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Chapter 53: One of the group

Ron entered the restroom, having run out of his classroom only moments ago. The fresh memory of his newest teacher, eager to continue her little plot and return his favor, ran through Ron's mind.

"What the hell…" The blonde teen stared at his reflection in the mirror. Ron's latest little incident was proving to be a little too much for him, his heart still hammering in his chest from the sheer intensity of it.

Ron had almost lost control of himself back there, his senses nearly overpowered by her casual sensuality. He felt disgusted with himself, for having come so close to giving into his lust. It was as if he couldn't think at the time…

"I need to talk to the girls about what happened… and beg for their forgiveness…" he whispered. Ron tried to convince himself that his girlfriend's wouldn't blame him for what had happened, after all, HE hadn't been the one to instigate it.

'Speaking of which… what the hell was with Miss Go?!' The women had allegedly been turned into her complete opposite. A fierce villainess, morphing into his bashful new teacher… Or, so she claimed… Honestly, Ron wasn't sure WHAT to think anymore. He had no idea if she was lying, or not.

Regardless, he couldn't keep hiding in here… Ron very reluctantly left the bathroom, moving towards his locker. Approaching his destination, he spotted his girlfriend. His official one, that is.

Tara was smiling broadly at him, literally shaking in place, waiting for him to approach her.

"Hey Ronnie~, how was your day?" the blonde beauty cooed.

'God, she's so cute…' the sidekick marveled. "It was okay, looking much better now!" he quickly added.

"Oh, you charmer…" She kissed his cheek gently, igniting a warm feeling inside of Ron. It instantly changed to guilt, at the memory of what had happened only a short time ago.

"I probably should say something about this kind of display at school… But, I guess that it IS after hours, so-" a familiar voice teased.

Ron turned around slowly. His teacher was standing beside Kim, the redhead's arms folded.

"Well, there you are… I was beginning to think that you stood us up or something" Kim remarked. "It wouldn't be the first time you tried to weasel out of a shopping trip…" his friend added.

"Hey, I resent that! I never ran away!" Ron protested.

"But you did try… right?" the worldwide heroine confirmed, her friend squirming at being caught.

"Don't worry Ronnie… I'll make sure you have a good time!" the blonde cheerleader at his side enthused.

"Oh! Ah…" Ron glanced awkwardly at his best friend and new teacher, fully expecting his girlfriend's highly suggestive line to garner some sort of reaction from them. …only to be completely surprised, when neither of the women seemed bothered by it in the slightest. It was reassuring to know that they didn't mind how close he'd gotten to Tara… Or, maybe they were just really good at hiding it? "I bet… So, are we ready to go?" he asked, looking between the three girls.

They all agreed, making their way towards the exit. No one paid much attention to the two blondes; their relationship was already old news to most of the student body. But they did glance more than once at the green-skinned teacher. She remained just as popular as she had been on her first day, only avoiding unwanted attention thanks to the presence of both members of Team Possible.

Ron had found the trip to the mall uneventful… for the most part. He'd nearly suffered a panic attack when Tara suggested they take the train, winking at him when their other companions weren't looking. The only thing that calmed him down was Shego offering to drive them all, thus saving time and a whole lot of hassle.

The blonde sidekick had instantly jumped at the offer, though his official girlfriend had looked a bit disappointed. Ron doubted that Tara would try to orchestrate anything similar to the last time they'd been on the train, but he'd rather be safe than sorry.

The four began their drive, both Ron and Tara sitting in the back with Kim. Shego was naturally in the front, acting as their driver. The blonde cheerleader innocently held Ron's hand, playing with his fingers. It seemed like this was an activity that she really enjoyed.

Whenever Ron glanced at her smiling face, he couldn't help but grin back.

"So, Ronnie…" Miss Go suddenly began, Ron's head snapped to look at her. "…can I ask how you and Tara got together?"

"How did we-?" He suddenly cut off, reflecting on just who he was talking to. "W-We actually only got together very recently…"

"Yeah, like a few days ago… But, I'm going to make up for lost time!" Tara declared happily.

"I bet! I hope that we don't get in your way…" the older woman teased.

'I do too…' Ron moaned silently, he could imagine several ways this could all go terribly wrong.

"But, I must say, I'm a bit surprised…" Shego admitted, all three teenagers swiveling to look at her again. "I must be silly, but I was SURE that Ronnie had a girlfriend before… Or, did I imagine it?", the older woman seemed a bit confused.

