It was dinnertime at Hogwarts, and the entire student body, plus the teachers (save Trelawney) were gathered in the Great Hall.

Draco Malfoy was late, as he'd often been this year. Often, he'd looked drawn, and withdrawn - to the point that Potter'd been convinced... of a great many things, few of which were actually true. Oh, yes, let's go blame the boy whose mother was held hostage on his good behavior. That's going to make an extraordinarily well-committed Death Eater, isn't it?

Today, however, Draco Malfoy was back to gleaming (he'd checked in the mirror. twice). He entered the Great Hall with an enormous grin on his face, and turned promptly toward the Gryffindor table. He knew exactly what the Slytherins would assume he was doing - and, true to form, he heard the rise of whispered anticipation behind him.

As Draco Malfoy headed toward the Gryffindor table (traveling more in an arc than otherwise), he saw that Potter, as usual, had his face towards the Slytherin table. Beautiful, just beautiful. All Draco could ask for for a reaction shot. Granger was right beside him, of course... which left Weasley.

The next few moments were going to be interesting.

Potter was eyeing Malfoy with suspicion (deserved, it had to be said), and Granger had her lips pursed. Neither of which had the Endless Mouth in Human Form deigned to notice.

Well, he wasn't going to ignore Draco Malfoy. Draco approached, tapped Ronald Weasley on the shoulder. He was fairly sure (though he couldn't see through The Endless Mouth) that Potter was palming his wand. He'd certainly been ready for a scrap when Draco had been less... well, everything. So it wasn't really surprising.

Moments after he'd been tapped, the Endless Mouth turned his head around, skyblue eyes widening as he noticed that it was Draco Malfoy behind him. Apparently needing more height for intimidation purposes, the Mouth stood (luckily, not while chewing), and looked down at Malfoy, "What do you want?"

Draco hadn't really thought through the height difference, truth be told. And so, it took him a few hairy instants to plan out what he was going to do.

Draco lunged, his hands wrapping Weasley's neck, dragging his head down (Draco awarded himself points for being fast enough to not get hexed).

And then Draco Malfoy kissed him, smartly on the lips.

The entire room seemed to quiet, but the Slytherins did so only momentarily. Weasley was turning beet red, shade by shade, his wand in his hand almost shaking. The Slytherins, however, seemed to have decided to take the whole thing as a jape, and were hollering their approval (along with scattered insults about the Weasleys, of course).

Draco, however, was busy ignoring them. And Potter, whose brow was creased in that What was that? look he got (it made him look crosseyed). And Granger, as usual, had her hand on Potter's arm, even if it wasn't necessary.

Three seats away, the Gryffindor table was fairly unoccupied.

Target Acquired.

Draco Malfoy vaulted onto the Gryffindor table, seated himself in the middle of the dishes, crosslegged, and began to create for himself a plate. Malfoys can look self-possessed even while slipping and falling - this was easy in comparison.

The Slytherins had fallen silent again - whether because they'd guessed something was off, or because they wanted to see the Gryffindor reaction, Draco wasn't sure without looking. And looking would be revealing lies.*

From the corner of his eye, Draco Malfoy caught Snape drinking strong, black coffee at the High Table. Luck, and his Head of House, were with him. That was good; he was going to need them.

*To look is to show that Draco cares about the Slytherin's at this moment, he does not.

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