Title: Thoth's servant (working title)

Author: Meanthis

Email: meanthis20@gmx.net

Status: WIP

Category: Crossover

Spoilers: a few… fire and water, Tok'ra and anything between those two

Season: Season 2 or 3 I think… this is AU, it doesn't follow cannon timeline

Rating: PG-13 (?)

Content warning: Some swearing. Perhaps some violence (hey, immortals fight till death after all)

Summary: Daniel is a bit older then anybody thought. Now a ghost from his past shows up with only one goal in mind: Daniel's head.

Authors Note: I write my own timeline. The episodes "fire and water" and "Tok'ra" happened in a much shorter order. To be honest, I don't give a damn about the whole canon-timeline. This is AU. Live with it!

I also want to thank my beta Shedoc for putting up with my unique interpretation of the English language. And another big thanks to Lime-chan for encouraging me to write this down and giving me a few insane ideas…

Disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to rich and powerful people. Me poor student. Don't sue!

Key:     • //Yadda yadda// = thoughts or dreams

            • Yadda yadda = foreign language


//This all can only be a horrible nightmare//, Daniel decided as he ran along the deserted street in one of the not-so-good parts of downtown Colorado Springs.

This simply couldn't be happening. It shouldn't! Chel was not supposed to be still alive. Hell, he himself should have been dead centuries ago, if you believed the legends. But then, legends often tended to be a little bit inaccurate.

//Perhaps Chel did not recognize me//, thought Daniel, rounding another corner. Even as he thought this he recognized it as false hope. The man had looked directly at him and there had been recognition in this eyes. And a deathly coldness, which left Daniel shivering at the mere thought of it.

This well known look of a man Daniel had once called his brother, made him now fear for his life.

Daniel stopped running and tried to listen over the hammering of his rapid heartbeat. Nothing. He breathed a silent sigh of relief. He had lost him! He did not doubt that Chel had tried to catch him. The hate had been too evident in his dark face. When the years had gone by without another fateful meeting between them, Daniel had hoped that Chel would have forgotten some of this fanatic hate during the centuries. Apparently he had been wrong. But then, why should Chel stop hating him? He had done so for thousands of years and if this man knew how to do something, then it was how to hold a grudge.

Daniel's pace was slower now, but he still looked around nervously every minute. It was not that he was afraid of the fight itself. He was fairly confident in his own ability with the sword, but he did not want this particular fight. Not against this man. At least not until some things were made clear. And this could take another five thousand years because Chel was damn thick headed!

Startled Daniel realized that he was standing in front of his apartment building. He had been so deep in thought that he had not cared were he was going as long as he was moving away from Chel.

Perhaps he should simply pack and do the disappearing act like so often before. He did not want to, not really, after all, he had a good life here and friends, but it would be a safe option. Some people might say something against running away from problems, but those people generally had not the problems of an approximately six thousand years old Immortal.