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Normal POV

During his cross-examination with Andistan'dhin, Phoenix had been backed to a corner as the verdict would soon be given if he didn't give a proper answer.

" What should I do...?"

" If you cannot give us a proper answer then I'll have no choice but to give you your verdict... In the name of the Holy Mother... This court finds the accused-"

" Wait!"

" What? Who said that?"

" Me."

They turned to the person who'd appeared beside Phoenix as they gasped.

" Who are you?!"

" You don't need to worry about who I am, prosecutor."

" But then who are you?!"

" Well... I came because I've ascertained your justice, Mr Wright."

" My justice?"

" That's right. I've come to assist you in this trial. You've come this far so you can't give up now. Your client and your own life is on the line here."

" B-But how? I mean the Key can't fit into the treasure box, there's no way we'll be able to figure it out."

" My Divination says otherwise."

" What? Divination?"

" Don't worry about that right now. But from what I know, you already have the winning evidence."

" I do?"

" In fact, all of Khura'in should already know this. You've just seen it yesterday."

" Huh? Yesterday? ... Wait! You don't mean..."

" You've got the answer. Now give it everything you got."

" ... Alright then. Your Magistry. I can show the connection between the Mitamah Key and the Founder's Orb. The Song of Ceremony is what will bring everything to light!"

" The Song of Ceremony?!"

With the backing of the new discovery and successfully opening the box, Phoenix was then able to prove Andistan'dhin guilty of the murder as the 'Not Guilty' verdict was given and he went back to the accused lobby.

" Whew. That was one tough trial..."

" Although, if it wasn't for that guy, I wouldn't have been able to figure things out... Although... He disappeared right after the trial ended too..." Phoenix thought

Ahlbi then ran over to him and thanked him after that as a few days soon passed. It was now the day for the Rite of Purification as Phoenix was able to meet up with Maya before the ritual.

" Man... You should've seen the trial that day. I almost lost and had to be executed. Some guy saved me back there."

" Huh? Who would that be?"

" I don't know... He just suddenly showed up and told me what I needed to present, that was how I won the case. I never seen him since though."

" Wow... I'd love to meet him too."

" Yeah... Hey! Wait a minute!"

Phoenix looked past Maya's shoulder to see the same person who'd helped him as he walked over to him.

" Hey, you!"

" ... Huh? Oh. It's you, Mr Lawyer."

" No need to address me like that. I'm Phoenix Wright. I wanted to thank you for what you did that day."

" There's no need to thank me for that. I'm Aichi Sendou. It's nice to meet you again, Mr Wright."

" So, what are you doing here?"

" Oh, I came because I heard that the Purification Rite would happen today. I'm just a foreigner here like you after all. I wanted to experience it."

" You too? That's a big coincidence."

" Yeah. Oh? And those two are..."

" Oh. This is my friend, Maya and I'm sure you'd know Ahlbi by now."

" Of course. And it's nice to meet you too, Miss Maya."

" Nice to meet you, Aichi! Thanks for helping Nick the other day!"

" Nick?"

" I-It's nothing, really!"

" ... Oh. The Rite's about to begin."

" Then let's hurry and get ready!"

" Yeah!"

Maya went to get ready for the Rite with the High Priest while Phoenix and the others went into prayer pose, but...

" Youch! Great... Now all I can see is the ground, and my back is killing me!"

" You really should have trained for this, sir..."

" W-Wait a sec... How long are we supposed to stay like this, Ahlbi?"

" The rite requires that we stay like this... until the day after tomorrow."

" Th-That's two whole days! Nngh... I don't feel so..."

That was when a cracking sound was heard and Phoenix blacked out from his back pain. It took him until the next day before he woke up to find that Maya had been arrested for the murder of the High Priest.

" Ahlbi, I'm heading up to search for clues to prove Maya innocent."

" Got it, Mr Wright!"

" Mr Wright. Please, let me follow too. I might be able to help."

" But I think it'll be a little dangerous up there..."

" It's fine. I think I've face plenty of dangerous things."

" Alright then..."

Both started climbing the stairs to the Inner Sanctum as they spotted Rayfa praying in front of the fountain.

" Um... Excuse me..."

" Ah! It's you...! Do you even know where you are, Barbed Head?"

" Of course, I do. May I ask why you're here, Your Benevolence?"

" I came to pray for the high priest's soul. But what are you doing here? This is one of the most sacred spots in Khura'inism! Unscrupulous lawyers such as you have no business being here!"

" But I'm not 'unscrupulous'..."

" Quiet! You dared to find fault with my Insights at every turn the other day!"

" Your Benevolence... About your Insights..."