"I'm sure you imagined it…" Kim added. "I think we would have heard about something like that" the redheaded teen stated flatly. The mere fact that he had a girlfriend now was something he was quite proud of, he could barely hide his excitement.

"Well, Ronnie IS pretty popular right now. It wouldn't surprise me if I had some competitors…" the blonde cheerleader added, smirking at their teacher.

"I bet… But the sudden improvement in Ron's standing was definitely because of you Tara, not to mention him getting accepted by the football team" the world-wide heroine pointed out, the blonde girl pouting at her words.

"I'm not with Ronnie because of his sudden popularity, you know… I would have said yes, even if he HADN'T made the team" Tara insisted.

"Oh, believe me, I know…" There was no doubt in Kim's mind that the blonde beauty truly cared about Ron. She would not dare to harm his feelings, or take him for granted. That was one of the reasons why she was okay with their relationship. 'That did sound kind of bad…' Kim reflected. She'd only meant that if Tara HAD been someone who didn't care about her best friend's feelings, she'd be having some words with her…

After the four arrived at the mall, they started walking around. The group inspected various shops, the three girls reflecting on what they wanted.

"Kim, I need your opinion about something… can you accompany me for a little bit?" the older green-skinned woman requested. Shego glanced at the new couple. "You guys don't mind, right?"

"No, it's fine… We'll see you later then?" Ron responded. Both he and Tara turned and walked away, the blondes both holding hands as they did.

Kim huffed, staring at the retreating couple. "Glad you asked if there was anything I needed to do, before dragging me away… So, what did you want to ask me?" the redheaded teen asked. She didn't look upset, despite her sarcasm.

"Sorry Kimmy… I just wanted to check something. It shouldn't take long, I promise…" the older teacher assured, her tone apologetic.

"It's fine… So, what was it that you wanted to check?" Kim inquired, the pair walking in the opposite direction of the blondes.

Miss Go glanced to the side for a moment, as if considering her words. "Just… I just wanted to make sure that you're okay…"

"Huh, me? If I'm okay?" Now THAT was a surprise. "Why wouldn't I be?" Had something happened, when she wasn't paying attention?

"I mean, with Ronnie and Tara… You know, the fact that they're dating?" Shego elaborated, there was no point beating around the bush.

"Yeah… why wouldn't I be?"

"I just wanted us to all hang out together… But, then I noticed you seemed a bit different… Did something happen?" Shego prodded, staring at the girl.

"Something?" Kim parroted, she instantly recalled her recent breakup with Josh. 'Did I act out? Was it showing?' she wondered.

"Was it… because of me? Or, because we're with Ron and Tara?" The older teacher looked a bit worried at the possibility that she may have caused Kim's behavior by accident.

Kim shook her head for a no, glancing to the side. "It's not that… I-I actually thought about what we talked about. You know, last night…?"

Miss Go's eyes went wide. She grabbed Kim's hand, pulling her to an empty table inside a small diner. The teacher quickly grabbed a menu, ordering two drinks and some cake. The waitress moved to fulfil the order, once again leaving the two ladies alone.

"I take it that you made your choice?" the older woman questioned, even if she could already easily guess from her student's tone.

"Yeah, I-I broke things off with Josh… just before we met up today…" Kim explained. The heroine expected her teacher to judge her decision, whether it had been a good or bad idea… Maybe to tell Kim that she had made her choice too quickly, or that she should have given him another chance.

Instead, the ravenette woman simply picked up the drink that had just been delivered, taking a sip from her chocolate milk. Miss Go glanced at the redheaded teen, "how did it feel? Was it difficult to do, in any way?"

Kim shook her head for a no, before opening her lips. "No… it really wasn't. I thought I'd be a lot more conflicted, or hurt, about it… But I'm really not… Or, at least I'm not feeling it…"

"Kim, it's okay…" Shego assured her, smiling at the younger girl. "It will feel like that at first… before it really sinks in."

"It's not just that… I didn't really mind it at the start… Hell, not even when I saw him 'talking' to other girls…" Kim shrugged it off, like it was nothing. "I didn't mind it at all… I was kind of relieved by that…" The redheaded teen glanced up towards her teacher. "Am I- Did I do something wrong?"

"Do you think you did? Do you regret it?" Shego asked, rather confident she already knew the answer.

