Pressing her wand to the tip of her throat, Amelia calmly intoned the spell, as she approached the large podium. She did her best to ignore the sudden and bright flashes of the many dozens of camera's as they went off simultaneously.

"Good morning," She said clearly, "I apologize for, once again, drawing you out of bed at an early hour, but this time it couldn't be helped. I am here to inform you that we have confirmed the identities of the ones responsible for the breakout of Azkaban last week." She paused and took a breath, she needed the moment to compose herself, because she was about to lie to the British public once more.

"We received reports from some of our aurors a few weeks ago, that members of our very own wizengamot were plotting against this very Ministry." There were gasps of shock and surprise, and more than a few more camera's started taking pictures. Amelia did her best to ignore it all, and just focus on the story she and Percy had created.

"After some time, we managed to confirm these reports, and, among others, confirm that there were a number of members of our society and our own Wizengamot who were working with a man that was calling himself the reincarnation of the former dark lord Voldemort." There were some minor shrieks of alarm and more than a little scattered mumblings at her pronouncement.

"I do not," She said loudly over the sudden din, and the gathered masses quieted down considerably, "Make this announcement having not taken the time to consider all of the facts and evidence we had available. To the best of my knowledge, these facts are true."

"Then, Madam Minister, Dumbledore and Harry Potter were right? He's really back?" Asked one witch from the Dailey Prophet, who was shaking so badly in her seat that her feathered cap was threatening to fall from her head,

"Unfortunately, I am afraid so," Bones conceded, "However!" She half-shouted over the rising cries of the crowd, "However, you need not be afraid!" She said loudly, and the crowd began to calm down, "Upon my understanding of the situation at hand, I reached out to the International Confederation of Wizards. They take matters such as these incredibly seriously. Within a matter of hours, they had a strike team mobilized, and I can confirm, that as of a little past midnight this morning, the man portending himself to be the reincarnation of Voldemort, as well as several of his followers, have been confirmed to be dead. In the hours since the mobilization of the Confederation's strike force, nearly three dozen members of our own community have been rounded up, and have since confessed to being members of this inscrutable plot to overthrow our Ministry, They have been arrested and will be tried in an international court for conspiring with a self-titled dark lord. A full list of the arrests will be made available to the public soon. Thank you for patience, and we will update you with any developments, as they occur."

She stepped away from the podium, ignoring the shouts and cries behind her. And was once again, flanked on both sides by Kingsley and Hestia.

Just as last time, Kingsley leaned over and whispered into her ear, "He's waiting for you in your office," Amelia nodded, having been expecting that Percy would be waiting for her, continued along her path towards the Minister's personal office.

Kingsley and Hestia took up a defensive posture outside the door to her office as Amelia opened the door.

Percy was lounging comfortably in the chair across from her desk, a bottle of fine brandy sat beside two large, and very full tumblers beside the stacks of papers, and Percy's feet were kicked up lackadaisically against the mahogany finish.

"Cheers," Percy said broadly, raising the tumbler in his hand into the air, as Amelia strode around to the other side of the desk. Unable to stop herself, Amelia smiled. Today truly was the culmination of a hell of a lot of work. A lot of lies, and more than a little blood, had gone into making sure that Voldemort hadn't been able to wage a bloody war across the countryside, and she couldn't stop the feeling of absolute joy at having played a considerable part in the man's downfall.

When she had been woken up that morning, Percy Jackson's head in her fireplace, she hadn't believed him at first. Everything had happened so quickly, and she hadn't even realized that he'd been so close to finding the rest of the Horcrux's. But she was not about to complain about Jackson being able to complete his chosen task far more quickly than she had anticipated. She also hadn't realized just how quickly the Confederation was going to be in mobilizing an assault force on Malfoy Manor. Percy said that within an hour of them getting word about Voldemort going after the prophecy, they had two teams on the ground, prepped and ready to storm the building when the signal went off.

