3rd POV

"So did you pass?" A girl with long crimson red hair asked her arms crossed infront of her as her twin brother walked in the house a goofy grin plastered across his face.

"Huh. Oh you best believe it I passed, I wasn't planning on staying behind for long ya know." He replied as he proudly displayed his forehead protector.

"Mmmm really? Because I want to know why jonin level ninja were trying to break our door down looking for you at this time at night." She stated annoyed at her brother. The boy instantly looked at her sheepishly.

"Did they? Hehe it's a long story but I brought you dango and look chocolate, not only to celebrate but also,so you know, you don't get too mad at what happened." He stated whispering the last part. The girl took in a deep breath.

"Lets eat the dango while you tell me what happened Naruto-nii." She sighed her glare softening as she turned walking toward the kitchen.

The blond haired blue eyes boy let out a sigh of relief, 'nee-chan doesn't look to mad but I'm so getting a lecture.' He thought to himself as he followed close behind.

Naruto was excited, not only had he passed the genin exam and caught up to his sister but he could finally do missions and prove to her that she didn't need to baby him anymore.

"Naruto you idiot move you're in my seat!" Sakura a pretty pink haired girl with beautiful emerald green eyes snapped as she glared down at him.

To be honest Naruto had a massive crush on her even if some bullied her because of her forehead he thought she was gorgeous, well appearance wise. Other than her good looks and book smarts she was mean and cold to him and didn't even flinch when it came to putting him down to get to her precious Sasuke-kun.

Sakura roughly pushed passed Naruto and sat down beside a black haired boy who didn't even acknowledge her existence as she tried to get his attention.

Naruto grumbled curses under his breath as he glared at Sasuke, what was so good about him that Sakura liked him? He honestly didn't know but he did know that he was thankful Akumi his twin sister had graduated already because otherwise he would be trying to prevent multiple murder attempts to the pretty pinky.

Naruto rolled his eyes and got on the table. "So what's so good about this Sasuke guy anyway!" He hissed glaring at Sasuke in annoyance.

They both glared at each other before someone pushed Naruto making him fall forward and lock lips with the black haired asshole named Sasuke.

Both of them pushed away and were spitting and coughing. "My mouth is going to rot!" Naruto cried out as he felt killing aura he slowly turned to see the Sasuke fangirls ready to kill him.


Naruto POV

I sighed they hadn't called out my sisters name. But I was on the same team as Sakura so it wasn't as bad.

I had hoped jiji and listened to her request to be in my genin team when I graduated but by the looks of it he hadn't.

"Before I forget, team seven you'll have another member on your team I wasn't told specifics but you'll be a four man squad. Dismiss." Iruka-sensei smiled and we all got up. I was about to ask Sakura chan for lunch but it would be better if I went to look for my sister and ask her if she was the other member of our team.

I quickly hurried out of the academy as started toward the hokage tower. I quickly recognized a red headed person making their way through the crowds. "Akumi-nee!" I yelled as I hurried toward her.

"Naru-nii!" She looked up and smiled as she rushed toward me quickly jumping onto me while giving me a bone crushing hug. "Guess who's also a member of team seven!" She smiled as she let me go. "I knew it! We are finally going to be on the same team." I smiled as I hugged her and twirled her around and she bursted out laughing. "Put me down, I'm going to drop our bentos." She laughed as I set her down.

"Cmon lets go eat." She smiled and I nodded. We quickly headed to the academy and sat down on a bench, she handed me my bento, chopstick and drink. "So how did you convince him?" I asked akumi.

"You mean convince that old bag of bones to let us be on the same team? Easy I told him I would quit being a ninja, and if they didn't let me quit then I would just hide away inside of you and never come out." She smiled as she clapped her hands together. "Itadakimasu!"

3rd POV

After the pair of twins finished their meal they started heading back to the academy. "Hey naru-nii I'm going to take a small nap, I was doing a mission earlier today and I'm beat." Akumi muttered and yawned. Naruto nodded as akumi carefully stepped inside his body, it almost seemed as she vanished as she entered his body.

