Authors Note: Written by myself and SOULMATELOVER4LIFE definitely go and check her stories out. Hope you enjoy!

The sky turned a dark red as smoke billowed into the air. Fire was spreading with no sign of stopping. Screams filled the blood-soaked paths as people were slaughtered left and right. Spells were flying all over the village as bodies piled up higher and higher. The sight was horrific, it was just pure slaughter.

"RUN, IT'S LORD VOLDEMORT!" a voice yelled from a few feet away, I didn't know from what but I ran, I then heard a voice yell "Kill every last one of them, The Dark Lord wants them all dead."

As I tried to find a hiding spot, so I wouldn't be killed, I ran through one of the back paths that not many people used thinking there wouldn't be anyone on it.

"STOP!" someone yelled from behind me. I ran until I tripped over something and fell in something wet, soaking me in whatever it was. As I turned around to see what I tripped over, I wished I hadn't, because what I saw would haunt me for the rest of my life. My mate, my precious, precious mate. They had captured him and were holding him hostage.

"Come out, come out wherever you are." The man yelled. "You have to the count of three or this filthy half-breed boyfriend of yours will be dead!" The man said viciously.

My head shot up and my eyes fell on a man standing at the end of the path with a giant grin on his face as dozens of small black hands stretched out from behind him. When one of them touched my mate it broke a part of his arm into tiny rectangles that disappeared into the air, all I could do was sit there and watch as my husband was murdered using an ancient forbidden spell.