033. Reach



The most free she ever felt on Themyscira was during training. Diana loved the swing of her blade, how her breathing caught before the inevitable strike.

Queen Hippolyta never approved of combat practice in her youth. Antiope kept hush about it.

The other Amazonian women flocked to their princess, eager to help, to share their wisdom to her.

Diana often spent time with Acantha for their lively conversations about the old way of politics and academia — Acantha believed that even though men were unable to change from Ares's influence, the women among them were likely misguided, precious sisters to the Amazonians.

When she had questions about her developing body and her volatile, fiery emotions, Acantha directed her to the tomes. It took a lot more than sexual education to make her flustered.

(Diana would know. She kissed her on impulse once, at the peak of a glimmering, orchid sunrise, just because Diana simply wanted to understand the sensation. Acantha's lovely, brown face scrunched up in astonishment, her lips parting. She scolded Diana for a couple of moments afterwards.)

Euboea taught Diana to duel with twin swords and to shoot an arrow, to keep her attention open.

They would sneak off to the heated waterfalls, peeling off their dampened, leathered and heavy armor, laughing and splashing and grabbing each other by the waist, stealing tiny, affectionate pecks on the mouth, driven by the height of adrenaline.

That fellow Amazonian warrior had a deep infatuation with Antiope, and pined wistfully for her without revealing herself. Diana wondered if everyone else could see it plain as day as well.

Menalippe showed Diana around the forbidden temples, and where she meditated. Being an oracle gave her more freedom than anyone.

The air would be smokey and bright with starlight, and Diana greedily accepted the weight of the other Amazon on top of her, caressing her back. Menalippe's unusually slender form felt heavenly, her ceremonial, white dress riding up, exposing her nethers and her buttocks. Her hips pressed down harshly and rolled up against Diana's.

She told Diana that the tangle of their own fate-lines were unclear, but Diana would play a special part regardless. Not as just as Themyscira's princess, but in the fate of humanity itself.

It mattered not. Diana could not leave, even if she wanted. But she was grateful for the company.



Wonder Woman comics/DC Comics aren't mine. GOTTA LOVE WLW ISLAND RIGHT? I wanted to play around with the canon Amazonians a bit, and Diana's possible crushes or infatuations with them. Her first kiss was INDEFINITELY another Amazonian. ;))) Thoughts/comments appreciated!