It was early in the morning, much earlier than he was supposed to be at work, but the events of the past few days still hadn't left his mind. As he sat in the semidarkness of his office, chewing on a sunflower seed, he replayed those events in his mind, trying to form a profile of the person that had come into his life with no warning other than a memo saying he would get a new partner. As unwelcomed as that had been, he couldn't hide his surprise when he saw her.

Dana Scully was not at all what he was expecting. She came in, all five feet three of her, and shook his hand, making eye contact and carrying a soft smile on her face. They always say people who smile are more easily trusted and he had to agree. But smiles, no matter how beautiful they were, wouldn't fool him that easily. She was a beautiful woman, he noticed, with big blue eyes that inspired confidence. From what he had read, she was also very smart. Not everyone could rewrite Einstein and get away with it. It had been a bold move on her part and she had passed with flying colors. Maybe the FBI was really onto him this time and she would be the one to discredit his work completely. They were really trying hard, anyway.

He observed her reaction to everything he said, to everything he proposed and to everything he showed her. What called his attention was that she seemed genuinely interested and intrigued all the time, which was a nice difference from her predecessors. Was it possible that she was just another pawn in the government's charade to hide the truth? Her quirky smiles looked a little rebel to him and he liked it. He kept that thought in the back of his mind for further assessment.

During the case, he kept her in the dark for the most part, only giving her pieces of information she really needed to hear, and he saw how much that frustrated her. Maybe it was because she couldn't wait to write all his crazy talk on her little report. But maybe it was something else, maybe she really wanted to help. Maybe, just maybe.

He had been studying the case files when she knocked on his motel room. It took him a while to understand what she wanted when she disrobed in front of him and his eyes unconsciously hovered over her body. Was she trying to seduce him? If that was the case, she might succeed, if he was being honest with himself. He tried to shake that thought away as he realized she was looking over her shoulder, indicating with her eyes where she really wanted him to look. He hoped she hadn't noticed the way he had been looking at her.

"Mosquito bites," he said, almost laughing. He knew it was a horrible thing to think, but it was somewhat of a relief to see that she was truly scared. It meant she believed, if not him, then at least that something was happening.

He offered his bed to her so that she could keep warm while he told his story and she accepted promptly. As she made herself comfortable, for a brief moment he wondered what the sheets would smell like when she went back to her room. He tried to put away that strange thought as he summarized his life story to her.

"I'm telling you this, Scully, because you need to know, because of what you've seen." He reinforced, when he told her about Samantha.

He knew he had a reputation, a nickname given to him. Spooky. He didn't know why, but he needed her to see him beyond that nickname, and he was not entirely sure if it was for mere professional reasons. Maybe if she believed him, he would still stand a chance, at the bureau and in life in general. Maybe, just maybe. Thinking of her as his savior was so ridiculous he decided to keep that thought in the back of his mind too, at least for the time being. It was not normal to feel that way about someone you've just met, was it?

A crime scene and a motel fire later, they found themselves in a cemetery, in the middle of the night.

Out, in the pouring rain, she tried to make sense of his theory. Suddenly, he saw her face change, as if something had clicked in her mind, like a light had been turned on in there and everything suddenly made sense to her. And then she laughed, a hearty laugh that warmed his heart. He couldn't help but laugh with her. By the time he suggested they get out of the cemetery, he was sure he had gained her trust.

Now, sitting in the semidarkness of his office, he realized he felt more alive than he had felt in a long, long time. He had always been passionate about his work and about his quest to find Samantha, but for the first time in his life, he felt like he had an ally, for as crazy as it might sound. Because it was crazy to think that a total skeptic was an ally to a man that believed in little green men and Bigfoot, but maybe, just maybe, that's what she was. Had the government been caught in their own trap? Had they finally found someone to debunk his work, without realizing that what was really at risk of being debunked was their own conspiracies?

He took another seed from the bag and chewed on it, thinking of how he had just picked up the phone the previous night to tell her the government was once again trying to hide everything.

You shouldn't be so open with someone you don't trust entirely yet, Fox.

But it had been so long since he'd had someone to share those things with, and even longer since he had had someone willing to listen to him, that it just felt the natural thing to do. After all, they were partners, right? Partners tell each other everything.

Not after 11 p.m. on a weekday, Fox.

He tried not to think much about it because the truth was that he liked her a little more than he had expected, a little more than he should. He had a feeling that she felt the same. Maybe they could become friends one day. Maybe, just maybe. He also kept that thought in the back of his mind for further assessment.