After Toothless feels lonely while Hiccup and Astrid take care of their newborn child Stoick Vast Haddock II so Toothless remembers the past and remembers his friends and his family and his kingdom.

(Point of View will switch and dragons talk to each other and humans just hear dragon noise and calls).

[Time Skip my hatch Day]

When Hope came out of my egg she felt the nice and kinda wild wind blew through and she saw my parents. Her father a night fury who was alpha of dragons and had dark scales name Toothless and her mom name, Luna, who was an albino night fury and who was alpha female of dragons and she had 2 older brothers Jet the oldest and Shadow who was name after her grandpa and Shadow who was the 2nd oldest and the middle child both of them had dark scales and had red eyes like her mom and like her mom she was albino with my fathers eyes but blind and I couldn't see anything but I was ok with that and it meat I could do things or hear things no one else could and I love it.

On Hope first day at the dragon academy she got laughed at because she bumps into walls from time to time but her teacher Fishlegs saw this and ask her brothers to stay near her and help me but she was too stubborn and didn't listen and well fell onto a deadly nadder name Storm after her mother Stormfly her father's master's wife's dragon and she also fell onto a boy night furry name Veles but he didn't care but his parents did and she got into trouble again. Then one day before class Veles came over to Hope "Hey Hope I'm sorry for getting you in trouble by my parents they get to overprotect sometimes are you ok?" Veles said "I'm fine its ok it that I got in trouble twice and is blind," Hope said sarcastically "you can do anything you don't need help" Veles said and Hope got an idea and though out class she did her work she sat next top Veles and Jet lucky for her brother wasn't there he was sick and Shadow was in the back and he couldn't get up because he would have gotten in trouble. FIshlegs notice this and that night at the Haddock house he said something to Hiccup about it."Hiccup Hope a different dragon like it happen overnight" Fishleg said, "What do you mean Fishleg?" Hiccup asked "Maybe she stop listen to your boring and dum voice," Snotlout said "No she been doing the opposite of that and Jet wasn't there and Shadow couldn't get up because he would have gotten in trouble and Veles didn't help her but Hiccup do you know what this means" Fishleg said
"She not blind at all" Tuff said "No that means she can do anything she wants without anyone helps," Ruff said "yes and maybe tomorrow Hiccup she doesn't have to sit out," Fishlegs said, "What tomorrow?" Astrid asked "when the baby dragons train for to become dragon rider's dragon," Hiccup said.

[Next Day]

At class, the parents of humans and dragons were there watching the class waiting for Fishlegs to speak "Ok class today we have the kids today to help us with something today were be train you guys to become dragon rider's dragon" Fishleg said and the dragons lit up with joy except for Hope "lets make groups first Sky, Skylar and Strom Jet and Shadow (couple groups later) and last Veles and Hope" Fishlegs said and Hope face lit up and she got up and went next to Veles wait for the human kids to get into their groups Hope and Veles had Stiock and this new girl name Winter who I was going to make a full bond to Hope Stiock help Winter ounce while Winter did everything else she could feed me and clean me and we were good friends right off the bat when I purred like a cat she giggles and after the class was over the baby dragons were to go home and be with thier humans for the weekend so 2 days with her parents she was excided put her parents made me walk on the ground but I flew onto Winter's shoulder and stayed thier till we got to her house I didn't know what it looks like but I knew it had a fire going I smell and fell the fire they gave me 2 fish and I ate it and gave Winter her dinner then Winter got ready for bed and she enters her bed and I curled up near her and we fell alspeed.

[Next Morning]

Winter had class in the morning like all other Viking had days off the next day and the next day and of course the dragons came with them but since the teacher Snoutlot said to keep them outside they did except me I knew how to get in and the gang watch this happen for an hour then Snoutlout had the dragons come in and everyone was paying attention and Winter did her work and Snotlout even pet me it felt nice then me and WInter went to the cliff with Stiock, Hiccup and Astrid and Winter parents Stiock told Winter what I and Veles would just be in the sky he just did moves while I glided and then I fell onto Hiccup lap and slip trying to get up then he help me and I went to Winter and I curled up to her she petted me "So Winter how Hope?" Hiccup asked "She good she knows where to go and what to do on the way home she landed on my should and that night she curled up to me she so cute and loveable was that like you and Toothless?" Winter asked "No he just kept to himself but did open up in time," Hiccup said, "Where is he now?" Winter asked "he right there," Hiccup said and pointing to Stromfly and Toothless coming to thier owners Winter help up Hope and then Hope and Toothless purr together and then Hope yawned "oh I think she tired," Winter said then Hope closed her eyes and fell next morning I woke up being outside the academy and was in pain I called for someone to help me then my dad found me and brought me to Valka who was at Hiccup house with my mom and brothers worries and shocked to see me and I didn't know what had happened but thier was a huge scar coming from my back and blodd was coming from ti and Valka help make it stop bleeding but I could barely move my wings and instead of my mom hugging me she couldn't she was afried her metal wing would hurt me more "What happen little on one?" Valka asked but I shook my head no like I didn't know so when I went to school that morning no one talked to me and Fushlegs heard what happen and told me I could just write down stuff and just relaxed and I did when we went out to play it was cold and I was shivering my brothers, Veles and couple other dragons kept me warm and I went back to Hiccup home and he let me sleep in STiock rooom that night andi rested I didn't go school the next day and my family feared the worse for me and I knew why and when I asked what happen to Winter they didn't say they said there was a lightning storm when Hiccup and Toothless and Astrid and Stiock left it hit right the ground and made Winter make me fly up into the air when I was alseep and the lightning hit me in the back thats why I had the scar but I started to get better and I could fly but when I was better I got teae because of ghe scar and my brothers were somewhere else when this happens but this day I will never forget. "Hey Blind Flesh can you see me wait no you can't" Sky with a laugh as Skylar looked away then Storm said "Hey FLesh brain when are you going to take off that mask or is that your face" then they both said "Hey where you wimpy brothers" then I snap and said "STOP TEASING ME I DID NOTHING TO DESERVE!" then I plasa blast them with lightning but missed as a warning then the grown ups came in and saw what happen Stormfly and Barf and Belch said sorry to Toothless and brought thier kids out and then I watch my parents come towards me and I look at them then I fainted.