For Amelia, it almost didn't feel real, as she sat in the comfortable leather arm chair of the Minister's Office, sipping softly at the very fine brandy in her tumbler. It hadn't quite hit her yet, that it was all over. She supposed that the real gravity and reality of the situation wouldn't hit her until the next Wizengamot meeting and she saw all of the empty seats. She had not been exaggerating in her press conference, or rather, she hadn't been exaggerating about the number of Death Eaters that were members of the public and the Wizengamot. She had been exaggerating about the number of them that had been brought into custody. In truth, the vast majority of the followers of the now late lord Voldemort were dead. Between the ones lost in the attack on Azkaban, the attack on Percy, and the raid on Malfoy Manor, there were maybe only a little over a dozen Death Eaters still alive in Britain. Of those that had been taken in, the ICW had already gotten the names of all of the out of country mercenary and non-human organizations that had pledged fealty to the cause. Throughout the morning, all over the continent, the ICW was swooping down on the supposed members of the "pure-blood" revolution.

It wasn't likely many would see the light of day ever again.

"How does it feel?" Percy asked,

"Hasn't really hit yet, if I'm honest," She admitted, echoing her own thoughts,

"Not a surprise," Percy said, "Probably won't hit for a couple of weeks, especially since there wasn't really much in the way of open warfare. Don't worry, it'll come, and when it does…well just trust me, it'll be feel real good."

"So…what happens now?" She asked hesitantly,

"Well, the Confederation will be sending a delegate to help you through the rest of this…process." Percy explained,

"You won't be sticking around?" She asked,

"Nope," Percy shook his head, "My job is done. You'll want someone with a bit more expertise in the aftermath crap,"

"So what happens to you?" She asked,

"I pack up my stuff, head back to the States." Percy said simply, "Head back to the office, file a shit ton of paperwork, and sit with my thumb up my ass until the next crisis."

"That's it?" Amelia asked, unable to help feeling slightly incredulous, "You just helped destabilize a government, stop a war before it really began, and nearly single-handily stopped the resurrection of one of the most powerful wizards of the planet, and what? It's just another day at the office? Just wait until the next world-ending threat and run back into the fire?"

"Pretty much," Percy shrugged,

"Wow," Amelia said, unable to keep the surprise from her voice,

"What?" Percy asked,

"Nothing," Amelia said, feeling uncharacteristically uncomfortable. "It's just…It sounds like a hard way to live."

"Yeah…" Percy said softly, "But it's the life I choose to live."

He stood up, a somber expression on his face as he held a hand out to her.

"It's been a pleasure Amelia, and don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you don't have to see me again."

Amelia rose and gripped the man's hand in her own, "That makes two of us," She chuckled.

Then, oddly, a curious expression flashed across Percy's face, almost one of remorse, before it vanished quickly and he raised his free hand in front of her.

"Forget," He said softly, snapping his fingers tightly. There was a flash of mist-like vapor from Percy's fingers, and Amelia knew no more.


"So, this is goodbye then."

"I suppose so,"

Percy and Harry were sitting comfortably at the dining room table in Number Twelve, Sirius was seeing his court-appointed psychiatrist, something he was in desperate need of, and Percy had already made his goodbyes with the man he'd come to see as a friend. Harry had been given the rest of the week off from his classes so that he could rest and recover from the rather grueling week he'd had.

After the end of the Horcrux's, both Percy and Harry had been brought in to testify in the trials against both Fudge and Umbridge. It had been a long week for both of them, and it was a long week at the end of what had felt like years of long weeks, and both Percy and Harry had wanted nothing more than to sleep for the remainder of eternity. But for Percy, it wasn't meant to be. After his final rounds of testimony, shortly after which both Umbridge and Fudge had been convicted, Percy had been recalled by the DSI, so he was back off to New York.

"Just feels…I don't know."

"Anti-climatic?" Percy supplied helpfully,

"Well…yeah. We spent months chasing down the Horcrux's, trying to outmaneuver Voldemort, fighting back…and now it's just over? It feels like there should be more."

"That's the way these things tend to go. If there's some climactic final showdown, then I haven't done my job properly. The less the general public is aware of the real threat that was looming over their heads, the better we did our jobs. I'm not in this for the fame and the glory, what about you?"

"Yeah…Yeah I feel the same way," Harry said. Percy checked his watch, he needed to get going. Rising from his chair, he approached Harry, his hand outstretched,

"It's been good Harry." He said, smiling softly,

Harry stood as well, and wrapped his own hand in Percy's.

