-a/n- I am re-doing this after so long. Based off of RINGU.

Disclaimer: I do not own the event, that belongs toSuzuki Koji and Dream-works.

Abhorrent Funeral

Praying, hoping, wondering.
Silently, creeping, haunting.
Preying, lurking, stalking.
You cannot escape.

Eyes in your dreams.
Little girl who is killing you.
Time is ticking,
Will you survive?

Creaking, blinking, crying.
Screaming, dreaming, hurting,
Praying, running, hiding.
She will find you.

T.V. flicks on,
Images come on.
Coming closer to your screen.
Kills you a few seconds later.

Listening, feeling, soaring,
Watching, waiting, attacking,
Distorted, destroying, falling..
10:00pm is nearing soon..

Make a copy,
You will survive.

To Luil: dearou manuke omae desu.