" And who are you? I don't suppose you just followed Barbed Head as an apprentice, did you?!"

" No, that's not it. I came to help find out about what had happened. I'm most definitely not an apprentice. I'm just a sort of assistant for now."

" That's no different!"

" Well... Actually, Your Benevolence, I've always wanted to find out about your Divination Seances. Would you care to talk about it with me?"

" Of course not! The Divination Seance can never be disclosed to a foreigner like you!"

" ... Then let's do it this way. Mr Wright will surely be up on the defense table in the trial tomorrow to defend Miss Maya. I'm sure you'll be doing your Divination Seance then. When you do... I'll show you my own trick up my sleeve."

" What trick would that be?"

" It won't be until tomorrow. And if Mr Wright does win and you are interested in my trick, would you share your method of the Divination Seance to me?"

" Well... We'll see how it goes then."

" It's settled then."

" Hey! Don't use me as a bet!"

" I'm sorry, Mr Wright. But I really am curious about this tradition."

" Ugh... Why don't we just get to the investigating now?"

" Sure."

They started their investigation as the next day was trial day. Rayfa was now ready to perform the Divination Seance.

" O Holy Mother! We hold this Divination Seance in your name! Let the eyes of everyone her be clear, and our ears be unstopped! O Dance of Devotion! Guide the victim's soul to me! So that we may receive their final memories in the Pool of Souls!"

Once the Seance Vision was shown, Rayfa then told them of her Insight as Aichi smiled.

" Looks like it's my turn."

" Are you sure about this?"

" I was fine with it from the beginning."

Aichi stepped in as Rayfa huffed.

" So you're ready to show that little trick of yours?"

" Of course, Your Benevolence. I will now take your Seance to the next level."

Aichi put both his hands together as the water in the Pool of Souls started to act up.

" What's-!"

" Bring this image to life and play it according to the Insight."

His hands separated as the water started to rise according to his movements as it started to form into life water figures.

" That's impossible!"

" P-Pohlkunka! Th-This is..."

" Now the trial should go on a lot easier with this. Life figures of what happened before the victim died. Mr Wright, you can start anytime you want to."

" O-Oh! Right!"

" Wow... I've never imagined he could do such a thing... Although, I kind of wish he could've came earlier in the first trial..." Phoenix thought

Phoenix began going through the Insight and with Aichi's help, he was able to find many inconsistencies after various changes. Aichi breathed out as the water slowly flowed back into the Pool. He then opened his eyes and looked around.

" Well... I guess that's that..."

His vision then started blurring as muffled voices called out his name before everything blacked out. The next thing he knew, he'd woken up in a first aid room near the Hall of Justice as Phoenix soon entered. Aichi turned to him but could only a little from his still blurred vision.

" Mr Wright...? Is that you...?"

" Yeah, so you're finally awake?"

" What happened to me...?"

" You fainted right after the Insight finished up. The doctor said it was physical exhaustion."

" Well... Spiritually, I'm actually strong... But my powers... They drain more of my physical energy... But enough of me... What about the trial...?"

" ... I tried but... The verdict ended with Guilty."

" But... That can't... The DC Act..."

" But, there's been another murder and Maya was accused again of it. Later, I need to find evidence that Maya is completely innocent and get a Not Guilty verdict for both cases."

" Mr Wright... I'm sorry for not being able to help out there... But I really do want to help you guys... I just need to regain my strength...!"

" T-There's no need to push yourself! I promise, we will find a way out of this and if you really do want to help, then get back your strength by resting for the rest of the day. I'll have Ahlbi watch over you."

" Mr Wright..."

Aichi thought about something as he took out something from his pocket and put it on Phoenix's hand.

" Please... Keep this with you... It's a good luck charm... It might help in the investigation..."

" A charm?"

Phoenix looked at the charm as it was shaped in a weird circle with pointed triangles.

" I've never seen a pattern like this."

" Promise me you'll keep it with you... I know it doesn't look much but... It will help you for sure..."

" Of course I will keep it with me. Don't worry, I'll get back here with results."

" Thank you, Mr Wright..."

Aichi looped the charm's string around Phoenix's wrist as the charm was left hanging and Phoenix hid it in his sleeve.

" Well then, I'll be going now."

" One more thing before you go..."

" What is it?"

" Having an image will point you in the right direction... Remember that..."

" ... Alright. Have a good rest then."

" I will..."

Phoenix left after that as Aichi looked out of the window. The door opened again as he saw Rayfa standing there.

" Your Benevolence? What brings you here?"

" Well..."

" Were you worried about me?"

" N-No! Of course not! I just wanted to see how you reacted when we've found Brabed Head and his companion Guilty!"

