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Part 2

As she knelt beside Tayla she quickly checked the men's aura's. The Strider guy was surrounded by an aura of confusion and curiosity, which she had, no doubt was completely due to her previous babble-fest. There was also an undercurrent of cool calculation, as though he was trying to find a way to use her, that's a cheery thought, not to mention comforting.

Hairy-boy had a stunning simplicity to him, not that he was mentally deficient, he was just really genuine, that has to be a first for men and an example for them all. At the moment he was laughing at Striders expression and his whole aura was lit up and laughing along with him.

Legolas was a shock though, he looked so young and yet his aura showed he was old beyond belief. Oh shit, it'll be like kissing an ancient ancestor, a really amazingly gorgeous old guy.

Overall they radiated a sense of light, honour and purpose, honour could be a problem, he might not like to be with someone so much younger than him, and since when were you gong to be with him? She was pretty sure there was nothing to fear from them unless it had to do with her having coherent thoughts around Blondie.

'Tayla, will you stay here for a little while so I can take care of the nasty orcs. In fact, would you like to go and stand beside the men over there, they are really nice.' The girl nodded silently and began to walk towards the group.

'Wait a second.' Willow reached into her coat pocket withdrawing and enlarging a bar of chocolate and giving it to the now curious girl. 'Peel off the paper and eat what you find inside, it tastes really nice, promise.' Willow used this time to weave protection spells around the girl just in case the men where not as trustworthy as she gave them credit for.

'On you go then.' Tayla walked away, smiling broadly as she tasted the chocolate. She walked straight up to Strider and offered him some, the man hesitantly took the bar and nibbled on the edge. The look on his face almost had her doubled over laughing, he looked exactly like Xander did when he saw a good looking girl walk past, as though he didn't know whether to purr in contentment of steal the whole bar and swallow it in one go.

While Tayla kept the crowds entertained with her new sweet, Will turned her back and casually wandered over to the trapped orcs. She tuned into their auras and confirmed what she had thought, they were fairly similar to vamps, all about the pain and brutality and they really did eat people.

She let down the soundproofing and the air immediately filled with angry threats and growls. She turned to see Tayla cowering against Hairy who looked ready for battle, if a little unsure what to do about the little girl.

Returning her focus to the creatures, she resurrected the soundproofing but this time a little behind her so that she could her the things but the others couldn't.

'Silence!' she backed up her command with a blast of magic which sent them flying into the far shield. After a little muttering there was quiet.

'Who is your leader?' it may have been phrased as a question but her tone made sure they took it as a demand.

There was some shuffling and one of their number separated from the group and came forward. He seemed no different from the others except he may have been slightly uglier if that was even possible.

'What?' he snarled the word and glared at her in defiance.

Her dark side called for torture and punishment for his insolence but her more reasonable side won opting to find out what she could and dispose of them. Her reasonable side was having a hard time though, where ever it was that she had ended up the earth was humming with raw power just dying to find an outlet, perhaps dying is not such a hot word to use just now. If she gave in to the urge to torture him she knew that her black eyed veiny self would rear her extremely evil head, so she resisted the temptation.

'Why are you here?' she almost asked why they were after Tayla but DUH.

'We were sent.' What ever you do don't give out to much information. This was going to take a while.

'By who and for what?' See, I can be just a short as you, she mentally stuck her tongue out.

Silence answered her. She lashed out with her magic throwing him backwards.

'Answer me!' she commanded, her anger obvious as she stared at him with blackened eyes.

'Saruman, for hobbits, one of them has the ring.' Well that was a little more info; of course, she didn't have a clue what he was on about, but that could be dealt with later.

'Did you get hobbits?'

'We caught two but we lost them when we were attacked.' Ok, she sure hadn't understood her question but it seemed he had so it was fine. And a loud Woohoo for the hobbits, she didn't know what they were but they got away so she was happy for them.

'Who attacked you?'

'The Riders of Rohan on the other side of the forest' the who?

'Why does your master want the ring?'

'It is powerful, he wishes to rule Middle Earth. I will not speak with you any more.' She supposed that she could make him but figured since he was only the evil muscle he probably didn't know much anyway. Again, the desire for the magic and the thrill of its destructive force was almost too much to resist.

I can't make this decision, in this state her reasoning would be far from logical, not to mention ethical.

She turned her attention back to the group, two of whom had been making their way slowly towards her, only to be held back by her rigid shields.

'Well you know more about them than I do, what do you want to do with them?' Right on Wills, in the face of indecision pass on the responsibility.

She almost lost her composure and laughed at the looks on their faces, Strider was attempting to feign disinterest but instead his face was contorted so he just looked constipated. Legolas was staring at her with unconcealed interest, she felt him probing at the edge of her shields and she felt her face heat up at the feel of his touch.

She lowered the shields and stepped towards Strider trying in vain to ignore the physical closeness of Legolas as he withdrew his probing mind touch.

'Well?' her frustration at herself came out as irritation in her voice. Strider started visibly.


'Well that's a startling show of intelligence, I bow to your wisdom.' Bad Willow. She didn't mean to be sharp but the magic was really beginning to get to her, and it doesn't help that the damned hottie is makin it near impossible to think straight.

'Well we could…' as the pause lengthened she felt the magic build up within her showing her the joy of just letting go. It was intoxicating, pure joy, why was she fighting it?

'Forget it'. She flung the words at him with her disgust evident in her voice.

She opened herself to the magic, letting it build, feeling as though she had found her true place in the world. She was meant for this.

She dropped the shields around the creatures, they are worthless, evil, they must be destroyed.

They began to rush towards her, she laughed, power filling her voice and turning her hair and eyes deepest black. Lightening danced over her skin and she raised her hands directing her entire focus to the things before her and let go. A beam of ebony light left her widening out to encompass the hoard, they screamed almost as one. She giggled knowing what it was they felt. She had tapped into a demon reality pulling a swarm of tiny winged fiends into this world, and they were clawing and biting at flesh causing an agony, which would only be stopped by death.

They took only a few minutes to die as she looked on in amusement. She brought shields around the now well fed little demons, ~ Thank you, my friends ~ she sent the thought towards them, hearing their returning thanks and promises of future help before returning them to their world.

She turned again to face Strider, who seemed unable to tear his eyes from the carnage behind her.

'Decision made'.

With a wave of her hand she turned the remaining orc flesh to dust, and then she heard it.

Laughter, it floated into her mind bringing the image of the burning eye. It looked straight at her.

~ Impressive, such cruelty and anger, you belong to me. Come to me, my daughter. ~

this was gonna be a completely happy fic, but even I'm not sure where this is going now. I'd really like opinions on whether this should get darker or lighter. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it.