"No… I didn't really care about him, it would have been wrong to lead him on…" Kim was convinced she'd done the right thing. But, despite that, something was still nagging her. "But, it's just that…"

"It feels different, not being in a relationship, right?" She received a positive nod from the younger teen. "Yeah, I feel you on that… To be honest, I was like you in the past" Shego admitted. "Long before I met you, or even Drakken. But… to be honest with you? The right person is still waiting for you… you don't even need to look for him." She winked at the redheaded heroine. "He'll find you, if you give him a chance."

Kim raised an eyebrow at her teacher. "Really now? If that's true, then how come YOU'RE not in a relationship right now? Last I'd heard, you didn't have anyone." Kim's tone seemed a little accusing, even to herself. She instantly regretted her bitter retort; but how could her teacher give HER advice, when she wasn't taking it HERSELF?

"You've got me there… But, that's also my choice…" There was a sad smile on her face, implying a story behind those words. "In the end, I chose to be like this … It's just the kind of person I am… I doubt there's someone for me out there, so I'm just enjoying myself as much as I can! …and hey, if I DO end up finding Prince Charming?" She clenched her hand in the air, as if she was grasping something. "You bet I'll grab hold of him, and never let go!" There was a certain fire in her teacher's eyes, a sort of grim determination that clearly conveyed how serious she was.

Kim and Shego continued to chat. The older woman had politely asked to change the subject, Kim pivoting to her latest missions and Ron's successful bid to join the football team. Kim was grateful for the chance to let the mood mellow. It legitimately felt like catching up with an old friend; rather than her teacher or, heaven forbid, nemesis… It was really odd, just how pleasant of a time she was having with the older woman.

Kim had to wonder, what would Shego say about the cheerleader hiding the fact that she had found the one person that she had feelings for… and that he was already with someone else.

Would she judge her? Maybe encourage Kim to pursue him anyway?

Kim wasn't sure she was ready to ask…


A blonde beauty walked down the sidewalk, reflecting on the time she'd spent with her boyfriend. It had been oh so pleasant to have been left to themselves, with no one to bother them or get in their way. She did feel like it was a little selfish on her part, despite that she hadn't intended to separate from Kim and Miss Go at the time.

The experience of walking around with Ron had been exactly what she'd needed for so long! No competing for his attention, or jumping straight into bed with him the second she could… Just walking around with Ron, having fun. Laughing at the silly things he did, holding his hand, she'd refused to separate from him for any reason! Who could really blame her, after all the time it had taken to get to where she was? You'd have to PRY her off him!

Kim and their new teacher had met up with them after a while. They had clearly been busy, if all the bags they held were any indication… They had mainly purchased clothing and the like, but all of it suggested that they hadn't left simply so Tara could have some time alone with her blonde boyfriend.

After getting some food, the group had returned to their neighborhood and went their separate ways. Tara had broken off from Team Possible and their new teacher, claiming that she had something to do. She softly kissed Ron, before waving goodbye to the other two and walking away. Tara would have loved to stay with him longer, but she had made a promise and she was going to stick to it!

"Are you sure it's okay for me to be here?" asked a redheaded woman, she looked around nervously.

"Of course, it was bound to happen at some point… I'd rather make this official, as soon as possible" assured a brunette.

"You're seriously making this into a much bigger deal than it is…" responded a smiling ravenette teen.

"I really don't think I am…" the redhead replied. It was quite an embarrassment that she was here, of all places.

The three females were sitting inside a certain brunette's room, waiting for their fourth member to arrive. Said brunette glanced at her phone once more, before she looked back at the eldest in the room.

"Monique is right… you don't need to be nervous… All of us knows about it, so…" Bonnie chided.

"Easy for you to say, Bonnie. You'd be singing a different tune, if you were my age…" Ann Possible shot back, her concern clear.

Monique simply shrugged, staring at the oldest woman in the room. "Are you KIDDING me? If I end up looking HALF as good as you, I'll be more than happy!" Her response was an honest one, Ann was one of the most gorgeous-looking women she'd ever met. On top of that, if anything could surpass Ann's beauty… it was the content of her character. It was very little surprise that this woman was the one that had given the world Kim Possible.

"You're just trying to make me feel better…" Ann insisted.

'We really aren't…' the brunette beauty groaned silently. This definitely wasn't what Bonnie had planned, when she'd asked them all to get together.