I woke up on the floor and some dragons around me then Valka came in and help me then Hiccup and the others saw me and asked what happen "I don't know I walk down here because I heard roaring" Valka said Stiock came over to me and pet me to ease the pain I had then I purred as he pet me on my head then he wenton to the scare and I winced at hit then I rember everything and I flew out of Valkas hand and flew out there but my mom and dad catch up to me to go back but I couldn't I need to Veles and ask him something then I started to head back then I made a sharp turn and head to a cliff where Veles was "Veles, Veles" I said "Hey Hope you feeling better?" He asked "Yes but you know how the Skrill is my cousin," Hope said, "Yes why?" Veles asked, "I might be able to control lightning like the Skrill," She said "If you are maybe we should go to the great hall to read up on the Skrill" Veles said as they fly to the great hall and open the book of dragons it has been updated since then. "Hope it says the Skrill can control lightning and when it breathes it lightning as a warning it misses but miss really close," Veles said "Like how I did with Sky and Strom," Hope said "Yes," Veles said "it also says there a legend that says a night fury that could be able to control lightning" Veles said "So that means I am lke the skrill and night fury hybrid but have night fury parents" Hope said "yes so if a Skrill did come then you might be able to-" Veles got cut off by the greate hall door open to Hope parents coming in and picking up Hope and flying back to the Haddock house in rage.

"Dad, what are you doing? Put me down!" Hope hissed "what were you thinking you shouldn't even be moving a muscle" Toothless growl Hope turn her back and went into the pen and curled up and slept "Wow Hope must be really made at Toothless" Astrid said and the gang at the house "ya I wouldn't do that to my mom" Tuff said "ya I wouldn't niether" Furr said "Well Hope and Veles were in the great hall looking at the Skrill I didn't know why" Fishleg said "Wait when the lightning storm hit Winter and Hope and Winter parents remember when we got there Hope had a scar on her back my that was the Skrill" Hiccup said "If so why would the Skrill do that it like 100 miles away from here we set if free" Snotlout said "if it was the Skrill then maybe it thought Hope was a different dragon she is smaller than some of the younger night furry" Fishlegs "maybe your right but look at the scar Fishface it still looks the same it not healing and rember what she did to Storm and Sky how she missed on accident" Snoulout said "Wait the Skrill when it gives a warning it misses on purpose maybe thats why Hope and Veles where reading on Skrill Hope could have the powers of a Skrill and NIght furry and that means" Fish legs said "she could destory any thing" Hiccup said then they all look at the small litte white night fury curled in a ball and asleep.

[The Next Day In class]

In class the dragons were learning how to use their powers first Hope was up and everyone was whispering to each other saying she wouldn't make it "Hope your first " Fishlegs said Hope put one claw down on the ground and felt where the target was and then plasma blast with lightning the target to pieces and then sat down everyone was amazed. When class got out I wanted to go and see my Grandpappy so when I reach the Haddock house I heard some shouting and see Astrid and Hiccup shouting about something so to break it up I send a plasma blast to the fireplace which was between them and they look to see me and stop yelling and went to go see Stiock. "Dad" Hope said "Yes sweetie?" Toothless said "can we go see grandpappy?" I asked, "why?" Toothless said "because we haven't seen him in a while," Hope said "No they're going to be a storm tomorrow and I don't want to see you get any more hurt," Toothless said "But dad-" Hope said as she got cut off "I said no now go bed" Toothless said as he walked over to his bed and slept Hope growled and then flew away to the cliff. She was mad when she looks to the sea and flew the direction of her fathers old home.

When Hope was flying to her grandpappy home but then a lightning storm hit and she try to doge as many as she could but then one hit her where the scar was and she landed on a rock and blacked out.

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With The Skrill

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