This is a rewrite of Eternity is a Long time. The story has not changed, nor has the concept. Hopefully, it is better, with the help of my Beta ROSARYVAMPIRE

I do not own Twilight, or it's characters. They all belong to Stephanie Meyers. I hope you enjoy


300 years is a very long time to not have companionship in this existence. Sure, I had traveled all over the world. I've come across many acquaintances, and even those I consider friends of my kind. However, to be without someone to truly confide in, to carry out this day to day existence, is just, well lonely.

Not until 1918, while working in a hospital in Chicago during the Spanish Influenza epidemic, did I even begin to consider, I might have someone to share this existence with. I cared for a dying family, The Masons. The Father, Edward Mason Sr. had already passed away from this deadly virus. His lovely wife Elizabeth, while in her demise, must have seen me as her angel of death, asked me to save their only son, Edward II. I saw the young man suffering along with his parents. He was a handsome child, even as the fever made him weak. I touched his cheek as he shivered from fever and death and felt a spark from his cheek to my hand that coursed through my body. I instantly fell in love with this young man. I knew in that instant, I must save him for he is meant to be mine for eternity.

As his heart rate began to decrease, I covered him and took him to the morgue along with his now deceased mother. Once there I kissed her cheek to let her know I will always care for her son. Then whisked him away into the night through the forest to my home. Once I got him as comfortable as possible on my bed, I whispered in his ear,

"I'm sorry for the pain I am about to cause you, but I promise, my love, I will be with you for all of eternity."

With that, I tilted his head and bit into his neck. His blood ran into my mouth as I pushed as much venom into the wound as possible. The blood was tainted with the foulness of the virus, that was causing his death, yet, I could taste the sweetness, with undertones of savoriness, and it was exquisite. Even so, I spat out the blood, as I did not want to defile this moment with drinking his blood. Quickly I bit into each wrist, each femoral artery, and each ankle. As he cried out and writhe in pain, I held him to my chest, and my dead heart broke, for having caused him such pain. "There, there Love, I know it hurts, but I am here to see you through this, and I will be with you for all eternity," I whispered to him as I clutched him to my chest, and kissed his temple, while he continued to cry out. And that was the beginning of the end to my eternal loneliness.

I am Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and I am a Vampire.