A huge lizard raced through the Pimping Mainland, with Ratio sitting astride it. Having convinced the Space General's troops that all was well, he had rendezvoused with the natives shortly after his airship had left and picked up a new form of transport. Unconventional, certainly, but highly effective.

With directions from the natives, it wasn't long before Ratio and his unusual mount had located the Space General, who was in a meeting with the various leaders of the Abruption Doctrine. Ratio found a good vantage point and settled in to observe.

"Need not how long, the troops of the Republic will arrive!" Space General was saying to the leaders. "I send now you! Carry out the mission!"

Ratio leaned forward as much as he dared, trying to hear anything that might help them apprehend the Abruption Council in the future.

"However" the General continued, gesturing towards one of the leaders. "You only is foolish on this star."

The leader in question stood up and angrily pointed his finger at the General. Ratio recognized him as President 'Nuts' Gunray.

"You is safe!" Nuts growled accusingly. And then, in a mocking tone, he added "Safety, prime minister. You think only of to flee for…" He shook his head. "We may be how safe. I doubt, very much, you can guarantee."

"Please, believe me" Space General beseeched the Council. "Hear my words. You would the high."

Ratio shook his head. No matter how much he knew about the General, it always surprised him to see how… gentle he was being when it came to those under his command. It was such a stark contrast with how the General acted towards his enemies.

The General gestured to a landing pad outside Ratio's field of vision. "Your ship have too arrived" he told the Council. Nuts was still clearly less than convinced, but he followed the rest of the leaders as they politely thanked the Space General and left, walking towards the ship.

Ratio grinned. With them out of the way, and Space General's attention directed away from him, it was the perfect moment to make his dramatic entrance. He tossed his cloak aside and leapt down.

It was only once he landed that he realised he was short of a snappy one-liner.

Space General was still watching the Council leave. Ratio searched his mind furiously for something both cool and relevant to say. In the end, all that came to mind was an excerpt from the old Hopeless Situation textbooks.

"E-everybody is good!" he blurted out.

Space General whirled around, followed by his bodyguard robots. "Section-!" the cyborg began. Then his eyes-one of the only organic components left on his body-registered what they were seeing, and widened.

The Hopeless Situation Warrior hadn't sent his Troopseses Commanding Officer on a reconnaissance mission as he'd expected. Ratio Tile had actually come himself. He could certainly respect bravery like that.

"-Ratio General!" Space General finished with a slight laugh. "You is really a day of brave!" And, with the respect therefore shown, he snapped an order to his bodyguards. "Killed him!"

The robots approached. Ratio drew his lightsaber and took a battle stance. As the robots lunged, Ratio called upon the Wish Power and ripped the ceiling down, crushing the hapless bodyguards.

More bodyguards approached, but Space General held up his hand. His loyal soldiers clearly stood no chance against a Hopeless Situation Warrior, and he wouldn't sacrifice them needlessly.

"You rolls a little bit far!" he warned them. Gesturing to himself, he said, "Let old man come to deal with this Hopeless."

A bit of an exaggeration-he wasn't that old-but it certainly fit his flair for the dramatic.

"You are the man of, you were played with" Ratio told the dreaded cyborg. Space General chucked and threw his cloak aside. His arms split in two, and he reached down, pulling out and activating one, two, three, four lightsabers.

"I once in your Hopeless Situation encampment!" the Space General reminded his foe, swinging his sabers around so that all four of them faced the Hopeless Situation Warrior. "Come, Section-" No, dammit. Why did he keep making this mistake today? "-Ratio!"

The two began their duel. Strike, parry, whirl, repeat. One of them had to give, and in the end, it proved to be Space General. One slip up was all it took for him to lose a hand. From there, Ratio could capitalize on his advantage by taking a second.

Even with his offenses halved, the General was still willing to fight, and would have too, if not for the army of troopseses that descended from the sky at that moment.

Space General snarled at his adversary. "Ignore you, to how struggle you died to settle!"

"I can not think so" Ratio quipped, and, summoning up the Wish Power again, threw Space General halfway across the room to slam into the wall. The General howled and dropped to the floor, where he proceeded to scuttle towards his getaway bike. Ratio whistled for his loyal mount, and the huge lizard dropped from where she waited on the ceiling to crush a couple of robots. Ratio leapt astride her and the chase was on.

As the two rushed through the hallways and crags of the Pimping Mainland, Ratio's lightsaber slipped from his grip, and the Hopeless Situation Warrior cursed as he watched his weapon spiral away. While part of his mind knew that the upcoming second round with the Space General would be that much harder without his trusty blade at his side, the thought that occupied his brain was I hope Anakin never finds out about this.

Commanding Officer Section was directing his troopseses in their advance through the Pimping Mainland, when he received the most unexpected bump on the head.