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I shot up in my bed as I pushed the horrible memory of that day to the back of my mind. I got up and walked to my dresser, there were three picture frames lined up on it. The one on the left was of Harry Potter, my first friend, he was killed fighting Voldemort. With his death the world started losing hope, no one seemed to have the courage to fight back anymore. Only a few people continued to fight back, the members of the Order of the Phoenix and Harry's friends. The photo on the right was of the members of the Order of the Phoenix, they were slowly killed to show that no one can stand in Voldemort's way. Though it only took Voldemort a few days to kill them, as even they didn't put up much of a fight. The last one was laying on its face, it hurt too much to look at, though I always took it with me when I moved to a new place to hide. I took the picture out of the frame, folded it up and put it in my pocket, trying hard to ignore the tear and blood stains on it. I was the only one left, everyone else was killed. I was the last person alive in both the light and the grey, the dark killed all of them.

As I looked up into the mirror I realized I looked terrible. My hair was a mess, my skin was pale, I looked like I haven't seen the sun in years. My brown eyes were dull and had no life in them. They haven't had life in them sense that day. Right now, I was in Harry's family mansion, which Harry gave me access to before he died, the only place that they would not be able to get me immediately. The place was so heavily warded that it would take weeks maybe months for anyone to find the place, let alone break through. I had been there for a few months, though they shouldn't find me quite some time. I was here because I needed a safe place to stay, to train, and to prepare for what I am about to do.

Throughout the years of running I was able to learn things that helped me survive. My Occlumency is near perfect, years of running had taught me to control my thoughts and to not let anyone in anymore. Yes, I know this is dangerous, but it is necessary in a time where you could be stabbed in the back by anyone. I had learned that even your best friends can betray you. But everything was about to change, if what I was about to worked, it would change everything. I went to the library to grab the final book I needed to use, it was a potions book. All I needed was the last ingredient to the potion I needed. As I read through the book I saw what I needed, acromantula venom, an extremely rare ingredient. Hopefully Harry's family had some in the house. The other ingredients have been here. As I walked to the apothecary wing, I started to think back on how my life went. Everything was fine at first, but once I got my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts things started to go wrong. First the thing with the Sorcerer's Stone, then next year with the Basilisk, then Sirius and Peter Pettigrew, then worrying about Harry in the triwizard tournament, the Ministry's interference at Hogwarts, Dumbledore getting killed, then running for my life searching for the horcruxes and everyone getting killed.

When I had reached the apothecary wing most of the ingredients were on the ground or spoiled so I couldn't use them, luckily the shelves were arranged in alphabetical order and most of the vials were still there. After a few seconds of searching I found a small vial labeled Acromantula Venom, though there wasn't much in it. I grabbed it then headed to the room where I had everything set up, the biggest room in the house, the lobby. When I got there I saw everything that I had set up, there were hundreds of runes lining the walls and floor making a huge array cover the entire room. There were candles set up at key points on the array with a spell to keep them burning. There was a large cauldron in the center of the array that was bubbling violently and had a deep purple hew to it. I stepped up to the cauldron and looked to see how much I needed, In order for the potion to work correctly you will need to add three drops of the venom while simultaneously stirring clockwise three time then counterclockwise six times. If it was made correctly then the potion should slowly boil and have a bright green hew. It seemed easy enough, and in a few minutes it was done. The potion was finished and correct. I took out the last book and read what I needed to do now, it was quite simple, drink the potion then push your magic into the rune array befo-, I couldn't read the last part because it was faded and missing.

I drank the potion and instantly I knew what the rest said. My body was literally burning up, my skin started to burn off and it took everything I had not to scream as I quickly pushed my magic into the runes. The world turned bright white around me as all sounds stopped. When I opened my eyes, which I hadn't realized I shut, I was in a pure white room with a giant grandfather clock, two armchairs, and a small coffee table, all of them white. Out of nowhere a tall man with grey hair wearing a nice suit that was a big contrast to the surrounding area, basically it was black, walked into the room.

He motioned for me to sit as he sat in the chair furthest from me. I looked him right in the eyes as I sat, making sure he didn't try anything, even though I knew, deep down, that he was way stronger than I was. We looked at each other for a while until finally he moved.

"Hello Hermione." the man said, "I was wondering when you would show up here." He looked puzzled. "Now then, onto business."