" Even so... I still believe that Miss Maya never committed the murder or murders to be exact..."

" How would you know such a thing?!"

" Because just as you have your Divination Seances, I have my own Divination powers... If I never fainted like I did this morning, I would've been able to show more evidence that Miss Maya never did murder anyone..."

" ... Actually... I do want to know... How... did you gain these powers?"

" Your Benevolence... Some things are meant to be kept secret until something crops up... As for this power of mine... I wouldn't mind trying to teach you... You seem to have some spiritual power at the very least, if you were able to perform a Divination Seance..."

" Well... I don't know... My Seances... They were all torn apart by Barbed Head and..."

" You're still just a child, Your Benevolence... There's still so much you still need to learn and realise but you're still much too young to know yet... But just know this... Without your Seances, the truth would not easily come to light either... I believe the reason why the Divination Seances are used is because it's to find the truth in every case... Not to just convict someone for something you see in the Seance..."

" I don't know... I just don't know..."

" You'll understand someday, I just know it..."

" But I..."

" Insecurities lead to even more insecurities, stop doing that, Your Benevolence... Just do what you need to do and believe in yourself... Your Divination Seances are never wrong, they just need to be interpreted by the correct people of the court... The prosecutor and the lawyer... That's why, without a lawyer, this country won't last long..."

" But then all of the people we've executed from my Seances up until now...!"

" Don't hang onto the past... Your Benevolence, your people still needs you and your Seances, so don't for one second, doubt yourself..."

" I-I'll try..."

" That's good... I'll see you later in court again then..."

" One more thing. What's your name?"

" Aichi... Aichi Sendou..."

" I'll keep that in mind."

" Thank you, Your Benevolence..."

Rayfa left the room after that as Aichi drifted back to sleep again. Phoenix continued the investigation as he was soon able to get an orb from Datz as he went back to the Inner Sanctum with Rayfa following after him.

" Barbed Head. You already searched here, did you not?"

" Oh, umm... I just thought I'd look around again. You know, in case I missed something?"

" I probably shouldn't tell her I'm looking for the secret rebel hideout." Phoenix thought

" We have a saying back at home: 'Leave no stone unturned'."

" Hmm? ... Oh, yes. You cannot stump me. I know that one."

" Actually, 'I don't have a clue' is written all over your face..." Phoenix thought

Phoenix started to look around while Rayfa was still in a bit of confusion as the entrusted charm given to him from Aichi started to glow in his sleeve. He froze in his tracks as his mouth was left agape for a few moments.

" Woah... This is..."

" What is it, Barbed Head?"

" Y-You don't see that, Your Benevolence?"

" See what? All I can see is the spring and the image of Lady Kee'ra."

" What's going on here...?"

Phoenix checked his sleeve after that as he saw the glowing charm.

" The charm..."

" Having an image will point you in the right direction..."

" Was this what he meant?" Phoenix thought

Phoenix approached the warbaa'd statue as he soon found a hole to insert the orb given by Datz as a revolving door opened to the secret rebel hideout and soon, after gathering some clues, he headed back to the temple to rest. The next morning, they awaited in front of the Accused Lobby as Aichi looked around.

" Hey, Mr Wright, Miss Maya. You two look exhausted."

" No, I'm fine."

" Me too. Just... You know..."

" I'm sorry I wasn't able to help much yesterday... Physical drain gets me really badly... But I think I'll be able to make it until the end of the trial today! I'll be helping with all I have!"

" Don't overwork yourself though."

" I won't."

The trial soon started as Rayfa tried to do a Divination Seance, however, nothing showed up in the Pool of Souls.

" Y-Your Benevolence! What in the world...?"

" Urgh... I was unable to evoke any sort of response. I called out to the spirit's name many times... but to no avail!"

" Just as I thought... I had sought to confirm the contents of today's Divination Seance. After all, it is customary for the prosecutor to verify it beforehand. And that is why I sought to stop Her Benevolence from performing it here. However, she insisted that it be done. She wished to try one more time here in the Hall of Justice."

" It would appear Her Benevolence is tired from her manifold duties."

" I am not anything of the sort! The victim's spirit will not answer my call, but I know not why! It is my sacred duty to convey the truth through the Divination Seance!"

" Your Benevolence..."

" Mr Wright, she's not lying."

" I know, but..."

" If she was tired, I wouldn't be standing here either. Her Divination Seance and my power drains the same way. There must be a reason to why she couldn't call for the spirit."

" But what is that reason?"

" ... I might have an idea but... I can't be sure. I might need your help on this, Mr Wright."

" What are you going to try now?"

" ... You'll see."

