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Harry and the Gang Read Harry Potter (First Year)

Book One: The Sorcerer's Stone

Everyone was doing their own thing, going to classes or to lunch, when suddenly, a group of students found themselves in a room together.

It was a surprise when Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna,, Ginny, and the twins found, not only themselves, but also a few more people in the room with them.

After a few minutes of just looking at each other, Pansy asked, or rather, sneered, glaring at the pack of loins, "I demand to know what the bloody hell is going on here!?"

Hermione said, looking around, only to see that there was only a circular coach with a pile of books and a note in the middle of the room, "I'm not sure, but look at this."

Everyone followed her towards the coach, no one dared moved as she picked up the note, and read out loud,

Attention everyone:

You all are in a room that is within the castle, so don't think that you've left the castle at all. In fact, don't worry at all, everyone and everything will still be happening around you all, just that, while you all are reading these four books, the outside world will continue as if you were there.

Now, before I forget, you all must learn to get along, I don't care what house you're in, or who your parents are, just know that you all must get along with each other, hopefully you all can find a way to win this without knowing your hero's back story and whathe they have to face every summer and at the end of every year.

I will be dropping by from time to time, that way, I could answer any questions that you may have about the book that you all are currently reading, but I must say this, when you all are done with the last book in the pile, I shall be reading the next few books for you instead.

Happy read;

W. Runes

Draco said, "So, we're stuck in here until we get through all of these books?"

Ginny said, "I guess we are."

Fred said, picking up the first book, "Well, let's get to it, I want to get this done and over with."

Pansy said, not realizing it, "I want to start."

Fred said, looking around, "Any takers?"

When no one didn't answer, he handed the book over to Pansy, who only nodded her thanks.

She turned to the first chapter.

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I've decided to do this first round of books from Harry's first through fourth year at Hogwarts.

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