The New Beginning for a New Chief:

Back outside, as the sun was rising over the huge dark layer of seawater, the Dragon Riders, the good Berkians and the Defenders had defeated all of Spitelout's men. They suddenly heard a huge rumble coming from the Tower, they looked forward and saw the top fall apart followed by the walls breaking apart and crashing to the ground below creating a huge fog of dust and dirt.

It spread across the whole island making all the Vikings cough and the dragons sneezing. The smoke faded slightly.

Everyone looked towards where the Tower was and saw no sign of Hiccup or Toothless. Astrid, Gobber, Heather, Mala and Throk ran towards it calling out for Hiccup and Toothless but they heard no reply.

Even the dragons gave out a huge roar but there was no luck.

They all bowed their heads in grief.

They unexpectantly heard a familiar roar, and looked towards the smoky fog again, they saw a figure riding on top of a dragon figure appearing into view. They saw it was Hiccup on Toothless as they came into the light.

They cheered in delight.

Astrid ran to Hiccup as he hopped off Toothless. He ran to her as well but just when they were about to hug, she shoved him backwards.

"What was that for?" he asked confused in an angry tone.

"That was for scaring me…and this is for everything else," she moved forward and kissed him. They embraced as they did while the others including Toothless went 'awe'.

They broke the kiss and placed their foreheads against each other whilst smiling.

Hiccup then went forward to hug Mala. Mala hoisted him into her arms and hugged her brother tightly. "I'm so glad you're alright," she said in tears of joy.

He then hugged Throk. Then Heather and then Gobber and then Fishlegs and then Ruffnut.

They were all so happy to see him safe and sound. They were then surround by all the other Riders including Ruffnut and Fishlegs who gave Hiccup a very big squeezing hug.

After embracing all his friends, Hiccup turned to see all the Berkians and all of Spitelout's former Viking and Dragons slaves. They all bowed down to him as did everyone else.

Hiccup took in a deep breath and breathed out calmly and held a straight face. It was his time.

Hours later all the dead bodies of those who had given their lives were placed on ships and drifted out to sea. After Hiccup said the words of farewell for all of them, they all lit arrows on fire and fired them at the ships burning up the corpses.

Later in the week, Hiccup and everyone else was rebuilding the Great Hall and the village. He hoped to make it better for everyone else. It was to be a utopia for all Vikings and dragons again with feeding stations, dragon baths and hangers for dragons and even more improved houses for the humans. He also started constructing a weird piece of furniture in the centre of the Hall.

He wanted it to be a surprise for everyone.

Meanwhile the Defenders were welcomed to live on Berk, they made a small area near the village into their section where they put huts just like the ones back at their former home. The Defenders would become Berk's Special Forces and military and Mala and Throk would be their leaders.

On one of the old tables, Hiccup and all his friends and their dragons were having breakfast together when a Defender named Harrison came in. "Hiccup…" he said.

"What is it, Harrison?" he asked.

"There are some strange looking ships with a Viking helmet symbol heading our way,"

"They must be the Outcasts," Astrid said.

"The Outcasts?" Hiccup asked. Clearly he didn't know who they are.

"I can explain, chief," a soldier offered.

"Go ahead," Hiccup answered.

"Back when Spitelout reigned, he tried to make a truce with Alvin the Treacherous for him to join his army but Alvin refused to join and he threatened to go to war with him. So Spitelout said if he paid him high tons of gold each year, he would never force Alvin to join him. Clearly Alvin is on his way to get that demand.

"I will not be give up any more gold because Berk needs it for its future," Hiccup said much to the surprise of everyone.

"But Hiccup…" Fishlegs said, "We may not have a choice, there's no other way to convince Alvin to not to take anymore gold from Berk,"

"There's always a way, Fishlegs," Hiccup replied put a hand on his shoulder.

He turned back to the soldier, "Tell Alvin, he is come here and sort his matter with me,"

"Yes, chief," the soldier went out the door.

Hiccup sat back down with his friends and Toothless.

"Hiccup, do you really think you can do this?" Astrid asked sitting next to him.

"I have to try," Hiccup said, "There's always been enough violence for a lifetime for Berk,"

"I know you can do this," Astrid placed a hand on Hiccup's.

"We all do," Mala said sitting opposite her brother. Everyone supported Hiccup as they awaited Alvin.

About 15 mins later, Alvin (a large Viking with strange looking armour, a helmet with loads of horns with brown bushy hair with a matching beard and matching eyes) came into the hall with about 10 men.

"So where's Spitelout?" he demanded softly.

"He's dead, Alvin," Gobber said. "Hiccup, the son of Spitelout's brother Stoick is our new chief now so you shall deal your matter with him,"

"Him?" Alvin started laughing because of Hiccup's size and body structure. "That's the new chief," he started laughing cheerfully along with his men but they were cut off by a quick blade cutting off Alvin's beard and the left side of the soldier's moustaches.