" Whenever you say that, it gets me worried..."

Aichi giggled a little before turning back to the court.

" Your Magistry. Similarly to yesterday, could I take the stand again?"

" Well, I suppose I can allow that but... Without a Divination Seance, your power won't work either."

" That's true, but... This one will be different. I'm going to try to find out why the Seance isn't working, through my own Divination."

" Now that he mentioned it... He said the same thing in the first trial. I wonder what his own Divination is like..." Phoenix thought

" The defense agrees to this. We need a Divination Seance for the truth to come to light, so if the prosecution doesn't mind either, Aichi will take the stand in order to solve this mystery."

" The prosecution has no objections to this."

" Very well. Please take the stand then."

" Thank you, Your Magistry."

Aichi went to the witness stand as his face turned to one of seriousness.

" Before I begin, this Divination requires special summoning and those being summoned, well... You'll have to abide to their three rules."

" Three rules?"

" They can be very... overprotective. So, the first rule, in no way must you offend them or me, you'll be in huge trouble and stopping them is never fun. Second rule, questioning me will have to go through them as well. The third rule, I'm sure hoping you don't break this one... If by any chance and I mean if, you need to break a hole in their testimony, choose your words wisely. They won't tolerate nonsense or bluffs."

" That's... quite a few dangerous rules..."

" And was that last one directed to me?!" Phoenix thought

" If there are no further questions, then I'll begin." Aichi put his hands together after that, " I call you as a Prayer granter and your Vanguard. Listen to my voice and show yourself. Tell me the reason of why the Divination Seance isn't working and show the image to me."

Right after that, silence followed as a few glowing cards came out from Aichi's pocket.

" T-Those are...!"

" P-Pohlkunka!"

" That's my line...! I didn't know it's...!" Phoenix thought

" Why have you summoned us, my Vanguard?"

" It's been explained beforehand. Puhray Zeh'lot has been slain and I want you guys to perceive an image to me."

" And that image is something called a Divination Seance?"

" Yes. We want to find out why Puhray Zeh'lot's spirit cannot be called."

" Hm... We understand the gist of the situation. Well, your future image still isn't stable. You're still seeing false images, you'll need to figure out which fact is false and which is true."

" That's why I called you guys here. I want you guys to show what I have perceived."

" To this whole courtroom?!"

" You're already here and Mr Wright is more than capable."

" If you have that much faith in that lawyer, then we have no choice."

" Hold on a minute! What is this?!"

" You see, I have the power to see the past and future."

" W-What?!"

" But those images that I see can sometimes be false and I always need to figure out which I see is true and which is false. They can project what I saw, so you'll have to figure out the truth from the image."

" ... Alright then..."

" If you're ready, then we can begin."

Aichi closed his eyes as the cards formed a circle around the Pool as an image started appearing in the water.

" We will explain what has been perceived so hear and watch carefully."

" Right... Hear and look... It's the same as the Divination Seance, expect there's none of the five senses shown this time."

" That's right. Now, we begin."

" A Divination Seance depends on seeing the victim's final moments, however you must know of the victim's face and name."

" The fact that the Seance failed was because of the power the Royal Priestess has. She has been drained of her powers from tedious duties."

" However, all she needs to do is to rest up and make sure she can handle this in the next time this trial begins, thus, we have to delay this trial for another day."

" That is the end of our perception."

" Hm? That seems..."

" ... similar... Don't you think so too, Nick?"

" Yeah. Looks like he can see the future. Now let's see... May I ask? Erm... How should I address you guys?"

" We are the clan of the warriors of light."

" We protect our Vanguard."

" Call us the 'Royal Paladin' if you would."

" Alright... Back to my point... If you were listening to our earlier statements, Her Benevolence isn't tired and she did try to call out Puh'ray Zehlot's name quite a few times. So it wasn't that her power was drained from tedious work, it's the fact that the spirit wouldn't come in Her Benevolence's call."

" Plus, there is no way we can delay the trial until tomorrow! It has to be today and right here, right now!"

" ... We suppose that is true. My Vanguard."

" Of course. I'll change my image."

A ripple appeared on the pool as the image changed.

" That was simple."

" Yes, but it's not over yet. The reason still isn't known."

" But we know both the face and the name of the victim... So why won't the Divination Seance...?"

" A new image has appeared."

" What?!"

The image changed again to the crime scene photo.

" Why that photo? What's going on here?"

" We only project what our Vanguard sees. A new image coming in means a new possibility. Think it through carefully."

" ... Wait a minute! Call Detective Skye in! I have a few questions for her!"

" As you wish."

Ema came in soon after as Phoenix began his questioning.

