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Author's Notes: This will be an eventual Bella/Alice pairing. For the purpose of this story Bella's birthday is in March and she starts off in her junior year. I hate the book and movie whiny Bella, so yeah that's changing. Story starts off just Bella POV but will get to some Alice later. Please pardon my mistakes, I'm no English major. Not a song fic but it is named after Bastille's "Four Walls"

After Completion Author's Notes: This is/was my first fanfic and I didn't really get into the proper chapter length until a few chapters in. I realize that now. So yes, the first several chapters are hella short and not much dialog, however it mends out. I would go back and combine things but it's much too much work to figure out where exactly to merge each chapter and figure out new names and such. But I promise you they get to about an average length around chapters 10-15 and beyond. And yes, the pace in the beginning is rushed as well, but it gets much slower after the initial events and things skimmed over will be further explained in time. That was on purpose.

Even now after re-reading this story several times I've found a few little mistakes. Again, way too much time to recover each chapter and fix them, because I know I'd find more after another re-read. Really though, they're quite minor.

Now enough of my talking. I don't want to scare ya off. I promise it's worth a view or two. Maybe even more. ;)

Anyways, give it a read if you feel so inclined and reviews are much appreciated. Thank you!

Chapter 1: Leaving is Never Easy

Bella POV:

He left me. In the middle of the forest, he left me. This was all I could think of as I sluggishly made my way back home. Stumbling slowly through the forest, paying little attention to where I was walking, and muttering angrily to myself. He left me. He fucking left me. How could I ever love someone as cold as that? Well I guess technically he is cold temperature wise, wait I'm getting off track here. Edward Cullen and his family left me. Well fuck them I guess.

It took me nearly an hour to get back to my house. I knew I looked like a horrible mess, but I ignored the confused look Charlie gave me and I went straight up to my room without a word. I flopped onto my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about everything that had happened in the past several months. Moving from Phoenix to Forks, meeting the Cullens, and dating Edward. Everything had seemed like a strange fucked up fairytale until a week ago on my 18th birthday. My best friend Alice Cullen had thrown this extravagant party against my wishes, although I could never get mad at her. But of course my clumsy old self had to cut her finger on the wrapping around a gift. After that it got kind of blurry, but you do the math, seven vampires and one bleeding human. Not the best word problem out there. I knew the incident had freaked a few of them out but really I knew what to expect when dating a vampire. I wasn't surprised or scared in the least, really more angry with myself. But of course the martyr Edward had to break up with me. Deep down I knew he was lying about not loving me anymore, and how it was really about not wanting to endanger me further. But really what could I possibly do? I'm a weak little human here.

So here I am, gazing at the ceiling, thinking what am I going to do now? My head was pounding with my inner dialogue fighting with itself. Well Swan, you got dumped. Time to buck up and move on. Easier said than done Bella. You got dumped by a whole family, your boyfriend, and your best friend. Eventually I fell into an uneasy slumber dreading the field day that Jessica would have tomorrow with me.