They heard a tongue tittering and saw Mala near Hiccup with her ninja sword pointed out at them. She had swiftly cut their beards slightly as payback.

"You do not laugh at my brother like that," she sneered. "Do it again and I'll cut off more than just some of your hairs,"

Alvin just glared at her but it was cut off by Hiccup saying, "Okay before we start a fight which is not necessary, let's get down to business," he walked towards Alvin. "Alvin, you will not take more gold from Berk like you have for the past twenty years…not when Spitelout's reign is over,"

"Excuse me but you want Berk to be unharmed by my men for being demanded to fight in its army, you will give more gold or I will declare war on your island,"

He poked at Hiccup, but Toothless bounded besides Hiccup and snarled.

"What is that?" Alvin asked feeling scared.

"Now that would be my very best friend Toothless whose more than just a Night Fury, he's my brother-in-arms," Hiccup explained hugged Toothless but he went back to the subject they were talking about. Toothless though kept his guard on Alvin in case he tried to attack Hiccup.

"Alvin, Berk no longer demands you to join in its army in conquering the Archipelago, I am not the chief you previously met," Hiccup declared. "So either we can handle this nicely and have our tribes be allies with each other or we can just go to war that I can tell you would like to happen…but let me give you this advice, a chief's duty must always be first to what's best for his people not his pride,"

Alvin took the words deeply into head and with a slight smile. He bowed down to Hiccup and his men did as well.

"Eat with us," Hiccup said making Alvin stand up. "Why have enemies when you can have friends,"

He welcomed Alvin and his men to the table, they were eating at and they all ate happily.

Hiccup invited Alvin to attend his coronation and Alvin happily agreed.

Soon after breakfast when Alvin and the men went outside the Hall to await Hiccup being crown, Hiccup asked Gobber to bestow warrior or shield maiden honour on all his friends to be part of a special council of Berk using the sword to bless them by putting the blade gently on each shoulder.

Gobber bestowed that honour on Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Astrid, Heather, Mala, Throk and several other Dragon Riders.

After seeing everyone being given that honour, Hiccup looked at all the dragons of their riders. He went to a medium-sized chest on the table and opened it taking out dragon medallions to put on their dragons. He walked towards all the dragons including Stormfly, Windshear, Meatlug, Barf and Belch and Hookfang. They lowered their heads allowed to place the medallions around their necks.

They were all gold and they had the dragon symbol of their owners.

After they all received their medallions, the dragons all licked Hiccup to say thank you.

After saying to them how welcome they were, Hiccup went back to the chest and took a silver medallion with the Night Fury symbol on and placed it around Toothless's neck. Their foreheads touched each other and they smiled.

Hiccup did the same thing again but this time for all his friends who had been given honour by Gobber, even Gobber was given one.

Gobber then gestured Hiccup to kneel down so he could be knighted as chief.

Gobber lifted the sword's blade to Hiccup's shoulders gently.

"Arise, my chief," Gobber said.

They heard some people coming forward and they saw a young Viking women with children holding a pillow with a perfect helmet that they had forged for Hiccup. It was silver with a black Night Fury painted on it and it had two silver horns. The people of Berk had forged it for Hiccup as a surprise.

"Chief, Hiccup," Gobber addressed.

Hiccup stood up and then pulled the giant cloth of the strange piece of furniture revealing a large round table with dragon symbols all around it to represent all the different Riders including Astrid and Fishlegs who would sit at the table. About 20 Vikings of council would sit at that table including Mala and Throk as well.

"It's a round table of Council," Hiccup explained.

"Well, Hiccup…" Astrid began walking towards them, "It's time,"

They took hands and they walked towards the entrance with their friends.

They all came out of the Hall where everyone could see him from below in the village. And as Gobber took the helmet from the pillow and placed it on Hiccup's head, the whole crowd cheered for their new chief and the dragons shot balls of different fires into the sky making it look a huge firework display in the daytime. They all chanted 'Long live the chief' three times while Mala, Throk, Astrid, Gobber, Ruffnut, Heather and Fishlegs clapped their hands. Toothless nuzzled Hiccup and they shared a warm embrace

Hiccup took the sword from Fishlegs's holding hands and held it up to everyone he saw and the crowd cheered with delight even more. He was their true chief, their true leader, their true hero.

It was the beginning of a new reign.

A few years later, Hiccup married Astrid and they had a son together named Arthur and a daughther named Haylie. The two siblings were inseparable.

Meanwhile Fishlegs married Heather and Mala married Throk.

All their children became friends with and they were all happy together.

Berk was happier than ever and the Archipelago was safe once more.

Finally the story is finished. Hope you all enjoyed it a lot. Get ready for Marvel Stories. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE. ENJOY IT WHILE YOU ALL STILL CAN.