" Detective Skye, Mrs Inmee confirmed the body, right? How did she identify it other than just seeing his body? His ID?

" Huh? ... Well, no! We also checked the ID card he carried and the data in his family registry. But..."

" But what?"

" His personal information didn't match any of the public records we cross-referenced."

" So that means... The Divination Seance must have failed because his name is a fake. You heard what the Royal Paladins said too. The Royal Priestess' needs the victim's real name and face for them to call their spirits forth."

" Yes, that is indeed true."

" If he was using a forged ID and there is no mention of him in our public records... then he was unlikely an illegal immigrant. They are not uncommon here in Khura'in."

" ... But that's not it."

" The Royal Paladins? What's wrong?"

" Look at our image once more. That previous statement is false."

" What?"

" ... I see what you guys are getting at... Look at the tattoo on the back of Puh'ray Zehlot's neck!"

" Why that's... A tattoo of a peach?"

" I would like you all to think about the meaning of this tattoo."

" Oh, umm... The victim really liked peaches?"

" Well, peaches are a favored delicacy here in Khura'in."

" They happen to be a personal favourite of mine. The sweetness of their abundant nectars and the softness of their perfectly ripe flesh... They are a blessing from the Holy Mother herself."

" Nick, I've suddenly got a craving for peaches!"

" ... After the trial, Maya. Right now we have bigger fish to fry. Unfortunately, that is not a tattoo of a peach."

" It is not a peach, you say? Then what is it?"

" Take a closer look. Haven't you seen something like that before? Namely, the tattoo on the high priest's brow."

" Oh, my!"

" What?!"

" This mark is only borne by the members of the Khura'inist clergy!"

" Objection! So that is what you believe it to be. But are they not utterly different shapes?"

" Sure, they're shaped differently, but there's a reason for that. The victim had the peach-shaped tattoo inked over an existing tattoo for some reason. However, the dark red portion is exactly the same as the mark all Khura'inist clergy bear."

" Hey, you're right!"

" Hmm... Until about twenty-odd years ago, everyone did get one, didn't they? I myself bear one on my right buttoc-"

" That is entirely too much information, Your Magistry."

" Information on everyone who enters the clergy is maintained at the temple! All we have to do is look up a monk with a mark in the same spot!"

" I'm on it! I'll let you know if I get any hits!"

" That will not be necessary. If you seek information on the clergy... I have it all right here."

" Oh, my! You never cease to amaze! ... So, tell us, is there anyone who fits the bill?"

" ... There is just one, and his name is Rheel Neh'mu. He became a monk twenty years ago."

" Then that must be the victim's real name."

" But why would he have tried to cover up his tattoo with another one?"

" Yeah... There must've been some reason..." Phoenix thought

" Our work here is done."

" Huh?"

" You've solved the mystery and the image is no longer needed."

The image disappeared as Aichi opened his eyes and the cards flew back to him.

" Mr Wright."

" I know. Your Magistry! Now that we know the victim's real name... the Divination Seance might finally work!"

" Hmm... A lawyer who willingly seeks a Seance... This is entirely unprecedented."

" Heh. You are but digging your own grave, defense."

" We won't know that until we try."

" Very well. Let the Divination Seance be held once more!"

Aichi walked back to the defense table while Rayfa took the stand.

" ... Why would a lawyer work so hard to see the Divination Seance be held once more? You are a fool, Barbed Head. And your foolishness shall yield no gratitude from me. For with the truth revealed by my Insights, I shall gladly seek your demise!"

" ... Bring it on, Princess. Because I will correctly interpret each and every one of your Insights. Aichi, you're not going up?"

" My Vanguard need not waste his strength on this minimal duty."

" With us around, we are not letting him take another chance to use his powers after yesterday."

" So they say."

" Right..."

" Hmph! You will regret ever thinking you could use my sacred Insights as evidence. O Holy Mother! We hold this Divination Seance in your name! Let the eyes of everyone her be clear, and our ears be unstopped! O Dance of Devotion! Guide the victim's soul to me! So that we may receive their final memories in the Pool of Souls!"

Rayfa began the dance as the Seance finally worked.

" ... Oh, my! It's just as Mr Wright surmised. Puhray Zeh'lot wasn't the victim's true name! And now at last, we have seen the victim's final moments!"

" B-But... All we could see was the ground!"" Was it really the ground?"

" Huh?"

" ... I get what they meant... Marron, in the Court Records, there is something we can use, right?"

" Yes. I've seen at least four relevant evidence."

" I see. Mr Wright, it's up to you to find those evidence and point the inconsistency out. Find out what the inconsistency in the Seance is and show them your evidence."

" But what evidence would help in this Seance?"