"Thank you," He said honestly, "I know the last couple of days haven't been…well things have been rocky. But I am thankful for having met you. And for everything you've done for us."

"Don't mention it, Harry," Percy said with a smile that he felt didn't quite meet his eyes,

"I'm just doing my job."

As he'd done that morning with Amelia Bones, Percy snapped his fingers in front of Harry's eyes, and the same mist-like vapor exploded from his finger tips. Harry's eyes went glassy, and some drool dribbled down from the corner of his mouth, as the makeshift memories that Percy wanted imprinted on the boy's subconscious took hold.

It was wrong, and he knew it. Doing this of all things to a child. Robbing someone of their memories was…it was a cruel business. But it was necessary, Percy was certain of that. Britains autonomy must remain to the outside world, completely intact, and the fewer loose ends that were left to remember what happened, the better.

These were the orders of the Council and the DSI after all.

As he gently rested Harry back into his seat at the dinner table, Percy sighed. Harry had been the last one, all of the members of the order, his team, even Winthrope and Freeman, had had Percy's presence and their own role in the war completely erased. A team of other highly capable legalimens had been taking care of everyone else that had come into contact with Percy over the coming months. It would be as though everything had happened as Amelia Bones had told the British public that morning. The only memory any of the British public would have of Percy Jackson, was that of the man who had unintentionally, and quite accidentally, had stumbled right onto a dementor attack in non-magical England.

With his final job done, it was time to return home.


It had been months since Percy had been back in the main office in New York, but it didn't look as though much of anything had changed since Percy had been away. He said hello to some of the familiar faces, and got the usual smart-ass comments about him never actually working, but he handled them with the usual grace and maturity of a man of his position and authority.

He told them to fuck off and get back to work.

His personal office had remained relatively untouched, but he did have a stack of papers sitting atop his desk as well as a message from his secretary that he needed to get the forms and files filled out as quickly as possible. With a heaving sigh, Percy set himself to work, and he spent most of the morning, working right through lunch, filling out his reports from his time in Britain, and catching himself up on all of the work he'd been missing while he was overseas.

It was nearing the late afternoon when his secretary, a plump woman with dark skin, and in her early fifties, poked her head through the door.

"Got a request from down in Magical Research and Development Percy," She said,

"Thanks Ronda," Percy said, as he put the finishing touches on his finance report. "These are done, go ahead and send them to accounting. And tell R and D that I'm on my way."

"Will do Percy," Ronda said with a smile, "And it's good to have you back in the office…for the next two days anyways." She teased lightly, and Percy just glowered at her,

"Et tu, Ronda?" He grumbled as he squeezed by her,

"All out of love Perce," She said, and Percy just waved a dismissive hand at her.

The department of Magical Research and Development was on the lowest sub-level of the DSI building. It was a lot like the Department of Mysteries back in Britain, except the boys and girls down here worked a lot more with connecting mortal technology with magical enhancements. He was met at the doors to the department by the department head, Marissa Campbell.

"Agent Jackson," Campbell said, extending a hand in greeting,

"Dr. Campbell," Percy greeted back, "Ronda said you had something for me?" He asked, not beating around the bush.

"Yes, follow me," The Magical Physicist said, as she turned and led the way into the department. Percy was led past a number of labs where Percy could see a number of experiments being performed on a variety of magical objects. He was led into an observation room near the very rear of the building. The observation room was empty, save for another door at the other end of the room, and a single large, glass window.

Dr. Campbell gestured for Percy to approach the glass, and he obliged. Stepping up to the window, he looked down into the room below.

"It just appeared a few weeks ago. We've been running tests on it for some time, but we haven't the slightest idea what it is, or what it does." Dr. Campbell explained, "All we really know for certain, is that it is very, very magical in nature."

"Okay…" Percy said slowly, looking at the object in the room in confusion, "But what do you want me to do about it, eat it? See if I turn into a pumpkin or something?"

"Cute," Dr. Campbell snorted, "No, Agent Jackson, we want you to water it."

Percy turned his attention back to the small object sitting on the table in the center of the room. It made some amount of sense, he mused.

What else did one do with a magic bean?


Percy Jackson will return in The Sea

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