I stood there, on the border of Star city. Fully clad in my Blue Lightning garb, armed to the teeth with every weapon I needed for a break out. I told Oliver it was one last thing I needed to do before I truly left this part of my life behind and could dedicate myself 100% to team Arrow.. That I had to make amends. He gave me his blessing, and apologies that he could not come too as the hunt for Darkh was reaching its climax.

The plan was already in motion. It was stormy over the RAFT, a perfect cover. Wakanda had already hacked the super max prison to make it surface. It was time. I pulled out my phone and texted Barry "Run Barry... Run" I next put my phone away, then pulled out a normal blue tipped arrow and notched it. Very shortly I saw a red and yellow streak off in the distance. That was when I pulled the string back on my bow.

Then I was gone. Wisked off by the Flash. This was my first time using this mode of travel.. And it was unsettling to say the least. However before I knew it I was on the roof of the RAFT. The Flash ran off and I was left alone. There were multiple guards trying to figure out why they had surfaced. I had been prepared for this, so as soon as I was dropped off I turned to the first guard and fired the arrow. It found its mark. I then notched another arrow and fired and the next guard went down. Three took up position in front of me, guns pointed at me. I was not sure if they were going to kill me, or try to arrest me. So I pulled three arrows out and notched them, firing. All three arrows hit their marks. I then heard foot steps behind me. I quickly back flipped, kicking the guard's gun out of his hands. I then twisted arround and hit the guy with my bow, sending him to the ground. I then ejected a wrist blade and dropped to one knee, stabbing him in the stomach.

Then that was it. I stood up and looked around. No more guards. I pressed my com on my chest and said "LZ's Clear" A wakanda plane de-cloaked and landed. Steve walked out in civilan garb. "Cap" I nodded. He nodded back "Lets go" We then entered the RAFT.

"We need to take the control centre and turn off the camera's" Cap said. I shook my heatd "No time. The government has already been notified of the unscheduled rising. We may just have enough time to head straight for the heroes cells and get out before they arrive. Maybe.." He nodded. I then said into my coms "Flash, do a sweep of the prison. Find Scarlett Witch and get her to the LZ. Cap and I are moving on the rest of the team" I then looked at Cap and said "We will be running into heavy resistance." He nodded "Agreed. We are also short on time. So you engage the resistance, and I will push forward for the team" I readied an arrow and said "It's best that they see you first anyways." We then pushed forward.

I lead the way as I knew it from my visit previously. We did encounter resistance. Arrows flew from my bow at first, but before long I did not have the range or the time to effecively use my bow as a ranged weapon, and the combat turned to hand to hand. My bow was my primary weapon. Using it to knock guys out and trip them as I went. Cap followed close behind, taking on any guy who got passed me, or I left too conscious for their own good. It wasn't long before we reach the Avengers cells. However before we could enter more guards rushed towards us. I looked at Cap "Get in there, I will handle this." I then notched a bolo arrow and fired at the first guard, it wrapping around their legs, them falling to the ground. I then rushed forward and hit the next guard in the face with my bow. Twisted around and hit the next across the back of the head, knocking him out. I then heard a gun cock. I twisted, knocked the gun out of the last guards hand and ejected a wrist blade, stabbing him in the gut. I then guided him to the ground and punched him in the face to knock him out. Now that the enemy was dealt with.. I went to check on Cap.

He stood there in front of the caged Avengers, who were shocked to see him. It looked like some had taken a plea deal. Namely Scott Lang and Clint. However Percy, Jason and Sam remained. I quickly notched an arrow and fired at the security cam, destroying it. I then notched a special arrow Felicity had helped me cook up and fired at the control panel in the corner. It hacked in to the RAFT's systems. I pressed my com and said "Overwatch, you're up." second passed, and the doors opened. I then said "Well that was fast, even for you Overwatch" She scoffed "Please, For your information I hacked into more secure Government systems when I was in college. Also remember I did just save the world from Nuclear fallout recently. I think I can handle unlocking doors in a timely fashion" I rolled my eyes "all that, yet you skipped the classes on taking compliments". I then looked up to see Percy, Jason and Sam exit their cages.

