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"I hate him." I told her. No use in beating around the bush, I knew my feelings pretty well these days.

"Hate is a strong word to use." No shit Alice, I'm aware of that

"It's also the right word to use." Please just get it through your head now, don't make me repeat it a million times like I had to do everything else. She had never been very good at listening to me when I told her no.

"But you love him! You two belong together!" Alice said. She really didn't have a clue about what happened did she?

"Alice, I don't love Edward anymore. Yes, I loved him, but having been left for dead in the middle of the woods kind of got rid of those feelings." She looked astonished. Either she didn't know he had left me in the woods, or she truly thought I could forgive him for it.

"I see, I hoped you could have forgiven him for that." Seriously? Forgive him for nearly causing my death?! "You apparently forgave Jasper for trying to eat you."

"For fuck's sake Alice! Jasper wasn't supposed to be the one who loved me and took care of me! Now please leave before Charlie gets back from the funeral. You can go save your dear brother yourself and please make sure the asshole knows to stay the fuck away from me." With that she was gone, hopefully that would be the last I saw of that family.

For those interested, I might do an Alice POV on this one as well. Let me know what you think!