After Toothless feels lonely while Hiccup and Astrid take care of their newborn child Stoick Vast Haddock II and Toothless has a family of his own but his youngest and only daughter is blind and well this is her story

(Point of View will switch and dragons talk to each other and humans just hear dragon noise and calls).

[Back On Berk]

When me, Thunder and grandpappy landed the whole village came to me and my dad and my family and his master and his master's friends and family everyone one back away from my dad even grandpappy but Thunder stayed next to me my father looks at me and hugged me it felt nice then I heard my name shouted "HOPE!" as both my brothers came in flying fast in my direction and crash right into me hugging me everyone laugh we got back up and then Stiock came to me holding Winter's hand my face lit up when I heard her voice I came running to her and flew onto her shoulder and put my head up to her cheek it was nice then I heard Hiccup "Hope who this?" Hiccup asked and then everyone looks at Thunder I jump down took out my talking crystal "This is Thunder a monstrous Nightmare he lost his family and I meet him in the forest when I got lost looking for grandpappy" I said I felt a bit nervous then Hiccup walk over to us pick up Thunder and Hiccup look at him for a moment and then "Welcome to Berk Thunder you can live with Hope and her family till you meet a human till then you can go to the dragon academy to learn with the others hatchlings" Hiccup said Thunder roar saying thank you I took out another talking crystal and gave it to Thunder he opens his mouth "Thank you Sir Hiccup" he said his voice was kinda deep but calm Hiccup put Thunder down and then Toothless roar and everyone went back to what they were doing and then Winter pick me up and I climb onto her shoulder and Stiock pick up Thunder and put him on his left shoulder while Veles was on the other one I could fee Veles dark blue eyes watch Thunder and me as me and Thunder were talking when we arrived at the Haddock house me Veles and Thunder were playing near the fire while my parents and Veles parents talk and while my dad master and his family were out with there friends and Stiock and Winter went with them. Thunder and Veles where on top of each other play the game fight where they wrestle each other I was talking to Veles mom about something then I heard a roar and saw some fire come from the fireplace but I heard it go into the water Veles parents and my parents too look to see Thunder on his back in pain I rush over "Veles what happen?" I asked "he got to close to the fireplace and got burnt he has a huge scar like yours on his back," Veles said I went up into Stiock room got a healing herd to help the burning and to heal the scar soaked it in water then the humans return the whole gang there and saw me healing Thunder and all were amazed and wonder why I didn't do it on myself. When it was time for bed Veles and his family went home me and Thunder curled around each other and of course people were starting to guess some things but the humans kept to themselves while the dragons didn't and it was just cause I heal a burn and Winter little sister Spring gossip about it but we ignored it and went to bed.

[Next Day]

I and Thunder were the first to the dragon academy so Thunder could meet Fishlegs "So you are Thunder I been hearing about" Fishlegs said as he pets Thunder. Thunder took out his talking crystal "Yes I am" he said "You can sit next to Hope Veles needed to get a new seat any way he going to dit up next to Sky, Skylar and Storm" Fishlegs said Thunder and I took our seats and everyone got there not to long after and Veles was not really happy about having a new seatting spot but him Sky and Storm got along pretty well since today was the last day for both Vikings and Dragons befor they move us to the older classes they had a party and the older dragons except parents were invited and everyone made sure not get me mad they heard I had powers of a Skrill and bow down to me because I was alpha female of all dragon classes but me and Thunder were anything out near the food we were just talking when Veles, Sky, Skylar, and Storm came over to Thunder and me "So Thunder where did you come from?" Sky asked "Well when a mommy dragon and a daddy dragon love each other so much," Thunder said "No not that," Veles said "where was your home" Storm said "Oh we live in a cave near the night fury village," Thunder said "How did you hunt food" Sky asked "Oh we either look for any animals in the forest or we went fishing and when I found Hope she help me get some more fish then I did after my family died because she could listen to the movements in the sea" Thunder said "Oh well Hope do you know what he looks like" Veles asked "Yes he a blue and pruple monstours nightmare" I said and the boys were shocked except Thunder he just chuckle a bit "Ok all dragons come here and listen" Fishlegs said everyone dragon there gather around him "Congratz on the younger class now you are in the older class you are now a class closer to adulthood" Fushlegs said as dragon roar there was a lightning strike everyone look behind them to only find Veles, Sky, Skylar and Strom growling and Thunder looking like a skrill his paint had come off I ran in front of him "Your friends with a monster?!" Veles said "He not a monster" I yells with a growl "Hope did you know Thunder was a Skrill?" Fishlegs asked di nodded my head "Well I can see why you lied" Fishlegs said as he petted Thunder calmy then the Gang come in and saw Thunder "Fishlegs, Hope get back from him" Hiccup said Fishlegs did but I didn't my dad cme in front of me and growl for me to move I didn't move he kept growl and i growled back "Hope" Thunder said I looked back at him "Don't fight for me I can see I'm not welcome here" Thunder said "Thunder but" I said "Wait that Thunder I thought that was a skrill" Tuff said Ruff hit him in the rib "That is Thunder and he a Skril" Ruff said "Oh wait don't we hate skrills" Tuff said both Thunder and me growled at what he said he screams and hid behind Ruff "Hope he danrous" Hiccup said "NO HE NOT!" I said and did a warning lightning "Thunder lets go" I said me and Thunder open our wings and flew away to a cliff in the forest. "I hate that!" I yelled,"Hate what?" Thunder asked "How people judge others by there parents or by there back round," I said "Eh its ok i'm use to it by now" Thunder said "I'm sorry i made you leave" I said "Its ok and beside wont of your brothers be alpha after your father" Thunder said "No I'm next in line" I said "Oh cool" Thunder said "No its not I'll have so much to do when I am alpha I won't be able to have fun I wouldn't be suprize if one of my brothers became next in line" I said "But then they won't have that moon crestanent you do" Thunder said "Oh yay my grandpappy did that since I'm next in line after my father" I said Thunder got close to me and out his wing around me I blush a bit "Hope if you want you can come home with me" Thunder said "Sure then one of my brothers can take over" I said when every one of alseep we went back to my home and got all of my stuff and went with Thunder home his parents knew this would happen so they would agree to let me stay and grow up with Thunder and his lttle brother and sister that night me and Thunder curled around each other and slept.

