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Wiccan Science

Part 1

'Well this is just great' the red headed witch muttered to herself. She was hopelessly lost in the middle of a strange and probably hostile city at one in the morning. Well ok, so maybe it wasn't hopeless, if she had to she could use magic to find her way but she really didn't want to go down that road unless it was completely necessary.

After what had happened with the whole trying to end the world thing she just wasn't confident of her ability to resist the lure of the dark arts if she even did the smallest charm.

She walked along the street looking for any helpful sign and when all she could see was dark shop fronts and some more lively bars and restaurants.

'Right' she spoke to herself in a low voice, ' next sober person I see I'm asking for directions. This isn't Sunnydale Will, it's ok to talk to nice sober strangers just no going into their beds and stripping and, where the hell did that come from, behave yourself young lady.'

She approached a young looking guy who was walking in what looked like a straight line. Maybe I should ask him to stand on one leg and touch his nose. She smiled to herself as the idea came to her and approached him with what she hoped was her best 'I'm not a hooker face'.

'Hi, I was wondering if you could give me directions to my hotel, it's the…' she stopped when she realised that his previously handsome face had just gone all ridged and demony.

He grabbed her arm and began to drag her to a nearby alley. There always has to be an alley doesn't there. I really do think too much.

A scream escaped her lips as he through her against the wall. There is no way I'm gonna be an easy kill. She jerked her knee upwards, he backed away in part pain and part surprise. His hesitation was all she needed and she floored him with a kick to the head reaching into her back pocket she retrieved her ever-present stake and drove it into his chest.

'You call yourself a vamp, I've lived on the hell mouth, that was pathetic' he turned to dust before she could finish. Not the most intelligent comment but then maybe it took practice to achieve Buffy level in combining witty comments and slayage.

Like you really want the practice Rosenburg. But couldn't this be just what she was looking for, a way to atone, do the Angel thing and help the hopeless or was that helpless, whatever. She could train and slay and make the guilt go away, yeah I can do that.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't notice him until he was right behind her.

'What the hell?'

Daniel stepped out of the bar where he had been chatting with Carter, Jack and Teal'c to get some fresh air. He leaned against the wall to the right of the door looking at the few people in the street around him.

A small red head caught his eye as she walked along the opposite side of the road. She hesitantly approached a man walking a little in front of her, it looked like she spoke for a second and than he stiffened as he saw him grip her arm and begin to pull her to the side. 'Shit' he swore as he made his way across to where they were picking up his speed as he heard her scream.

His years of training with Jack made him slow down cautiously as he approached the entrance to the alley, checking out the situation before barging in. He saw her ram her knee into his groin and then floor him with a kick. He was about to go and try to calm her down when he stopped in shock as she produced a weapon of some kind and rammed it into her attacker's chest.

He stepped forward to help the man vaguely hearing her say something about 'hell' and 'vamps' when once again he was stopped in his tracks.

The man disappeared.

'What the hell?'

The girl turned quickly towards him, damn she was gorgeous, not the time Daniel, she looked as though she was reaching for an explanation. He waited, silence fell for a moment before she began to talk very breathlessly.

'A man attacked me…he must have heard you come… he ran down there' she pointed vaguely down into the dark of the alley.

She was lying but he went along with it hoping desperately that she would leave so he could call in a team and get her staked out as well as trying to work this all out. Aliens must be aliens, a really beautiful red headed alien. Yeah that makes sense. Maybe if I find out something about her it will help the team.

'I'm feeling a bit faint… could you maybe give me directions to Fifth Street.' Goddess she wanted out of there, he didn't buy her explanation one little tadpole sized bit. He'd forget right? People always forget about vamps and stuff don't they?

'Its at the first right after that Irish bar down there.' He pointed, turning, the light from the street lamps hit his face, damn he's cute. Forget it girl, now is your time to leave.

'I'll just go now it was nice to meet you apart from the whole attack thing'

She was about to walk away when he held out his hand to hand shake, which she did since she didn't want to seem rude.

'My name's Daniel' he introduced, pausing to hear her name.

'Willow' she said, 'I'm sorry I really have to go, bye' she made it a few steps away.

'Could I get your number so that I can check later on to see if you are alright, I mean you must be shaken, its not every day you get attacked.'

Unless you're me. What harm can it do, he is cute and maybe that will make him forget the dust thing. She reasoned it out to herself finally deciding to do it just to get away quicker. Sure that's the reason…. Since when is my mental voice sarcastic?

She got out a pen and a small scrap of paper from her bag and wrote down her cell number, she handed it to Daniel. 'You don't really need to check up on me you know I'm fine, anyway it was nice meeting you. Bye.'

Really smooth Willow, she glanced behind her and found him still standing holding the piece of paper and watching her leave, he sooo didn't buy it. On the bright side he might call you, Woohoo.

She shook her head and sighed. Completely ignoring her inner voice she followed the directions he had given her and was soon back at her hotel

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