Ok so I just got around to watch the first season of Kim possible for the very first time and I just fell in love with it.

The characters, the plot, Rufus! OMG F****** RUFUS!

So basically I decided to make a fic on it hope you like it and tell me what you guys think.


Got the basic idea for the fic from a fan art pic.


This is a Beta veison by 'JRC1700'!


Ron Stoppable stood in the middle of the cheerleader's changing room, the room filled with lockers and benches. It was not the first time he had been in this room, but he prayed it would not be his last. In front of the freckled blond boy stood someone he knew and saw on a daily basis, much to his misfortune, who simply stared at him blankly.

"Undress!" was the only thing she said, her arms crossed. The boy could have sworn he had seen an uncharacteristic twinkle in her eyes, but he ignored it due to her unusual request... a request that honestly surprised him to no end.

The girl standing in front of him was one of the school's cheerleaders, a girl with short brown hair and bright teal eyes that were currently staring at him. She still wore her uniform, but no longer had her pompoms. She was known as one of the most beautiful girls in the school... and the evilest as well. This reputation had inspired her nickname: Queen B, the infamous Bonnie Rockwaller. "Did you not hear me Loser?" she asked in a mocking tone as if she were talking to someone inferior to her. And in her eyes, he really was inferior to her, maybe more so than anyone else she knew. Her ire was inspired by his ties to her redheaded enemy, the fact that he was said enemy's best friend, and the fact that he was the only one besides Kim who was not afraid of her. "I said... strip!" she ordered the blond boy without a touch of shame at her request, awaiting his response.

To anyone else, and in any other situation, Ron would have laughed at the words of the brunette. Possibly tossing her his usual insults, or simply ignoring her, much as he had whenever she had mocked him in the past. But this time was different from all those other times... he had no choice now.

The freckled boy began to take off his clothes slowly. Starting with his shirt, he threw it on top of one of the empty benches. He could see Bonnie's expression remained unchanged. She still looked seriously unimpressed, her arms still folded, waiting for him to continue. He just kept on undressing until he was left wearing only his boxers before the cheerleader finally altered her appearance, surprising the freckled blonde.

There was a little smile on her face, but it was not a playful smile. Not a naive smile, or even a flirtatious one. No this one was evil, and lacked any speck of remorse. "You really are a loser after all, I don't know what I ever expected" she said. Her eyes raked over his body, thinner than the other boys she'd dated before. He was shrunken and devoid of flesh or muscle, not nearly as impressive as most of the boys she knew. "And here I thought that because Kim allowed you to follow her around all the time like a lost puppy, at least you had something useful under all those clothes you wear..." She shook her head, "I guess I was wrong. I wonder when your best friend will figure out that it's better to just replace you with someone more useful... With Josh maybe, at least he looks much better." She finished her hurtful words with a smile she did not try to hide.

The blond's face quickly changed from the calm smile it normally held, to an expression of anger as he began to turn red and tremble a little at what she had suggested.

Bonnie noticed the blond boy's growing anger. "What's wrong Stoppable?" She approached him slowly, her tone continuing to mock him more and more with every passing second. "Maybe you have a problem with Kim's little friend...? It probably won't take very long for that redheaded bitch to figure out how useless you are. And then she'll replace you with a new model... one that's infinitely better in every possible way." Her words hurt him a great deal, it was as if she could see all of the blonde's doubts and fears about his future... just by looking at him.

She grabbed his cheeks tightly and held him close to her face. "Yes, that's the expression I want to see... Now, on your knees!" she ordered and pushed the boy down to the floor with considerable strength.

Bonnie sat down on the nearest bench and crossed her legs in front of the boy's face. "Now... start using your lips for something useful for once... Gently" she finally whispered and began moving one of her legs out in front of Ron's face teasingly.

Ron knew very well what the brunette wanted him to do, it suited her personality. She was always someone who liked to step on people, to feel like she was in control, and this time was no different. He crawled over to her feet on his hands and knees and grabbed the foot that was closest to him. He trembled a little as he grabbed her leg and exerted a little more force than was necessary.

"I told you already... gently!" she warned, but let him continue his work.

The freckled boy began stroking her smooth legs, and after a few seconds began to kiss them gently after she ordered him to. This earned him a groan of approval from the brunette girl, but he knew all too well that this was not a groan of physical pleasure. She was simply enjoying the fact that she was in control of him, doing whatever she wanted to him, despite his desire to escape and forget everything that had happened.

"Even if you're a loser, at least you've gotten close to someone as beautiful as me in this sort of way... I doubt Kim will ever let you get close to her like this." She kept teasing him for a few minutes while he continued to touch her legs. Bonnie could feel his body trembling in anger, his hands getting warmer with each passing moment and with every remark she threw at him. Her smile grew wider and wider, until it covered her entire face with an expression of pleasure at the blonde's notable suffering... until she saw the expression on his face.

