Hercules AU!

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There was a rumbling from above, before Mick felt someone shove push at him violently, sending him rolling along the floor just as someone hit the space where he once was.

Spinning around, Mick felt the air leave his body as he spotted a familiar hand sticking out from under a pile of rubble.

"LENNY! NO!" he screamed in desperation, rushing over and removing as many bricks and boulders as he could, until he got to one that was about ten times his own weight.

"Come on…" he muttered to himself, "… come on!"

Suddenly, it felt like his skin was knitting back together, the aches and pains disappearing as he managed to lift the boulder high above his head, gasping in relief.

"What the fuck just happened?"

Len smiled weakly up at him, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth… and a pipe sticking out of his mid-section. "Daddy dearest made a promise remember… if I got hurt, all your powers would be returned to you."

"Lenny…" Mick threw the rubble to one side and rushed over, gently lifting Len's head onto his lap, as he tried to avoid nudging the pipe, "… you planned this?"

"Of course…" Another smirk, "… M-Make the plan, execute the p-plan, expect t-t-the plan to go off the r-r-rails, throw away the p-plan."

"Why?! W-why would you- "

"- People d-do crazy t-things, when t-they're in l-love." Before Mick could say anything, Len spoke up again, "Y-You don't have m-much time, y-you c-can still stop H-Hades!"

Cisco then moved to sit by him, giving Mick a reassuring smile. "I'll look after him Mick… I promise."

They both knew it was a promise to be there for Len when he did go… but neither of them were willing to say that out loud.

"You're going to be alright Lenny…" Mick whispered, almost desperately, "… Promise me?"

Len simply stared up at him, a soft smile on his face… he couldn't promise anything.

Not wanting to hear any false promises, Mick rushed over to Ray and ordered him to fly to Olympus.

Hades needed to be stopped.


"Are you alright my love?" Hephaestus whispered, as he and his wife were chained together, and dragged along with the other Gods.

"Yes… I-I think so. Better than Zeus anyway."

The King of the Gods was being encased in rock, glaring up at his brother, who was clearly enjoying the entire event. "I swear to you Hades, when I get out of this I- "

He was stopped in his tracks as the rock encased him fully, meaning he was unable to see Hades conjuring up a throne of his own, "I'm the one giving the orders now bolt boy…" he chuckled, conjuring a beer out of thin air, "… and I think I'm going to like it here."

Suddenly, a fireball came out of nowhere, smashing the glass and causing the shadows of Hades's arms to disintegrate.

"Don't get too comfortable Hades!"

Hades spun around and swore violently at the sight of Mick and Ray flying straight towards him.

"Michael!" Aphrodite cried out in glee, watching as her son fired several more, carefully aimed fireballs at the chains that held all the Gods together.

"This oughta even the odds!"

When he realised that all the Gods, aside from Zeus, were now free, Hades screamed in anger and frustration.

"Yes!" Barry cheered, grabbing Pain and Panic and throwing them into the distance, "Go Mick!"

"GET THEM!" Hades ordered the Titans, watching as the Lava Titan went on the attack…. spewing lava all over the Lord of the Underworld as he went. "No! Not me, them!"

It was the Ice Titans' turn, his ice breath freezing Hades solid as it attempted to freeze Mick in mid-air.

"Follow the finger! T-T-t-t-the b-b-b-bastard w-w-with t-the h-h-horse!"

Neither attack bothered Mick. Lava? That was his element and he merely whooped in delight as a delicious warmth swept through his body.

And the ice? Well, that was just laughable.

Within seconds, he made his way over to where Zeus was being held, and ripped the frozen rock away from the God, bright light shining through until an explosion sent the pieces flying everywhere.

"Excellent work!" Zeus slapped Mick on the back as Hades screamed in anger and frustration.

Meanwhile, as Mick was helping the Gods, Ray shot down to where Pain and Panic where trying to run away.

"Oh God, please don't hurt us!" Panic begged, "Our intentions were pure!"

"Yeah! We really were attracted to you!"

Needless to say, Ray didn't listen and took great pleasure in throwing them off the edge of Mount Olympus, listening to their screams of fear as they fell to the ground far below.

Back with Zeus and Mick, Hepahestus was rushing over, a fresh bundle of lightning bolts in his hand, which he threw to Zeus before pulling his son into a hug.

"Glad you could make it Son…" Hephaestus murmured into Mick's ear, before pulling away and smirking at him, "… now, time to watch your old man work!"

As Zeus and Hephaestus turned their attention to the Titans, identical and wicked smirks on their faces, the Titans visibly took a step back…. Before running away.

"GET YOUR TITANIAN REARS BACK HERE!" Hades ordered, vaguely hearing the sound of a blaster behind him, "GET THEM IN GEAR AND KICK SOME OLYMPIAN BUTT!"

He then glanced down at his chest, where there was a large, smoking hole.

"Where the hell did that come from?"