[The Next Morning At Berk]

There was a village meeting to talk about Thunder and Hope "Every one quiet down" Hiccup said and then the room got silent "Now as most of you know Hope ran away with Thunder to where ever she was before she came back" Hiccup said "Even those she was meant to be the next alpha we need choose a new one and since Jet knows how do most of the alpha work he shall be next in line" Hiccup said and talk went around the room "No I won't and neither will Shadow" Jet said as both Jet and Shadow flew up to the podemuim "Jet, Shadow there no other way" Toothless said "Yes there is if everyone except the fact that Skrills aren't evil and try and get to know them yes they been bad in the past but they must have had a bad life befor if we give them a chance then maybe Hope will come back" Jet said everyone thought for a moment then "But what about Hope and Thunder" Veles asked "What do you mean?" Jet asked "From the looks of it she and Thunder are in love shouldn't it be Hope with another night fury and not a Skrill," Veles said "isn't her choice and why should we decide for her beside if she didn't love Thunder then why does she hang out with him a lot" Skylar said "Sis shh" Sky said "No she has a point" Hiccup said "lets have a vote" Hiccup said "all in favor of Hope deciding who she love. Raise your hand or wing" Hiccup said there were 400 villagers and 400 dragons 200 of each dragon and humans raise their hands "all those opposed" Hiccup said 200 of humans and Dragons opposed except Toothless "Toothless bud do you favor or oppose?" Hiccup asked everyone looks ed him "I Favor," Toothless said then a growl came over the dragons Toothless growled at all of the dragons and they all bow then everyone one left to go and continue thier day.

[With Hiccup and Gang]

"Everyone knows the plan," Hiccup asked "no," both Ruff and Tuff Said "Well make Hope a deal Thunder and his family can come back with us if she comes back and be the next alpha," Hiccup said "Ok," Ruff and Tuff said "and I'll do the talking and so will Toothless" Hiccup said as they landed the gang unmounted and walked in side and saw the Skrill family growl at themk then Hope looks up from what she was doing and heard everyone and ran and gave them a hug "Hope we have a deal you might like" Hiccup said Hope took out her talking crystal and made the skrill familt ot come closer "What the deal?" Hope asked "Thunder and his family can come to berk if you come back and be the next alpha," Hiccup said Hope look at Thunder and his family and Lightning nodded yes "Ok Hiccup," Hope said the fly back to berk Hope and Thunder just talked and did tricks while Bolt and Lightning talk to each other and Violet and Claws rested on Bolt back asleep but the ride back was nice ride nice weather no cloud in the sky all was there was is the bright blue sky then I saw in the horizen was berk we were almost home then Toothless made a roar that sounded like "we are home" in dragon then when we laned Hope and the skrills landed lasy everyone was amazed at the skrills Jet and SHadow came to hope and gave her a hug and then they saw the true thunder they smiled and punce on him and gave him a hug Toothless said something in dragon and then walk off with the skrills, Hope, Jet, Shadow and Luna following Toothless then we had a village meeting with no dragons "So we could only have Hope back if the skrills came and she said sure to that and came home" Hiccup said "We need to make them feel at home and not they are hated yes there been some past with berk but there are better now and Lighting the biggest skrill has been trainning Hope to control the lightning that he gave her so we must not let her get made" Hiccup said everyone agreed and came out of the great hall it was night time so we all headed to bed.

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