" You might think there's barely anything to go with but if you look carefully at something else, you'll see what I mean. Let's hear what her Insight is first."

" You just don't learn... Very well then. I'll make sure to bring you to your knees with this Insight! ... The victim was offering up his prayers... It was the night of the rite. The pattern on the plaza's ground was visible in the darkness. Then, someone was there... and the theme to the 'Plumed Punisher' filled the air... The accused held the victim's down and plunged the dagger into his upper back. The blade struck true, and in that instant, he departed from this world... That is everything the deceased experienced in his final moments."

" But... Wait a minute!"

" You seem to have figured it out, Mr Wright."

" Yeah, I definitely do now! Objection! ... Was it really the night of the rite...?"

" What do you mean? It could not be otherwise! The accused slew Acolyte Zeh'lot after killing the high priest during the Purificarion Rite."

" The only problem is, the deceased's spirit does not corroborate that."

" What's this?!"

" Take a good look at what the victim smelled. Do you see how it says 'gingihl'? Acolyte Zeh'lot could not have smelled any gingihl on the night of the rite!"

" Wh-What do you mean?"

" Let me back up my statement with some evidence for you. The high priest's Wife, Beh'leeb Inmee, told me about the Feast of Blessings. The feast includes a number of gingihl-based dishes. And they're only supposed to be served at a certain time the day before the rite!"

" Why, I believe you're right! I had completely forgotten about that."

" During the feast, the unique smell of gingihl pervades the entire kingdom. The fact that the victim's smelled it means... he was murdered between noon and 3PM the day before the Purification Rite!"

Rayfa countered him but Phoenix told her about how the time of death could be made to seem recent. Rayfa then amended her Insight as Phoenix soon found another inconsistency.

" Objection! The change in the date and time of the crime... has caused a new inconsistency to surface."

" What's this?! Augh! You are making that irritating face again! Cease that at once!"

" Sorry, but this is the face I was born with. Now, let's focus on what's important... what the victim saw in his final moments."

" Do you have bats in your belfry, Barbed Head? There is nothing to see. The ground of the plaza was all that entered the victim's eyes."

" And that's what I find so strange. On the day before the rite, it should've been impossible to see that pattern on the ground!"

" Impossible, you say?! ... Do explain."

" This newspaper has an article that is tiny in size, but huge in importance. It says that the ground was covered with 'thick, white ice' the day before the rite."

" What?! B-But...!"

" The victim did not see so much as an ice cube on the ground!"

" Exactly. And so we must ask: What was the victim looking at in his final moments?"

" If you have something to say, then say it!"

" The last thing the victim saw was not the ground at the Plaza of Devotion. This can only mean that he was killed elsewhere!"

" Wha-?!"

" Wha-?!"

" Wha... WHAT?! Then where do you propose the victim was actually killed?"

" Yes, tell us where! Otherwise, your argument is worthless!"

" Mr Wright, don't panic. Don't forget, Marron already said that there's evidence that you need inside the Court Records. You've already uncovered two, so the third one should be the most obvious."

" The most obvious, huh... Oh, right! This was where he was killed! The secret hideout the rebels were using!"

" The rebel hideout? There was no such place anywhere on the floor of that chamber!"

" You're absolutely right."

" Then what did the victim see in his final moments if not the floor of the rebel hideout?"

" Tha shaggy green surface the victim saw was one of the moss-covered stone slabs! As you can see, there are two distinct hand-shaped impressions in the moss here. I believe the victim was killed while he stood there with his hands pressed against the slab!"

" Objection! That does agree with the Seance vision. However, one cannot definitely declare they are one and the same."

" I concur. There is no proof that a murder occured in the rebel hideout."

" Indeed! What evidence do you have of this?!"

" I've already shown you the evidence."

" Wh-What do you mean?"

" Please take a look at this second version of the photo I just showed you. You can see the results of the luminol test I performed in the rebel hideout. This is proof positive that someone had been bleeding in front of that stone slab."

" Is this true?!"

" This evidence has already been provided to the police."

" Detective Skye, to whom does this blood belong?"

" W-We thought it was the high priest's blood that flowed in from outside... So we haven't tested it yet."

" Then you must do so at once!"

" Y-Yes, Your Magistry!"

They quickly went to get the blood tested as the result soon came back.

" It appears the police have finished testing the blood. Detective Skye, your report, please."

" The blood found in the rebel hideout... belongs to Puhray Zeh'lot, just like the defense claims!"

" Detective Skye, do you realise what your blunder has done to me? When this trial concludes, I want to see you in my prayer chamber. There, I'll deliver a joyous sermon onto you for eight hours straight."