"Did someone tell you to slow down Loser?" she asked dangerously and pushed her other leg out in front of him. "Come on, back to work... This is the only thing you're good for... or would you prefer I have a little conversation with your Kimmy? I wonder what she'll think about what I have to say to her." She laid out her ultimatum with her eyes closed, and she could feel the blond jump a little when he heard his friend's name. After a moment of silence, he continued his work.

Ron did not know what else he could have done. He had no option to resist or to defy the brunette cheerleader. He could not consult with, or ask for help from, his friends. ...especially not from his best friend Kim.

If anyone found out about what the brunette was talking about it would ruin him in every way possible ...and what would Kim think of him? He did not want to imagine what she would feel if she ever found out what he'd done. He still could not believe that his luck was so bad, that he could have gotten into this situation. ...and he begged it to not get any worse than it already had.

Bonnie looked down at Ron, almost naked and caring for her legs the way she'd told him to. She knew very well that the blonde's fear would keep him from doing anything stupid, and he was weak enough for her to be able to hold him down if he tried something funny. It would be all too easy for her to play the part of an innocent girl and to portray him as the morbid pervert he really was, someone who had forced himself upon her. So she just let him continue, while she enjoyed her position of power over her redheaded rival's loser friend. Just the thought that Kim's best friend was under her feet taking her orders made her feel better than anything she'd ever felt before. How much fun would it be to see the look on the red-headed bitch's face if she ever found out what her friend was doing behind her back? But no, she preferred to know that while Kim had no idea what was going on with Ron, she would be the master of his fate... Of course only until she got bored with this game and decided to end it as painfully as she could.

While Ron went on with his work, he continued to try to think of some sort of solution to the situation he had gotten himself into. Bonnie took her mobile phone out of her handbag and started texting a message to someone. The blonde could not see what she was writing, but he prayed that it was nothing that would make his situation even worse.

'Good, now I can keep him working without any interruptions or surprises' Bonnie thought as she finished sending a message to her friend Tara, who was waiting for the brunette outside of the school. The message was as simple as it was brief: 'I'll be late, something just popped up. I'll see you tomorrow Tara, don't wait for me.'

She looked at the boy who was still working on her legs and occasionally glancing at her, his eyes glaring harder than she had never seen them do before. "Who would've thought the loser could look so threatening?" she said, concentrating on his eyes. "It's too bad he looks less like a thug, and more like a pitiful stray dog!" she finished and began laughing out loud. She found the situation hilarious, and she began to laugh even louder when she felt the hands of the blond who held her grip more firmly, but not strongly enough to hurt her delicate skin.

A few minutes later she could see out of the corner of her eyes a pair of eyes staring at her and Ron through the front doors of the locker room. She paused for a moment, before the eyes disappeared behind the door when they realized she had spotted them. The unexpected visitor closed the door with no sound and left them alone again. She pushed the blonde boy's head with her leg and made him fall back in surprise. "This is boring!" was the only thing she said as she put on her shoes and got up from the bench. Bonnie could see the tent that stood out in the blonde's boxers as he remained kneeling on the floor. She began to walk away from him towards the exit, and as Ron's face twisted into a look of confusion and anger, he could not see the malicious smile on her face.

'What am I supposed to do now?' the boy thought as he waited until Bonnie exited the room to get to his feet. He moved over to his clothes and redressed quickly. He felt dirtier with every passing moment, moving to a sink and washing his face with cold water. He tried to calm his temper, which was still quite fierce. When he finished, he could feel his face wet with water so icy that it made him tremble ...but he still felt unclean. "I've got to get out of here..." Ron picked up his bag and headed for the gym's exit and out into the corridors of his school. The blond teen kept looking around, desperately trying to see if anyone was still around at this hour. He hoped he would not run into any of his friends, he just wanted to get home and take a long shower before slipping into bed. He wished that everything that had happened today would just disappear and be forgotten.

The freckled blond finally reached his house and immediately ran into his room. He fell onto his bed face first, closing his eyes and opening them again after a few seconds. "Dammit... not a dream..." he spoke to no one and lifted himself from his bed, beginning to move towards the shower. 'At least I can take a short shower...' He still felt dirty from what had happened earlier in the locker room.

After a half hour long shower the blonde-haired teen re-entered his room. Thanks to the shower he felt better... not as good as he had been this morning, but encouraged by the fact that tomorrow he could hang out with Kim and relax all day long. He noticed his cellphone on the bed had a blinking green light on it.

"A message from Kim?" he asked no one in particular and opened his mobile device. The message ended up being sent from a number he did not know.

'Tomorrow, four o'clock at the train station... Don't make me wait...' was all that was written.

