"Someone...like one of YOU!"

Blue Diamond let out a gasp at the accusation of one of the Diamonds being responsible for Pink Diamond's shattering, while Yellow Diamond looked on, her face an image of pure annoyance and anger.

That exact moment was when Blue Zircon realised her mistake; she had accused two of the practical queens of Homeworld of shattering one of their own. Yellow Diamond had already gotten up, ready to shatter her at a moment's notice, and she began to contemplate her life choices.

As a Zircon, she had been made to be a lawyer - one that always seeked justice for her clients and had a smile - a nervous one, but still a smile - in the face of danger. When she had come into this world, she knew her purpose instantly. That was just how gems worked.

But seeing the pure expression of rage on Yellow Diamond's face was enough to make her shudder: she had failed her purpose and now she was going to be shattered for it. She could only stare as the diamond raised her hand to poof her, trying to reason with her before things got out of hand.

"U-uh, sorry, Yellow Diamond! I-I just got a little carried away-EEP!" Blue Zircon squeaked as she narrowly dodged being poofed by the Diamond's finger, the smug prosecuting Zircon watching with pleasure, a smile making its way over her stupid yellow face.

"Case closed: right, my Diamond?" Yellow Zircon grinned at her, pleased with the joke she had just made. However, Yellow Diamond was too far in her raging fit, and she blasted a beam of lightning right at her in pure hatred. Stunned, the Zircon could only watch in horror as the electricity danced towards her - Blue Zircon doing a similar thing as analysed the situation.

A feeling of wanting to protect and free her rose up inside her, but soon her Homeworld drive and common sense kicked in, telling her otherwise.

This was her rival - the smug Yellow Zircon, who never missed a chance to present evidence and never missed a chance to insult her either - and now that Blue Zircon was defending the biggest fugitive on all of Homeworld, Rose Quartz, a trial that any Zircon would want to run from if they were ever put to defend or prosecute, she actually felt a little sympathy. And yet, there was that Homeworld drive - she was just a defense attorney, this wasn't her purpose - so why did she feel like it was something more?

Without thinking, she acted.

Running as fast as her legs would take her, she jumped through the air, Yellow Zircon barely having a second to react before she slammed into her, just dodging the bolt of energy as it crackled with light, hitting the floor with a loud bang.

"Wha...what?" Yellow Zircon stared at her as if she was an idiot, and im actuality she was for thinking this would work. "What were you thinking? You'd only offend Yellow Diamond more and-"

"Yellow, stop it!" cried Blue Diamond, getting up from her seat and hurrying over before Yellow Diamond could cause any more havoc. "Why are you doing this?"

Regardless, Yellow Diamond stared at her, rage boiling up inside her. "We should just shatter Rose Quartz and be done with it!" Unbeknownst to them, however, was that Rose Quartz and the human that had been brought with her were escaping, getting in Blue Diamond's palanquin and muttering panicked things to each other.

"Can't you restrain yourself?"

"But this is pointless!"

"No, it's not!"

"No time to worry about that, we need to get out of here before we're shattered!" Blue Zircon yelled, stomping her foot on the ground, a tile glowing and teleporting them to just outside of the courtroom, in the center of Homeworld.

Countless contraptions and gems were all over the place, disturbed by the sudden commotion. Blue Zircon and Yellow Zircon just stared at it all, stunned before the wall of the courtroom exploded, Blue Diamond's palanquin tumbling out with Rose Quartz and her human companion inside it.

Without hesitation, Blue Zircon grabbed Yellow Zircon's hand and raced through the plaza, yelling countless 'Excuse me's and 'Pardon me!'s as they dived between several gems, everyone staring in confusion as they got onto a warp pad and disappeared in a flash.

"Do you even have a plan for this?" Yellow Zircon stared at her, deadpan. "Because Rose Quartz just escaped with her little human buddy, and we might as well be dead in the next few seconds."

"I'm thinking, Yellow, I'm thinking," Blue groaned, clutching her head in annoyance. "Besides, we're just going to the Hub, anyway, so we can just steal a ship or escape pod and go to Neptune or something. That sound okay to you?"

"Sometimes I even wonder how you were qualified to defend Rose Quartz, of all people..." Yellow facepalmed, as Blue Zircon sighed.

"Well, don't get me wrong, I hate this experience just as much as you do." she rolled her eyes, as they got nearer to their destination. "So, if you'd rather be shattered, then I'd gladly leave you behi-"

"No, no, TAKE ME WITH YOU!" Yellow Zircon seized her by the neck, an expression of fear and desperation on her face. Blue Zircon just stared at her in shock, having never seen this side of the smug gem before. And apparently, Yellow realised that too, for she immediately stepped back quickly and recomposed herself. "I...I mean, no...take me with you."

Blue just stared at her, shocked, before she snapped back to reality as the warp ended, the two Zircons arriving at an intergalactic hub where most ships were selected or chosen to visit different places.

Awkwardly, they strode through the mass of gems boarding large ships, or giving them maintenance. Yellow Zircon stared around the place - before her eyes fell on a massive ship, an Emerald standing next to it, smirking in pride at its wonderful design.

"What about that one?" Yellow lightly tapped Blue's arm, the two almost looking like a couple at the supermarket. "That one seems good, right?"

"Okay..." Blue glanced around for a moment, the swarms of gems seemingly calm, before she walked over, Yellow in tow. The Emerald only stared at her as if she was a bug that needed to be crushed, her eyes giving a judgemental gaze that cut right into her soul.

"What do you want?" She asked, Blue already regretting this, Yellow waiting beside her in annoyance, before muttering a 'Screw this' and grabbing her hand, racing into the deep chambers of the ship. The Emerald let out a cry of alarm, nearly every gem in the area running after them as they traversed the corridors, trying to find the main control room.

"Oh my stars, oh my stars..." was all Blue Zircon could say as they ran, eventually reaching a control point. Without hesitation, Yellow Zircon slammed her hands into a transparent fluid on the panels, her eyes turning into pure static as she processed data. She had never been on a ship before but had at least seen others pilot them on her way to countless intergalactic trials, so it was worth a shot.

Still, Blue Zircon grabbed onto her in fear as the ship began to rise, going out into the galaxies and stars. She had never been on a ship before - and the muffled yells of the gems that were on the hunt for them made sure that the thrill wouldn't last.

"Hurry, Yellow, hurry..." she said in a sing-song voice, already nervous as the distant yells of gems got louder. Yellow didn't say a word, the only sound coming out of her being a strange vibration as she processed the ship's data. The ship was weaving through the stars, quick as a bullet. Though, the thrills of nearly being tossed all around the interior were discarded when the gems who had been pursuing them finally caught up.

"There they are!" A Ruby at the front cried, Blue Zircon letting out a scream that quickly snapped Yellow Zircon out of her trance. Quickly glancing between the rapidly approaching gems and the endless galaxy in front of them, Pink Diamond's former colony Earth appearing right in her view.

Ironic that the trial for Pink Diamond's death would send them both straight to her abandoned colony.

"Hold on tight, okay?" she cried, pulling Blue close and tapping her foot, an escape pod forming around them just as the gems were about to pounce. In less than a second, they were shot out of the ship, both gems letting out screams as they plunged into the depths of space and Earth itself...