The kekkei genkai the uzumaki twins possessed was a rare one even amongst the uzumaki and only appeared in only a few sets of twins, and it allowed them to enter other people's body, and even if the other body got damaged they wouldn't be hurt, they could use living or dead people as vessels which was good for infiltration missions. The kekkei genkai even hid their chakra signature, their scent and any trace of them, they could also leave the person completely conscious and unaware of their presence or they could take control over them it all depended on their skill to use the ability.

Hours seemed to pass by before Kakashi their sensei made an entrance to see his pupils. A eraser hitting his head as he walked in. "As of right now I hate you, meet me on the roof." He grumbled as he poofed away.

Naruto glared at Sasuke as all three of them hurried upstairs. "Took you long enough now sit." Kakashi grumbled putting his book away.

All three of them listened. "Now I want you to tell me abit about yourself." He grumbled. "What kind of things should we say sensei?" Sakura asked cocking her head slightly.

"Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, future dreams things like that." Kakashi shrugged as he looked at them with a bored expression.

"How about you go first, dattebayo." Naruto stated as he listened attentively, akumi always did say first impressions were the most important but with the eraser prank, he already knew he had a bad start.

"My names Hatake Kakashi, I have many likes, hmmm there aren't many things I dislike, I like my hobbies and enjoy them and my dreams for the future, never really thought about it." Kakashi stated with a shrug before looking at his pupils who looked annoyed at the vague introduction.

"Pinky you first." Kakashi pointed at Sakura who squeaked excitedly. "Well my name is Haruno Sakura, I like... who I like, eeeph, my hobbies are... my dreams for the future ." She covered her face and squealed as she glanced at Sasuke. Naruto frowned, Kakashi sweat-dropped and sasuke avoided eye contact.

"What about dislikes?" Kakashi asked hoping that at least she'd do something other than squeal. "Ino-pig and Naruto-Baka of course!"Sakura snapped glaring at Naruto.

Naruto quickly looked away, internally he was hoping akumi was asleep and didn't hear Sakura's comment and was slightly tense hoping she didn't forget she was inside his body and lash out.

"How about you sunshine." Kakashi asked noticing how Naruto tensed and seemed to have quickly gotten on his guards

"Right, I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I like ramen and homemade cooking. The color orange and umm instant ramen! Well more like eating in general. I dislike bad guys and skipping meals. My hobbies are comparing different ramens, going to get ichuraku ramen and being with Aku-nee, my dream is to surpass all the hokage and be the best hokage in the leaf and to show aku-nee that I'm strong!" He smiled as he finished off his speech. Kakashi nodded slightly understanding the hidden messages in what he meant in his sloppy presentation.

"Alright your turn corner of desolation and sadness." Kakashi sighed and glanced at Sasuke who rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, I don't like many things and I dislike almost everything, my hobbies are training and my dream... no my ambition is to kill a certain someone." Sasuke spoke quick and to the point his eyes narrowing and fist clenching as he spoke of his 'dream'.

"Alrighty then, where's our fourth member?" Kakashi asked looking over at Naruto.

"Give me a moment." Naruto stated shaking trying to stir his sister up. 'Get up akumi!' He yelled internally.

'I don't want to just make something up and pass it up as me.' She grumbled half asleep. "Kakashi can I just present her, she doesn't feel like it." Naruto stated while Sasuke and Sakura looked at him like he lost his mind.

"Nope this is a team meeting she needs to be present." Kakashi stated sighing and crossing his arms.

'Get up you have to get out to present yourself ! ' he tried again and received no response.

'Akumi! Get up!' He yelled again. 'No leave me alone and let me sleep!' She snapped back. 'I'll kick you out!' Naruto hissed. 'You wouldn't.'

To the others who couldn't hear the conversation it was slightly weird how Naruto changed his facial expression as if he was talking to someone, but netherless they waited patiently.

"That's it you lazy ass your out!" Naruto snapped looking annoyed as he did a series of handsigns. "Expel no jutsu!" Naruto called out the name as he held his hands out everything was still for a moment.

'I thought this guy was weird before but he has an imaginary friend we have to consider a teammate... just great' Sakura thought.

'Yup he's insane.' Sasuke thought to himself cocking a brow.

