reading them as I'm sure it's the same bar rules. They lead me to what seems like a dungeon. I'm starting to feel a bit sober now. I'm palming my wand in my pocket in case it's a trap.

What I see as I enter the room makes me stand rooted to the spot, frozen with shock. I'm now suddenly completely out of my inebriated state. I'm unable to move my feet. There are some people dressed in weird looking attires in leather holding crops, whips and various other object and using those implements on people who are wearing practically next to nothing and completely tied up without a chance to escape. Some are at the bar drinking while others are wha...kneeling?! next to them. Some of the naked ones are being lead by collar across the room. People are crowding to watch the leather ones perform sex..?! and other seemingly blizzare, horrific and painful acts on others. What a bunch of perverts! I'm unable to wrap my head around what's going on, it's like I'm in some kind of alternate dimension. This should be completely illegal, the happenings going on here. Nobody in their right state of mind would consent to that. Wasn't slavery abolished in America like more than a century back. Why has no one's taking action against this?! I'm totally appalled, disgusted and repelled at the scenes in front of me. I'm feeling sick to my stomach at the revolting displays. I look around for ladies room and practically run towards it.

I completely empty the contents of my stomach and sit there on the floor panting not caring about the dress. The floor is quite clean. I try to process the horrific scene I just witnessed. I can't let this continue, I have to do something about this. I don't know if this is illegal though, even the thought of this being legal is preposterous. But I can't jump to rescue everyone without knowing more about the situation. I need more information. I gather myself and go to wash my face. I'm sure I look terrible now with my hair all over the place.

I see one woman dressed in leather, fixing her hair. I think I was staring at her for too long because she suddenly turns to look at me.

"So not a submissive then or else you wouldn't have dared to stare at me without fearing punishment. You don't look like a domne either. So I'm guessing you are new to the scene, trying to figure out where you fit?If you'd ask me, you're definitely a sub" She says in a rather superior tone and I'm really starting to get pissed.

Daring to speak to me, is she mental?! Who does she think she is? "I have no idea what you are talking about, I'm not trying anything. I just got the shock of my life coming here. And I really don't need your attitude right now" I fume.

"Oh my, you don't even know what BDSM is then. Really these stupid club managers. They atleast have to brief them about what they are walking into. No wonder you look like this. There must be an instruction sheet given, yes?" She says in a much softer tone now leaving me to wonder if the other tone was a mask.

"Err….yeah it was given but I thought it was a normal bar with normal rules." I say looking a bit embarrassed for not reading it. I pride myself in knowing about everything before I walk into a situation, I blame it on the firewhiskey. I'm a bit out of my element right now. I decide to push it and ask her "Surely what is going on here is illegal, I mean it looks like slavery to me and it's utterly barbaric what is happening outside, no offense to you of course" I hastily add.

"No need. Most have the same reaction when they witness this for first time. Yes it is completely legal, these people have given their complete consent. A consent form is signed before. People are here because they enjoy this lifestyle not because they are forced into it" She says.

"Surely consent won't have much meaning when you are violating a person physically. Some are not even in the state of giving consent, they are tied up and gagged and being badly beaten. They are being treated less than human. Why would anyone consent to violence?!" I exclaim outranged.

"Look Miss I understand you are apprehensive but that doesn't give you the right to judge us and our lifestyle. I'm not here to argue with you on whether or not this is morally right. I'm here to have fun. My sub is bound and waiting for me. I'll remind you not to do anything foolish or talk the same way to anyone here as they won't take it kindly. Everything that goes on here is legal and completely consented, so there is nothing much you can do about it. All I say is pain and pleasure go hand in hand" with that she walks out of the room leaving me gaping after her. Is this women mental, what I'm saying has nothing to much do with morals, its basic humanity and pain and pleasure go hand in hand, is she bloody serious? I subconsciously touch my hand on the scar. I don't want to relieve that memory again. Having experienced both I can say what she said is utterly preposterous and insane.

It looks like there is nothing I can do if people here have truly consented to this. I need to get out of here and process this, research more on this and only then I can decide what to do about this. I have so much on my plate now, what with starting at Ministry this monday, having to deal with Saunders and apparently horrible Minister, my parents, the Magical transportation problem at ministry, the pureblood supremacists or rather the suspicion for the lack of them here and now this. My head is literally spinning. I need to go home now. But suddenly I'm feeling overwhelmingly dreadful as I think about my parents. I have no idea what I'm going to do about that or how will I wait for 3-5 months before administering the potion. I'm terrified of their reaction after they find out what I have done. If the potion works that is. I'm scared out of my mind that they will not be able to forgive me for this, what I did was unforgivable and I start crying .

I wash my face and I'm fixing my hair when I see a familiar person walk in. This is the girl from yesterday Miranda something. She is just wearing a see through lingerie with garter and stockings. Her breasts which are completely out of the cups look like they have been bruised badly and she is limping. She looks like she is in pain and is about to cry. She takes one look at me and blanches.

She tries to gather herself and asks me "Are you also a sub then? Who is your dominant or you just here to play randomly?" She asks haughtily. This time I don't mind though because I get the feeling that she is putting on a mask trying to be brave and not appear weak in front of someone she clearly considers an opponent. An opponent to what exactly, I don't know. I really should educate myself about this sub and dominant shit. I mean I have a vague idea after seeing but not sure enough to comment.

I decide to not react to her attitude, she looks like she needs a hug. "No Miranda, I just stumbled here rather accidently believe it or not" I add rather gently "Are you okay? You don't look very well".

"There is nothing wrong with me Hermine was it? Master takes very good care of me. I'm here with master. You don't need to worry your little brain about others matter. Concern yourself with your issues like I don't know your hair, it's looks like a rat nest. You'll never find a good dom with that atrocious hair" and she storms to one of the stalls before I could retort a snarky reply.

Have I done something to her? You are not simply horrible to strangers. This girl must have some serious issues. I'm suddenly angry at the way these people are speaking to me, thinking they are superior to me. I storm out of the room to head towards the bar, I need a drink and I'll get the hell out of here after one glass. I'm done with this shit.

I'm so angry I don't see some old geezer walking right into me. I mutter an apology with my head still down and walk away. I order a drink and sit there fuming, contemplating my life. After some time someone sits beside my stool. I don't look up but realise that it's the same old geezer. I decide to ignore him and down my drink in one go and look around. My gaze falls on Miranda where she is standing with some guy wearing a mask and some tight leather clothes. She is tied up and is suspended upside down. The guy is whipping her with what seems to be a sharp bullwhip all over her body. She is screaming loudly. I want to go there and beat the shit out of him because sure as hell this doesn't look consensual but I'm helpless because she hasn't given me indication that she doesn't want this though her behaviour says otherwise.

I think I have had enough for the night, all these screamings are bringing out the memory of Malfoy Manor. I practically run out of there and again startled to see Taylor in the parking lot. He looks at me surprised and nods his greeting looking rather disappointed.

I climb into the car and drive to my home thinking of the day I had. Wait till Harry, Ron and Ginny listen to this, I'll never hear the end of it!

AN: You have to understand Hermione here is witnessing all these for the first time and don't know what to think about it espcially since she is bit of a prude in this story. I'm not really sure whether I'm against BDSM or just don't care about it, I'm trying to explore that in this story as well, the pro's and cons of that lifestyle.

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