"And here I was having fun!" Mick cackled, watching as the Titans tried to run away, "Spoilsports!"

Grabbing the end of the Tornado Titan, Mick span it around until it was facing the other Titans, quickly sucking them into the tornado, before he started to swirl the tornado around and around and around, mixing them all together… and then letting go.

The Titans shot up into the sky, shooting off into the distance and disappearing without a trace.

"Yes!" Hephaestus cheered, slapping his son on the back as Mick whooped in glee.

"Thanks a ton Fireball!" He heard Hades snarl from above, "But at least I've got one, small consolation prize! A friend of yours, who's dying to see me!"

Mick, who was chasing after Hades on Ray, stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening in realisation. "Lenny!"


Len groaned and winced in pain, his breaths coming in shorter and faster… unaware of what was happening far below the earth.

A string was being drawn taunt.


Mick knew he was pushing Ray to the limit, but he had to get back to Central City.


Sharp scissors were brought closer to the taunt string.

Almost there, he was almost there!


The scissors closed, and the string was cut.

Up above Len's hand went limp in Cisco's grip, just as Mick and Ray touched down.

"Lenny!" Mick cried out, taking a step back at the ashen look on Len's face.

Slowly, Cisco twisted around to look at him, only to shake his head sadly and move away, allowing Mick to kneel by Len's side.

"Lenny, Oh god, please no!" he begged, pulling Leonard's head into his lap. When there was no response, his shoulders started to shake, and tears made their way down his cheeks as he pulled Len into a hug.

Almost five minutes passed in complete silence, broken only be the sound of Mick sobbing… and Ray as well come to think about it.

"I'm sorry Mick…" Cisco whispered, kneeling by his side, "… there are just some things you can't change."

Immediately, Mick's entire posture changed. Slowly, he lowered Len back down to the ground and pushed himself to his feet.

"Yes… I can."



Pain and Panic ducked for cover as shadows crept all along the wall, cracking the stone under the force of the anger Hades was showing.

"WE WERE SO CLOSE!" he screamed, "So close! We tripped at the final hurdle, why? Because Junior just had to get all noble!"

Suddenly, his chamber started to shake violently, rubble dropping down to the ground. Seconds later, the stone wall exploded, and Cerberus burst through, Mick standing on his head, ears in his hands.

"Where's Lenny?"

"Well, well, well…" Hades got to his feet, "… look who's here! Fireball, you are too much!"

Clearly beaten, broken and burnt, Cerberus lowered his head, allowing Mick to get off and grab Hades by the collar, practically pinning him against his throne.

"Let. Him. Go!"

"Oh, get a grip!" Hades sounded amused, prying Mick's fingers away from him, "Come on, I'll show you around."

Slowly, he led Mick to a stone ledge, that over-looked a green, swirling pool… made up of the souls of people.

"It's a small underworld after all, isn't it…" Hades mused, gesturing at the pool.

As he stared down, a familiar face caught Mick's attention. "LEN!" he knelt down and tried to grab the soul floating past, only to yelp in pain and pull his hands back, wincing at the sight of them being all wrinkled and aching.

"Ah, Ah, Ah!" Hades shook his head, "Not for touching! You see, Junior's running with a new crowd nowadays, and not a very lively one at that."

Mick Was silent for a short time, before a smirk appeared on his face and he turned to face Hades. "You like making deals, right? Take me in Lenny's place."

"Hmmm…" Hades raised a shadowy hand up to his face, "… the son of my most hated rival, trapped forever in a river of death."

"Going once!"

"Huh, is there a downside to this?"

"Going twice!"

Hades held up his hands, "Alright, alright, alright! You get her out and she goes…. You stay."

Without another word, Mick dived into the pool, desperately swimming to where Len was floating.

Of course, with the speed that he dived in, he missed Hades's next words.

"Oh, you know what, it just slipped my mind…. You'll be dead before you can reach him. That's not going to be a problem, is it?!"

In the pool, Mick could feel himself aging, his bones getting stiffer and stiffer and his skin wrinkling under his gaze.


The string was pulled taunt, and scissors edged closer.


He was so close!

He could almost touch him!

Just a few more seconds!

The scissor blade snapped together…. But the string didn't cut.

Instead, it glowed a shining gold colour.

"What's the matter with these scissors?!"

"The thread won't cut!"

Hades felt like he was going to be sick as he watched a glowing, gold hand reach up to the ledge and grab it, muscles tensing as Mick pulled himself up onto the ledge, Len's soul cradled in his arms.

"Th-that can't be possible!" he found himself stammering, ""Y-you can't be alive, that would make you a-a-a- "

"A God?" Both Pain and Panic finished at the same time, as Mick stood up tall, his entire body glowing, illuminating the dark cavern, almost as though his entire family was on fire.

"AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Hades screamed in anger and frustration, as even his shadows weren't able to darken Mick's glow. "Michael! You can't do this to me, you can't- "

A fireball struck him in the face, his head disappearing under the force as Mick casually strode past.