There was a loud shriek and out of Naruto's body someone was literally thrown out. The girl flew out barely being able to catch herself as she tumbled forward tripping over her feet and face planting with a loud crunch onto the metal bars that Kakashi was leaning against.

The red haired girls body went limp and everyone stared quietly, Naruto was wide eyed and looked horrified slowly getting up ready to make a run for it.

'So that's what the hokage meant by they are the only two that can push anyone with that same ability out of their body.' Kakashi thought to himself as he saw the girl slowly get up a dark aura surrounding her.

"Na-Naruto YOU ASSHOLE HOW DARE YOU EXPEL ME OUT OF YOUR BODY!" She turned like a wild animal her nose was bent in an odd way and blood poured from her forehead, nose, and upper lip. She used the bars to propel her self forward and catching Naruto before he could run. Naruto struggled to get out of her iron grip.

She was a few inches taller than Naruto and easily lifted him up with one hand. Cocking her fist back getting ready to punch him. "Nee-chan I'm sorry I didn't mean to throw you out like that or for you to get hurt. I'm sorry !I'm sorry!"Naruto closed his eyes trembling and cowarding away from her glare and looked as if he was afraid very very afraid.

Akumi clenched and unclenched her fist slightly, her face going from a harsh angry glare to a upset frown. She set him down and quickly pulled away not making eye contact. "No it's my fault, I should've never raised my voice at you nor threatened you . And I should've obeyed my superior." She looked away from Naruto not daring to look at him as she quickly started using medical ninjutsu on her broken nose.

"My name is Uzumaki Akumi, I'm Naruto's twin sister. My likes are" she paused for a moment then continued. "Sweets, my dislikes are not knowing things, anyone who belittles my brother, anyone who speaks ill of my brother, anyone who threatens him and if you dont want to piss me off don't treat my brother bad and we will get along. My hobbies are training, learning and being able to help my brother in any way. My dream is to be able to help my brother achieve his dream and to reform many things here in the village." Akumi stated as she glared at her teammates while wiping the blood off her face.

Sakura and Sasuke were wide eyed how did she suddenly pop out of Naruto's body like that.

"W-where did you come from?" Sakura voiced out confused and startled. "That's none of your damn business bitch, you clearly stated you hated my brother so don't expect me to be kind to you, or answer your questions." Akumi narrowed her eyes at sakura. "Ma ma calm down akumi no need to be violent be nice and kind." Naruto quickly stated yanking akumi back away from sakura.

"Well now that everyone knows each other and there hasn't been any casualties I'll tell you about your test tomorrow." Kakashi interuppted before anymore things where said amongst the genin.

"Test what do you mean I thought we already passed our test." Naruto stated looking confused. Kakashi smirked and laughed. "That was just to weed out the weak, in this test you have a 66% chance of failure. Meet me at the training ground 7 at 7 am and don't eat breakfast or you'll puke." He stated before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Hmph so do you guys want to-" akumi began speaking when sakura interuppted. "Sasuke kun want to go eat dinner together and better our team work?" She asked rather loudly. Sasuke glared at her annoyed and was about to respond.

"Hey I was speaking you rude bi-" Naruto covered akumi's mouth. "Stop cussing nee-chan."he sighed and she rolled her eyes. "Tch, as I was saying, want to go have dinner as a team and discuss our training regimes? That way we know our strength and weakness for team formations." Akumi asked both Sasuke and sakura.

"Hey are you trying to get Sasuke kun all for yourself?" Sakura asked crossing her arms. "I'm not doing that, he's my brothers rival and my teammate and I'm a kuniochi and have no time to chase boys much less rookie genin. I was suggesting we all go and try to get along that's it." Akumi replied crossing her arms.

Sakura opened her mouth but didn't have any response to akumi's comment. "So do you wanna go or what? We can all go out to eat but there's a chance other genin teams are out eating and they might overhear our team conversation. So we can go to mine and Naru-nii's apartment and I could make us something to eat. " she shrugged.

Sasuke thought about it for a moment, her suggestion wasn't half bad because he knew what both sakura and Naruto were capable of doing but not her. "Sure." He grumbled and sakura nodded. "I'll go as well." She added wanting to spend time with Sasuke.