" I-I'm really sorry, but... Please, anything but that!"

" ... Nice, maybe, just maybe... this is the chance we've been waiting for!"

" Yep, it would seem so."

Phoenix began his argument again as the mystery now came to who had murdered Puhray Zeh'lot.

" Mr Wright. You need to identify the one you think could've killed Puhray Zeh'lot if it's not Miss Maya."

" Yeah, but there's only one person that comes to mind now..."

" Then please make this argument firm and convincing. The people hear wouldn't want to hear it but we have no choice."

" Y-Yeah... Your Magistry, I believe there is another suspect in Puhray Zeh'lot's murder!"

" Objection! Even the most benevolent Holy Mother would not forgive such a desperate lie. After all, you know very well that such a person does not exist."

" N-No! There is one person who knew everything!"

" D-Does such a figure truly exist?! Tell us, who might that be?"

" It had to be someone allowed to enter the sanctum, and who knew about the hideout. And that would be... the high priest. He could've committed the crime if it occured the day before the rite!"

" You would pin a crime upon the dea, knowing very well they tell no tales? Have you no shame!"

" Actually, that's wrong. Dead men can tell tales, isn't that right, Mr Wright?"

" Huh? Oh... Uh... OHH! Your Magistry! Since dead men can tell tales, I would like to request the high priest's testimony!"

" His... testimony?! And just how do you propose we get the deceased to testify?"

" Summon him here by means of Spirit Channeling!"

" Wh-What did you just say?!"

" Wow. The gallery's really heating up."

" Don't make the situation worse, Wingal!"

" Guys, settle down..."

After being unable to get the queen to perform the channeling, the only person left was...

" Well, you know what this means, Mr Wright."

" Yeah. But..."

" ... It's okay, Nick. You can tell them."

" But, Maya...! I thought you wanted to keep it a secret here in Khura'in."

" Don't worry. It's not like it's against the law or violates some religious precepts, so... I don't think we'll be punished. At least, I hope not..."

" But this is a crucial period for you. It'll decide whether you become master of Kurain."

" We don't have any other choice, now do we? If I'm found guilty, it'll be a lot worse than not becoming master of Kurain."

" ... All right. Thanks, Maya."

Phoenix turned back to the court after that.

" Actually, there is someone here who is capable of channeling spirits."

" But even Her Benevolence Princess Rayfa finds the Divination Seance to be a challenge. Who could possibly have greater spiritual power than she, aside from the Queen?!"

" Th-That... That would be... me."

After she said that and a few arguments later, the court went for a recess to get ready afterwards as they waited in the accused lobby again.

" So, Aichi, you knew about this the whole time, didn't you?"

" No. My premonitions come in the form of dreams. It was of the future at first but somehow, a little bit from the past was mixed in too. I just had that premonition yesterday while I was resting."

" But that is still some special power... Don't tell me you're still hiding even more...?"

" Well..."

" Hey! Who do you think you are?! Stop hounding him with so much questions!"

" Wingal, settle down! Mr Wright is just asking me a question!"

" It doesn't mean that he can keep disclosing your powers like this!"

" Wingal, get back here, stop being so rude to him."

Aichi grabbed the card back to his side after that.

" I'm sorry, he can be a little feisty."

" So that's where rule one comes in, huh..."

" A little... Asking about my powers is a sort of sensitive topic for them."

" I see... Oh, right. Thanks for the charm by the way. I was able to see where the rebel hideout was too, thanks to it."

" It's not a problem. I saw it too when I went up with you the first time but I never thought it would be that important until now..."

" Yeah, who would've known..."

Phoenix took out the charm and handed it back to Aichi.

" My Vanguard! We told you not to take it off!"

" Wait, you used your powers without it, then-"

" I wanted to help. I don't care what will happen to me, I just want to help those who've been innocently convicted."

" That's not the point! Oh... What do we do now?!"

" I want to see this trial to the end so please don't stop me. Looks like it's almost time to head back in. Are you really going to be okay with this, Miss Maya?"

" Wow... I would've never thought they'd be this agitated over that charm being taken off for one day... Aichi's definitely some mysterious guy..." Phoenix thought

" Yeah, at least I think so."

They went back into the Hall of Justice as Maya could soon proceed with the channeling. She succeeded soon after as Tahrust has now take over her form.

" Hrrm? What is this place?"

" Oh, my!"

" N-No...! Th-This cannot be!"

" P-Pohlkunka!"

" Miss Maya did it!"

" Yeah! She definitely did!"

" His cards have fallen silent ever since our discussion outside... I wonder if they're mad about me taking the charm from Aichi...?" Phoenix thought

" Mr Wright?"

