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Ch. 1 (written by 2Brown-eyes)


"Welcome to Pacci, your waitress tonight will be Victoria. She will be here momentarily, is there anything I can get you while you wait?" I ask as I hand the couple their menus.

"No, thank you, dear." The older woman shakes her head as she opens her menu.

"Could we get a bottle of champagne, Miss. We're celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary," the gentleman asks, giving his wife a grin.

He looks at her adoringly and deeply in love. I can only wish I find someone to look at me that way after being married for years. She blushes at his attention and ducks her head. He reaches for her hand across the table, and both seem to forget that I'm standing there.

"Of course, sir, I'll have Victoria bring that right out. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you both have a wonderful evening and many more anniversaries to come." I smile at them.

"Thank you." He doesn't even take his eyes off his wife as he answers me.

I find Victoria by the bar and inform her of the request before heading back to the host stand. Before I get there Aro, my manager, pulls me to the side. He's looking more high-strung than normal.

"Edward Cullen," he states, staring at me strangely.

"What about him?" I retort; I can't help but feel like I'm missing the question.

His ice-blue eyes narrow, then he nods. "You'll do. Quickly, come with me."

Aro starts walking toward the kitchen without checking to see if I'm following. I hurry after him and nearly bump into him on the other side. He grabs a serving apron and tosses it at me.

"Put that on. Then put your hair up and wash your hands," he orders.

"Hold on. I'm not a waitress. I can't serve tables." I frantically shake my head.

I'm the world's biggest klutz, it will only be a disaster in the making. I would only drop something, making a fool of myself, trying to carry a tray.

"You're a waitress tonight. You're the only one that didn't squeal or look like you were about to faint when I said his name. Or start ranting that he's an undeserving pretty boy that should go back to England." Aro shoots a glare at Jacob.

"What? I don't like the guy." Jake shrugs unapologetically.

"Are you telling me Edward Cullen is coming here, and you want me to serve him?" My stomach twists into a knot.

Aro gives me a disappointed look. "You're not going to go all fan crazy, are you?"

I shake my head. "No, sir. You can trust me," I promise.

"I better or you'll be out on your keister if anything goes wrong. Paul!" He turns to shout to our head chef. "Mr. Cullen is V.I.P., you fill the ticket yourself and quickly."

"You got it, boss." Paul salutes him.

"He should be here in about ten minutes, go get ready. I'm going to seat him and his party myself." Aro uses the mirror over the handwashing sink to fix his tie then heads back to the front.

I wrap the string of the apron around my waist twice before knotting it. I look at my reflection and pull and twist my hair into a bun. Tanya's face appears behind mine, and she looks boiling mad.

"I am the head waitress, I should be serving Edward Cullen—not you. Do you even know who he is?" she complains.

"It wasn't my decision, Tanya. It was Aro's, take it up with him. And yes, I do know who he is." I ignore her attitude.

Who hasn't heard of Edward Cullen? He rose to fame when the hit series Nightfall became an unexpected blockbuster, and he played the leading male role. Women of all ages crush on the six-foot-one tall Brit. He's extremely attractive with his strong chiseled jaw, deep green eyes, and his untamable bronze hair.

Butterflies start to fly around my stomach at warp speed. I take a deep breath and remind myself.

He just like any other guy. He's no different than any customer.

I can't afford to panic or fangirl over him. I need this job to pay for school.

"Oh, My Gawd. You're so going to embarrass yourself," Tanya mutters.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," I say dryly.

"He's here, go!" Aro pokes his head through the door and hisses at me.

I head for the door, and Paul calls out me. "Yo, Bells, don't forget a pad and pen, hun."

"Right." I grab the one he nods to and go out into the dining room.

I walk toward the V.I.P table, all the while repeating a mantra in my head. It helps his back is to me.

No different than any other guy...

No different than any other guy...

No different than any other guy...

Edward Cullen glances up as I reach the table and gives me a smile.

Have his eyes always been that green?

My mind goes blank and my mouth dry. A clearing of the throat from his guest wakes me out of my stupor.

"Good Evening, welcome to Bella, I am Pacci. What can I get you to drink this evening?" I say nervously.

My words don't register in my mind until his companion starts to giggle, and Edward's lips twitch.

Oh My God. How embarrassing.

"Get me an aperol spritz." The blonde sniffs, holding her nose high in the air.

"Whatever you have on tap will be fine, please, Bella," Edward drawls

"I'll be right back. Would you like to hear the specials, first?" I ask.

"That irritating man already told us. There's way too much pasta on the menu." The woman looks annoyed.

I bite my tongue to keep from saying, this is an Italian restaurant.

"Irina, this is an Italian restaurant." Edward snickers.

"So…would it kill them to have sushi.?" Irina pouts.

Edward rolls his eyes and mouths to me to just go.

I grab the drinks at the bar and make my way back toward the table. When I pass Tanya, she bumps into me, but thankfully, I save the drinks from spilling. After Irina hems and haws and complains for another five minutes, I finally place an order into the kitchen.

Paul pushes the ticket to the front, and ten minutes later I have a tray full of food. I raise it with shaky hands, and my nerves grow.

"Deep breath, Bella. Raise it a little more, and use your shoulder to help brace it." Jacob picks up a tray of his own.

I nod and follow his advice, he takes pity on me and holds the door open. However, as I pass him, he whispers to me.

"I'll pay you twenty to dump it on him."

"Don't you dare, jinx me, Jacob. I need this job," I hiss.

I make my way slowly, as I can feel Aro's eagle eyes on me from across the room. Edward breaks away from his conversation with Irina as I get closer. He gives me a smile, and Irina looks bored out of her mind.

"That was quick," he comments.

Just as I take my final steps, my foot catches on something, and I tip forward. The tray slips from my grasp and the food goes flying on to our V.I.P. guests. Edward and Irina jump to their feet; Irina is screaming about her ruined dress.

My eyes widen in shock. "I am so so sorry. I don't know what happened." I glance behind me, trying to figure out what I tripped on. The only thing…one, in the area is a smirking Tanya. She suddenly flutters her eyes lashes.

"Mr. Cullen, let me help you?" She not surprisingly has a bunch of clean towels in her hand.

"Stop…I got it." Edward pushes her off him. "Are you okay?" He looks at me.


Aro grabs my arm, gaining my attention. "You're fired."

"But…" I try to protest.

"Get out, and forget about your last paycheck, it will pay for damages." He gives me a shove toward the door.

My eyes fill with tears as I head toward the kitchen.

"Wait…you don't need to fire her. It was an accident, she was tripped." I think I hear Edward say behind me.

But why would he come to my defense after I dumped a tray full of food on him? I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Jacob waves a twenty at me when I pass him. But I ignore it and grab my purse and go out the back door.

I keep going until I collapse on a bench half-way down the block in tears.


Happy Birthday, Fran. Thank you, for all that you have done for me and others here in fandom. My chapters would be a mess without your help.

I hope this story brings a smile and a few laughs to you today as you stay warm from the winter storm.