"Follow me, Naruto I want you to bring extra food so I can cook." Akumi stated as she pulled out a small scroll and started writing. "You know the drill alright. Meet us at the apartment quickly. " she stated handing Naruto the scroll . "Hai!" He smiled as he ran off to the store.

Akumi turned back to Sasuke and Sakura. "Lets go." Akumi stated as they followed her out of the academy and she lead them to her and Naruto's home.

Akumi had lead Sasuke and Sakura to the red light district. To say they were shocked was an understatement since it was their first time there.

The red light district there were alot of ninja and civilian alike and there was the strong stench of alcohol coming from the locals. Let's just say if you give a whole bunch of ninja booze and weapons there are prone to be a few fights or brawls.

There were even some clubs and gambling places already open with people loitering at the entrances. Ninjas who had finished missions and some even has a few blood stains on their jackets from previous fights were drinking off the pain or chatting with their fellow comrades.

"Why are we here? Aren't like we suppose to stay away from here? Its dangerous." Sakura stated walking closely to Sasuke since she was afraid. "Well we said we were going to mine and Naruto apartment." Akumi stated in an obviously tone.

"Hey you brat! You stole my money." An angry ninja came stumbling out of a bar recognizing akumi as she ignored. "Akumi that man is walking toward us." Sasuke whispered in a hushed tone as he glanced back at the stumbling ninja, some even stopped and watched knowing what ever was going to happen was going to be entertaining.

"Hey akuma! "The man yelled calling her a demon and grabbed her shoulder roughly but before he could say anything she roundhouse kicked him on the jaw instantly knocking him out. "Nice try asshole." She stated crouching down and grabbing his wallet pulling out a wad of cash counting it and pulling out a few bills returning them to the wallet before shoving the rest in her pocket. "And the names akumi not akuma you dumbass." She stated glancing back at her teammates. "Let's go before he wakes up. " she stated hurrying and picking up her pace.

"Akumi you can't just do that, you stole that man's money." Sakura stated catching up to the red haired girl. "Yeah and he tried to attack me so its a fair deal." Akumi stated shrugging. "Besides he is a borderline alcoholic his name is chikore and if someone doesn't steal his money he'll just end up wasting it all on booze." Akumi shrugged as she stopped infront of a apartment complex, it was very worn down and almost in the center of the red light district.

"But it's wrong." Sakura stated and akumi looked at her unamused. "You worry about it too much." She stated as she lead them into the complex up to her and Narutos apartment.

Sasuke had been very quiet but he was just shocked seeing what akumi had done and now bring in their apartment.

The apartment was neat and tidy the walls were a creamy color and there were bookshelves full of scrolls and a small coffee table in the center of the living room.

"I thought it'd be messier." Sasuke grumbled as he looked around seeing the tv and the entrance to the kitchen. "You can take your shoes off here." She stated pointing to where she had just placed her shoes.

"Would you like something to drink?" Akumi asked politely and Sakura shook her head. "Just water." Sasuke stated as akumi walked into the kitchen. "Here." She came out with a glass of water.

"So why don't we start with our training regimes ?" Akumi stated as she grabbed a notebook and opened it up to a blank page. "Why don't you start off." Sasuke stated and Sakura nodded.

"Hmm well in the mornings I jog 12 times around the villages for endurance and then I do push ups, sit ups, pull ups for about two hours, I then practice my shuriken and kenjutsu for about three hours. I then do some light studying for my medical ninjutsu and help Naruto with his studying even if he's really bad at it. I also spar with Naruto and we mostly always work out together and he's always trying to keep up." She stated writing it all down .

" So you spend about 7-9 hours training on the daily?" Sasuke states and akumi nods. "Sakura what about you." Akumi asked looking at sakura. "Well at the academy I used to train and then it I uh studied afterschool." She said embarrassed that she didn't have some long schedule she followed.

"What bout you sasuke?" She asked. "Obviously I do the training the academy then after school I spend about two hours on kunai and shuriken and two on my taijutsu and ninjutsu." He says as the front door opened up.

"Akumi-nee you missed it there was a brawl at the jimukuro bar anbus had to step in to stop it!" Naruto yelled a bright red mark on his cheek. Akumi instantly stood up. "What happen to your face?!" She gasped hurrying to see Naruto as he set the grocery bags down.