"If you were able to attract Ronnie, then you most definitely 'still got it'… If anything, WE'RE supposed to be the nervous ones…" Monique shot back, the older woman and Bonnie stared at her. "I mean… you've clearly got that sexy, alluring nurse angle going on. We're just your normal, everyday girls…" she added, before they could cut her off.

"Monique, I'm a doctor…" Ann corrected, clearly missing the heart of Monique's argument.

"Hey, my point still stands… Besides, if you and Bonnie are anything to go by, then our boy definitely has a fetish for nurses. Makes me wonder if I should borrow a uniform…" The ravenette girl actually seemed to seriously consider it, the two other women in the room breaking out in laughter.

The tension previously filling the space vanished, Ann hiding her red face from view as she laughed wildly. "In that case, I'll see if I can… 'misplace' a pair of them."

Monique rubbed her hands in anticipation, "perfect…"

"Now, if we can please get back on track… I wanted us all to meet, so we could have a little chat-" Bonnie began.

"Yeah, we know Bonnie… Tara is dating Ron officially, and we're his secret harem…" the ravenette fashionista interjected, her tone thick with sarcasm.

"I don't know what to think about the name, but it fits… as annoying as that is…" the brunette shot back. "While Tara IS the one 'dating' him, that doesn't mean that we'll be left out in the cold… I've already given some thought to a few group activities we could all enjoy…"

"What… like going to the beach, or a movie?" Monique asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Among other things…" Bonnie took note of the knowing look and salacious wink that her ravenette friend gave her in response. The brunette chose to ignore her friend, feeling a vibration emanating from her pocket. Bonnie quickly pulled out her phone and answered. "Yeah? Sure thing, give me a sec to open the gate."

A few minutes later the door to Bonnie's room opened, a blonde cheerleader entering.

"Hey girls! Miss me?" Tara greeted, the blonde girl smiling brightly as she walked inside. Lately, the bubbly blonde seemed to be almost entirely composed of smiles and a positive attitude. It was pretty obvious as to the reason why.

"I'd be happier if I was able to smile like you right now…" Monique responded flatly, though her voice and expression didn't seem to hold any sort of malice.

"I believe I can arrange that…" Tara shot back with a smirk.

"I bet… So, how was your double-date?"

"Oh, it was fantastic!" Tara gushed, a bit of red on her cheeks. "A little less romantic than what I'd hoped for… but I can always just try again with a different location. Besides, it wasn't that much of a double-date. Not when Kim and Miss Go split off from me and Ronnie."

"Oh, was that Kimmy's idea?" Ann asked, genuinely interested in the topic of her only daughter.

Tara shook her head for no. "It was Miss Go, actually… Something that they had to talk about, I think? I'm not sure what about… But, that was what gave me the chance to spend some quality alone-time with Ronnie…" The blonde teen nearly swooned as she recalled her date, her antics making the three other women giggle.

That was until Tara's eyes opened wide in shock, as if she'd forgotten something. She turned to face the closed door to the hallway, sighing as she walked towards it.

"What's up, Tara? Need to freshen up, or something?" Bonnie asked. Tara ignored her friend's question, simply opening the door before glancing outside the room.

"What are you doing out here?" Tara asked.

"I don't care about that, you should know that by now…" the blonde teen chided.

The other three females in the room looked at each other in confusion, before staring towards the hallway. Had Tara lost it, or something? Who could she possibly be talking to, seeing as they were all inside the room?

"Are you done?" the blonde cheerleader questioned, before pausing briefly.

"Good… now get in here…" Tara walked back inside the bedroom, leaving the door open.

"Tara, are you feeling-" Bonnie cut off upon noticing someone walking into the room AFTER her blonde friend.

It took Bonnie a few seconds to recall that she was the very same girl who was now staying with their boyfriend. The teenager who had scared Tara enough to warrant Ronnie's 'protection', which had taken the form of becoming the mascot's official girlfriend.

"Yori? What are you doing here?" Ann asked, surprised to see the oriental girl walk in.

"Tara! Behind you-" Bonnie tensed, preparing to protect her oldest friend… up until said friend slid up next to Yori, placing her arm around the ravenette's shoulders.

"Girls, I want you all to officially meet Yori! Our newest member!" the blonde teen exclaimed, an innocent smile on her face. Ann, Bonnie, and Monique stared at Tara with a mixture of shock and horror on their faces.


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