His thoughts froze altogether and he stopped breathing for a few moments. Even though he did not recognize the number, he could almost hear Bonnie Rockwaller's voice loudly ringing with laughter as he read the message.

The boy dropped to the floor, his mobile phone still in his hand. The good feeling he had had was completely gone, he no longer believed he was finished with the brunette cheerleader.

Earlier that day.

Ron didn't know what had come over him today of all days. It was like he wasn't even himself, and it just felt weird. It was the end of the day and the school was nearly empty. He stood in the gym after he was done with cheer practice, his Mad Dog costume already at his feet, the mask in his hands. He was wearing his normal clothes and his bag was hanging from his shoulder. All that was left for him was to wait for his redheaded friend to leave the shower rooms after she was done.

It wasn't the first time he had waited for her and, like every other occurrence, it took a long time for her to finish getting ready. He used the time to glance around the gym, looking for anything that could distract him from the boring wait. Nothing struck him as interesting, or even distracted him from the silence of the place. Finally, after a couple of minutes, his boredom finally got to him as his eyes wandered to the doors that led to the girl's locker rooms. Now the freckled blonde liked to think he wasn't a pervert, or anything of the sort, but he was indeed a healthy teenage boy. ...and just like every other one he was interested in the fairer sex... and especially in his beautiful friend. After all the times he had seen her in her cheerleader outfit, or her mission gear, he knew one thing for certain: that she was perfect from every angle.

So perfect in fact, that he even wondered if he would ever meet someone else as beautiful and as perfect as her... But as much as he wanted to, he couldn't cross that line with Kim. She was his best friend and he couldn't risk losing her, or her friendship. Besides, she was already crushing hard on a different guy.

"God damn Monkey..." he spat, the word making him sick, just as it had every other time. But what could he do? That was literally the name of the guy! There was a conspiracy, and he knew it for a fact even if Kim called him crazy.

He sighed in defeat as he foresaw Kim and Josh ending up together, leaving him behind and all alone in the not too distant future.

His body started to move towards the doors of the girl's locker room, and with every step he grew closer and closer to his ultimate goal.

'What's the big deal?'

Another step.

'It's not like I'll get another chance to meet someone like her.'

Another step.

'It's just a peek!'

Another step.

'It's okay, right? She is my best friend.'

Another step.

'She's my best friend! Oh my God what am I doing?!'

Ron finally stopped in front of the doors, glad that he hadn't done something that would make him a criminal, or ruin his friendship with Kim.

He exhaled deeply as the compulsion he had felt moments before left him... then he herd a odd sound.


The blonde jumped in surprise and looked for the source of the sound only to see that one of the girls that had left early had obviously came back for something. The freckled boy froze as he saw Bonnie smiling and holding her phone while pointing it towards him.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here... Is Kim's loser friend lost?" said the brunette with a smile that the blonde boy didn't like at all.

"Oh Bonnie, I was just waiting for Kim to-" the brunette got close to Ron's ear and interrupted him.

"To peek at her in the shower?" she whispered to the boy.

Ron shivered for a moment as he felt her breath on his ear and neck and moved away from the brunette in a panic.

"W-what are you talking a-about?!" he stuttered, furious at his motives being so transparent. He moved away from her, while trying to stay as cool as possible.

"I see, then I guess you wouldn't mind if I show this to Kim?" was the only thing she said as Ron turned to see Bonnie showing him a picture of him looking through the locker room door's window. His face turned white with fear and his palms started to sweat. The blonde wanted to say something... anything! ...but he couldn't find the words. He knew that even if it wasn't true it was still his word against hers, and that wasn't good. Bonnie had a photo of him, and she had her status at the school. On top of all that, she was a girl and her version of what he had been doing was way more believable than his was. He honestly didn't like his odds.

"Wait!" he said, immediately shuddering as he experienced a cold feeling of dread in his bones. "P-Please don't tell..." his voice was weak and defeated. Ron couldn't believe that he was pleading to the brunette, to Bonnie of all people! It was crazy to even think about it.

Ron looked at Bonnie, waiting fearfully for her answer. The girl playfully put her finger on her cheek, "mmm... What should I do?" She played with her phone dangling it from her fingers. "I mean this is pretty serious... And it's my duty as a student to inform the teachers of stuff like this..." she saw him go white. The brunette smiled playfully, "well I guess I could keep it a secret..." Bonnie could see him smile. "If..." his smile disappeared.

"W-What do you want?" He had no choice but to accept his fate.

She moved closer and whispered to him: "I'm glad you're so understanding... Now if you don't want this to get out, you'd better do what I say... Got it?" The brunette saw him nod from the corner of her eye. "Very good Loser... Maybe you're not so dumb after all." She knew she had him in the palm of her hand... and she finally had something to hold against Kim as well.

End flashback...

