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Among the ten races of Alfhiem there exists something they all treasure as a race. For the legendary Alfs of Yggdrasil it is their ability to soar endlessly through the pure blue sky never having to touch the world below. The Cait sith boast at their ability as marksmen with bows and arrows however, it is the creatures they tame which hold with the highest regard. The Gnomes value their bond to the earth and Leprechauns their ability as craftsmen and artisans.

Music and melody are what the Pooka practice diligently as it is what they treasure most and Imps treasure their unique and unrestricted flights beneath the earth while others relay on light from sun, moon, and stars. Burning magic and stalwart might are what impresses the fiery Salamander tribe. Swift as the wind the commune with the Sylph's bond to wind is their forte unlike the Undine whom treasure their skills as healers thanks to their affinity with water.

The last tribe is the mysterious and mischievous Spriggan whose abilities allow them the use of any weapon and illusion magic to aid them in their treasure hunting. However, no matter what treasures they find or collect it is never enough or so it seems. So it stands to reason that it is something else which they treasure most of all. Perhaps this tale about to unfold holds the answer we seek.

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