As his head morphed back, Hades shrugged. "Alright, well I deserved that!" He shot over to Mick and tried to stop him from leaving, "Mick! Mick can we talk?! You know Zeus right? He's the fun guy right, so maybe you can put in a good word with him and- "he paused, morphing into his human form and putting his hands together in a silent prayer, "- please. You wouldn't do this to your possible father-in-law would you?"

Mick's face twisted in anger, and with a snarl of fury, he grabbed the God by the collar…. It was then that Hades remembered how vulnerable he was in this form. Before he could say anything, Mick spun around and threw the man into the green pool, continuing on his way out as the God struggled.


Up on the ledge, Pain and Panic were watching in alarm.

"He's going to be so mad when he gets out of there!" Panic hissed.

"You mean, if he gets out of there."

Turning to Pain, Panic smirked, "If… If is good."

"Oh, I don't feel so good…." They heard Hades groan down below, "… In fact, I'm feeling a little FLUSHED!"

With a desperate cry, Hades was gone…. Dragged to the bottom of the pool by the souls that were once under his guard.


Getting back to Central City was easier.

Slowly, without taking his eyes off Len's soul, Mick knelt by the broken and battered body of his lover, ignoring the gasped shocks of Cisco and Ray as he gently placed the soul back into the body.

The change was instant.

With a loud gasp, the wounds on Len's body disappeared and his back arched, like he'd received an electric shock right through his spine as the colour returned to his skin. When his eyes finally opened, they landed on Mick and narrowed in confusion.

"Mick? What- Why did you- "

Slowly, Mick lifted him into his arms and pulled the younger man closer. "What can I say… people do crazy things, when they're in love."

Seconds before their lips could connect, there was a flash of lightning and a cloud appeared beneath their feet, lifting them up into the sky and through the clouds.

"Ray! Follow that cloud!" they heard Cisco cry out behind them.

Within seconds, the cloud had arrived at the top of Mount Olympus, where the Gods and Goddess's all stood cheering outside the golden gates.

"Three cheers for the Mighty Michael!" Ares whooped

"Wahooooo! Go Michael!" Barry/Hermes cried out beside him.

Turning away from Len, Mick stared up at the group of Gods and Goddess's, instantly spotting the man who was his Father, and a gorgeous woman standing beside him. Slowly letting go of Len's hands, Mick made his way up the stairs, with the woman rushing down to meet him halfway.

"Michael…" she cooed, pulling him into a hug, "… I'm so proud of you!"

"…. Mother?"

As she nodded, Hephaestus came up and pulled Mick into a hug of his own. "Well done my boy! You've done it, you're a true hero!"

"You were willing to give your life, in order to save this young man." Aphrodite gestured at Len, giving him a small wink as Len tried to turn away from all the attention.

"For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart…. Now at last, my son, you can come home."

The golden gates opened wide to reveal the marble structures of Olympus, with the Gods and Goddesses crowding around Mick immediately, all shouting their congratulations and exclamations of joy.

And Len could only watch from the bottom of the stairs, the joy of being alive fading quickly. "Congratulations Fireball… you'll be a great God." He muttered sadly, turning away from the happy scene and looking for another way to get off this bloody mountain.

Meaning that he completely missed Mick twisted around to try and see him, a big beam on his face…. until he saw how dejected Len looked.

"You know… this is what I've always dreamed of." He stated, eyes still on Len, "… Mount Olympus… God-hood and all that crap… but a life without Lenny, even an immortal life would be empty."

At the mention of his name, Len spun around, walking forwards as Mick raced towards him.

"So, here's my deal…." Mick started, "… I'm happy for this whole immortal life, but Lenny deserves it as well. We're both the children of Gods ain't we?"

Lenny held his breath as Zeus stepped forwards, scanning him from head to toe, before nodding and smiling at the pair.

"You are indeed…" With a click of the God's fingers, Len started to glow as well, "… as the son of Hades, I see no reason why Michael should choose between his family and the person he loves… and there is a spot open for Lord of the Underworld."

Mick whooped in glee, grabbing Len around the waist and pulling the new God closer and kissing him solidly on the lips as the rest of the Gods and Goddesses cheered…. And steam rose up from between them.

"You're feeling a little chilly there Lenny…" Mick whispered against his lover's lips, watching as Len raised a hand up near his face and concentrated, a thing layer of ice covering it.

"…. Cool."

"Lenny…. That was a terrible pun."

"It was beautiful, and you know it."

As the couple argued softly, Zeus waved his hand and a familiar figure appeared in the stars, which led to Ray nudging Cisco in the side, "Look…" the taller man whispered, "… it's Cisco's boy…. Are you crying?"

"No… I've got something in my eye."

With everyone distracted, looking at the new constellation, Len grabbed Mick's hand and started to tug on it.

"Come on… we've got my new throne to break in."

"Yes Sir, Mister Lord of the Underworld Sir!"