"A chair was thrown and one of the legs flew off and hit me in the face." He said touching his sore cheek. "Tch let me heal it." She grumbled placing her hand on it letting a soft green glow heal his face.

"Oh and I brought the food." He stated and she nodded. "Y'all write down your training schedule while I make something in the kitchen." She stated picking up the bags. "Let me help." Sakura stated standing up not only would she get out of writing down her training schedule which dull in comparison to Sasuke and akumi's but she'd show Sasuke her cooking skills.

Akumi narrowed her eyes at sakura for a moment before nodding and leading her into the kitchen.

"You took long enough dobe." Sasuke stated. "Did you even try to dodge it?" He asked and Naruto frowned. "I got caught up in it and there was too many people to move around." Naruto retorted as he plopped down across from Sasuke. "Nee-chan bring me something to drink!" Naruto called out.

Akumi quickly brought him a glass of lemonade and set a plate of dango on the table. "You can get some too sasuke." She stated as she turned and left back into the kitchen. Naruto happily dug in. "Want some?" He asked and Sasuke shook his head. " I don't like sweets." He stated and Naruto shrugged as he ate.

It wasn't long before both girls brought the freshly cooked rice and food to the small table. Akumi set out the plates.

"Okay so let's talk about our abilities." She stated sitting next to Naruto and serving him a plate full of food.

"What things can you do sasuke-kun?" Sakura instantly turned to Sasuke. Akumi set a plate infront of him and he began to speak.

"My strongest affinity that I know of is fire alike my clans, I can do my clans signature fire ball jutsu and my weapons of choice are shuriken and kunai's. Taijutsu and ninjutsu are my strongest skills. I have yet to unlock my kekkei genkai." He spoke calmly as he picked up his chopsticks and said thamks for the food.

" wow Sasuke kun your amazing." Sakura smiled as she squealed over him.

"What about you? Akumi." Sasuke spoke quickly wanting to know about the unknown teammate.

"Me and Naruto specialize in our clans kekkei genkai's." She started off and the other two genin froze glancing at Naruto and back at her. "Naruto you have a kekkei genkai?" Sakura asked confused and he nodded his mouth full of rice.

"Yea but my sister is much better at using it then I am. Since our clan is practically all gone and its a rare ability only a few selected sets of twins can unlock we basically wing it and have to study very old documents for clues on how to wield it." He added

"What's the name of it?" Sasuke asked feeling irritated that someone else in the team had a special ability. "We have two, heavenly chakra chains and the aku-akuma uzumaki possession." Akumi stated "red demon uzumaki possession what does it do?" Sakura asked slightly shivering at the name.

"We can enter people's bodies be it dead or alive and control them, they can be conscious or unconscious or we can simply hid in the bodies. We can also make them do what ever we want from simple commands to murder or suicide and our own bodies aren't harmed. And nobody can push us out of the bodies except someone with the same ability in that case only Naruto can push me out and only I can push him out. " akumi stated.

"Its good for infiltration and assassination missions because once inside a body we can access memories or just not do anything and let the person stay in control and conscious. But getting out of the body takes a toll and I'm not good at it and usually get stuck inside but I'm getting better at it." Naruto smiled.

"What about heavenly chakra chains?" Sasuke asked curious of the other ability. "Those are just chakra chains we can use to hold down something or someone before we seal them or whatever we are going to do. its best paired up with fuinjutsu which is something I study." Naruto smiled proudly.

"I'm not really good at ninjutsu or genjutsu but I'm really good at fuinjutsu and uh well I struggle with taijutsu too but fuinjutsu is my strong point believe it!" Naruto gave them a sloppy smile.

"So you study seals." Sakura deadpanned since it wasn't something that was commonly used or that she knew much about.

"Anyway I excel at both those kekkei genkai. I'm good at gen, nin, and taijutsu and can use a large variety of weapons. My affinity is earth and well I have good chakra control. I'm also good at medical ninjutsu " she shrugged.

"What about you sakura -chan?" Naruto asked and Sakura sweatdroped.

