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The breeze was gentle and the trees swayed back and forth across the winding mountains. Trees as far as the eye could see, with rivers and lakes large and wide. All of this could be seen from windows high above on the large castle that looked over the land. Violet eyes observed the land, large winged animals flying to and fro as they pleased and he held his head high up. The beams of the sun illuminating his face in the darkroom and he closed his eyes when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" he called out.

"Your mother," came the reply as the door opened and a short plump woman walked in. Dressed lavishly in a large dress that trailed behind her and large jewels that decorated her ears all the way to her fingers. "Are you ready?" she asked walking towards the broad-shouldered man.

He turned towards her as the little bit of light that came through the curtains showed the deep wrinkles that carved her face. She smiled with thin lips and her gaze was soft as she reached up touching his cheek. He leaned into her touch placing his hand over hers and closing his eyes once more. "Do you think I'll make a good King?"

"No," she whispered, "I think you'll make a great King." She pulled her hand away moving his hair from his face. "Your father prepared you well. Remember that." He didn't say a word but nodded extending his arm towards her as she wrapped her hand around it.

They headed for the door and out into the hallway where servants lined the walls standing at attention. They walked quietly down the hall as he watched the windows pass, light flooding his vision and he could hear the music from outside with the impatient crowd, but he kept his eyes steady on the door in front. Two younger women stood there, dressed just as extravagant as his mother and he smiled towards them.

"My, you do look like a King alright," he heard his eldest sister, Yekaterina, say as she clasped her hands together looking at him.

"But still annoying with that smile," his younger sister, Natalya, hummed playfully as the two of them smiled.

"Now, now," their mother hummed good-naturedly, "Why don't we go and greet the people? I'm sure they are just as anxious to meet the new king." She turned towards her son, "You ready, King Ivan?"

Ivan glanced at his sister, his family, everything he loved was right here. "We don't want to keep them waiting, da?" Ivan said. On cue, the doors were pushed open and the shouting of people with music playing filled his ears. His breath caught in his throat for a second, his mother giving him a reassuring squeeze on the arm. He glanced down at her, wisps of her gray hair hugging her face and he swore she had never looked more beautiful.

A man who stood off to the side raised his hand as the crowd fell silent and he cleared his throat, "Presenting the royal family!" he boomed. "Princess Natalya Braginsky!" Natalya walked out in front of the crowd with her long hair that went down to her waist swaying gently in the breeze. 'Princess Yekaterina Braginsky!" Yekaterina walked out next down the steps trying to be as graceful as possible and taking a seat beside her sister.

"Queen mother, Svetlana Braginsky accompanied by our new King, Ivan Braginsky!" The crowd came to life as they cheered and both Ivan and his mother walked out. Down the marble steps towards where a single chair was placed and both he and his mother walked until they were right beside it and the man smiled towards them. "Majesty," he said and bowed towards the both of them. Svetlana nodded towards the man before letting go of Ivan's arm and standing off to the side with her two daughters. Ivan inhaled deeply and took a knee in front of the man who then pulled out a crown from a box held by another. "Today," he began, "Marks the new day for a new era. We are here to witness the beginning of King Ivan's reign, and may he live long and prosper!"

The crown was carefully placed upon his head and the crowd cheered loudly as he slowly stood up facing the crowd from the balcony they stood upon. He glanced over at his mother who nodded her head and he stepped forward placing his hands on the edge of the balcony. "As you new King," he began staring past the crowd and into the openness of the mountains and forest before him. "I promise to keep this land safe just as my father and grandfather did before me. This is our home. Our land. This is where we belong. We shall see it to the end of days. Serdste United!"

"Serdste United!" the crowd echoed back.

Ivan stepped back away from the balcony turning towards his family as his mother clapped her hands together. "Wonderful and to the point," she said.

"Of course," he chuckled and felt the weight of the crown on his head.

"Good. I've been waiting all morning to eat," Natalya said as she followed her mother towards the door. Ivan chuckled turning to Yekaterina who was looking at the ground.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"I could have sworn I was wearing the silver ring father gave me," she said looking at her while touching her index finger.

"I'm sure it will pop up, we will ask one of the servants to look for it."

She sighed and nodded picking up the front end of her dress, "Perhaps I left it inside," she smiled and he nodded.

She took a step towards him and a moment later he could hear the deafening cries coming from behind him. The piercing screaming that escaped his mother's throat as she rushed to Yakaternia's side. He blinked a few times, his body felt like it had been hit as all his breath escaped him. "YOUR MAJESTY!" he heard and he turned slightly to see an arrow heading straight for his head. It seemed to happen in slow motion with the silver head of the arrow shining in the sunlight, it was nearly blinding. Then he was on the ground.

"What were you thinking?" Natalya shouted at him as she was atop of him and looking up. "Don't just freeze up!" she shouted and got off of her older brother quickly tugging at his wrist. He got up following her inside where the doors shut quickly behind them and he stared at her and then at his mother. Her screams filled his ears but he realized she was covered in blood.

"Get the doctor!" he shouted quickly and the servants scrambled as he walked over looking at Yakaternia in her arms. What Ivan could only assume was an arrow cut from her ear and towards her eye.

"Are we under attack?" Natalya asked quickly and Ivan clenched his jaw.

"Not for long," he muttered. "Come on," he muttered and she glanced at her mother before quickly following in pace with her older brother.

"I want this castle on lockdown! Clear the main square below!" Ivan shouted at passing guards. "I want everybody in the castle walls to stay in the castle walls! Nobody leaves or comes in!"

"Yes, your majesty!" were the only responses he heard and the only ones he had to hear.

"What do you want me to do?" Natalya asked.

"Take Dragoslava and patrol the palace, they had to be high enough to aim at us. The way the arrow hit Yekaterina was if it were from afar and high above." He took a sharp turn down the hall and she followed easily as they came upon two unnaturally large doors.

"What will you do?" she asked as Ivan waved his hand and four guards who stood there opened the large doors. A gust of wind hit them and her hair was sent flying all which ways, but she didn't take her eyes off of her brother.

"I will do the same. If you see something tell me."

She nodded and stepped passed the large doors, there was a long ledge that led over a cliff and below could be seen the rest of the large kingdom they controlled. Her dress flew behind her as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply and sung. Her voice was cold, like an angel of death it carried in the wind. The wind died down and her voice became higher with every second until something flew up. She didn't move as a large beast landed right in front of her.

The beast had large black scales with green ones underlining the bottom of it. It's iridescent jade eyes looked at her and it hissed out lowering its head slowly and she smiled walking towards the beast. "Dragoslava," she said softly with his leathery wings pulled closer to his body.

"Are you alright my princess?" he spoke without moving his mouth and nudged her slightly. "I heard the commotion."

"I'm fine," she said reassuringly. She turned to Ivan, "We'll go and patrol the walls. I'll tell if you if we find anything." Ivan nodded as she climbed on top of the large dragon and it took off from the ledge.

He didn't know what was going on, but he certainly wasn't going to let this continue. Whoever hurt his family was going to pay.

With their life.

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