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A Strange Feeling

Part 1

Willow glanced at the wall for the millionth time that night. Nothing there Rosenburg, you're getting paranoid. Oops too late for that one, just stop checking the bloody wall.

She had been doing that a lot recently, swearing, it gave her an outlet for the frustrations which otherwise tended to overflow as dark magic, which was in no way a good thing. She had also been doing a lot of slaying recently, and training, not only did this give her emotions a way out, it also helped her focus, oh and she was fit and saving innocents was good too.

She was beginning to think she should leave to slay something now because the wall thing was really beginning to bug her.

At exactly 5am that morning she had woken up certain that she would be going somewhere, and equally certain that it had something to do with the wall opposite her bed. She was extremely confused at the last bit.

It was now 3am the next morning and she was getting pissed. The feeling was getting stronger and she had been sitting for the last hour in what she termed her 'survival jeans and coat'. There was nothing special about the actual clothes, the jeans were not really jeans, they were a light waterproof camouflage material, a bit baggy but comfy. She had 'borrowed' them from the initiative and they had never asked for them back. You stole them hunny and you know it. The coat was thigh length and black, fairly ordinary with no stories behind it at all.

The special feature that made them her survival clothes was that she had used magic to miniaturise items and stash them all over them. She had mini daggers, mini stakes (which were soooo cute), a mini crossbow with mini bolts, she even had a mini sword and a mini staff, all of which could be returned to their normal size in these than a second. Neat huh.

Not only that but she now carried her Book of Shadows, affectionately known as her Magic diary, and had done since it started to get a little dark and powerful. It had all the spells she had ever used and some of her thoughts as well and she kept it in a tiny magically sealed pocket on the inside of her coat.

Goddess she was so bored, for the last half hour she had kept herself busy by adding items to her coat, she now had a bag of cookies, four of blankets, her favourite crystals, about twenty bars of chocolate, several bags of gummy sweets and packs of chewing gum as well as two loaves of white bread. She had spent some of the afternoon making the cookies trying to pass the time productively and she had gone OTT on the chocolate since she was going somewhere and she thought she might have to make friends. She had also spent the last hour of boredom charming the blankets to show a different scene for each season, with moving animals and trees.

She had just sat on the edge of the bed completely stuck for something else to do when the wall began to shake. She would have been relieved if it hadn't been kind of scary. What looked like a vertical whirlpool formed on the wall and began to pull her towards it, she glimpsed a burning red eye on the other side and felt the evil intentions of the owner. She was preparing to fight the pull when she heard a faint scream from within it. 'I'm mad, it's the only explanation' that said she jumped into the swirling depths.

The eye guy tried to drag her to him but she used her magic to force her way towards the screaming. She pulled out of the pool and found herself dumped unceremoniously on her backside in a field.

She felt dazed but snapped out of it when she saw the young girl that was screaming. A group of hideous demon like creatures where running towards her yelling and waving their weapons in the air. Willow instantly threw up a shield between the girl and the creatures, then on the spur of the moment decided to catch them. She held up her hands and spoke a short incantation while trying not to laugh at their faces when they ran headfirst into the shield. Another three shields sprang up, boxing the things in and Willow ran to the girl who was still screaming pitifully.

'Its ok little one, they can't hurt you now' she pulled the girl into a hug simultaneously sound proofing her shields to keep out the snarls and shouts.

'The orcs…they…eat me….need dad' the girl choked out her words haltingly as she began to calm down.

Willow took a cookie from her coat, restored its size and handed it to her, 'here eat this its nice I promise.'

The girl nibbled on the edge, testing it for Goddess knows what, and ate it down quickly before turning towards the sounds of two horses approaching from the opposite end of the field to her caged 'orcs?'

'What's your name hunny?' Willow asked in an attempt to distract the girl as she watched the new comers.

'Tayla.' The answer came in a whisper.

'Right Tayla, I'm Willow, just stay close to me and you'll be fine. Ok?'

Tayla nodded her head and clung to Willows leg as she stood up with one arm wrapped around the little girl who had had quite enough shocks for one day.

As they horsemen approached she got a good look at them, the first was a man with dark hair, ruggedly handsome with a sword gripped in his hand. The second horse carried two passengers a stunningly gorgeous man with long blonde hair, weird ears and a beautiful bow held lightly at his side. His passenger was a strange short man, very hairy, hairy doesn't cover it, and he was wielding a nasty looking axe. They look like a dangerous pick 'n' mix. And what the hell are they doing with swords and stuff, where on Earth am I?

'My lady, how is it that you and your daughter are standing before a band of orcs who are simply standing silently watching you?' The question came from the dark haired man who sprang swiftly from his horse. She would have said he was graceful but after Hairy fell of his horse she watched the blonde and graceful didn't even cover his movements, he was altogether entrancing. Not the time Will, plus you're gay remember, or maybe only bisexual, I don't know, he is hot though.

'Not one for introductions are you, firstly, this is not my daughter and secondly what right have you to demand answers from me?' she was mildly amused at the shock on his face, it was obvious that women didn't usually talk this way to him. His friends on the other hand merely looked amused.

She pulled her sword from within her coat changing it to normal size before she showed it, holding it in a fairly non threatening way by her side, careful to remember the child attached to her leg. Tayla's presence meant that any attack would have to be magical since she couldn't fight with her stuck to her leg, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't use every means to show she wasn't helpless.

'Peace lady I'm sorry if I offended you, I am Strider, these are Legolas and Gimli, we will cause you no harm'

Willow couldn't repress the small laugh that left her lips at that last bit and thought she would over look the fact that he lied about his name, for now.

'I am Willow. What was it you wanted to know Strider?' she was stalling trying to think how much to tell them.

'The orcs, my lady' it was the blonde, Legolas who stepped forward, prompting her with a smile which almost made her melt. Get it together Will, not a good time to swoon.

'Oh right. They are standing glaring because they are trapped in between shield walls and they are silent because their shouting was upsetting the poor girl, I mean they had just tried to eat her. Not exactly nice to make her listen to them. Plus they are rude kind of like you were and now I'm babbling which is never good, did you get all the info you wanted coz I'm taking this girl home. I suppose I have to decide what to do about those orc thingies first though. Any questions? No? Good. Oh and please don't call me lady, Willow is fine not that you, Strider gave me your real name' She ignored them to bend and offer Tayla another cookie from her coat.


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