"Um, I'm good at genjutsu. I don't know my affinity, and I'm not from a prestigious shinobi clan my parents aren't exactly elite ninjas and I dont have some special clan jutsu from them. But I'm good at memorization and at the academy jutsus we were taught." She stated embarrassed even the dead last Naruto specialized in something and had a kekkei genkai.

For a moment sakura felt out of place, they were elite genin for their abilities but she felt that beside the head clan students that graduated in their class she simply paled in comparison because of

her lack of jutsus and abilities.

"Hmm its okay sakura-chan I bet our sensei will teach us all kinds of cool things. " Naruto smiled kindly and for a moment sakura couldn't help but feel better for her lack of specialized skills.

"If you don't have special skills and have good memorization you should stick to learning geography and setting traps and long or mid distance attacks. I can safely assume the rest of us are close range fighters because of our kekkei genkai's and skill sets so we will need someone to stand in the rear and direct our attacks and cover for us during battles." Akumi stated and Sakura eyes widened, she couldn't help but smile softly she could be of use to the team even with her small amount of skill sets.

"But nee-chan you're a long and close distance fighter. Chakra chains allow you to attack from afar and aku-akuma uzumaki possession give you close combat abilities." Naruto stated making sakura frown at the comment.

"With my temper I already know staying in the rear for me is nearly impossible hence why I'm not a medical nin I've already failed the first principles of medical ninjas so I consider myself a close range fighters." She stated and Sasuke and Sakura sweatdropped.

"What principles did you fail?" Sakura asked so she would know why not to let akumi treat any of her wounds.

"Medical ninja should never engage in battle. Medical ninja must avoid all injury. Medical ninja must heal their comrades until they die and must be the last one left and must never let themselves be killed before their teammates. I'm not the kind to sit back in a fight so I don't consider myself a medical ninja even with my medical ninjutsu ability." She stated and Sasuke and Sakura sighed in relief they thought she had meant she wasn't a medic because she was bad at healing or something.

They were all finishing their meals when Naruto looked at the time it was nearly nighttime. "You guys should hurry and head home, its not safe at nighttime in this part of the village." He stated as he set his chopsticks down as he finished eating.

Sakura looked over and her eyes widened. "It's almost past my curfew as well." She stated standing up . "Thank you for the meal and I'll see you tomorrow." She stated hurrying to get her things and put her shoes on. "I guess you're right it isn't safe at night time here in the red light district. It's also best if me and Sakura leave in pairs just in case." Sasuke grumbled as he got up. Sakura's eyes widen when she realized Sasuke was going to walk with her.

"I suggest you stay on the roof tops you'll run into less trouble there." Akumi stated standing up so she can see them out. "I'll clean up the table." Naruto stated getting up and picking up the plates before akumi could throw a fit.

"See you two tomorrow at the training grounds." Sakura smiled and akumi waved. "See you there then." Akumi smiled as they left.

"We should go to sleep ." Akumi sighed and Naruto nodded



She's a bit shy with strangers, strong smart and has a quick temper. She gets mad at small things especially when someone is bothering or mistreating Naruto due to a few childhood traumas (yes its a Naruto neglect kind of childhood) she protects Naruto and kind of spoils him. She does get angry at Naruto but can never brings herself to hit him and feels guilty anytime she raises her voice at him.

She's a prodigy and wishes to right all the wrongs she's done.

Naruto uzumaki

Hyperactive, happy and clumsy. He isn't the ideal ninja and due to reasons he isn't as strong as he could've been. He missed alot of his own childhood for certain reasons and cares deeply for his sister and is determined to keep her out of trouble aka random fights she gets into for her temper.

His biggest wish other than being Hokage is to protect his sister for a change and let her know he doesn't hate her for certain events of their childhood

They both were raised in the Greenleaf Orphanage as children.

Sasuke Uchiha

He's a lot like cannon Sasuke and isn't as emotionless. He's still an asshole and narcisst with a superiority complex but with a fear of being inferior.

Sakura Haruno

Sometimes an air head that follows and does what Sasuke tells her to do but realizes that she isn't the strongest and shouldn't treat others bad because of predujice things she was taught. She sometimes doesn't think before she speaks aka no filter which will earn her a black eye at some point.

Sakura realizes she needs to step up to be a strong member of team seven.

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