Takedown at Lagos

"Alright, what do you see?" Cap said over coms to Wanda. A little training in the middle of an operation... not the best time to do it, especially with such high stakes, but Steve was the leader so obviously he knew best. Wanda responded with "Standard beat cops, small station, quiet street, good target." To which Cap said "Atm on the south corner" to which Wanda replied "Cameras" That was when I finally spoke up and said "As much as I love the espionage lesson, is this the best time for it? Kind of a super important mission here.. Thats why I am here after all." that was when Tasha spoke up "She needs to learn to watch her back as second nature" Then Sam said "Anyone ever told you that you are a little paranoid?" I could almost hear Tasha's smirk as she said "Not to my face, why you hear something" I smirked and responded "Well I might have mentioned something.." to which she replied "You know what Lover boy.."

That was when Cap said "Eyes on the prize people, this is the best lead we have had on Rumlow in 6 months, I don't want to lose him, what do you see Razacrazer?" I sighed "Well considering I am thousands of feet in the sky because I am too 'high profile' to be closer to the ground. Not much. There are no high profile planes or tanks on the ground... so remind me again why you called me in for this..?" I was pretty confused considering I was kept out of the action. "When Rumlow shows his face, I'll need you on the field" Cap replied, to which I said "You do realize you have a guy in a more weaponized suit who is a full time Avenger right? Why isn't he here?" Cap was silent for a few seconds before he said "More high profile, plus you have experience with Rumlow, so I ask again, what do you see?"

That was when EDI said "You know hon, you can zoom in on a target, this distance is not an issue" To which I hissed back "EDI, I am trying to be miserable for being here.. I am missing Darhk going down right now! I bet Laurel is doing great!" but then I zoomed in on the area. There was nothing super suspicious, but I saw a garbage truck, to which I said "Falcon, see that Truck, mind tagging that?" I assume he did for then cap ordered "Go now, he's not hitting the police!" I shut off my thrusters and fell a hundred feet, readjusting myself before engaging them again, shooting towards the ground.

Upon decent I discovered Rumlow was hitting the institute for infectious diseases, which was worse than we thought.. And had made a lot more sense than our previous idea had. Steve said "Body armor, AR-15's, I count 7 hostiles" I then saw sam fly past my line of view and take out two. "I count 5." He didn't see the guy sneaking up behind him though. I adjusted course and blasted the guy off the roof of the building, him falling to his death (Since I gathered the body armor protected him from my fatal repulsor blast) I landed beside Sam and nodded at him "How about 4?" Sam cocked his head "4 sounds better.." I then turned and scanned the building "Rumlow's on the third floor."

Cap said "Razacrazer, you are with me. Maximoff, like we practiced." I took off and flew through the third story window as Maximoff shot him through the window next to mine. We went to work on the guys. I kept to hand to hand as I did not want to risk igniting some gas or toxic and infectious disease phial. Rumlow's men tried firing at Cap and I, but thanks to his shield and my suit, we were unaffected. I punched one guy and sent him flying back into a pillar, the next guy I kicked and the same thing happened. It was honestly really easy work, as there was no threat to me. There was more gun fire, then Cap's shield flies past me, hitting the last guy in the room. We then make it to where the biohazardous material was being stored... and it was gone.

Cap said "Rumlow has the weapon" to which Tasha said "Got it". Knowing she had it, I said "EDI, run a scan of the rest of the floor, I would greatly appreciate no more surprises" I watched on my heads up display as the scan took place. EDI then said "No more hostiles in the building sweetie" I turned to Cap "You get that?" He let a small smirk touch his lips "Every word Thunder" I shook my head and muttered "EDI..." to which she replied "I'm sorry hun, its how Mr Stark programmed me" I shoot my head again and said softly "Remind to kill 'Mr Stark'"

That was when an explosion went off outside, Cap was the first one out of the building, he then was hit with a grenade and then was hit again, sending him crashing to the ground. I flew out and helped him up. He then said "Rumlow is in an AFV headed north" to which Sam said "I'm on it" Cap and I then proceeded to follow on foot.

Sam spotted 4 men, which split into two teams of two, sam going after one while Natasha went after the other. I was about to join the search when Crossbones himself, Brock Rumlow, challenged us "There you are, you sons of bitches, I've been waiting for this." I held up a finger saying "Technically I haven't openly opposed YOU yet, you wouldn't want to kill a potential Ally, would you?" He shook his head "I don't care about that anymore" I smirked and said "In that case" I opened my hand and blasted him, sending him flying back into a fruit stand.

That was when Sam said "I'm dry, its on you Natasha" I froze. I knew Tasha could take care of herself, I knew that. Yet I knew these guys would not hesitate to put a bullet in her, and I knew she wasn't bulletproof.. I had witnessed that. I did not want to witness that again. I had to force myself to stay planted to the ground. I faced Rumlow as he got up. Cap stepped up beside me. He looked sideways at me as he said "Go help Romanoff... I can handle Rumlow" I looked at him and said "Cap, you brought me here to help you take in Rumlow, that was my mission." He then said "Love is so rare, and treasured, go get the girl Thunder." I suddenly felt embarassed "She told everyone didn't she?" I then took off into the air muttering "Yet she cant tell me it back.."

I saw her almost immediately, with a gun pointed at her head. Two, actually. The one guy held the payload, and would drop it if fired on.. While the other would fire a bullet right into her head. I wasn't going to let that happen. "Look alive Tash" I said just before I dove, pointing a hand at each target before firing, killing both. Tasha then dove forward and caught the payload. I slowed myself to a hover and gestured at her saying "Wow you gained some serious speed there, have you been using some speed drug without telling me? No velocity 9 right? That drug kills speedsters you know?" I landed as she looked at me and said "No, I have just had a lot of alone time to practice my speed. That happens when you're boyfriend is off running around with other women?" I cocked my head "You know there are only 2 women on Daisy's inhuman team right? Both in relationships with other agents, I think you have nothing to worry about" She smirked at me and said "You know what? Something tells me I don't" I just grunted and rolled my eyes. An explosion off in the distance made me turn around quickly. A fire was brewing in the building I had left Cap by. His voice came over the coms "Sam, David, we need fire and rescue on the south side of the building, we got to get up there." I took off in an instant to help with evac of the building.

We had won.. Rumlow was defeated.. But at a heavy cost.