Sam looked at Cap and said "Did you stop Zemo?" He nodded. That was when Percy gestured at me "Isn't that one of those Hooded vigilante's from Star City? Blue Lightning or something. Why is he here?" I stepped forward "To make amends." I said, then turned off my voice changer "I have a lot to make up for." I then pulled down my hood and removed my mask. "I did say my responsibilities were farther stretched than you realized." Anger flashed in Percy's eyes, followed by confusion. Jason stepped forward and said "how are you the Blue Lightning? He first appeared after the manhatten invasion, when you were supposed to be in Alagaesia." I shook my head "Not enough time to explain in detail. Long story short. Time travel, Piece of Eden to extend my life past even that of a normal rider, which basically freezed my age. Brotherhood of Assassins. Hydra plot with HIVE to destroy the world in star city." Most of them stood frozen, not sure how to respond. Then Percy said "That doesn't explain why you are here now." I looked at him "Simple. Ross blackmailed me into signing the accords with this Hood and the rest of team arrow. I had no choice with Darhk loose and Laurel dead. Turns out the world would have ended. I retired as Iron Thunder a month ago. Now the world is saved from Darkh and Team Arrow has split apart. My mission given to me by Coulson a couple years ago by your time to see why Hydra's interest in Star city has been completed. This is my last hoopla as Blue Lightning. After tonight I hang up the hood, go spend some time with my mother in Canada.. And see what life brings me after that.. Maybe a long retirement with Zeus... or helping Halfbloods to safety.. Whichever I am more welcome..." He looked at me, a wondering look.

Then Flash ran into the room, Wanda in tow. He looked at me and said "David, I did a quick perimeter sweep before picking Scarlett Witch up. We have 5 minutes tops until reenforcements arrive. Now I know you are all used to having a wanted poster with your faces on it.. But I am still considered one of the good guys, so we have to run." I looked at the gang and said "I am sorry again, hopefully you find it in your hearts to forgive me." I then put my mask back on and pulled up my hood. I looked at Jason and Percy "For what it's worth.. I love you guys.. Goodbye Kelp Breath.. Superman." Barry then picked me up and we ran... all the way back to the bunker.

Barry stayed this time, did not run off. I took off my suit and hung it on my display case. It closing for the last time. Oliver, Felicity and Barry were the only ones there. I looked at each and smiled sadly "Thank you.. For all your help." Barry took off his hood and smiled at me "Hey, You were there for me when I first started, helped me in my early days of being a Hero. It was the least I could do. For what it is worth.. You always have a home in Central City. I'm sure Iron Thunder could adjust to being part of Team Flash again" I smiled and looked down "No, you don't need Iron Thunder, nor does the world anymore." Oliver came and stood in front of me "Almost 5 years ago, a blue tipped arrow saved my life. I was cautious of you and didn't even trust you at first, even though you saved my life in my first fight with Merlyn. You have been by my side ever since. The Hood and the Ghost.. The Arrow and Blue Lightning.. Even now as the Green Arrow, you have been one of my constant companions. My partner. That suit, will never know another wearer. It will be waiting for you if you decide to return, For David Shuter Razacrazer will always have a home here in Star City, and will always have a place by my side." I smiled at him "Thank you Oliver, I'm sorry that I have to leave." We hugged it out. I then turned to Felicity "You were great tonight Fel. Now you watch Ollie' back out there for me." She hugged me as well "You'll be back Lightning, but until then.. It won't be the same without you." I chuckled and pulled away and walked over to the elevator and watched as the doors slowly closed and I ascended to my new future.. A future of peace and retirement...

AN: Another end to an Iron Thunder fanfic. Kind of looks like THE end, doesn't it. Once again a lot of confussion, which will be explained in side fanfics whenever I actually write them. Basically David was in STAR city under Coulson's orders, joined up after the first Flarrow crossover. SHIELD had uncovered a Hydra plot with the City, and David had the in. Then time travel stuff happened and he got to join Arrow at the beginning. However Mission is over, HIVE had been working with HYDRA. Mark my words, this is the end of the Blue Lightning. However it is not the end for Iron Thunder. The next fic doesn't coincide with a movie or TV show. It is an original story ark, which promises to tie up some identity issues for David, give him a more linear story going forward as well as a darker theme. Thanks for sticking around.. Remember to R&R