" Oh, it's nothing..."

Phoenix then started explaining the situation as Tahrust agreed to give his testimony. Soon after, they hit a block in his testimony as they realised that Tahrust has an alibi to go with.

" We were so close too! ... What should we do now...?"

" Mr Wright. Don't waver. Don't forget, there is someone who couldn't have an alibi."

" Really? Who could that be?"

" You should know already."

" R-Right..."

The trial and cross examinations continued as the suspect was now Beh'leeb. Soon after, Beh'leeb came into the Hall of Justice to confess her crime as Tahrust broke down and fainted.

" You did it, Mr Wright."

" Yeah, and it was a surprising trial. I didn't think it would come down to this though... Why did the high priest commit suicide just to hide the hideout?"

" That much... You'll need to figure it out... The sad reality..."

" Aichi?"

" ... I'm all right."

Beh'leeb continued to explain why she'd no choice but to slay Zeh'lot since he was at the hideout on the day of the crime and they soon found out that the Justice Minister was sanctioning state-sponsored murders. Tahrust then took over after recovering as he told his side of the story.

" You needn't have committed suicide simply to frame the accused."

" Prosecutor Sahdmadhi... As one well-versed in our kingdom's legal system... I would expect you of all people to understand."

"... Understand what?"

" This kingdom's legal system... Mrs Inmee's crime... Your suicide... It can't be... That would be sadder than sad..."

" Why, I believe the defense knows of what the high priest speaks."

" Yes, I finally understand. The Defense Cupability Act. Circumstantial evidence supports Mrs Inmee's killing of Acolyte Zeh'lot in self-defense. However, it would be next to impossible to prove it without a lawyer. That's why the high priest wanted to pin the crime on Maya Fey."

" ... I fail to see what that has to do with his suicide."

" Prosecutor Sahdmadhi... Do you really not understand? Because of that law, the Divination Seance is always the absolute truth in this country. And Mrs Inmee would've been... And that was why the high priest committed suicide to put the crime on Miss Maya. I'm sorry to say this, Your Benevolence, but... Your Seance was used in this trial to create a false evidence for exactly his plans."

" N-No way..."

" Forgive me, Your Benevolence... But it was the only way to help my lovely wife."

" If you had approached me first, I could have proved that the murder was in self-defense."

" Perhaps... But I had little faith in lawyers, despite being a rebel."

" How utterly foolish to cast away one's life for such a reason! There must have been other ways to cover up the crime!"

" Yet, had I done so, my wife would rush to my defense. And when the case went to trial... she would suffer the same fate as I under the Defense Cupability Act. I could not have lived with myself had she been convicted because of that fiendish man!"

" Th-This... This cannot be... All I have done under the laws of our kingdom... It has all been..."

" Mr Phoenix Wright. It is time to show the might of your legal prowess! You mustn't allow another innocent soul to be charged under that despicable law."

" ... Of course. I'll do whatever I can."

" What I have done to you and Acolyte Fey is unforgivable. I can only offer my most humble of apologies. Your Magistry..."

" Yes?"

" I ask that you please look after my wife."

" You have my word."

" ... Mr Wright. I'm going outside for a bit... I'll see you once the trial concludes..."

" What's wrong, Aichi? You don't seem..."

" I'm fine. I just need a breather."

" All right..."

Aichi left the Hall of Justice as the trial soon concluded after the high priest was sent back with the Magatama of Parting, and the verdict of 'Not Guilty' was given. Phoenix and Maya went out to the accused lobby to see Aichi sitting on the chair while his cards floated around him. A locket was in his hands as he stared at it for some time.

" Aichi?"

Aichi jumped a little as he closed the locket and stood up.

" Oh, Mr Wright... I suppose it ended with a 'Not Guilty'?"

" Yeah. What were you looking at just now?"

" It's... nothing."

" Is it something you can't say?"

" ... Not now at least..."

Rayfa then came up to them and they talked about her duty as a Royal Priestess before they were cut off by a loud noise. Beh'leeb and Datz said a quick greeting to them before making their escape.

" Well... There they go."

" Yeah."

" So, what do you suppose we do now, since the trial is over?"

" Let's grab some lunch first, I'm sure everyone is tired from today."

" Yeah. And then after that, we can head back to America."

" Yeah, I need to check out the village! It's been two whole years after all!"

" Aichi, do you want to come along with us?"

" Sure. I would love to. Oh, before that... Guys, you can rest too. Get back inside my pocket."

" Are you sure it's okay?"

" Yeah. Now, hurry."

" Alright..."

The cards flew back into Aichi's pocket as they set off for their lunch. What other trials await them?

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