In the Hopeless Situation Temple's War Room, a group of Warriors-Text How Big, Vanquish Is and Anakin Gold among them-listened to Commanding Officer Section's report from the Pimping Mainland.

"Master" Section began, addressing Text. "They proceeded to interfere. The Section compares the General with Space."

The Hopeless Situation Warriors glanced at each other. Section's professionalism was such that he would often refer to himself in the third person in reports, and it started sounding odd after a while. Text motioned for the Commanding Officer to continue.

"We are fights with the soldier" the clone finished.

Text nodded. "Thank you, Commanding Officer." Section saluted and disconnected his hologram telephone. Text turned to Anakin. "Anakin Gold, report this to the Prime Minister. The report want to let the person feel."

"Is, master" Anakin replied, bowing deeply and exiting the room. Text addressed the rest of the Warriors.

"I feel someone wants to exterminate" he confessed. "Also, is around Prime Minister… of dark power."

"If he refuse to do not hand over" Ki-Adi-Mundi said. "He is given, that he should go out of power right away!"

"The Hopeless Situation Presbyterian Church…" Text muttered. Their name was growing more and more apt with each passing day. Arresting D the Superior was incredibly dangerous to the stability of the Gram Republic, and to the image of the Hopeless Situation Warriors. It would paint them less as heroes of the Republic and more as tyrants seizing power from a man who was, technically, still elected by law. But he was gaining more and more power, and Text feared that he would not stop when the Space General was gone.

Light-years away, on Kashyyyk, Vanquish Is looked at the floor, his expression troubled. "The dark power is more and more strong…" he warned his fellow Hopeless Situation masters.

In his office on Coruscant, D the Superior was leafing through a red-tinted hologram of a large station wagon when he heard the door open. He switched off the screen and rotated his chair to face Anakin Gold.

"Prime Minister" Anakin said. "I just received the report that Section… he is in handle Space, not the General."

D's expression grew concerned. "That is a big challenge in…" he said.

"I should with he together!" Anakin insisted. D shook his head. He had complete faith that Ratio would be able to remove the General. And while Ratio was off fighting halfway across the galaxy… his student was as vulnerable as he would ever be.

"The Presbyterian Church, like, enjoys you not" he told the young Hopeless Situation Warrior. "You not strange. Do they do not seal you as The."

Anakin sighed. "I hope me to know. I feel, more and more… I was been…" he searched for the word, "…isolated by this."

D nodded and smiled at the young man, the perfect impression of an sympathetic mentor figure.

"I know that… still have an esse for they having." Anakin continued.

"They distrust you, Anakin Gold" D told him simply. "They foresaw your future. They know that your power will Big outrun. This will be an… unprecedented affair."

Anakin stared at him.

An affair?

Was D the Superior admitting to having an affair? This was exactly the sort of thing he was supposed to report to the Elders, wasn't it? That time, it seemed so long ago now, when Ratio had given him the mission to know D at fuck. If he gave this evidence to Text… they'd probably grant him the title in a snap!

And yet… he suddenly didn't want to do any of that. D had always been so nice to him. And now he'd freely admitted the information that could be his downfall. Anakin couldn't destroy the man's political career just like that. He just couldn't. So he stayed silent.

D noticed Anakin's expression. "Please" he implored him. "Let me to help you to the deeply thought."

"You are what…" Something was beginning to click into place in Anakin's head. He thought back to the Tragedy that Reach the Man. He'd been so focused on the power of the Original Dint at the time that he hadn't thought of anything else… but now that he considered it, how had D heard of such a legend?

"How can anyone know this power?" he asked shakily. D smiled at him.

"My tutor tells me an affair concerning it" he told Anakin. An affair with his tutor? This would destroy D's political career for the rest of his life, but Anakin wasn't concerned with that anymore. This was bigger than mere politics. D's smile was slowly transforming into a triumphant smirk as he continued, "Even include the innate character of the Dark."

Anakin staggered back. "You know the Dark?" he stammered.

"Anakin Gold, if a person wants to comprehend" D sounded for all the world like he was a schoolteacher explaining to a slow pupil. "That he must the square, who study it. The square" he clarified, seeing the Hopeless Situation Warrior's blank look. "But a little bit much more than only concerning. If you like to be a leads, more astutely. That you must accept this more great power!"

He chuckled darkly. "But what the caution, Hopeless Situation Anakin Gold. You only ask for help, me, then can become the. The knowledge of the Dark. Of the study Hopeless. In the Fire of Water" he finished poetically. Anakin stared at him for a moment.

"You… say… what?" he eventually managed to splutter.

"I begged you, using my knowledge" D said, putting a hand on Anakin's shoulder. The young man brushed it off and ignited his lightsaber, levelling it at D's throat.

"You are the governor of this city-" he began.

"I know is what make you feeling vexed" D interrupted in that same calming voice. "Hearing me says. Do not hope, that rotting Hopeless Situation. Ever since does I acquaint with with you, I know you. At purpose that look for the life. You are unwilling to do a mediocre Hopeless. You want to stand out, concerns the history." He turned away from Anakin and asked simply, "Do you want to kill me?"

"I think certainly!" Anakin growled. He could hardly believe it. This man, the man standing before him, who he'd looked up to since he was a kid, and who he'd risked his life to save on countless occasions, was the true mastermind behind this entire war, behind trillions of deaths. He wanted nothing more than to run D through with his lightsaber where he stood. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to.

"I know…" D chuckled. "I can feel your exasperation. It let you concentrating on, also make you stronger!"

Anakin deactivated his weapon. He decided what he had to do. "I will tell the Hopeless Situation Presbyterian" he warned the Speaker.

D nodded as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "Certainly, you should this. But your indetermination, they will disdain."

"I am very quick!" boasted Anakin. "And then will find out the!"

"You have got the outstanding intelligence" D told him. "Your intelligence may let you understanding the power. It saved me, and to support to me."

Anakin turned away from the Speaker and rushed out of the room, making a beeline for his airship. He was going to tell Text about this, and the Elder would swoop in and arrest D. He would be the hero who discovered the truth about the war. They'd grant him the title. He would finally be able to access the forbidden knowledge he craved.

He just wished he could get D's smile out of his mind. And the thought that, if the knowledge he most desperately wanted wasn't in the Hopeless Situation Archives…

What then?