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This is but one of the legends the people tell...

Back when the people of the world were still young there existed two beings. One a wizard strove to make the world as good as it could be. People came from all over to seek his help and knowledge. Under his watchful eye the people grew and thrived under the light of happiness.

But where there is light there is always darkness. Deep in the darkness dwelled a witch, shamed and feared by those who basked in the light. She hated them and all the wizard held dear. So using dark magic she sent forth monsters to terrorize and destroy, seeking to send all the wizard cherished to the void.

The people pleaded to the wizard, begging for assistance. Hearing their cries and seeing how close the world was being plunged into the dark the wizard set out across the world, seeking the best that it could offer to assist him against the dark. It did not matter to the wizard who it was, he asked both human and faunus for assistace and never turned down any who offered. He dubbed them the Champions of Light and to each he gave a piece of his power formed into spheres of aura for which they could draw upon the light and their own resolve and battle the nightmares the witch sent upon them.

But the witch was just as cunning, she saw what the wizard did and sought to corrupt the power for her own. Using her magic she reached into several of the wizard's champions and fed upon their fears, their doubts and worries. Whispering lies and false promises the wizard watched in sorrow as she turned several of his champions against him and the war he realized would be long and horrible.

The war seemed endless and many on both sides fell to their opponents. The light would gain but the dark would recover and come back with some new soon the remaining champions of light could not help but feel the hopelessness of ever stopping the witch's evil. Sensing her vicotry the witch appeared before them.

"Do you not see how hopeless your war truly is?" she taunted. "You stand there and fight, you stand there and die and nothing ever comes of it. How much longer can it truly go on before you all die and all of the world has become one with the darkness as it was always meant to be?"

They tried but the champions couldn't help but let her words pierce their hearts and destroy what little resolve they had left. The fight in them was gone and they were resigned to their fates...

Until one of them spoke up. It wasn't the biggest of them, nor the strongest. But it was the purest of them all, the one closest to the wizard's light who spoke up. She stared at the witch with blazing defiance and proclaimed,

"No! I won't give up no matter how hard the fight is! There's too much to lose to allow your evil to ruin this world I love!"

This confused the witch. Who was this truly honest soul who dared to face her so openly? "Fine," the witch snarled and lunged for the honest soul. But she instantly recoiled, for the honest soul's pute light from her Aura Sphere was painful for her to ever imagine approaching. Now feeling true fear the witch frantically backed away, beocming more shocked as the honest soul's light reignited that which had nearly faded in her companions.

"How? How is this possible?" she screamed becoming smaller and weaker under the light's power.

"Because your darkness can never destroy the hope that truly lies in all of us,' the honest soul proclaimed. So begone foul witch, your evil shall haunt us no more!" the woman smiled as the young girl in the bed next to her cheered along with her as she read. "And with a final screech the witch plunged down into the darkness she so loved, never to be seen again." Sighing she closed the book and prepared for the enevitable.

"Again! Again!" the young girl said eagerly and her mother chuckled as the sentiment was echoed by the blonde in the other bed next to them.

"Nope, that's enough for tonight you two. It's getting late and I have to finish getting ready for work." Setting the book down on the nightstand she leaned down to hug the girl. "Goodnight Ruby."

"Night mommy," the girl replied sleepily as her mother kissed her forehead and stood up. She moved to hug the blonde. As she ruffled her hair teasingly, Ruby spoke again.

"Hey Mommy, what happened after the stories? Where did the champions and the wizard go?"

Standing the woman crossed her arms and considered. "I'm not quite sure honestly. Most versions of the story don;'t really say other than they all lived happily ever after."

"Boooring! I bet they went on and kept kicking all the evil monster's butts!" the blonde girl said enthusiastically. "Pow! Kaboom! Bam! Down goes the bad guys!"

"Calm down Yang, it's too late to get all hyper like that.." their mother scolded and the girl grinned sheepishly. "I think Ruby, or at least I hope that if these champions did exist, the'd continue on like the wizard did and keep helping people and keeping them safe."
"Kind of like what you do with the police! You stop the scary bad guy monsters!" Ruby said, putting two and two together. Summer chuckled again.

"Something like that."

"Well I'm gonna be a champion one day!" Ruby proclaimed. "I'm gonna scare the evil witch away and save all the people!"

"Oh come on Ruby," Yang said with a yawn. Laying down she snuggled under the blankets. "It's just a story. You can't get superpowers." Summer frowned as Ruby looked crestfallen.

"Hey none of that missy. Your sister can do whatever she wants in life. You don't need superpowers to help people. Remember what the story said, you just need a big heart." She tapped her own chest. "And I can't think of anyone else who's got a bigger one than you Ruby."

"Really?" Ruby asked in awe. Summer nodded.

"Truly I do. You'll be great one day Ruby. I know it." She patted the girl on the head and gentrly eased her down onto her pillows. "Now again, enough talk. Bed time." Yawning Ruby nodded.

"Goodnight Mommy."

"Night Mom."

"Goodnight girls, I'll see you after my shift tomorrow." Clicking the light off she heaed for the door. But Ruby couldn't help but speak up once more.

"Hey Mommy?" Summer sighed.

"Yes dear?"

"Have you ever noticed, the pin on your uniform you always wear? It kind of looks like the pretty jewels in the story. I bet it's of them..." Summer paused, looking down at the silver decal shaped like a beautiful rose around a gleaming red orb. She smiled at them before heading out of the room and starting to close the door.

"You never know Ruby. Goodnight."

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