Bonnie was done with that pathetic blonde friend of Kim's and was on her way home. She was excited to find out how badly she could make the blonde suffer before he finally cracked. It was one of those few times that she was interested in a loser... even if it was only for what was to come.

The brunette suddenly felt vibrating coming from her bag, she pulled out her phone and saw the caller's name.

"Tara what-" she started to say before her friend cut her off.

"Can we talk Bonnie?" asked the blonde on the other side.

The brunette could hear her friend's voice, and it sounded stressed and extremely peeved about something.

"Sure Tara, I'll talk to you tomorrow morning-" Bonnie responded.

"I need to talk to you now! You're done with your 'thing' by now right?" Tara sounded serious as she almost spat the words.

For Bonnie, it was honestly the first time her good friend sounded so... angry. But she was still her best friend so she let it slide, any other person would not be so lucky.

"Fine Tara, where do wanna talk?" the brunette answered as she accepted the blonde girl's request.

"Behind the school, I'm waiting there..." was her only response.

"Okay, I'll see you there..." Bonnie hung up and started to walk to the back of the school.


After a couple of minutes, Bonnie arrived at the place. Tara was standing there, looking uncomfortable.

"Okay Tara, what did you want to talk about?" the brunette asked in an annoyed tone. Bonnie knew about her blonde friend's small crush on the redhead's loser friend, and if she was right she knew exactly what was going to come next.

Tara played with her fingers for a second looking uncomfortable and trying to find the right words to express herself. "I-It's about you and R-Ron..." she finally managed to say looking down at her feet.

'I was right' Bonnie thought. She was glad that it was Tara, and not somebody more problematic like Kim, that had caught her.

Bonnie didn't respond, or show interest of any kind. The brunette knew this was a delicate subject for Tara, as the blonde girl had wanted to ask said boy out a number of times before. The only two things that had stopped her from asking him out was the fear of what would happen to her popularity (or what Bonnie had insisted would happen anyway) , and the fact that said brunette always managed to find her a boy that was a much better match for someone like her. The blonde cheerleader was glad that her friend cared about her... But she really wanted to get together with Ron, to at least give him a chance. But now it wasn't about that! She wanted to know what the deal was with the two of them.

Bonnie looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow. "Ron?" she asked knowing full well what was to come.

Tara sighed, looking annoyed. "Kim's friend?" The blonde started getting angry at her friend's response, absolutely sure that Bonnie knew exactly who she meant.

"You're going to have to be a bit more specific Tara..." the brunette responded and started to count on her fingers. "Do you mean Josh, or Monique, or-"

"Stoppable! Ron Stoppable?!" Tara finally couldn't take it anymore. "Oh my God Bonnie! The guy that was kissing your legs!" Her face was red with anger at her brunette friend.

"Oh... you mean the loser?" Bonnie said flatly and played with her nails. "Don't worry about that Tara-".

"What do you mean don't wo-!" the blonde noticing that she had started screaming, calmed herself down before she continued. "After I told you that I wanted to ask him out, you told me that it was a terrible idea because of the food chain! And now you've started a relationship with him! So don't tell me not to worry about it!"

Bonnie was shocked to hear her gentle friend becoming so upset over a loser like Stoppable.

"As I said Tara, you don't need to worry about it because it's not a relationship..." Bonnie looked up at the blonde before continuing. "That was punishment for something he did..." She hoped that her friend would simply accept her vague response and just drop this line of questioning.

From Tara's expression, she doubted it worked. "Punishment?, that didn't look like any punishment I've ever heard of..."

"Trust me, Tara, it was..."

"You were smiling..." at this point, the blonde started to look very upset but she couldn't help herself. It sounded like Bonnie was lying to her... to HER!

The brunette felt bad for her friend. "Fine, look Tara, he did something bad and I punished him for it... and that's it."

"What did he-?" Tara started to ask before Bonnie cut her off.

"He tried to peek at Kim in the shower rooms after practice..." She decided that if keeping the details secret was making her friend upset, then it wasn't worth it. ...and maybe she could use this to steer her friend away from the blonde loser for good.

Tara was shocked. "Ron did something like that?", it didn't make sense to her. She admitted that Kim was beautiful and many of the boys at school wanted to get close to her. But all of them held back because of Ron, who they all thought was dating the redheaded beauty.

"M-Maybe it's a misunderstanding? It can't be that Ron would do something like-" Tara was going to continue but her words died in her throat as Bonnie showed her the picture of Ron.

The blonde's brain tried to think of an answer. "Well maybe it's like..."

"Oh my God Tara, he is a disgusting perverted loser and-"

"Ron is not like that!" Tara responded with anger.

Bonnie facepalmed. "This is getting nowhere..." this was getting out of hand. She needed to do something about Tara's interest in the loser.

"You know what Tara..." Bonnie made up her mind. "I'll prove it to you..."